Dog Heart Disease: Top 5 Natural Remedies

  • Published on Jun 18, 2018

    If your dog is coughing, he may have heart disease. The most common cause of heart disease in dogs is mitral valve insufficiency. Dr Jones shows you the top 5 natural remedies for dog heart disease.

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Comments • 224

  • Alexis Millican

    Thank you, I really appreciate the brief but informative details and absolutely love the natural remedies you recommend. For years any simple question I’ve had regarding my pets consisted of an endless list of terrifying possible causes and always ended in “contact vet”. It’s unrealistic and costly to set up a vet visit for occasional paw licking or a cough here and there. Your free book and channel are a great resource I can use from now on.

  • Sarah Roberts
    Sarah Roberts Year ago +3

    Thank you so much for this. I have a rescue dog with many health conditions and have found your videos + the help of a local holistic vet so helpful. I was wondering if you could ever do a video specifically on degenerative valve disease in dogs? That’s one of the things my dog has.

  • LA Hicks

    I love the way Tula watches you while you talk. It's like she gets you. ❤

  • Jessica Kirsten
    Jessica Kirsten 3 years ago +3

    Hi, Dr Jones. I have a question for you. Can I use neem oil for my dog as a mosquito, flea, and tick repellent? Is it safe? Thank you so much for your advice and videos. It's really helpful for me. God bless you.

    YOONJU CHO 2 years ago +16

    hello, are these remedies also effective for dogs with enlarged hearts?

  • TammyCrochetblessed
    TammyCrochetblessed Year ago +9

    My Dog Chloe has a heart condition and i can't afford her medications or treatments so this helps me, thanks for this great video!

  • Lesley W

    Thank you so much for this video. My dog was put on preventative treatment of Vetmedin for MVD and she was a-symptomatic but after a year it has given her liver problems. enzymes are really high. So they stopped the Vetmedin and put her on Denemarin and Destolit. Her heart got worse after a year of no heart treatment so now she is on Cardalis and Vetmedin and Denemarin and Destolit. My question is will any of the supplements you mention exacerbate her liver problems? I am keen to try to help her more. Thank you She is a small breed 6.2 kilos and she is 12.

  • Steve V
    Steve V 2 years ago +3

    Thanks for the link you sent Dr Jones....I will be sure to register, at some point soon when my schedule frees-up somewhat, but also want to thank you for all that you do for us the pet owner and of course, our fur buddies.

  • Bernice MacDonald
    Bernice MacDonald Year ago +2

    Thank you for all your valuable information and great videos. You know how to explain things. Do you suppose Essiac tea is a good option ? It has slippery elm, sheep sorrel, burdock root and indian rhubarb as ingredients. my pom has a heart murmur just told today by a vet. She coughs occasionally.

  • soniakiwi
    soniakiwi 2 years ago +74

    I wish I had seen your video sooner. I just lost my girl, my world 🌎. 😥😥😥🐶🐶🐶💗💗💗 (RIP Jessie 2008-2019)

  • Italian girl
    Italian girl 3 years ago +22

    Tula is such a good girl she just sits there while you do your video. She's like okay Dad I'm going to stay right here cuz you're doing the show

  • Chocolate Gold
    Chocolate Gold Year ago +3

    Thank you so much ,I looked thru all you videos and I didn’t see these thank you for the list....God is going to bless you for being so kind to all of us who love our pets so much....I was already doing some of these things like the dandelion tea but I stopped when I got the water pills from the vet so I’m so happy to know I was doing something right😊thank you and bless your heart for really loving animals and not being all about money...I wish you were in Los Angeles 😊

  • Patricia Whitehurst

    Thank you, thank you, and thank you. My dachshund is coughing and the sound of fluid is in his lungs. So, I will be going to the Veterinarian on Thursday and get him treated.

  • Vanessa Corish
    Vanessa Corish 2 years ago +6

    Love your videos. My little shihtzu was diagnosed yesterday with heart failure. So giving all these supplements are in addition to what the vet gives or can you cut out the drugs from vet and just do these natural supplements???

  • Mtm Mtm
    Mtm Mtm 3 years ago +5

    Dear Dr first of all thank you for answering, please I need your advice as I told you my dog Breezy was diagnosed with CHF, and her BUN was 35.6, MCHC 38.3, PHOSPHORUS 5.8. She weighs 8 pounds ( she is Maltise) and the Veterinary prescribes her , Vetmedin 2.5 mg 1/2 tab every 12 hrs, Furomisemide oral Syrop 10mg/ml 1% 1.5 every 12 hrs, Sidenafil 20mg 1/2 tab every 8 hrs, Spironolactone 25mg 1/4 tab every 12 hrs, Aluminum Hydroxide 320mg/5mL/ DISPMED 1 mL every 12 hrs with food, Azodil every 12 hrs. I want to know if I give her the natural products that you recommend, there may be contraindications with the medicines?, please ansewer me , many blessings and thank again 🙏

  • Elaine Clements Finn

    I just lost my 13 year old Shih-tzhu. She had heart murmur, enlarged heart, and fluid on the lungs. I brought her home from vet and seemed to be improving. Went to use the restroom and she fell over and couldn't breathe. I'm devastated and don't know if I should have had her euthanized. It was the weekend and ER wanted extreme amounts. So depressed.

  • The life of a Coton de tulear- 콩이

    Thank you Dr. Jones and Tula🐕🐕🍁🍁👍👍!!

  • Denise297_mystery and meaning

    Dandelion herb is a natural diuretic also. And the extract only 10.00

  • Isabella Tommasone
    Isabella Tommasone Year ago +2

    Thank you so much for this video. So is it okay to feed my dog that exact brand (jamieson) of supplement? Or do I need one that is specifically made for dogs?

  • Biker Guy
    Biker Guy 3 years ago +2

    Dr. Jones, would you suggest using cbd oil for an 18 y/o Bichon Poodle with congestive heart issue and a slight kidney ailment? Is my dog too old? Would it help at all? Thanks for a reply.