How Long Should Sex Last?

  • Published on Sep 24, 2015
  • How many minutes of sex is enough? Five minutes, 10 minutes, an hour? The hosts get REAL about how long sex should last, in this Girl Chat. Watch!
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  • Toni king
    Toni king 3 hours ago

    20 minutes is normal she said including 4 play,come on you'll.

  • Eb Bunny
    Eb Bunny 22 hours ago

    20 min foreplay 10 min sex

  • sis
    sis 2 days ago

    I go hrs lol 😊

  • Albert Istre
    Albert Istre 2 days ago +1

    I can go for 5 hours

  • Gimme ThaDub
    Gimme ThaDub 3 days ago

    If sex is an 1 hour, you’re wack and no man should ever love you.

  • S.C Fitness
    S.C Fitness 4 days ago

    30mins is long 15-20 is ok.. I guess depends on your stamina

  • Robert Steele
    Robert Steele 4 days ago

    So... thirty minutes of slow-mo including foreplay? None of these ladies must truly enjoy sex. Even going rough I can generally go for an hour or two, foreplay excluded.

  • tymon mohorn
    tymon mohorn 4 days ago

    Cute lil rascal hat

  • LuNaTiC xoxo
    LuNaTiC xoxo 5 days ago

    loni be having shitty sex. yet again, her weight probably intervenes a lot so for her max 5 minutes 😭😂😂😂

  • Batoul Asaad
    Batoul Asaad 5 days ago +1

    How can u have sex in 2 minutes? That doesn't even make sense

  • ASHLEY Thenelle
    ASHLEY Thenelle 11 days ago

    I’m 21 I’m a virgin but I’m unattractive

  • Oral Wilkinson
    Oral Wilkinson 11 days ago

    She is the real deal

  • Oral Wilkinson
    Oral Wilkinson 11 days ago

    I love the lady in the black

  • Jay Jackson
    Jay Jackson 12 days ago

    Horizontal hustle

  • Robert Phillips
    Robert Phillips 12 days ago

    All Night!!

  • KennM12
    KennM12 13 days ago

    30 minutes is too long for me lol i ain’t got the time or energy for that on any kind of regular basis lol

  • momof2
    momof2 17 days ago

    I mis you tamera

  • Mildred Akwafo
    Mildred Akwafo 19 days ago

    Loni's wig 😫

  • Yira Sappho
    Yira Sappho 19 days ago

    When they asked the question I was thinking about hours!! 30 mnts nothing, that you invest in foreplay

  • Vikram Sharma
    Vikram Sharma 19 days ago

    We can go for 20 min if we are shortage of time...time management is important everywhere...I appreciate u raised this topic bcoz it varies person to person...👍

  • Lady Hamilton xoxo
    Lady Hamilton xoxo 22 days ago

    I miss Tamar so much

  • Melvin Olaverria
    Melvin Olaverria 22 days ago

    Y’all be thinking human beings are these amazing sex machines.
    It’s just sex. Sex over 30 mins is considered too long. Quit thinking you’re some beast or super bitch cause you can get penetrated or penetrate for an hour or more. That actually means you suck.
    The point of sex is to either one or both climax, and possibly at the same time. It’s bout hitting the spots, at the perfect pace.

  • Agyapong Francis
    Agyapong Francis 23 days ago

    If the sexual intercourse alone lasts more than 30 mins it's no longer sex but punishment. It also means you the man it's not attentive enough to experiment your partners body to know her well. My opinion

  • Shakester71
    Shakester71 25 days ago

    Does anyone really time themselves when having sex? You look at the clock when you start then when you're finished? That would seem kind of weird.

  • karell t
    karell t 26 days ago +1

    No offense of course but thats y i love Latina women..(Adrienne) .they want it good! 30 mins is ok but i've gone wayy longer...10-.15 4 fourplay...all night till the sun comes up...with occasional breaks...drinking..laughing...continue on....☺

  • GreenRC24
    GreenRC24 26 days ago

    I go down on her for 15 minutes, she sucks me for 5 minutes, we have sex for 15 minutes, we are both happy.

  • Danielle Baptiste
    Danielle Baptiste 28 days ago

    Damn I should’ve stayed with my ex. Cuz if this is the normal. That’s some bullshit


    Most women take too long to climax, Guys are more quicker to cum then women do, that is why women are PENIS ENVY, of us guys cause they just love to cum quickly over and over again, is guys that cum quickly, always get the bad rap as being a bad lover,etc.

  • Tony Nduwayezu
    Tony Nduwayezu 29 days ago

    Me and my partner we go for an hour each round, for 2 rounds on week days. 20 mins just not enough. Thats foreplay for me lol

  • Morning Star
    Morning Star Month ago

    perhaps this video might help follow the link and it's instructions

  • Kaylah Mosley
    Kaylah Mosley Month ago

    I like Jeannie but she seems like a real lame 😒 in bed, like girlllll all you want is a wham bam thank you ma’am?!?!?! A quickie with some hookup you met at the club, that’s alright, but with your partner!!! It should be wayyy more intimate...a quickie every now an then is alright if you’re late for work or something but like Adrienne said, Sex with your significant other seems like something you should look forward to, instead of something that you wish could soon be over. And 30 minutes is not forever that sounds decent but for some people 30 minutes is the foreplay. Like you don’t wanna do a lot of tongue kissing, body kissing and rubbing and do some nipple sucking, touching each other private’s, jacking him off, him fingering you or just simply playing with your clit, go down on each other, some people are even into eating ass 😂 some people are into sucking toes and then while you’re fucking you don’t wanna switch positions? With you on top? Him on top? Him from behind you, switching up the tempo, going fast, then slow, then maybe a little bit in between fast and slow, fucking around different parts of the house, from the bedroom to the living room to the kitchen, the floor, the wall, with you doing all that and if it’s really good, you will forget the times and it would be an hour an a half before you know it, especially if you ready for round 2, 3, 4. Just have fun, don’t think about the time limits.

  • Kojo Montgomery
    Kojo Montgomery Month ago

    As long as the two want ... but for me an average 1 hour is wholesome.

  • Chinedu C Anyanwu
    Chinedu C Anyanwu Month ago

    I bet it that 90% of you all saying 30 mins is not long enough have never lasted up to 30 mins in sex.
    Perfect time for sweet sex should be 10 - 15mins👌🏽

  • Eric Pinedo
    Eric Pinedo Month ago


  • Shayvideos1
    Shayvideos1 Month ago

    I agree with Adrienne

  • Bright Oyetuboilooiyuh

    1hr includes everything, kissing, sucking etc

  • jerrae thomas
    jerrae thomas Month ago

    Complain when its 3min complain when its 30 mins..😏😂.... oh well

  • kristina tellez
    kristina tellez Month ago

    Ok but who has a timer going? Who cares 🤷 the quality of it matters more than the time

  • Liane Layman
    Liane Layman Month ago

    Loni is funny.

  • Diana Hernandez
    Diana Hernandez Month ago

    I want more the 30 minutes

  • Sophie 1245
    Sophie 1245 Month ago +2

    20-30 mins is just normal to me ? How can they have sex in less than 10 mins ? Their men come fast...

  • Perez Chambers
    Perez Chambers Month ago

    I don't wanna have sex with her hour to two hours of penetration the most.

  • Kenneth Magara
    Kenneth Magara Month ago

    hahaha what are you talking i can go 2 hrs nonstop,look i spent 40 minutes in kissing,fore play and sucking the virgin

  • sannunki malama
    sannunki malama Month ago

    This show misses Tamar so much😭
    I used to love the show so bad, when she was still in it. But now i can't watch the Real even if i was paid to do so

  • Anoel Silliw
    Anoel Silliw Month ago +2

    I use to think 30 mins was long until I found out my ex could go 2 hrs for round 2...idk what yall ladies sayin 30 mins is too long. If it's good you're not looking at your watch waiting for it to be over.

  • calistyle95
    calistyle95 Month ago

    20 to 30 minutes is boring

  • Samantha Flynn
    Samantha Flynn Month ago

    I think those studies are actual penetration. Not start to end.

  • Rose Orquiza
    Rose Orquiza Month ago

    About 20 mins lol y'all gotta think about soreness and stuff

  • Nhlakanipho Harmony

    snack break Between the thirty minutes!!? these women are Lazy!!!. lazy!! .

  • Niamh Robertson
    Niamh Robertson Month ago +2

    Omg a good sesh is 45 mins with at least 15 mins of warming up lol

  • Alyssa Williams
    Alyssa Williams Month ago

    I can’t 😂 I need hours baby

  • Dale Campbell
    Dale Campbell Month ago

    Yeah I say 45 mins top

  • O Love
    O Love Month ago

    The girl is right, that's exactly what I was thinking a good 20 - 30 minutes minimum.

  • Simply Elyne
    Simply Elyne 2 months ago

  • Tina Forbes
    Tina Forbes 2 months ago

    Give me about 4 5 mins I am happy

  • Laquinton Piggee
    Laquinton Piggee 2 months ago

    2 strong hours

  • What's Good
    What's Good 2 months ago

    20-30 minutes 3 times a day when you enjoy your partner.

  • NZ Shares
    NZ Shares 2 months ago

    20 to 30 is about for married people and that big bitch must have alot of sex because she sure eaten alot of chickens lol fuxk im funny 🤣

  • misscarter$
    misscarter$ 2 months ago

    I need their makeup artist

  • Rufus Hall
    Rufus Hall 2 months ago

    Sex should last how ever long it take to get both partners off. However long that take 5 min. Or 5 hours