I pretended to be a Roblox SCAM BOT... and get voted off

  • Published on Dec 10, 2019
  • Today I play Roblox eviction notice with Kaden and we pretended to be Roblox scam bots and it annoyed people a lot
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  • SpideyRBLX
    SpideyRBLX Year ago +1390

    After 2 years I still feel "am now"

  • Kian John Sutton
    Kian John Sutton Month ago +28

    after nearly 3 years this video still makes me laugh

  • -Sxnny Gacha-
    -Sxnny Gacha- Month ago +19

    flamingo always make me laugh :)

  • Kris
    Kris 24 days ago +3


  • Toasty.Studios
    Toasty.Studios Month ago +3

    my old username was “flamingojoleen” and back in 2017 i played this the first day i got my account and there was someone who said “omg hi i am your biggest fan” and that was just the start. people started calling me flamingo (you) and when they figured out i wasn’t the youtuber they reported me and got so mad

  • G.
    G. Year ago +914

    "You teach a man a fish, he eats forever."
    I cried over this emotionally wise quote.

  • zein shaw
    zein shaw 23 days ago +6

    I think they didnt get voted out in the start because others thought they would be bots and be easy to beat at the end

  • GJDKB Fam
    GJDKB Fam Month ago

    It’s so cool the loyalty Kaden has for albert

  • rimnetic
    rimnetic Month ago


  • jamie
    jamie Month ago +1

    mom: "my kid is soo smart."
    me during class: "am now going to school"

  • Aanya Sah
    Aanya Sah 2 years ago +4916

    Flamingo: "no one is safe on this earth"
    Coronavirus: " Am now"

  • Blue2 YT
    Blue2 YT Month ago

    Flamingo: "noone is safe on this earth"
    Ukraine and Russia: "am now"
    China, Taiwan, USA: "am now"

  • Brandon Marion
    Brandon Marion 21 day ago

    "am now" cured me from depression, gave me a promotion, made 15 different people I know turn their live into a better direction. Thank you.

  • Sasha Bshady
    Sasha Bshady 6 days ago

    “Their just judging a book by it’s cover”
    Me: so this is Dhar Mann now?

  • Pepper•Crakers
    Pepper•Crakers 28 days ago

    The fact that everyone’s getting so mad and it’s all just a lie

  • NoBaconIsGiven
    NoBaconIsGiven 6 months ago +891

    I really appreciate how “get a prize” is basically an insult now

  • Shitty
    Shitty 28 days ago

    2 years and I still feel “Mag”

  • Cormac McCarthy
    Cormac McCarthy 27 days ago +1

    Maybe that's why you lost. Maybe you just got arrested for murder

  • punk animation
    punk animation 2 days ago +1

    I like how this guy never take credit on anything am now a bot
    Btw I am not a bot they were the bot so I said it will be fun to do that

  • 𝕊𝕚𝕞𝕡𝕝𝕪𝕞𝕚axolotls

    Let’s be real when we wanna laugh we go straight to FLAMINGO🫠

  • Cold Bread
    Cold Bread 3 months ago +76

    When he said “Am now” I felt that...

  • Morg Porg
    Morg Porg 25 days ago

    Reporter: How do you feel about winning the games?
    Him: AM NOW

  • father of the frog
    father of the frog Month ago

    my mom: “are you coming downstairs for dinner?”
    me: “am now”

  • zana
    zana 15 days ago

    albert's old vids hit dif bro, it's so funny

  • Alyssa Lou 🇺🇦
    Alyssa Lou 🇺🇦 21 day ago

    I just love his description

  • Liliana Mejorada
    Liliana Mejorada 11 months ago +290

    This was the longest video in Albert's channel.

  • Aidenツ
    Aidenツ Month ago +1

    After 3 years I still feel "am now"

  • Junsoo Jang아우
    Junsoo Jang아우 Month ago

    Me in 3 years ago : I hate those bots
    Me in now : Nostalgic

  • gemmycorner
    gemmycorner 29 days ago

    these videos age so well

  • Liam Bella
    Liam Bella 14 days ago

    It’s not a mistake it’s a ✨MASTERPIECE ✨

  • Your Bestest Friend
    Your Bestest Friend 2 years ago +482

    Me: “turns away from the video”
    The video: “starts to end”
    Albert: A M N O W

  • daya vishnukumar
    daya vishnukumar 4 days ago

    after 3 years I still feel "AM NOW"

  • XiaosRight Eye
    XiaosRight Eye 27 days ago

    I swear its like 2am rn and im dying of laughter

  • Toaster Gamer
    Toaster Gamer 20 days ago

    Words of advice from unicorn: "good yob" and "god jab" may your soul rest unicorn 😭😭

  • is it bambi or trollge?

    1:01 was funny

  • Crunchy Bread
    Crunchy Bread 2 years ago +28556

    Mother: “You’re five minutes late to the funeral. Are you even coming?”
    Me, an intellectual: “Am now”

  • Deaneli Williams
    Deaneli Williams Month ago

    I did the same thing and I got banned for one day

  • Will Mac
    Will Mac 10 days ago +1

    I’ve been sick for 20 years and I still fell “am now.”

  • Itz_Chen_the_idiot
    Itz_Chen_the_idiot Month ago

    After 3 years, I still feel AM NOW

  • Lostgirl630
    Lostgirl630 Month ago

    At 4:05 Albert looked like a baby bird which was cute

  • KidVids
    KidVids 2 years ago +70

    He maybe has a lot of accounts so he doesn’t get attack by fans seeing him on roblox and crashing his game

    • CoolerCoolCool New
      CoolerCoolCool New 2 months ago

      AM NOW

    • koko bobo
      koko bobo 2 years ago +2

      @John Manley already* not "all ready" plus that was most likely an accident the cat loves he's was probably trying to comment on somebody else's comment

    • John Manley
      John Manley 2 years ago +6

      Mhm we all already KNEW that

  • Nicole Hooper
    Nicole Hooper 4 days ago

    11:55 G E T A P R I Z E

  • I T A C H I
    I T A C H I 18 days ago

    17:38 Missed opportunity to put in Splatoon music.

  • paper bag
    paper bag Month ago

    ive re watched this so many times its unhealthy

  • Venalla
    Venalla 3 days ago

    *”Am now”* - a wise man once said

  • flor
    flor 2 years ago +283

    Idea: Pretend to be a hacker to scare people, and when they don’t believe you, use admin commands to control their character and say weird stuff!

    • Flipper Agate980
      Flipper Agate980 5 months ago

      That’s a great idea not even joking

    • flor
      flor 5 months ago

      @Mere what ? 💀

    • Mere
      Mere 5 months ago

      @flor lol jk i was messing with you, i was just saying that so you won’t do same ideas in the future

    • flor
      flor 5 months ago

      @Mere then your thing is broken lmao

    • Mere
      Mere 5 months ago

      @flor it says day

  • Alpha roblox シ🇮🇱

    9:52 “muscular albert”

  • yeet yeet
    yeet yeet Month ago

    my tooth came out while watching this lol

  • The chill oof
    The chill oof 9 days ago

    mag. truly heartbreaking 😔

  • Andrej Djokic
    Andrej Djokic 22 days ago

    Bruh I did this and got reported for scamming now I'm bannned

  • iuh blue
    iuh blue Year ago +244

    Albert: "have you got the prize?"
    Kaden: "I got the prize"
    Also kaden: *loses the prize*

  • The Upwards Doggo
    The Upwards Doggo Month ago

    After 3 years I’m still feeling very am now

  • ugly-sewer-rat
    ugly-sewer-rat 26 days ago

    im rewatching this and i think he tried saying the f slur at 0:35 💀

  • Magic man
    Magic man 22 days ago

    I noticed by the thumbnail your playing survivor

  • reinrein
    reinrein 14 days ago

    After I seeing this video I been blessed by"am now"

  • Saple Syrup
    Saple Syrup 10 months ago +245

    Everyone is talking about “am now” but can we give some recognition to good yob and god jab?

  • Red
    Red Month ago +1

    My life taught me the meaning of '' Am now''

    REMEDIOS OCHOA 17 hours ago

    After 3years I still fell "AM NOW"

  • Its not a  mistake It's a Masterpiece

    Broo Flamingo lookin thicc... 9:50

  • Amelia Cardema
    Amelia Cardema Month ago

    Poor froggy :/

  • Darcey Roberts
    Darcey Roberts 2 months ago +61

    9:52 Albert showing us his beautiful muscles

  • Adam Couz
    Adam Couz 27 days ago

    Me: Mr. Nightmare stories aren't scary. 😑
    Mr. Nightmare: Am now

  • timi idowu
    timi idowu 16 days ago

    after 3 years i still feel am now

  • Daniel Hegarty
    Daniel Hegarty 27 days ago

    "AM NOW" -Flamingo

  • The boy in the bush


  • k
    k 2 years ago +157

    flamingo: make sure to comment "am now"
    me: "AM NOW"

    • k
      k 24 days ago

      @Blue Jay Guy i literally have no clue, i don’t remember commenting this and im worried for my past self and im truely confused and u probably wont ever read this lol

    • Gavin Drogo
      Gavin Drogo 24 days ago

      am now

    • Blue Jay Guy
      Blue Jay Guy 2 years ago

      is this supposed to be funny?

    • JET V1RUS X
      JET V1RUS X 2 years ago

      AM NOW

    • trashker
      trashker 2 years ago

      AM NOW BOI

  • McMyles
    McMyles Month ago

    "Would you rather get a billion dollars, or get 1 dollar?"
    Hi bro pro :)))): "am now."

  • Wowgkh
    Wowgkh 18 hours ago

    after 3 years i still feel GET PRIZE

  • Vat Lan
    Vat Lan Month ago +1

    Wow I finally realized the meaning of life AM NOW

  • Ethan Conti
    Ethan Conti 24 days ago

    After 50 years I still feel am now

  • optify- clapz
    optify- clapz 2 years ago +227

    "Go commit get a prize!"
    -Albert 2019

  • Julian Torres
    Julian Torres Month ago

    You should do this but with the never gonna give you up link

  • Irene Chaves
    Irene Chaves 24 days ago

    Albert really wanted us to lear-
    AM NOW

  • Squad Collab 💗
    Squad Collab 💗 Month ago

    I got an ad for free robux.. Ty Albert

  • Rocky Lefebvre
    Rocky Lefebvre 7 days ago

    Awesome video

  • Kawaiipotatoes0911 RBLX
    Kawaiipotatoes0911 RBLX 2 years ago +70

    Me: scrolls through comments to see if someone is commenting on how romantic Albert is being to Kaden

    • ama
      ama 2 years ago

      aaa 69

    • Angela Neil
      Angela Neil 2 years ago +1

      Kawaii is that u from roblox?

    • Excuse You
      Excuse You 2 years ago

      • imilky tea • don’t forget the you’re*

    • Daniel Lopez
      Daniel Lopez 2 years ago +3

      Kawaiipotatoes0911 RBLX
      There ship name is

    • Zuko's Honor
      Zuko's Honor 2 years ago +1

      the ship is intense

  • ElissaRoad
    ElissaRoad Month ago

    after three years i am still in the mood am now

  • Zhongli
    Zhongli 28 days ago

    5:40 you wanna know how I get these Robux?

  • Shahzaib Nadeem
    Shahzaib Nadeem Month ago

    Dude when we get partners I wanna go with my best friend but he goes with someone else

  • Cash hill
    Cash hill 2 days ago +1

    Strong muscles at 9:53

  • Those Random People
    Those Random People 2 years ago +153

    Try to get admin in a restaurant game, and if you get it, say “I’ll get uhhhhh 2 number 4’s 3 number 2’s a number 3 extra dip etc.” and if they don’t serve you explode or ban them

    • ꒰ •Łìmêý_Mìmî• ꒱
      ꒰ •Łìmêý_Mìmî• ꒱ 6 months ago

      woow great idea

    • Yaboba
      Yaboba 10 months ago

      " I'll have 2 number 9's, a number 9 large, number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, 2 number 45's one with extra cheese and a laaaaaaaaarge soda! "
      - Big smoke from GTA San Andreas

    • xX Panda LoverXx
      xX Panda LoverXx 2 years ago

      MA NOW

    • Those Random People
      Those Random People 2 years ago

      @KidMarvelX 07

    • RektMoon
      RektMoon 2 years ago

      @Didias but its called "abusing" your power.

  • ᎷᎾᎿᎻ ᕼᓍᖇᖇᓍᖇ

    Mom: it’s my final moments, I love u so much, I’ll watch u from heaven…
    Me: *am now*

  • Gaming with Taio
    Gaming with Taio 17 days ago

    If you do nothing in the challenge it would look more like Ur a scam bot

  • lex
    lex Month ago

    Good yob and god jab are the best things i've ever heard in my life

  • Zohrab Vartabidian
    Zohrab Vartabidian 27 days ago

    whats the game called?

  • Dead Memez
    Dead Memez Year ago +262

    Kaden: “Were the scam bots!”
    Me: hmm...this should be a tv show

    • Joe PlayzGames
      Joe PlayzGames 2 months ago

      I'm Albert
      And I'm Kaden
      Were the scambots!

    • Kuba Hladik
      Kuba Hladik 2 months ago

      @bedrockz76 to which name and where?

    • bedrockz76
      bedrockz76 2 months ago

      Add a y to that name and that will be my name now

    • Kuba Hladik
      Kuba Hladik 3 months ago

      Am now

    • Stefan Stefi
      Stefan Stefi 3 months ago

      @Memerboi69 i would watch the full movie dude

  • SimpleO_o
    SimpleO_o Month ago

    Everybody be using Audacity even I do

  • Nicole Dominique
    Nicole Dominique 25 days ago

    Flamingo: Rebecca more like...... Yea. Kaden: Rebecca more like Smellbecca. Me:Rebecca More Like Deadbecca

  • PrinceAbcTV
    PrinceAbcTV Month ago

    Am now going to subscribe.

  • orange crewmate
    orange crewmate Month ago

    I’ve been here since the beginning and i still feel am now

  • qdog
    qdog 2 years ago +665

    Idea: be james charles and do people’s makeup but put “disgusting” faces on them with admin
    (open a beauty store or something in Island Life)

    SOVIET UNION Month ago

    I love God and Jesus with all my heart,.

  • Ant_Dev
    Ant_Dev Month ago

    Him:AM NOW
    albert: SHUT UP
    Him: o k e h

  • JoshPlayzRoblox
    JoshPlayzRoblox Month ago


  • naveed bluecreeper
    naveed bluecreeper Month ago

    *my friend says a whole 2 hour story. me: Am now.

  • Josiah Staples
    Josiah Staples 7 months ago +148

    This is one of the most iconic and hilarious videos in Albert’s arsenal, I frequently come back to this one

  • Gabriel Trifan
    Gabriel Trifan Month ago

    Flamingo pls play breaking point

    SCRYPT1X Month ago

    after 3 years i am still feeling am now

  • Jellytivity
    Jellytivity Month ago

    you know 3 years everysice i first watched this and i have one thing to say, *AM NOW*

  • XDs
    XDs 21 day ago

    As a big roblox player named "Hibro po" said:
    "Am now"