16 Man United Players Who FELL From Grace

  • Published on Sep 22, 2019
  • Let's take a look at 11 former Manchester United players, who retired in shame.
    Including the likes of Michael Owen, Rio Ferdinand and Roy Keane.
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  • Cj Knight
    Cj Knight 21 hour ago

    Irish TheXvidr has an opinion ๐Ÿค behave

  • Fiona Brown
    Fiona Brown Day ago

    Clearly dont know celtic

  • Faxe Nielsen
    Faxe Nielsen 2 days ago

    Dont forget Valdez also attempted murder against Dame Ndoye in the champions league !

  • Larry David
    Larry David 2 days ago

    Time for HITC to retire from posting shit videos.

  • Reaper One
    Reaper One 7 days ago

    Keane was at the end of his careers
    So yet again another bullshit video spreading fake news

  • faiz abbas
    faiz abbas 8 days ago

    Tbh pele says the stupidest shit. He said Neymar is best in the world at santos. Said Robinho is great.

  • Johnnythefirst
    Johnnythefirst 17 days ago

    Did Dong play with Butt a lot? Which one does Pele like most btw?

  • Dylan Craft
    Dylan Craft 18 days ago

    20 or 16?

  • Norbert Albertz
    Norbert Albertz 2 months ago

    Keane joining Celtic was a real low for him!

  • Adam McGill
    Adam McGill 2 months ago

    16 or 11?

  • bobby dukes
    bobby dukes 2 months ago

    Didn't understand a word of this from this Scottish bloke

  • YuJie Leong
    YuJie Leong 2 months ago

    Lucky you did not put Forlan in this list. Phew!

  • Jamie Phillips
    Jamie Phillips 3 months ago

    Title - 16 Players who fell from grace
    Description - 11 players who fell from grace
    Video starts - 'Lets look at 20 players who fell from grace at Man Utd'
    Is Paul Merson your math tutor? ๐Ÿ˜…

  • Book Reader
    Book Reader 3 months ago

    Your video commentaries are really funny, which is great. But you also come across as an archetypal Manchester United fan boy whose arrogance and sense of entitlement mean that any other club in the world is a "bag of shite". Sorry. but football, our wonderful game, is a glory all the way down the lowest levels - Bolton Wanderers (a very big club tragically on the edge of ruin) , Doncaster, Tubize, South China... and so on I couldn't bear to listen to any more of you slagging off all other football clubs other than the Mighty Manchester United. Get a grip.

  • CD DB
    CD DB 3 months ago

    Never knew Tevez put up that sign, lost a lot of respect for him for that. I wasn't bothered he joined ManCity, that alone wasn't reason enough to hate him plus I can understand he wasn't given as many starts for ManUtd as he deserved because a worse player BerbaFLOP was there who is even shitter coming on from the bench and making any impact which Tevez was also good at (not that he wanted to be super sub) Berbatov to stand a chance of doing something good needs to start but he still rarely produced and regularly messed up, should've sacrificed Berbatov to keep Tevez in terms of being more successful than we were from 09/10 to 11/12 at least.
    But that banner shit is scum behaviour from Tevez, also Ferguson will literally die not long from now he's an old man, when that happens people will look at that picture and hate Tevez even more for that. I don't think he can blame it on his shit English and not understanding what it meant, despite how poor his English is (shockingly considering the amount of time he spent playing for English clubs).
    Anyway why is Berbatov on this list? ManUtd was by far the biggest club he ever played for, he wasn't a success at the club at all so it's inevitable he wouldn't play for great team's after. Couldn't sell him to a big club in 2010 no one wanted him he had been that bad, so he left a couple of years later so obviously the older you are it's even less likely to attract a top team. But ManUtd just had to accept they made a mistake finally and move him to just anyone for 1/10 of the price he was mistakenly bought for to Fulham in 2012 and then Ferguson bought v.Persie who won us the PL because he actually turns up in big games and scores consistently in many different games, not loads of goals in 1 meaningless game and then loads of misses and no goals in the next important game etc...

  • Carlos Gallon
    Carlos Gallon 3 months ago

    If I played football for a living, I'd wanna do it until i couldn't play for 10 minutes before I had a near heart attack. Fuck dignity

  • Tyler Holliday
    Tyler Holliday 3 months ago

    Valdez didnโ€™t play against Chelsea when we got relegated tho

  • Puffin - One Handed Gaming

    I honestly forgot Quinton Fortune was a thing... honestly, I had completely forgotten the man.. so he shhould change his name to Quinton Misfortune. I'm having a great laugh at that last one, I absolutely despise Gary Neville. As a Liverpool fan, I hate all of these players, but none more than Gary Neville, not even the traitor Michael Owen. Gary Neville was an absolute bastard and I was so delighted to watch him fail completely and utterly as manager for Valencia. As a pundit, he's much better, he shows more of his human personal self. I'm sure he's a great human being, but as a footballer, he was a complete bastard. Liverpool have had some players like him too. Neil Ruddock was one or example. if I was any other teams fan, especially a United fan, I would absolutely despise Neil Ruddock for what he did to Andy cole. But as a Liverpool fan, I can't do it.

    GLASGOW RANGERS 3 months ago

    Keanes first game for Celtic was a 2-1 defeat to Clyde really ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚quality lol

  • MrZoibil
    MrZoibil 4 months ago

    congrats on 300k scarf guy

  • arran_07
    arran_07 4 months ago

    Praising Middlesbrough

  • Jeroen Janssen
    Jeroen Janssen 4 months ago +1

    Tubize isn't on the west coast of Belgium, it's right in the centre of Belgium under Brussels. You can't find a professional Belgium football club that's closer to the centre of Belgium then Tubize. The National team also trains here because it's so central.

  • S T
    S T 4 months ago

    Those who like the video are those who are not real fans of their football club. You are so wrong in Roy Keane and many others ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž

  • Henry Torres
    Henry Torres 4 months ago +1

    Make a video of footballers you hate

  • Kairoo BaBy
    Kairoo BaBy 4 months ago

    Was this made because of Anderson lol

  • Jake Newiss
    Jake Newiss 4 months ago

    Do a video on... acid

  • Tobi Adeyemi
    Tobi Adeyemi 4 months ago

    Do a video about Irelandโ€™s worst footballing moments with Paul Mcshane, when u hit 300k!!!!!!

  • chicken Tellez
    chicken Tellez 4 months ago

    Poop your pants

  • Abdi Selvan
    Abdi Selvan 4 months ago

    Eyy he mentioned Tanzania ๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ‡ฟ

  • TCPH
    TCPH 4 months ago

    Whoah, wait...Andy Cole was decent at Birmingham. He helped us get promoted to the Prem.

  • Sammyc Fut drafts
    Sammyc Fut drafts 4 months ago

    Ranking EVERY Relegation zone and promotion Zones in England (non league donโ€™t count)

  • Dylan Lowe
    Dylan Lowe 4 months ago


  • Daragh Newton
    Daragh Newton 4 months ago

    Go on about how good shamrock rovers are

  • James Morris
    James Morris 4 months ago

    if you reach the magic number, please could you a video of championship worst managers. Mick Adams for instance

  • Haneef Abdulhafis
    Haneef Abdulhafis 4 months ago

    300k subs. I want weekly analysis

  • Ass Eater
    Ass Eater 4 months ago +1

    Title says 16 players, description says 11 and the video says 24 ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Ravlar RS
    Ravlar RS 4 months ago

    I really want Neville to watch this :D

  • oscar
    oscar 4 months ago

    Based off this video I need yo to make a video about just fat footballers. I couldn't contain my laughter at the Anderson bit

    IQ GLOOM 4 months ago

    Every body sub we can tell him to talk about GOOD things about JACK GREALISH

  • steve steve
    steve steve 4 months ago

    retired in disgrace?what a load of balls.Thats what happen when players get older, they move to a lesser club.all players do this.what a moronic video.

  • Alexander Hilton
    Alexander Hilton 4 months ago

    sowlo the scarf

  • Jack Drfc
    Jack Drfc 4 months ago

    did like u but uve crossed the line wi that donny comment

  • berbafan67
    berbafan67 4 months ago

    Some of those were very harsh

  • D Mohamed
    D Mohamed 4 months ago

    Do best positions during Shacka Lacka Boom Boom

    CHILLFEVER 4 months ago

    Fort Lauderdale Strikers!

  • fronk
    fronk 4 months ago +1

    Top ten pornstars Who FELL from Grace please

  • Kupaars
    Kupaars 4 months ago +1

    At 300k do all the thing you promised to do if ____ happened and actually did

  • Tim Chiu
    Tim Chiu 4 months ago

    South China is a Hong Kong football club, which plays in a seperate league

  • Mujeeb Ahmed
    Mujeeb Ahmed 4 months ago

    Make an extreme dare video ๐Ÿ˜…

  • Valli Mohanty
    Valli Mohanty 4 months ago

    Best ever player from EVERY Asia country
    For Singapore do Fandi Ahmad

  • Juanito_CR14 Sanchez
    Juanito_CR14 Sanchez 4 months ago

    Do a football โšฝ๏ธ video with F2 at 300K

  • Jarshall
    Jarshall 4 months ago

    How dare you insult doncaster rovers...๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Tom Medium
    Tom Medium 4 months ago

    Please do a video on goalkeepers who donโ€™t take goal kicks

  • George McManus
    George McManus 4 months ago

    When you hit 300k make a video on ket

  • Detective Dragon001
    Detective Dragon001 4 months ago

    "Anything you want" erm how about all episodes of arrow ranked. Must do it when it ends. Fun fact 8 seasons and it ends February

  • Noel McGovern
    Noel McGovern 4 months ago +1

    When you reach 300k you should do a tour All around Ireland ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Jack Donnellan
    Jack Donnellan 4 months ago

    do a vid with u fucking the scarf when u hit 300 k

  • Ryan Hammond
    Ryan Hammond 4 months ago

    when you get 300k get a picture with michael owen like your his best friend

  • Thot Begoner
    Thot Begoner 4 months ago +1

    Do the WAGs video again

  • Jedski
    Jedski 4 months ago

    this channel is dogshit