We Broke the WRONG Record! - RTX Overclocking

  • Published on Oct 5, 2018
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    We started out with one goal: Overclock Nvidia's new GeForce RTX 2080 Ti and document the process. But we got a little ahead of ourselves...
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Comments • 5 771

  • Ani H.
    Ani H. Day ago

    I love the amount of hardwork you take to do all this !!!

  • Esat'ın Maceraları

    rying to heat up what youre trying to cool down is ironic

  • PossiblyARunner
    PossiblyARunner 3 days ago


  • machinist1337
    machinist1337 5 days ago

    Why dont you just do these tests in a freezer?

  • Tyler Scalici
    Tyler Scalici 6 days ago

    Is it just me, or does he sound like Jesse from The fast and the furious losing his jetta when he's on the floor?

  • Zach Zendle
    Zach Zendle 7 days ago

    his winks make me shiver in me boots

  • Sadie Blackwell
    Sadie Blackwell 9 days ago +1

    Sounds like my $200 laptop when I load the windows login screen

  • A Des
    A Des 10 days ago

    Only systems contained within a full case count. This is a "computer benchmark, not a Frankenstein pulp mill best speed test.

    TAN CHIA WEI 10 days ago

    please sub my channel and get a chance to win ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 11GB GDDR6 Graphics Card in this video 3 winner


  • Eero V
    Eero V 10 days ago

    Professional lubrication, works for multiple purposes

    KIRBZ VIDS 12 days ago

    i like your idea using a water chiller if you put the Bord upside down wouldn't it help with condensation ?

  • JP Stone
    JP Stone 12 days ago

    That is the Sketchiest XOC session I have ever seen. LOL Fun though

  • Distinguished Hacker
    Distinguished Hacker 12 days ago

    Use chrome while benchmarking GTA V @ 4K ultra ;)

  • Ville Lahtinen
    Ville Lahtinen 13 days ago

    Its sad what Linus is nowadays

  • Glenn Snel
    Glenn Snel 13 days ago +1

    @Linus Tech Tips:
    Next try overclocking with a peltier unit :D

  • Ali Khan
    Ali Khan 13 days ago +5

    Loving Anthony role these days for Linus. He has been great and would love to hear tech reviews from him as well.

  • Rainer Zehrfeldt
    Rainer Zehrfeldt 14 days ago

    Gaming in Antarctic😁

  • Anna Daussy
    Anna Daussy 15 days ago

    my rx580 is: max: 75°C, min 46°C, ambient 22°C

  • Robert Kelly
    Robert Kelly 16 days ago +3

    I love that you did it with the jankiest setup ever.

  • Matthew Britton
    Matthew Britton 16 days ago

    Great Trump impression!

  • George Kokalas
    George Kokalas 16 days ago

    All these OC videos are useless. If you have the extra money to OC, use them to buy a better CPU and GPU.

  • Gameplay icu 2
    Gameplay icu 2 17 days ago


  • Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

    The big guy has a smooth voice... he can narrate my tech video ANYTIME.

  • JJ SS
    JJ SS 18 days ago

    Almost as fast as the Titan V? Every benchmark ive seen shows its faster than the Titan.

  • 白髪の猫
    白髪の猫 18 days ago

    Don't try this at home... Seriously don't

  • Goofball Gaming
    Goofball Gaming 18 days ago

    Which one is the Doc and which one is Marty?

  • Why So Serious
    Why So Serious 19 days ago

    If anyone is going to save planet earth please let it be Linus, i promise the best laurel and hardy show ever, but atleast we all go with a massive smile on our face, what more could you ask for !

  • _Toshiaki_ _Takahashi_

    Y's the video sooo bad? It's shakey and sounds like someone's scratching the mic..

  • Dante Sparda
    Dante Sparda 19 days ago

    Is this torture porn ? I am scared :(

  • Christopher Lachcik
    Christopher Lachcik 21 day ago

    i lost it when the papertowel got ate up by the fan lmfao!!!!

  • kleetus92
    kleetus92 21 day ago

    Have you guys ever considered running your power supplies from 240V instead of 120? The supplies typically run cooler at 240.

  • kaleb j
    kaleb j 21 day ago

    So glad Anthony is in this video

  • Hey人
    Hey人 21 day ago

    Just noticed today that Linus wear ear-rings...

  • Owen Monckton
    Owen Monckton 21 day ago

    So in the multiple day intervals, no one thought to insulate the board?

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker 21 day ago

    Ideal for practical use. Bull"S"

  • Robert Fierce
    Robert Fierce 23 days ago

    Things console users only dream of, but will never get around to doing.

  • icecube2T8
    icecube2T8 24 days ago +1

    It's the two from the film Weird science when they make the girl, lol

  • Ioseb Qvartskhava
    Ioseb Qvartskhava 24 days ago

    When linux is doing something very important, somebody should be around to ensure that he doesn't messes everything up

  • MrCougar214
    MrCougar214 25 days ago

    That's awesome. Now I wonder if my wife will let me take up the whole living room with sub zero chillers, water coolers, etc. I'm sure she won't mind the noise.

  • Starcraft And Caffeine

    BuT caN it rUn cRysiS

    DOT GAMING 26 days ago +1

    Why don’t you do things like normal people. Jk

  • Tyler Carawan
    Tyler Carawan 26 days ago

    What mouse is used on the testing computer in the beginning?

  • Garrett Taylor
    Garrett Taylor 27 days ago

    Now that you've abused the shit out of that card.... Can I have it

  • Diego Salvador Jinete Jr.

    Everyone one of us needs an Anthony.

  • Addicted 2This
    Addicted 2This 27 days ago

    When you need to install a heating system in your computer

  • EggyRepublic
    EggyRepublic 28 days ago

    The human tongue can only taste 1.1 volts of power.

  • Elguancho699
    Elguancho699 28 days ago

    you should bring down the humidity in a small tent down to 10%

  • NaztheBear
    NaztheBear 28 days ago

    How did you guys manage to get the fan (that chewed up the shop cloth) to run?

  • ricin addict
    ricin addict 28 days ago

    HELL yeah

  • Ryan Costa
    Ryan Costa 29 days ago

    17:49 It sounds like an air raid siren when those fans turn on

  • Rai King
    Rai King 29 days ago

    Anthony sounds like gaben wtf

  • Sean Godbehere
    Sean Godbehere Month ago

    speed jumper. Put a dial on it and control speed manually?

  • Rui Carvalho
    Rui Carvalho Month ago

    Just a note: Turn the freaking PC upside down, so the water and ice drip to the floor... Duh (lol)

  • marcos matiazzi
    marcos matiazzi Month ago

    Could you do some testing using peltier cells

  • Aidan Pratt
    Aidan Pratt Month ago

    The ultimate fortnite device

  • Ben4004
    Ben4004 Month ago

    Anyone know what monitor he's using? I see the brand is LG but I was wondering which model.

  • j
    j Month ago

    HELP. I am running MSI afterburner as well as Halmark but when I click the OC scanner the graph comes up but does not have the option to click in the top right hand corner. All drivers are current and have the latest version of windows. MSI RTX 2070/I7 8700.

  • Turnspit
    Turnspit Month ago

    What an awesome episode ... I literally was at the edge of my seat! That tension! :-D

  • mark collard
    mark collard Month ago


  • Hayden Krause
    Hayden Krause Month ago

    hehehe you said Blowy

  • Captn Crunch
    Captn Crunch Month ago

    Double A....Anthony's Awesome

  • cbrusharmy
    cbrusharmy Month ago

    Linus' segues still slay me.

  • Alex Young
    Alex Young Month ago

    Anyone with dell hardware will have Vietnam flashbacks hearing that fan sound O_O

  • George Kelly
    George Kelly Month ago

    What if you had the cpu and gpu blocks in a vacuum chamber so that there is nothing to condense on the surfaces? Then just have the coolant pipes leading out of the vacuum chamber to the radiator/cooler. Course you would also need to cool the memory since ambient air would no longer be present to allow for even the relatively low cooling requirements. But in theory...you could do it. And vacuum chambers aren't that hard to throw together, the jankier the better for these videos.

  • Metacortex
    Metacortex Month ago

    Anthony is one of my favorites dude is so smart

  • Daniel Gwilt
    Daniel Gwilt Month ago

    Who's the KingPin?

  • absolutgut
    absolutgut Month ago


  • HeXaGoN
    HeXaGoN Month ago

    This is how our server machine at school sounds like on post after a power outage

  • neuromod
    neuromod Month ago

    Question: Can mineral oil PCs be cooled sub-zero? Freezing point of oil should be lower than water, and condensation should not be an issue.

  • lord Merchant
    lord Merchant Month ago

    Anthony is just great!

  • Randomness Calls For Randomness

    It's like you are doing surgery on a computer. I love this.

  • Robert Twist IV
    Robert Twist IV Month ago

    This was much more exiting than I expected

  • JosieCat
    JosieCat Month ago

    Yaknow, all things aside. that graphics card is fucking gorgeous, MSI does good design work.
    My first GTX card was an MSI 1060 Gaming X and I love it to death, their documents included in the box were helpful and adorable. they have branding down better than anyone in the business.
    Okay done shilling for MSI. They include WAY too many bloatware programs, they need to condense the useful features into one program and cut the fat.

  • RySec Newton
    RySec Newton Month ago +1

    Ways to tell Linus is Canadian:
    He wear sandals with socks ALL YEAR! As if it's not weird enough to do it just in summer.
    He say Out and About like a true Canadian.

  • Crazy Dream
    Crazy Dream Month ago

    *11:45** it was at this moment lunus knew he f'cked uuuu... o wait its just water (spits out the water)....yeah linus after years of placing water cooling we kinnda saw this one coming :)*

  • GoodGuy Henri
    GoodGuy Henri Month ago

    wtf my rtx 2080ti from aorus comes with 1980mhz clock out of the box and the msi card is the best? xD

    JAAPIOJO Month ago

    Is a 5930k still good for this card

    LANE JOKE Month ago

    If anyone needs something with OC
    Tha German got you.

  • jAM Ab
    jAM Ab Month ago

    cpu quake

  • ps
    ps Month ago

    Is there a vacuum problem for the majority of the video or did I miss something? Super tedious with HEADPHONES.

  • T0neKnee
    T0neKnee Month ago

    FurMark! Time to get warm! :P

  • Csaba Józó
    Csaba Józó Month ago

    Pls do 2 card run

  • Csaba Józó
    Csaba Józó Month ago

    Pls do 2 card run

  • Lee Fall
    Lee Fall Month ago

    13:48 Its like they think they are on the star ship enterprise bridge

  • Radosław Biel
    Radosław Biel Month ago

    I should study, but this was a very entertaining video :) Good job guys!

  • Majlo T
    Majlo T Month ago

    Anthony should appear more often on the series ! He's pretty chill guy

  • Vortex
    Vortex Month ago

    RTX is TRASH.

  • TrippyGamer2987
    TrippyGamer2987 Month ago

    I plugged in my phone at 3:22 and i almost had a hear attack hahaha

  • Daktary_33_LM
    Daktary_33_LM Month ago

    Click cuz of the Titan RTX in the video thumbnail

  • Secreción Jugosa
    Secreción Jugosa Month ago +8

    The wrong record was... the biggest clickbait

  • Alex Schettino
    Alex Schettino Month ago

    Every time Anthony is in a video, I know im about to learn something cool.

  • jeff jackson
    jeff jackson Month ago

    Absolutely awesome and fun to watch

  • Anthony Zenrick
    Anthony Zenrick Month ago +1

    @Linus Tech Tips

    Hoodie strings + blowiematrons = a trip to the hospital

  • Zjwex
    Zjwex Month ago

    He was consider increasing the holes on the card's PCB? Oh god, how I would've loved for him to do that and brick the card. The lulz to be had.

  • fistsOFfury366 D
    fistsOFfury366 D Month ago

    Wait whats a warranty?

  • Papa Pumphrey
    Papa Pumphrey Month ago +2

    The blowiematrons sound like an F1 car

  • WhiterunThane
    WhiterunThane Month ago

    Who else came for the thumbnail?

  • Republican Apocolypse 2020

    Buy a $10,000 GPU and take it apart and modify it to get it to act right?. My god this pc mater race shit is boring. Just buy an XBOX1 or whatever the current Playstation gen and be done with it, wow.

  • salui
    salui Month ago

    +Linus Tech Tips What about to use DELID?