DARK CRIMES Official Trailer (2018) Jim Carrey Thriller Movie HD


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  • Rick Rude
    Rick Rude 9 hours ago

    Don't watch,boring movie.

  • bill bixby
    bill bixby Day ago +1

    Your movie is like you, Carrey. A piece of shit.

  • Coin Stacks
    Coin Stacks Day ago


  • JazzBeex
    JazzBeex Day ago

    The trailer alone is 100 times better than the actual movie. I expected more to be honest. 😢

  • 0Chujo0
    0Chujo0 2 days ago

    ending spoiler alert

  • tusj pennywise
    tusj pennywise 2 days ago

    Okey my goosebumps just went to a whole new level......

    MATIAS XD 2 days ago

    Carrey volvió, solo que con distinto genero

    [FRANCO MUSIC] 2 days ago

    Buenísimo!! Volvió Jim Carrey!!!!!!

  • Brandon Spain
    Brandon Spain 3 days ago +1

    0:13 Saban Films? They're making this film. The studio that brought us Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation, Beetle Borgs and those shitty direct to video Casper films?
    No thanks!

  • Milan van Dyck
    Milan van Dyck 4 days ago

    approach slip anymore rider consideration worry inside opening adopt nervous

  • dadduorp
    dadduorp 4 days ago

    I've always greatly admired Carrey for a variety of reasons. I'm disappointed that he'd resurface in a movie that is so dark and dehumanizing.

  • Lag Swag
    Lag Swag 4 days ago

    Movie normalizing rape and sexual assault seems like Hollywood Illuminati,he was telling the truth

  • Rodrigo Mirra
    Rodrigo Mirra 6 days ago

    Do he even know how much we missed him?

  • Paul Noyb
    Paul Noyb 6 days ago +2

    his new movie Dark Crimes Carrey's career has been in freefall for the last decade, lol
    Critics have also been harsh, calling it 'punishing to watch' and one of the most disappointing performances of Carrey's career

  • FunMode Psbh
    FunMode Psbh 9 days ago

    Watching it cz #rampothineni shared this...👌👌👌

  • Sebastian Martinez
    Sebastian Martinez 9 days ago

    Is wired to see him acting serious...

  • Diego Augusto Sosa
    Diego Augusto Sosa 10 days ago

    Never thought I would hear Myrkur in a movie trailer.

  • Marielena Cruz
    Marielena Cruz 12 days ago

    Para cuando

  • David Aarón H R
    David Aarón H R 16 days ago

    Maybe Jim wants to save some money to produce himself Ace Ventura 3!!!!!

  • Levi Lothian
    Levi Lothian 17 days ago

    Wow Jims back great news can't wait to see this movie

  • Gabriel Bosque
    Gabriel Bosque 17 days ago

    Malísima la peli

  • Angela MW
    Angela MW 17 days ago

    Watching this one

  • MindGem
    MindGem 18 days ago

    Worst movie ever. Omg, why did Jim do this, I mean clearly Ace Ventura and the Mask show that he had little taste in art and lowball humour but he has the acting chops as seen in Truman show and Dumb&Dumber but to revert to this?
    A dubbed russian thriller with script from the 20s, all cast first trial, no directing skills, super poor story. Absolute horror.Never see this movie, not even if you think Adam Sandler is funny.

  • Omar Escobar
    Omar Escobar 18 days ago

    Goodbye of Jim Carrey comedy movies

  • garry ibbetson
    garry ibbetson 19 days ago


  • 4 7
    4 7 20 days ago

    Good movie, worth watching

  • Rudd Benzima
    Rudd Benzima 21 day ago


    BAGABILLION 22 days ago

    Save your money,it's 90 min of watching jim watching porn

  • Raoninja x
    Raoninja x 23 days ago

    best actor

  • Paul Cutts
    Paul Cutts 23 days ago

    Saw this a while ago it's wank trust me

  • Chris Willis
    Chris Willis 23 days ago

    It’s SHOWTIME !!

  • David Gogolkiewicz
    David Gogolkiewicz 25 days ago

    Carrey is an %sshole, will not be watching any of his movies. Tired of Hollywood jerks like him taking cheap, angry potshots to ram his misguided political views down our throats.

  • God Emperor Pepe
    God Emperor Pepe 25 days ago

    Bruce Almighty: Satan’s Awakening

  • I'mFedup
    I'mFedup 26 days ago

    I never cared for his "comedies" This looks much better.

  • Robert Kemp
    Robert Kemp 26 days ago

    Wow Jim Carry looks so serious and bad ass in this movie i got to see this

  • mosmo618
    mosmo618 26 days ago

    Alrighty then!

  • Yuck Fu
    Yuck Fu 26 days ago

    Didn't anyone green lighting this turd realize this is an 8mm rip off?

  • Josh B.
    Josh B. 26 days ago


  • Zhenlong Kizazu
    Zhenlong Kizazu 27 days ago

    Jim Carrey is using his Gemini moon and Scorpio rising energy to the fullest. Love this man's work since the early 90s.

  • Sam Lazarus
    Sam Lazarus 27 days ago

    My money on jim carrey

  • chan zhao
    chan zhao 27 days ago

    Honestly I'm here because of the BOXXY SOFTWARE... I can watch everything I ever wanted!!!!!!!!!!

  • Baum Baum
    Baum Baum 27 days ago

    Ahm it looks like a Student Film....

  • Brad Schroeder
    Brad Schroeder 28 days ago

    Hollywood is churning out some dark crap these days.

  • Hrachya Grigoryan
    Hrachya Grigoryan 28 days ago

    Wow!!! Jim is really very solid in here

  • Eddy
    Eddy 29 days ago

    Punchline trailer = thanks I'll pass

  • John Sciullo
    John Sciullo 29 days ago

    even though jim don't play comedy, i still have a smile on my face.

  • Izahdnb
    Izahdnb 29 days ago

    Finally a movie worth looking forward to.

  • Thamires FreitasTube

    Sinceramente preferia ele em comédia ♥♥♥ É incrível essa mudança de personagem para o público.

  • TIB1973
    TIB1973 Month ago

    Why is it all the good actors and comedians are dying but we have to endure this train wreck? Please, Jim, do whatever it takes to be in your best roll ever..... "In Memoriam" at next years Golden idol awards.

  • Kim N
    Kim N Month ago

    Comedy takes a special talent, wit, and timing that many dramatic actors lack. But, many comedy actors can transition well to drama because everyone has a serious side. Look at how well Bryan Cranston went from Malcolm in the Middle to Breaking Bad. Mary Tyler Moore was a queen of comedy for decades but also made a couple of very serious movies (like "Ordinary People"). Also Will Smith and Robin Williams made that transition successfully. Amy Poehler had some very serious moments as Leslie Knope in Parks and Rec, even though the show itself was a sitcom. And, of course, out of that show also came Chris Pratt who went from major doofus (as slacker boyfriend of "Anne") to a major action hero.
    It's not surprising to see Jim Carrey do very well at drama.

  • Anthony Woerner
    Anthony Woerner Month ago

    Huge fan I have a dream to be famous for one day I can sing act and much more I want to continue your act

  • Anthony R. Wall A.K.A.


  • Joshua Whiteshirt
    Joshua Whiteshirt Month ago

    It is just great to see Jim is back, we missed you

  • susana 1976
    susana 1976 Month ago

    Es un pedazo de actor!!

  • patrick4land
    patrick4land Month ago

    cuando se estrena en chile??!! GRACIAS!!!!

  • robert
    robert Month ago

    It make me happy that Jim Carrey returns to the big screen.

  • Osi Hunter wheels
    Osi Hunter wheels Month ago

    Que pedo con esta pelicula ???????
    Jim en un triller no mamesss que loco da miedo 😑

  • Deepak Patel
    Deepak Patel Month ago

    Next 'JOKER' he is!!!

  • Last Comment
    Last Comment Month ago

    Jim Carrey is such a method actor that he is paying attention to the smallest details, like how to hold a fork and knife when you eat, fork in the left hand, knife in the right hand , , in every country, no mater if you are left handed , so what does he do, he fucks it up like a real comedian, and holds the fork in his right hand like a retard

  • Dean Tsanga
    Dean Tsanga Month ago

    I think this guy is one of the greats...He loves what he does...so B.E.A.utiful

  • rentatrip1
    rentatrip1 Month ago

    jim carrey is a used up piece of shit

  • BMW Drift 93300
    BMW Drift 93300 Month ago

    can anyone explain why she killed him at the ending , that's no right ?

  • Sir Sketch alot
    Sir Sketch alot Month ago

    This case is SSSMOKEN! lol i cant see Jim Carry in serious movie, but its cool to see him trying something new 😊

  • A Life Less Ordinary

    its the cable guy... oopppss

  • Drew Jackson
    Drew Jackson Month ago


  • 420 ASMR
    420 ASMR Month ago

    finally a trailer that doesn't tell you a god damned thing about the movie.


    One year and Jim Carey gonna die.
    Remember this.

  • Dimitrije Marković

    You seriously think this ia the first dark role Jim had? You need to do some research.

  • Christopher Owens
    Christopher Owens Month ago

    I just want Carrey to play Manson. I mean, god damn he looks just like the man.

  • Darrell Reed
    Darrell Reed Month ago

    This film AND the series 'Kidding' all at the same time? Damn! Jim is back!

  • Luis Espinoza
    Luis Espinoza Month ago

    extrañe no ver a jim carrey en la peliculas buen tiempo se lo merece es una gran actor y mi favorito sale de la casilla de comediante

  • dsma06
    dsma06 Month ago

    Wasn't this already done in 'Basic Instinct'?

  • Marcos Nuñez
    Marcos Nuñez Month ago

    Es del 2016.

  • Gabriel Sobrenome
    Gabriel Sobrenome Month ago

    00:43 Kratos?

  • Jake Grammer
    Jake Grammer Month ago

    Plot twist, it was the number 23!

  • Fort Yort
    Fort Yort Month ago

    This might be good, but WHY did they make him do this accent? People gotta stop doing bad fake accents, and more writers need to just WRITE the accent into the story if they're so worried about their characters' nationalities.

  • бернард гольдман

    не смотрите, говно

  • Sol Luna
    Sol Luna Month ago

    Wtf just happened

  • Nicholas Raimondo
    Nicholas Raimondo Month ago +1

    Love Jim Carrey and haven't seen it yet but so far rotten tomatoes has it at 0% with 29 reviews from critics

  • JD derm
    JD derm Month ago

    Jim Carey as David Letterman

  • chessgmvid
    chessgmvid Month ago


  • CeazAmaze
    CeazAmaze Month ago

    its one of those films, It was Jim the whole time. all in his head.

  • Gennard Francis
    Gennard Francis Month ago

    the end credit says 2016? sure this wasn't cancelled?

  • Abid Rahim
    Abid Rahim Month ago

    So Dark.. You sure this is not from the DC Universe?

  • Tim Wynn
    Tim Wynn Month ago +1

    Oscar for Jim or GTFO judges.

  • JuanKharlox ]
    JuanKharlox ] Month ago

    Dude I came here to watch the trailer but before I could even watch it, and ad showed me the exact same trailer. UNREAL

  • James Dean
    James Dean Month ago

    Velcome to anarchy 99

  • michael candido
    michael candido Month ago

    Charlotte as in Serge's daughter?

  • Adrian Garcia
    Adrian Garcia Month ago

    Heyyy... Thanks for the free parking.

  • pschoticc
    pschoticc Month ago

    Fuck Jim Carrey

  • 1970brenz
    1970brenz Month ago

    Would like to see Carrey in a serious role. He's way more versatile than people realise. But a trailer like this won't attract me because it doesn't show enough of a clear story. Passing it by. Will watch his TV show KIDDING if I can instead.

  • dave junges
    dave junges Month ago +1

    Ohhhhhrighty then...

    JOE MOMMA Month ago

    Detective: There's a one in a million chance that he's the killer
    Jim: So you're telling me there's a chance?

  • Rafael Domingus
    Rafael Domingus Month ago +1


  • aft7676
    aft7676 Month ago

    You know, I tried really hard, but I just can't see Jim Carrey doing serious movies, especially horror. I see Jim Carrey and I think comedy, goofing around, slapstick, and amazing face making.

  • Ziggy Marlon
    Ziggy Marlon Month ago

    See ya

  • Erika Figueroa
    Erika Figueroa Month ago

    YES! I am willing to watch Jim b/c i know he has potential. Just like Robin Williams, he too was a versatile actor and the serious roles were not always well received, it did not mean he didn't do a good performance. I will watch and decide for myself.

  • IlIlIlIOlIlIlI
    IlIlIlIOlIlIlI Month ago


  • D Cents
    D Cents Month ago

    Looks kinda bad

  • NaughtyTooth
    NaughtyTooth Month ago

    I'm gonna guess the ending and say he's the killer all along