• Published on Sep 11, 2019
  • went back on club penguin rewritten for the first time in ages lol
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  • Green. Credit.
    Green. Credit. Day ago +1

    Memeulous this is the rewritten version you should play the online just search up club penguin and it’s the first one

  • 321 Sean 123
    321 Sean 123 2 days ago

    It's great to see George and joshy play club penguin again

  • Griff’s Stuff Productions!

    Club Penguin Rewritten sucks... Club Penguin Online is where its at

  • Cunt Cuntz
    Cunt Cuntz 3 days ago

    I love club pinguim

  • Eve Pinder
    Eve Pinder 7 days ago

    I saw puffed launch and the sounds gave me a nostalgic stroke

  • Diego Productions
    Diego Productions 7 days ago

    We gotta get The Martoon on this

  • Alien Biscuits
    Alien Biscuits 7 days ago +1

    Club penguin online is better

  • Jaelyn Kay
    Jaelyn Kay 8 days ago

    hey, i’m a small channel lookin to reciprocate some support! i just posted a hilarious club penguin / james chares video, go check it out😆

  • Georgie Nicolson
    Georgie Nicolson 9 days ago

    wait what how did you play it? i-i-i wanna play.. :c

  • tymbersno1
    tymbersno1 10 days ago

    Shut down back shut down back wow

  • Stevie Rose
    Stevie Rose 11 days ago


  • Malhare Gaming And Stuff

    Why was this published on 9/11

  • epic gamer
    epic gamer 12 days ago

    play more

  • 「cookies UwU 」
    「cookies UwU 」 13 days ago

    I thought club penguin shut down because of quackity

  • Broadus Bunch
    Broadus Bunch 13 days ago

    can someone tell me how to get on to the new club penguin?

  • Keira_Draws_Realism
    Keira_Draws_Realism 13 days ago

    Club penguins my best friend.

  • MoodleDoodle22
    MoodleDoodle22 14 days ago

    These boys dont even know how to play mancola

  • Mari Tv
    Mari Tv 14 days ago

    nao entendi nadinha mas adorei

  • le monkey
    le monkey 14 days ago

    I love club penguin

  • Hammy ?
    Hammy ? 15 days ago

    M o r e

  • catamatic
    catamatic 16 days ago


  • derp stuf 2
    derp stuf 2 17 days ago


    ACID ION 17 days ago

    Bring back durv

  • flarex 248
    flarex 248 17 days ago

    Life is clapped right now

  • Excarternoah1
    Excarternoah1 17 days ago

    Memeulous switch over to club penguin online everyone gets free membership for life

  • daniel baracatt
    daniel baracatt 17 days ago


  • JK Gaming Youtube
    JK Gaming Youtube 18 days ago

    play club penguin online
    not club penguin rewritten
    club penguin is more popular and the latest continued cpps

  • Mustafa 036
    Mustafa 036 18 days ago

    Gooo tooo RETAILLLL!!!

  • Lisana Conary
    Lisana Conary 18 days ago

    He uploaded this on 9/11

  • Aiden aman
    Aiden aman 19 days ago

    dj3k so I could say djkkk... WAIT A SECOND

  • Anne Mackey
    Anne Mackey 20 days ago

    4:02 best part

  • Draconic Omega
    Draconic Omega 20 days ago

    Can't wait for Quackity to sink in the last blade.

  • sweaty_rat_gremlinnnx
    sweaty_rat_gremlinnnx 20 days ago +2

    josh doesn't dress to impress he dresses to DEPRESS because everyone sees his sick outfits and gets sad

  • The Mr Tin
    The Mr Tin 20 days ago


  • sarah the snake
    sarah the snake 22 days ago

    I missed this

  • Mami Tasha
    Mami Tasha 22 days ago +1

    Tf my name is Natasha R.

  • sid the sloth
    sid the sloth 22 days ago +1

    Life is good, Club Penguins back, Minecraft's on fire, Call of Duty's almost out, fortnite is dead, life is amazing

  • Crystal
    Crystal 22 days ago


  • Chris M
    Chris M 22 days ago

    X is that you?

  • Makani Mckenzie
    Makani Mckenzie 22 days ago

    This video is ten minutes of my American ass struggling to understand the nonce talk

  • LazieBuddy
    LazieBuddy 22 days ago

    Josh go to retail

  • WarrenTheWorm
    WarrenTheWorm 23 days ago

    Yes tysm :)

  • Lucas Watts
    Lucas Watts 23 days ago

    4:25 my favorite chase scene

  • Akanksha Arya
    Akanksha Arya 23 days ago

    This was epic

  • JKingamer 12345
    JKingamer 12345 24 days ago

    Wtf how did u?

  • Dwight Shrute
    Dwight Shrute 24 days ago +4

    No one:
    Memelous: he be bouncin

    • trash bag
      trash bag 13 days ago

      Dwight Shrute we dressin

  • Thee20th Doctor
    Thee20th Doctor 24 days ago

    Bruh how you not know how to play Mancala

  • crispbun
    crispbun 24 days ago

    M I K E W A Z O K

  • Isaac Names
    Isaac Names 25 days ago

    MIKE WAZOK!!!!!

  • Nico Davis
    Nico Davis 25 days ago

    You should play Poptropica

  • Zip Doodles
    Zip Doodles 25 days ago +1

    The (VERY) unpopular kid in our school plays club penguin in class. I can try and give you his username if you want

  • Juardo Titsago
    Juardo Titsago 25 days ago

    Them: Bro, I make the best beats
    Their beats: 2:19

  • GaroldGhost
    GaroldGhost 25 days ago

    Club penguin rewriten is bad

  • blank blank
    blank blank 25 days ago +1


  • ImAmReAlChIcKeN -
    ImAmReAlChIcKeN - 26 days ago +4

    I’m gonna go to school and scream “club penguin is back baby”

  • OneMuncher081
    OneMuncher081 26 days ago

    josh went back upstairs to get laid again

  • no life
    no life 26 days ago

    moke wed

  • 0l1v3r h4m1lt0n YT
    0l1v3r h4m1lt0n YT 26 days ago

    *G E T I N T H E F I R E*

  • Dineth Wijendra
    Dineth Wijendra 27 days ago

    Oooh yes

  • Nasto coffee
    Nasto coffee 27 days ago

    Make another club penguin video because I'm bored
    Have a wonderful Bin-tastic day!