West Ham 1-3 Arsenal "We Need A New Manager By Saturday But We Won't!!!" (Dom)

  • Published on Dec 9, 2019
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Comments • 210

    R10T_VISION YT Month ago +1

    Arsenal r dreadful alright mate

  • Mark Stewart
    Mark Stewart Month ago

    I watch west ham tv once a year same blokes pissing and moaning
    Get a grip lads.

  • Jack Thenga
    Jack Thenga Month ago

    West ham DT lol

  • Snoozeman
    Snoozeman Month ago

    Hahahaha muck eaters

  • Cameron Hill
    Cameron Hill Month ago

    whose that inbred in the back

  • Alfie Draper
    Alfie Draper Month ago

    Coping AFTV 😂 I love Arsenal West Ham are Shit COYG

  • Jason Petrillo
    Jason Petrillo Month ago

    I agree Arsenal were shit but those goals werent lucky thats our class attack.

  • David Knight
    David Knight Month ago

    We are in a right mess,the manager always takes the brunt of problems but we have got to remember that the players earn more in a week than someone earning a terrific income.Its down to all of them to step up their game and earn the salaries they take.

  • William Puol
    William Puol Month ago

    Arsenal first goal wasn’t a lucky goal accept school boys defending from your team Lol

  • mark Willmore
    mark Willmore Month ago

    Your the 15 th best team out of 92 teams in football at moment, ain't that bad

  • Rob Dennis
    Rob Dennis Month ago

    Why the hell are we talking going down, sack that dinosaur, young energetic manager in playing a system that suits our players well be fine

  • vinceiswatchingyou
    vinceiswatchingyou Month ago

    Overly negative i feel. The question to ask is are there three worse teams than Wham in the PL this season? Answer is probably yes

  • Mohammed Azizur Rahman

    chris wilder we need

  • CushdelaCush
    CushdelaCush Month ago

    some proper fans at this club respect from NUFC all the best for the season lads.

  • Daniel L
    Daniel L Month ago

    If Arsenal were so poor, more fool you lot for failing to capitalise on that and finish them off

  • Tone 381
    Tone 381 Month ago

    It's got Sunderland written all over it.

  • Dayle Dodwell
    Dayle Dodwell Month ago

    Arsenals strike force is amazing it’s just their defence that’s shite. Unlucky West Ham, was a good game

  • fgafootball
    fgafootball Month ago

    Rodney in the back is star struck lol

  • Trump
    Trump Month ago

    Hi West ham fans

  • mark Willmore
    mark Willmore Month ago

    Share ground next year
    Get out of Olympic stadium
    Watched the game and didn't hear west ham once

  • mark Willmore
    mark Willmore Month ago

    Week in
    Week out
    West ham and arsenal few other clubs lose the fear factor has the stadiums we're playing in are too open so everyone go for gold

  • FRED G
    FRED G Month ago +1

    How was the Martinelli goal lucky exactly?

  • Richard EVANS
    Richard EVANS Month ago

    Same old west ham always fighting relegation

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper Month ago

    The board don't give a fuck about the fan.. done this comment at 20.30 Wednesday night and the old cunt is still here so hello championship 🇬🇧🇬🇧⚒⚒

  • Neil Parker
    Neil Parker Month ago +1

    Great show Dom always talks sense BUT shouldn’t the little children at the back be in bed !,,

  • James Lawrence
    James Lawrence Month ago

    Ha ha see you next season wankers,agent martin doing a great job MILLLLLLLLLL

  • alsunpilsut
    alsunpilsut Month ago

    I still can't believe we won that. But I don't think you'll go down. Norwich, Watford and Southampton will IMO. If we don't that is 😅. To be completely honest, I am surprised Pellegrini has done so poorly at West Ham.

  • J 1
    J 1 Month ago

    If we get relegated we would be another Sunderland

  • Aminur Rahman
    Aminur Rahman Month ago +1

    WH is absolutely poo mate!!

  • J K
    J K Month ago

    We need a few Dom’s down the Arsenal!!!! Talks sense!

  • David Smith
    David Smith Month ago

    Trevor Brooking would do half decent caretaking job..

  • David Smith
    David Smith Month ago

    Arsenal got their deckchairs out when we counter attacked, 8 behind the ball by the time we got in the last third..

  • Robert Matthews
    Robert Matthews Month ago

    Noble too Knackered ...Most Players no Guts not playing for the Badge ... Get Chris Houghton x hammer , local boy

  • Abdalle Elmi
    Abdalle Elmi Month ago +1

    Chill west ham too good for relegation zone probably would finish mid table

  • Murat Şahin
    Murat Şahin Month ago +2

    Antonio slow, Anderson useless, Noble weak. They are not Prem. League level, they are C. ship level players. We need stronger and more creative players than theme. Defense is terrible also, we need better defenders. They came 3 times and they got 3 goals. This is unacceptable.

  • Adam Lees
    Adam Lees Month ago +3

    I'd have to move those wingnuts out of my shot if i was being interviewed.

  • RSaich
    RSaich Month ago

    Always spot on Dom

  • Andrew A
    Andrew A Month ago +1

    It's turning into AFTV with bellends shouting in the background

  • Gavin Ostler
    Gavin Ostler Month ago +1

    Need a new captain . How Noble still plays is beyond me. Another manager he would of get sacked.

    • LJ 521
      LJ 521 Month ago

      Smeagol316 ahaha he really isn’t tho 😂 you judge players on their Fifa cards not their performances 😂 dick head

    • Smeagol316
      Smeagol316 Month ago +1

      @LJ 521 Well I do deserve to support the club seeing as I go to most games. You're just deluded & can't accept the fact that Noble is past it.

    • LJ 521
      LJ 521 Month ago

      Smeagol316 can’t believe what I have just read 😂😂😂 people like you don’t deserve to support us

    • Smeagol316
      Smeagol316 Month ago +1

      Noble was never a great player to begin with. All he does is lose the ball, passes the ball backwards & can't keep up with anyone. Noble is a Championship player at best & I don't understand how or why some supporters still defend him. His time was up a long time a go. He's too old now just like Zabaleta. This is a fact.

    • LJ 521
      LJ 521 Month ago

      Gavin Ostler 😂😂😂 obviously a new West Ham fan. What a ridiculous comment 🤣🤣 0 footballing knowledge at all

  • Robert Graham
    Robert Graham Month ago

    Did not deserve to score are you sure mate we rolled our socks up and beat you in 15 mins

  • Bob Diddlebock
    Bob Diddlebock Month ago

    At Upton Park we would’ve won that game and so many others. We fucked it when we moved stadiums

  • David Bowman
    David Bowman Month ago

    Well said Dom.

  • jerry moffat
    jerry moffat Month ago

    We need to form another West Ham like Wimbledon. This is not our club, ground or our soul. We might as well start again and the fans will follow. Turn that horrible stadium into a ghost town. If Pellegrini is not gone by the Leicester game, we Should boycott it. The board will definitely know they are going nowhere without us

  • elisa brown
    elisa brown Month ago

    Pellegrini out and take the board with you now🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬⚒

  • mistermiggs100
    mistermiggs100 Month ago +2

    We need a British manager with West Ham connections. Potts, Parker, Bowyer ⚒

  • Steven King
    Steven King Month ago

    One of the worst fan bases in the league. You've been handed a brand new state of the art arena on a silver platter, and you've also got a Prem winning manager who you treat like shit. A decade in the championship is what ye deserve.

  • west ham utd 1976
    west ham utd 1976 Month ago

    Gutless performance...we are bang in trouble!...overpaid wankers the lot of them....

  • Joshua Stephen Kai Martin

    Don’t Worry You Will Beat The Scummers on Saturday.
    Come on West Ham !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jack
    Jack Month ago

    It's moyesy time...

  • Jim Silverbridge
    Jim Silverbridge Month ago

    Was shocked how easy you let us back in the match..as dom says bad signs if your letting us turn up away from home and look decent

  • Logan Jenner
    Logan Jenner Month ago

    Im from congo..but masuaku is a fucking mess😢

  • retro vlogs
    retro vlogs Month ago

    Would you like your welcome back to the championship pack now or for a xmas gift. You 2bit trampy championship bunch of mugs

  • mistercut
    mistercut Month ago

    Pellegrini is taking the pi$$

  • Nathan Wootz
    Nathan Wootz Month ago

    what has happened to Felipe Anderson though?! He has been a ghost for well over a year and he was £40m maybe the players need questioning and not just Pellegrini!

  • David Pillinger
    David Pillinger Month ago

    I feel your pain. I've been a Hammer since 1985, used to go to The Boleyn and many away games. I live in Seattle now and finally cancelled my online access today as it just hurts too much, utter misery, week in, week out. Heard Luke paid 72 quid to be there so I know you local lads are hurting more than me but it's heartbreaking. It might help if they actually moved the seats to the touchline instead of this soulless bollocks of a 'stadium'.

  • Gokhan Selcuk
    Gokhan Selcuk Month ago

    Give us credit wtf do you mean lucky goal you chubby bastard

  • Gunner Boy
    Gunner Boy Month ago +1

    You guys absolutely battered us in all fairness, having said that it’s about taking the chances & you just couldn’t do it. We were definitely there for the taking because I’d even put money on an Azerbaijani 3rd division side to beat us, we’re bloody useless!
    As for managerial position, Bilic should never have been sacked by that corrupt board that you’ve got. He was West Ham through & through, passionate about the club, a great coach & your football was better.
    With Pellegrini he was fantastic as Man City manager but fast forward to his time at West Ham, it hasn’t been that good. Asides from tonight where you played reasonably well, the football generally from you guys has been awful under him. Compare that to his time at Man City, their football was fantastic to watch. Last season the reason why you finished so high up was due to our old boy Fabianski. I believe he even saved the most shots in the league last season? I think with Fabianski’s injury, now you guys have been able to see what Pellegrini’s game really has been about.
    Sometimes it’s that one thing which uncovers the truth. In 2011-12, we relied so heavily on Van Persie that even Stevie Wonder could’ve seen that he single handedly got us 3rd otherwise we wouldn’t have even been top half.
    P.S. I’m yet to go to the Olympic Stadium but from what I’m hearing from a lot of my mates, it’s almost as bad as the Emirates & I’m glad I haven’t been to it. I do miss away days at Upton Park, always had a lively & intimidating atmosphere. Shame we were both sold lies & promises when moving to these bloody soulless bowls to cater for the likes of ‘Lord Hugh Merchant-Smith’ to “take little Cedric & Oscar to sample the steak with dauphinois potatoes whilst sipping on a glass of fine champagne with a dash of that jolly spiffing lime cordial!” 😒

  • Euan Carter
    Euan Carter Month ago

    He’s right when we was 1-0 up arsenal played out and they didn’t have a scobby go and attack them be aggressive get that second but oh no what we do is let them play into our hands and get punished

  • 9wolves2007
    9wolves2007 Month ago

    "Audrey Platt" hahahahahaha

  • Simon Sørensen
    Simon Sørensen Month ago

    Arsenal team today was 1000 times better as an team, as an 1v1 player you are the shittest club in london,

    tottenham fan.

    • Mister Thong
      Mister Thong Month ago

      and your a diamond shites club with hoddle and mullet boy waddle as your heros