Abstract Nail Art | Burgundy Madam Glam Nails ♥ Diseño de Uñas Castaño

  • Published on Jul 9, 2015
  • Abstract Nail Art | Burgundy Madam Glam Nails ♥ Бордовый Дизайн Ногтей. Diseño de uñas color Castaño. Preciosas! thexvid.com/video/5U8ZhBRv5CM/video.html
    Try this simple yet gorgeous burgundy and white abstract nail art design using Madam Glam "Kiss and Tell" polish and white paint!
    If you using white paint then to make the swirl just use a damp brush and wipe to remove paint. If you prefer to use polish, you will have to paint the burgundy swirl on top! :)
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    See tools that I use: thexvid.com/video/yT_43ndPSKo/video.html
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Comments • 37

  • Ольга Ларионова

    Совсем не трудно, а как шикарно смотрится!

  • Michelle Gallas
    Michelle Gallas Year ago

    Too fast on showing products used

  • Eszter Oláh
    Eszter Oláh Year ago

    Verx beautoful :)

  • gaurav chaudhary
    gaurav chaudhary Year ago


  • Emilia Koeva
    Emilia Koeva 2 years ago

    Супер е

  • Fire Fox
    Fire Fox 2 years ago

    excellent design

    JULI LOPEZ 3 years ago

    El blanco que es pintura acrilica o esmalte?

  • Anko Chan
    Anko Chan 3 years ago

    Good job thank you for the ideas

  • Paola Valencia
    Paola Valencia 3 years ago


  • Tammy N
    Tammy N 3 years ago +1

    Beautiful work!!! Is it acrylic white paint you use ? please

  • Jennyfer Cellire Ayala

    muy hermosos todo los diceños

  • Raiza Perozo
    Raiza Perozo 3 years ago

    modelos de uñas muy bellas espero en algun momento hacerlos

  • Инга Шавердашвили

    Все ноготочки очень красивы)


    bellas como siempre

  • Iheng Marcos
    Iheng Marcos 4 years ago +1

    nice nail art designs I love it

  • Janaína Rodrigues
    Janaína Rodrigues 4 years ago


  • Thelma Chavarria
    Thelma Chavarria 4 years ago

    where can you get the white paint that you are using

  • Colleen Griffith
    Colleen Griffith 4 years ago

    love your work you are so talented

  • superWOWstyle!
    superWOWstyle! 4 years ago +1

    stunning as always!

  • Наталья Москвина

    Скажите, поправляете Вы линии чем? Чем Вы выравниваете четкие границы?

    • MyDesigns4You Nail Art
      MyDesigns4You Nail Art  4 years ago

      @Наталья Москвина Prosto vytiraju krasku kistochkoi, a kistochku vytiraju or morruju salfetku.

  • veraneraful
    veraneraful 4 years ago

    Just perfect!

  • Rituelle
    Rituelle 4 years ago

    really love them!

  • my softi nails
    my softi nails 4 years ago

    Beautiful !!! :)

  • MyDesigns4You Nail Art
    MyDesigns4You Nail Art  4 years ago +6

  • CrisSCute
    CrisSCute 4 years ago


  • Timea Baranyai
    Timea Baranyai 4 years ago

    Beautiful! :)

  • Bubby Dumas
    Bubby Dumas 4 years ago +1

    great technique! I love how you make the swirl in the white by removing some of the paint rather than painting over it! Thanks for the ideas! Rose

  • GettingNailed
    GettingNailed 4 years ago

    Very creative and posh, I say.

  • kimmishae1
    kimmishae1 4 years ago

    Beautiful! Are you dragging the burgundy into the white at the tips of your nails? I couldn't see if you added color or not. Thank you for sharing your talent.

    • Serena Pu
      Serena Pu 4 years ago

      @MyDesigns4You Nail Art

    • Serena Pu
      Serena Pu 4 years ago +1

      Thanks for correcting me :) That's nice to know! It's very interesting that a damp brush can do that.

    • MyDesigns4You Nail Art
      MyDesigns4You Nail Art  4 years ago

      @Serena Pu I didn't use polish remover (otherwise it would remove burgundy polish) :) Just a damp brush.

    • Serena Pu
      Serena Pu 4 years ago

      @kimmishae1 I think she used nail polish remover. She removed the white layer on top so the color could show through. The brush that was used to make the swirl was always clear. (At least that was what i think she did.)