What Teaching English in Japan was REALLY Like

  • Published on Feb 8, 2020
  • Having taught English in Japan for 3 years with 2,000 hours of classroom experience, I take a look at the highs and lows that come with the job, including my most awkward moment with a student.
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  • Abroad in Japan
    Abroad in Japan  2 years ago +9603

    NOTIFICATION SQUAD: I realise teaching English in Japan is a popular topic and I’d like to try and answer as many of your questions as I can in the comments below; whether it’s about the JET programme, teaching in general, the work environment etc, fire away and I’ll try to answer as many as I can when I wake up tomorrow morning and down a gallon of coffee! For now though folks, enjoy the video.
    - Vip De Big.

    • social3ngin33rin
      social3ngin33rin 28 days ago

      @0:35 in case you are still wondering, I believe your student meant to write that you are either a "big VIP" or "you're a VIP from a big (famous) place [such as a celebrity]." To me, it appears they somehow learned a tad bit of Spanish, "de," meaning "from/of." VIP de big would become either: you're a big VIP (either fat or an emphasis on how important you are) or you're a VIP from a big place (big place being either your home country or big place as in famous place).

    • IsItCharlie
      IsItCharlie Month ago

      Question: how did you learn Japanese? Did you take courses, were you self taught? Did you ever not understand something a student said (in Japanese)? Sorry about all the questions

    • Tom Nieskens
      Tom Nieskens 2 months ago

      @Abroad in Japan 6weeks holiday, who the frick can afford that🤣 haha no a lot of People can, but for a average joe from The Netherlands overhere its even to expensive to dream about🤣😅 for me its going to be a honey moon, finaly going to Japan but we are glad that we can pay for a week tops 🤣 maybe its me but does everybody earn 10k a month or something 🤣

    • Tom Nieskens
      Tom Nieskens 2 months ago

      @Yahata just smile and wave... smile and wave

    • Sanjid Rahman
      Sanjid Rahman 3 months ago

      "de" means "of" in french, so I believe he was trying to say that you are the "VIP of big"

  • Decode04
    Decode04 2 years ago +16644

    Little did Chris know that the tea stain on his JET application is what got him the position. The surefire way to know he was an authentic Brit.

    • Mathilda
      Mathilda 17 days ago

      @a a Yorkshire Tea probably...you gotta be British to stomach that stuff.

    • sirBrouwer
      sirBrouwer 2 months ago

      @Matthew Pavi I thought that the tea was made from tea?

    • Matthew Pavi
      Matthew Pavi 2 months ago

      @sirBrouwer hey mate, British people ain't the only ones that drink earl grey 😏, the tea was originally made from Asia.

    • A1ka
      A1ka 3 months ago

      @a a Obviously earl grey mate🎌🍵

    • Yahoo Wierdo
      Yahoo Wierdo 4 months ago +1

      Good point lmao

  • Adventure Artist
    Adventure Artist Year ago +2647

    Not sure if you will read this or not... you have thousands of comments to read on so many videos and this one is not recent... but as a teacher of more than 25 years I wanted to tell you that you DID make a difference. I am sure that your students still talk about you to this day as the "fun" teacher. I was impressed with how you were unhappy with the subpar materials that were provided to you and you created your own and that shows drive and imagination. You may or may not be aware of this but you are STILL a teacher. I have learned so much from you about Japan. You present it in such a casual fun way that you are enjoyable to watch. I had planned a trip to Japan with my daughter for 2 weeks, landing in Nagoya but alas, Japan was closed. But, in the meantime, I will continue to watch as many of your videos as I can before we go... in... whenever that is. Kudos for stepping out of the classroom and living your dream life as a TheXvidr. Few do, it's a huge step but watching you has inspired me to create my own channel as well. I only hope to be half a successful as you. Keep up the amazing work! Sincerely, Rob

    • Matthew Pavi
      Matthew Pavi 2 months ago +3

      I can't actually say it out clearly because I'm not sure, but this clearly is one of the most formal comments I have seen so far on TheXvid 😂.

    • Steampunk Astronaut
      Steampunk Astronaut 6 months ago

      Wow... I need to save tihs

    • Study Account
      Study Account 7 months ago +20

      @Gamer Cat .... this can't be real

    • Adventure Artist
      Adventure Artist 7 months ago +14

      @Gamer Cat my name is Rob…

    • Gamer Cat
      Gamer Cat 7 months ago

      Rob isn't his name is chris

  • TheOriginalFayari
    TheOriginalFayari Year ago +1778

    Those kids are so sweet and caring. Imagine that, they genuinely felt sorry that their teacher didn't become James Bond, and they tried to encourage him to not give up his dream.

    • Derek Mills
      Derek Mills 7 months ago +60

      The question remaining, of course, is which of his students imagined herself as his 'Bond Girl'!

    • Naneo
      Naneo 10 months ago +10


  • Cavalier Skittles
    Cavalier Skittles 11 months ago +3083

    his application be like :
    "so what was ur biggest culture shock?"
    "so i went to dubai, SAND, LOTS OF SAND"
    "ur fuckin hired"

    • MegaGodzilla The magnificent robot
      MegaGodzilla The magnificent robot 3 months ago +2

      And lots of camels and exotic cars 😂😂😂

    • Floating Head
      Floating Head 4 months ago +3

      @Sherman Herritt Broad. Chris Broad.

    • Zadem
      Zadem 11 months ago +8

      @Sherman Herritt good one my parents made my watch it very good

    • Sherman Herritt
      Sherman Herritt 11 months ago +105

      Interviewer: "What ... is your name?"
      Broad: "Broad"
      Interviewer: "What... is your quest?"
      Broad: "To be an English teacher?"
      Interviewer: "What ... is your favorite color?"
      Broad: "Red .... No, Bl..."
      *Catapulted into the fiery ravine*

  • mr Gopnik
    mr Gopnik 7 months ago +233

    It’s the exact opposite when it comes to raising hands in Germany. Since about half of your grade is lesson participation, we’d often have arguments over who had already been called twice, or who had to fix his overall grade due to a bad exam. And nobody laughed when someone got something wrong, because there were cases, where no one knew what was correct. Once our math teacher asked us to explain something and nobody dared to try that at first. After some provocation, one boy decided to try his luck and explained what he could. When he was done, the teacher asked “Do you agree with his answer?” And everyone was like “Yeah, yeah, totally”, than the teacher went “Great! This means you’re all morons, because what he was talking was complete bs!”. XD

    • drachenfliger 13
      drachenfliger 13 11 days ago

      Tbh, in my old school (in germany) that was'nt the case. It just became a thing in 11th grade... (weil Abi)

    • Milkcrab
      Milkcrab 3 months ago +3

      Yeah no lmao how you describe for sure isn't the norm and its actually more like it is in Japan too. You just had a good school/class

    • Grand Hunter
      Grand Hunter 4 months ago +8

      You had a good class huh

  • Bagledog5000
    Bagledog5000 2 years ago +6820

    I've been teaching in Japan about ten years now. Don't underestimate the impact you can have on your kids regarding their enjoyment of English. I ran into one of my kids that I taught for three years who'd just graduated college a few months ago. She asked if I was still playing harmonica, and said that one of her favorite things was singing songs as I played them on the harmonica. She's working at a job using English now, and says it's because "English was fun with you" that sort of thing makes all the bad aspects of the job just fade away.

    • Yahata
      Yahata 3 months ago

      Hi I was wondering when I apply for the jet program it lasts for a maximum of 5 years, I was wondering what to do if I wanted to stay longer? Is there a way to apply for a new visa, or how would I apply for a new English teaching job once the jet program visa expires?

    • Riku!
      Riku! 4 months ago

      Omgg wow lol now this makes me want to go their and teach English more 😂

    • EdDieXXX J
      EdDieXXX J 5 months ago +2

      this is so wholesome

    • Bagledog5000
      Bagledog5000 10 months ago +1

      @Martinus V
      Hey thanks, it's always good to have up to date info.

    • Martinus V
      Martinus V 10 months ago +1

      @Bagledog5000 Well, in fact, the rent of the ALT won't be always (fully) compensated in the JET programme. These must be the lucky ones who get this reimbursement, but it would make a significant difference.
      In addition, the salaries in the JET programme don't depend on the region, but on the year of contract (I know that you didn't really claim it either in your comment, but it might have remained ambiguous for the readers).

  • コックスえり
    コックスえり Year ago +883

    My first years in junior high, they learned the phrase "snap your fingers". Well, suffice to say, they didn't realize they had to change "your" and so i spent a good portion of the day reading papers that said "I can snap your fingers". horrifying but also a great laugh

    • Trombone Man
      Trombone Man 8 days ago +1

      At least they didn't add "will"

    • JeSUS
      JeSUS 7 months ago +7

      @stuckonaslide joke goes woooosh

    • MCHS Productions
      MCHS Productions 9 months ago +14

      @stuckonaslide that’s the joke

    • stuckonaslide
      stuckonaslide 10 months ago +47

      @Diego Ferreira its "i can snap my fingers" snapping someone else's fingers is horrific and a crime.

  • jace888
    jace888 Year ago +716

    The stigma during school is so true. In Asia, people rarely asks question and expected to do well with zero mistakes. On the other hand, in UK, US and Aus, it’s encouraged to asks questions and mistakes are part of learning.

    • Ling Tan
      Ling Tan Month ago

      Well I guess I'm quite a lucky one then, because a lot of my teachers encouraged us to ask if we don't understand smth or just give our opinion, or even suggestions sometimes, even one of them (my chemistry teacher) once said this while teaching, "Oh c'mon, don't stay silent guys, it feels like I'm talking to a bunch of statues." Lol, I think I understand what she might felt back then, it was like talking to yourself or to thin air, awkward as hell lmao

    • Izza Amazing
      Izza Amazing 3 months ago +1

      Not in Southeast Asia

    • The Y is green.
      The Y is green. 6 months ago +1

      Some of my teachers graded us on participation. Me being shy did not help.

    • Yohannes Sulistyo
      Yohannes Sulistyo 10 months ago

      It is a stereotype for real. Commonly repeated in Asia to encourage people to ask questions by people who never studied abroad.
      In Australia, Germany, UK, and France, students do ask question, but there are those who don't like it, and think that their inquisitive friends are "monopolying the session". Generally, western students just don't give a hoot about what other people were thinking. They were pretty sassy about it. A preachy German guy kept fighting a with a sassy Australian girl in my class all the time. She thinks the German guy is a smartass that keeps asking "basic questions that doesn't advance the lessons, thus wasting everyone's time". I told her that he probably just want to practice his English speaking while doing it. By far, the quietest and the most aloof students in our classes are the Anglo-Saxons, Aussies, Americans, Canadians, and Brits. Preachiest, noisiest are Europeans, Germans, Dutch, French.
      In Asia, people continuously seek approval and acceptance from the majority, generally having conformist attitude. Students typically just want to get the class to end as early as possible, so they discourage their friends from asking too much questions and prolonging the class session. There will be students who love to ask questions and study more in Asia, but they don't do it in classroom, they will visit the teacher in the teacher's room during break time or after school session. When they ask question in the class, they will generally ask that typical Asian question: "which chapter is going to be in the quiz, what will be the form of questions in the exam (essay or multiple choice)?"

    • SilentEchoRevived
      SilentEchoRevived 10 months ago +11

      What the hell are you talking about 😩 not once, in all my years of school in Australia, New Zealand or Canada have I seen anyone actually want to put their hand up in a class. Everyone falls back into their seats and pretends to not be there. It’s the most terrifying thing, and even the people who are incredibly educated on the subject die when a teacher calls on them.
      If someone makes a mistake, they’re ridiculed and told harshly to sit back down where they’re not spoken to again and given a mountain of homework on it later.
      Currently, where I am right now, teachers just don’t bother with asking students anything because they know that nobody will volunteer.

  • Manny Espinola
    Manny Espinola Year ago +546

    I taught Survival ESL to Indochinese refugees (bound for the US, Canada and Australia) from 1988 to 1991. One of my students wrote to me a couple of years later: "I always remember you in my brain." Tears of joy, that brought me.

    • Mansive
      Mansive 4 months ago +9

      @The Cipher That's not bad grammar, it's grammatically correct, just that natives don't convey the intended meaning using that particular set of words.

    • Venkatesh R
      Venkatesh R 7 months ago +7

      @The Cipher Technically, it's true isn't it?

    • peterpan771
      peterpan771 9 months ago +1

      awe thats really sweet

    • The Cipher
      The Cipher 10 months ago +35

      damn even if it was bad grammar that's still wholesome, i aspire to be someone who helps people and get remembered for that

  • Cris
    Cris Year ago +167

    Honestly english teachers in non english speaking countries have that kind of charm and fun no other teacher has. Our english teacher used to give us chocolates as rewards for getting everything right, would make up lots of fun games for us to learn english, and encourage us to speak our minds no matter how awkward or bad our english was. Truly blessed

    • Krchuball
      Krchuball 5 months ago +3

      Giving candy to students is something some American teachers do as well

    • J N
      J N 8 months ago

      *charm 😉

  • Historical Waifus
    Historical Waifus 2 years ago +4666

    Chris, this has really inspired me. If someone with an application that rubbish can get in, then I'll probably make principle by week 2.

    • ιηfιηιτψ ψτ
      ιηfιηιτψ ψτ 2 months ago

      @Jackie Ronald Wayerston I swear, both of those literally work on any English.

    • Chibi Girl
      Chibi Girl 3 months ago

      How's that going?

    • Patrick Sedjro
      Patrick Sedjro Year ago

      @K. Baller as is the case in the United Stated. Do you not think nor believe that they have parents as well and to mention a whole functioning society ?

    • Patrick Sedjro
      Patrick Sedjro Year ago

      @Bella Blue I notice

    • Patrick Sedjro
      Patrick Sedjro Year ago

      @bmtenoch how important ?

  • ᎬᏙᎪΝ
    ᎬᏙᎪΝ Year ago +2411

    " Pls be stomach... much more healthy in the future " that killed me 😂😂

    • Striker x
      Striker x 6 months ago +1

      Lol Chris,What did you really teach them xD

    • Mudklip
      Mudklip 7 months ago +4

      @Joseph Hedge that’s japan for you

    • Joseph Hedge
      Joseph Hedge 10 months ago +25

      @Jam Man never has fat shaming been so polite

    • indrajith lal
      indrajith lal 10 months ago +9

      @Kholi thankyou captain obvious

    • Galaxy_World
      Galaxy_World 10 months ago +2


  • Pancake
    Pancake Year ago +2405

    "I hate sand. It's coarse, rough, irritating, and it gets everywhere."

    • Matsu ポペオフケケ thePopeofKeKe
      Matsu ポペオフケケ thePopeofKeKe 5 months ago

      You take your like BUT KNOW THIS, i didn’t like giving it to you

    • T Benton
      T Benton 8 months ago

      As a Floridian, I am offended.

    • Dio Brando
      Dio Brando 9 months ago


    • Dan Thomas
      Dan Thomas 10 months ago

      砂が好きない。荒いし、迷惑だし、いつもどこにでも広がってしまう。ここと違う。ここでは全部が柔らかくて、円滑だ。(2nd attempt, having relistened to actual original quote)

    • Dan Thomas
      Dan Thomas 10 months ago

      @Pancake that's what happens when you learned nihongo from Jar Jar. But saying that, you're right! I have that (English version) quote totally misheard in my head. I misheard "here" as "you're".

  • zzzlleepy
    zzzlleepy Year ago +142

    The gifts the students gave him are so cute and emotional. This really motivates me to improve at english and to maybe even become an english teacher.

  • ashitanozak
    ashitanozak Year ago +440

    One day, one of his students will grow up, and wrote a manga about him and maybe will get an anime after.

    • cqshmoney
      cqshmoney 6 months ago

      very nice pfp

    • weird huh?
      weird huh? 8 months ago

      @Raven *another

    • Raven
      Raven 8 months ago +1

      "the time when my British English teacher and i got reincarnated in to onother world as a dog"

    • soni
      soni 8 months ago


    • Luthfee Ghazale
      Luthfee Ghazale 8 months ago +10

      The manga title: The English Teacher
      The light novel title: That Time When A James Bond Looking British Teacher Moved into Our School District and Decided to Teach us English

  • Your daily dose of Stupidity
    Your daily dose of Stupidity 2 years ago +11180

    When a Japanese person has better English handwriting than you

    • Gasponchog
      Gasponchog Month ago


    • NebulaNezzar
      NebulaNezzar Month ago

      Insulting when you write Latin for life I know
      The feelings mutual

    • NebulaNezzar
      NebulaNezzar 8 months ago

      Practically me at Latin letter based language

    • Silent Occasion
      Silent Occasion Year ago

      @bobtheduck same. My friend has perfect handwriting in Tamil and the teacher’s handwriting absolutely sucked compared to that.

  • J. G.
    J. G. 11 months ago +73

    Hey Chris, I was an ALT in Japan for a few years as well. As it turns out, we actually appear to have been in the same batch (2012)!
    Your experiences as an ALT are incredibly similar to mine and your perspective about teaching in Japan perfectly reflect how I feel about it as well. Thanks for reminding me of some wonderful memories! Being an ALT definitely changed my life and I cherished every single minute that I was there.
    Always enjoy watching your vids! Keep it up!

  • Phil Prtn
    Phil Prtn Year ago +190

    I'm English third language, and "billie is exciting" is pure genius! Thanks!

    • Ugly Luffy
      Ugly Luffy 3 months ago +1

      @Pricey Ahhhh

    • Pricey
      Pricey 4 months ago +9

      @Andrhimnir It is a joke. You think he is going to change it from 'exciting' to 'excited' but instead he changes the spelling of the name.

    • Andrhimnir
      Andrhimnir 4 months ago +1

      Why was the “y” wrong? I’m still stuck on this.

    • Felipe Corpuz
      Felipe Corpuz 5 months ago +4

      @Anon I think it's meant to be "Billy was excited."

    • Anon
      Anon 6 months ago +1

      I didnt get this part. "Billy was exciting" was perfectly correct english already.

  • loohy555
    loohy555 11 months ago +98

    "And the teachers thought i was a genius for unleashing this groundbreaking concept which is the concept of having fun in the classroom" LOL

  • Susan Ma
    Susan Ma Year ago +65

    I appreciate your videos because you realistically describe situations without sugarcoating them. And at the same time, you don't come off as bitter or pretentious, as some foreign men in Japan do.

  • BrunoGamesBR
    BrunoGamesBR 2 years ago +9183

    This guy now is probably the inspiration of a light novel and he doesn't even know it

    • JamieJamez
      JamieJamez 5 months ago +2

      @Paula Raseni 7:22 The story is Titled "A Party at Home", but it's really just about one person coming over for a visit.
      7:24 Our life is not a tragedy. Grammatically not wrong. but it's just an awkwardly written sentence given the context.

    • Abbad 707
      Abbad 707 Year ago +1

      BrunoGamesBR lmao

    • Patrick Sedjro
      Patrick Sedjro Year ago +1

      @Youssef Sabri 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Patrick Sedjro
      Patrick Sedjro Year ago +1

      @LeviaRiosh 😂😂😂😂😂

  • April Cook
    April Cook 11 months ago +22

    I laughed really, really hard during this, and for that, I thank you. Although I’ll likely never teach English in Japan, it was nice learning about your experience. I’m rapidly becoming a big fan of your channel.

  • spacebug30
    spacebug30 11 months ago +19

    Because I live in a bilingual country, I studied French for 9 years: from my 5th year of elementary school to my first year of college. We would always learn from boring text books, memorizing words and repeating them, literally translate pre-written sentences etc. and I sucked at French. Until they finally changed the teaching method in my 4th year of secondary school and we started doing practical and useful things like learning about French culture, looking up French news articles, writing plays and actually performing them, doing friendly competitions with all kinds of French language skills. I learned SO MUCH during those few years and became almost fluent in French. Teachers who are teaching practical skills in class and aren't afraid to do something other than the boring old text book are incredible.
    Also, I swear I had a chapter about soccer balls in Afghanistan in my French text book in high school...

  • Ryan Blanc
    Ryan Blanc Year ago +19

    I went to school in japan for a few months and I notice students really enjoy when the teacher is from America because they throw in types of learning that they do here in the U.S. A lot of classes in japan are pretty hard and not so much fun but with English they’re able to understand what it’s like in American classes while also having fun learning.

  • denis black
    denis black Year ago +19

    you reminded me my experience. i was teaching ESL in Shenzhen, China for two years, and it was also such an incredible time! i miss it so much and miss my students greatly. I was teaching kids 3 to 7 y.o. and they were so adorable!:) and although i now doing completely different thing which i also really enjoy doing - i think those two years with those kids was the best time in my life.
    *gone watching old photos and videos with wet eyes :)))

    • denis black
      denis black Year ago +3

      and actually i always dreamed to live in japan. i've never thought i will live in china:)))) so, maybe...

  • めぐみや てん
    めぐみや てん Year ago +106

    10:25 As a Japanese, I understand this very well

    • めぐみや てん
      めぐみや てん 11 months ago +5

      @Game Gamer Yes, I guess most ALT would notice the shyness of Japanese students as it's really common in Japan, especially in a classroom

    • Game Gamer
      Game Gamer 11 months ago +5

      Does it apply for most teachers?

    • putbye1
      putbye1 11 months ago +5

      thanks for sharing

  • John Doe
    John Doe 7 months ago +6

    I planned to join JET for two years while minoring in Japanese in college, including 20 units of Japanese language alone. I got all the way to the interview panel in Los Angeles, where I interviewed in Japanese. I didn't get in and was told later by someone I trusted that they don't accept people with any Chinese heritage. A blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl that I went to school with who didn't speak a lick of Japanese got in no problem. I'm quite enjoying viewing this channel all these later and realizing that I was probably lucky to have been skipped. Nothing against the country or its people, but things work out the way they're supposed to, even if it's not as you planned.

  • D4B2
    D4B2 11 months ago +16

    You're a great storyteller, that's what makes your videos so good. It gives a sense of "being there" as opposed to trying to imagine it based on fragmented memories and a missing narrative.

  • La Morena
    La Morena 4 months ago +7

    You are hilarious 😂 I taught in Japan in 1997-1998. You brought back memories even though I was with a private company. Thanks for making me laugh.

  • Jeremy Explores
    Jeremy Explores 7 months ago +6

    I wish you were my teacher Chris!
    I went through full compulsory education in Japan and the ALTs were always ambitious. But as you said in Japan making mistakes in front of class isn’t really a good thing. Especially in English class if nobody’s spoken English then it’s hard to get students hands up.

  • 太田景子
    太田景子 Month ago

    This is hilarious!! You've made my day!!! Thank you for giving such an accurate portrayal of English education in Japan.

  • Sekaijin
    Sekaijin 6 months ago +10

    I'm currently an ALT too in Japan. Everything he said hit close to my experience but his was probably better.
    I wonder if any of his past students watch his channel now. That would be awesome.

  • Mas Ishida
    Mas Ishida Year ago +5

    This was a great clip.
    Yes, as a Japanese who stayed in the US till 3rd grade, there are big differences, and English class (by a Japanese teacher) in Japan sucks.
    The students should use more English only dictionaries to look up and move their hands, and do some show and tells. I hated those textbooks too.
    I think you are a great person, breaking the Japanese normal lessons and bringing in live study. Cheers !

    • Omni bbx
      Omni bbx Year ago +2

      As a Japanese person living American that goes to Japan every summer. I find the learning strategy ineffective. 12 years mandatory. People even learn it after school which is after like 5 o clock. They don't really teach them good pronounciation. Sentences don't seem to increase in difficulty.

  • J W
    J W 2 years ago +27394

    "I was a great english teacher"
    Students English Grammar: please be stomach much more

    • NebulaNezzar
      NebulaNezzar Month ago

      @Lizzy Coy for me it's the internet, I don't learn English from school as much as I learn English from my everyday interaction with phonr

    • aerime
      aerime 10 months ago

      well, at least he taught them not to be afraid to make mistakes. Making mistakes and overcoming them is key to learning anything.

    • Galaxy_World
      Galaxy_World 10 months ago


    • Hohhot
      Hohhot Year ago

      to be fair japanese and english are like polar opposite

    • Maxawe Some
      Maxawe Some Year ago +1

      ​@Aguafina English is actually the easiest language to learn.
      It is given as an example in computer science as the most efficient, least redundant human language, with the simplest grammar and sentence structure. It also has no genders and verb conjugation is trivial.

  • 베이러로즈
    베이러로즈 9 months ago +9

    been teaching Koreans, Chinese, Vietnamese, Taiwanese and Japanese for over 5 years now. but, I have never taught in a classroom full of students. usually one-on-one. but, I can feel the same way with the textbooks lol

  • Berend Muller
    Berend Muller 5 months ago +3

    it's absolutely mindblowing to me that a school in an area considered rural in japan still has 1200 students. i don't even think my own high school had over 1500, which covered 6 years instead of like 3 like senior highschool does in japan. and i lived in the capital for my province which is considered fairly large for our country.

  • loneotaku
    loneotaku Year ago +11

    Thanks so much for the stories and advice, Chris. I'm actually going to teach English in Japan next year, so I'm nervous but also excited for this experience as well!

  • Obi Wan Kenobi
    Obi Wan Kenobi 5 months ago +3

    Thank you for this video I was thinking about what I want to do with my future and always thought about going to Japan and had the idea about teaching as a job. Even if I knew I wanted to be something else I could teach for a while then move on. I never knew what to expect and this video helped give me an understanding of what it’s like.

  • ASA45
    ASA45 Year ago +4112

    I'm 27yo Japanese and I've started learning English for 3years😀
    First, in my opinion, english classes at a school in japan is terrible unfortunately. (I mean it works for only exams at school)
    Generally almost japanese thinks we don't use english in our life I think, unless when you help foreigners who's lost haha
    So english class is not an enthusiastic class unfortunately(this is how I felt when I was a kid).
    Also our way of learning English at the class is really bad as like you saw
    (For example I've never used Hello, how are you? I'm fine thank you, and you? Lol)🤢
    We'll find phrases in text books are not common, daily English and how weird it was, when we go to abroad or try to make foreign friends.
    So again, the things we've learned at school is only for exams😭
    And we're quite shy and don't wanna make any mistakes in front of everyone as like you said so we don't even wanna pronouns the words properly neither.
    (If someone is trying to pronounce words correctly, classmates would be turned off little bit🤭)
    Government should change the content of lessons for learning English.
    We should stop learning useless English that we can't use it in real life.
    I was a kid who could speak like only
    "I like apple" "I go school" something like this😂
    But I'd love to have an english class now and a teacher would be you!! Lol
    (Sorry my English is still poor but thank you for reading😀)

    • Gilliflower
      Gilliflower Month ago

      Considering that I’ve been learning Spanish for five years now while living in a heavily Spanish-speaking area and I’m barely at the speaking level of a 2 year old, I think you’re doing great 😁😁

    • NebulaNezzar
      NebulaNezzar Month ago

      I won't say poor, more like stiff, and it's not a problem at all, because to be fair business English is also stiff like this, stiffer even.

    • Yasser Kouddan
      Yasser Kouddan Year ago +1

      We have the same problems in morroco
      They teach us useless english
      But i found out selflearning
      With social media
      TheXvidr (like chris and tradh taste)
      More helpful

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      kdbublitz88 Year ago +1

      Lol, bravo, I think though the most difficult thing with learning ANYTHING, is that you will make mistakes, but you need to try anyways.. that is a key element. That is why making learning fun, personal, and enjoyable is usually very important.

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  • Caroline Hutchinson
    Caroline Hutchinson 10 months ago +9

    I did the JET Programme about twenty years ago - it did wonders for my Japanese, but absolutely nothing for my teaching ability. I think for one-shots who visit many different schools (I had 35) you never really get to the point where you're trusted to experiment. As a now trained and experienced English teacher back in Japan and teaching at university, I can't help but feel that ALTs are almost set up to flounder and fail to meaningfully impact existing education practices. That said, individual ALTs do have an impact on individual students - I think the most powerful is when they feel they have communicated something successfully in English that wasn't scripted.

  • ArnoldsK
    ArnoldsK Year ago +8

    I don't know why I thought of commenting so late but I'm amazed at the fact that you thought of your own way to learn English. It's a problem in Japan that they don't practice talking so they can't really talk English after they graduate. You are a small piece in the helping of changing the system and it's amazing!

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      i was also thinking about that XD The group also got very popular in Malaysia

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    Feijão com Arroz 7 months ago +22

    The tape recorder is sooo accurate. I live in a non-english speaker country (Brazil) and those audios played for learning pronunciation are quite weird.

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    i’m actually planning on becoming an english teacher in japan, not just because i’m interested in living there and learning the culture, but because i like to teach children, i’m interested in the japanese language myself, and i believe it could be fun.
    the only problem is that i’m a rather timid person, so i feel like i would have a lot of trouble keeping the class engaged, not fumbling my words and being treated nicely by students and other coworkers.
    not only that, but due to my gender identity, i feel like i might get rejected. i’m terrified of doing it, but i’m also very passionate about it. idk what i should do to make it go smoothly for me..

  • Wendy Foley
    Wendy Foley Year ago +10

    The very first day of class I tell the students "I want you to fail" - which always gets crazy looks... but when I explain that failing is where you learn (I use video games as an example) they calm down. Unfortunately, in this Covid world... they are all back in the cave, many refusing to even try... it's so frustrating as a teacher.

  • First name Last name

    i was an english teacher in greece -i am of greek origin- and i loved the fact the fact that i was not the "dracula type" of teacher but rather the one in the classroom that tried to inspire them in their lives and made them fell comfortable around me, which resulted to so many heartwarming gifts from their part. the interaction was amazing.

  • Archenwolf
    Archenwolf 3 months ago +2

    When you mentioned how Japanese people try not to make mistakes, I thought back to my piano teacher
    She was Japanese, and always told me “No mistakes!!” Every time I played the piano and made one. She is very passionate about playing piano, but I always wondered why she was so strict..

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    Woah, just the one?? I’m doing way better than I thought. 😂

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      Teacher nods in approval.

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    I taught English in China. Some similar experiences. One semester they tried to get me to teach from a book it was awful 😣. I had a few difficult students but 90% were wonderful. I taught university and community college and kindergarten. I’d love to try it in Japan see how that is like.

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    I can’t imagine what it would be like to learn English as a second language.
    Being from Scotland English is my first language and I when I’m learning french or Spanish at school or self teaching Japanese I imagine what it would be like to do the exact same thing but vice versa

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      @satisfied bold of you to assume a native English speaker would know what what "past perfect" and "3rd verb form" are. I legit had to look up what 3rd verb form was. Jokes aside, thanks for the correction, I think word always corrects me whenever I use the word have/had because I never really was taught those little things. (American education system is a joke when it comes to teaching English, there's only so much grammar you can learn from reading the SparkNotes for books... I mean, the from reading the books I definitely read from cover to cover.)

    • satisfied
      satisfied Year ago +1

      ​@Jacob Cordonero A small correction: "He had eaten..". Past Perfect requires the 3rd verb form.

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      Just kidding.

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    Nothing wrong with that sentence, I'm adopting it and beginning its use.... today.

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    And here I applied for the 2013 JET program back when I was graduating college. Japanese teacher, who was also a JET person in his time, helped me write it all out, I had minimal language knowledge, I had also been in Japan before... didn't get picked...

  • Jordan Rapp
    Jordan Rapp 2 years ago +1912

    I have an intresting anectode about being a large guy in japan.
    My first day in Kyoto my taxi driver who picked me up at the station pointed out that I had a large stomache.
    He did this by turning 180 degrees around and pointing at me and said verbatim "you have large stomache"
    He then went on to elaborate that japanese people have small stomaches because of samurai genetics from many generations of eating vegtables, rice and sometimes fish but no meat.
    I think he was excited to flex his english skills because he also gave a mini tour and description of everything we passed on the way to the hotel.
    Honestly he was the best taxi driver I've ever had.

    • Erasmus
      Erasmus Year ago

      Asians are very insensitive when it comes to weight lol most of the people (especially the older ones) feel it’s better to point it out that you’re on the heavier (or if you’re underweight they gonna shove foods to your direction) side because they think they should guide you to a healthier lifestyle.
      Sometimes they sound rude and annoying but please don’t get offended by those comments! Most of asians don’t think much about it and think that weight is easy to change.
      And I think most of us are fascinated by western’s large body frame like “whoaaa TALL!!!” and we always think you guys have bigger portion size and eat a lot of red meat.

    • Yeen.
      Yeen. Year ago +1

      "He then went on to elaborate that japanese people have small stomaches because of samurai genetics from many generations of-"
      i thought that was going a completely different direction, primarily involving seppuku

    • this wowzer
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    Hey Chris, I have a question about getting a work visa. If you have a TEFL certification but no college degree, can you still get a work visa in order to teach English?

  • DELTA A17
    DELTA A17 Year ago +32

    I had a teacher that said you could raise your hands to answer questions correctly or hilariously. It might have just been my group but that class was immensely entertaining and everyone was engaged with the content trying to come up with the funniest slightly incorrect answer possible.
    Really took the wind out of the fear of getting an answer wrong I think.

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    Wonderful video

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    I was reading Harry Potter with my stepdaughter who’s Thai. We each had, I thought, the same book. I was in US, she was in Thailand. Anyway we hit a sentence where I think the kids had ice cream and Dudley’s dad was one of those parents who glom their kid’s desserts. And my book said ice cream. My daughter’s said knickerbocker something or another. Anyway I’m sending her your photo of the knickerbocker glory. Too funny! Great video.

  • Rippin & Flippin
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    Got fired from a middle school in Taipei. The local teachers complained about the laughing and talking during my classes. That they were speaking English in conversation for the first time and enjoying it was apparently less important than...

    • Bill Bauer
      Bill Bauer Year ago

      I am glad the teachers (who had been right) had prevailed.

    • pivAd
      pivAd Year ago

      @Jordi What are you talking about? We've had the worst hits of human rights violations here in the Philippines the past few years.
      Our culture's open for exchange and trade, sure, in the expense of local cultures dying or being marketizdd.
      I get the Western bias of either third-wording, or orientalizing, and that's true--Asian countries are often misrepresented due to language barrier. But Philippines is not an example of good practice and implementation of human rights, especially as so many journalists, farmers, and citizens have been killed over the course of decades.

    • Jerie Kae
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      I’m asian but honestly, I’m scared of my neighboring countries’ cultures hahah.

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    PS: Great content, dude. Keep up the good work and the cool british accent.

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    tanksouth 4 months ago +1

    From a USA citizen who taught over five years in Asia….
    I had similar experiences as yourself. Perhaps at the end I felt I was just another foreign teacher there. I did my best however.
    Living in a foreign country is a real challenge. And no one can prepare another for it. Sort of like learning to swim I suppose.
    Cheers and good show sir.

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    hey chris! i know im a year late to respond to this video, but i just wanted to ask the question, how old were you when you decided to teach in japan? also, how old were you when you actually did move to japan, and how you learned japanese/how old you were when you learned japanese. i am currently struggling with my career choice and feel very lost :( but i have always loved japan and the japanese culture even as a young child, and this would be something i am interested in, but just to put it into perspective, i would really appreciate your response.

  • Andrew Drazdik Jr
    Andrew Drazdik Jr 2 days ago

    The Ministry of Education and laws of the Commonwealth of Great Britian appreciate education and professional standards to my knowledge. The experience of cooperation with Japanese teachers and the oversight of the Japan Teachers Union was most likely great endeavor. The Japan Teachers Union has many strict policies for public education. However, the question of how these legal policies extend to private schools and tutor education for home schools has been an on-going "Kaizen" with public policy. Not only the Commonwealth of Great Britian, but also, all other foreign nations education systems and principal educators have participated in this mutual cause to improve the teaching work environment and standards of teaching students. You are most likely still to this day in great company of education scholars. I think your work is honest, truthful, and subjective with public policy a necessary cause for common law.

  • Dao Mé
    Dao Mé Month ago

    It's awesome that you introduced those kids to the *very Western* concept of having fun in the classroom - and that making mistakes is totally fine and even an important part of learning. Hopefully some of them will go on to become teachers and fondly remember their time with you. East Asian students are consistently some of the unhappiest in the world.

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    "A goat"
    "Vladimir Putin"
    Dammit Chris I can't breathe XDDD

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      Are you aware of your own defect?

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    I receive handmade letters from my students from time to time and I must say its one of the best feeling that I ever felt.
    Makes all those nights preparing and checking papers worth it :))

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    I taught English in Hungary for 2.5 years and enjoyed every minute of it .. worked everywhere from private lessons (ker ching), private kanguage schools, teacher training colleges and universities. Was back in the late 90s so western staff got a great deal at the time.
    Remember one gimick I used was to read children’s books with my own (Irish) accent so they could imitate my accent when speaking English .. actually worked pretty well.

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    This was amazing, Thankyou for sharing your experiences.

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    10:25 "students in Japan are reluctant to raise hands"
    *In my classroom in India out of 150 students not a single raises hand,when literally everyone knows the answer just so they are not hailed genius*

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    Answer C: Subtly let the teacher know it's wrong without letting the students know so the teacher can correct their own mistake and not lose face.

    • Martinus V
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      Answer D: Subtly let the students know what's actually correct, and become a legend (if the JTE is kind of disliked - and they would be, if they are so full of themselves that they refuse to accept a correction for the sake of the students).
      Answer E: Make a subtle correction on your own on the blackboard, without causing too much fuss.

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    Lol, this sounds like every native English teacher's experience in my country (Slovakia), everything from the reluctant students, lame taperecordings, teachers that knew english grammar and theory but couldn't use it in practice. The 30% of the silent students who used this opportunity to get some sleep or just ignore the lecturer because they legit sucked at English and couldn't understand a proper sentence.

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    I'm currently living and studying in Japan (graduating June of next year) and it feels like my only job prospect is to become an English teacher if I wanna keep living here. But like you in your first year of teaching I'm afraid I'll lack confidence and won't do a good job of being a creative and fun teacher, especially due to my more reserved nature :(

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    Hi! I have one question, do i have to be native English speaker to teach English in Japan? I am not a native speaker but i've learned English since i was two years old. I have all my Cambridge exams and i would like to study Japanese and English in University. Do you think its possible that i can teach in Japan?

  • bikeanddogtrips
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    never taught in Japan, however I did spend over 5 years teaching in China. A lot of what you mentioned in this video also rang true for me, especially the text books and the common idea that Caucasian foreigners ate naughty chinese kids for breakfast 🤣🤣🤣

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    I am graduating from university next spring and applying for the JET this fall! Fingers crossed 🤞🏼 it’s an experience I really would love to have

    • Ian Micah
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  • Age Of The Witch
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