DARK CRIMES Official Trailer (2018) Jim Carrey Thriller Movie HD


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  • Lucak Arts
    Lucak Arts 2 days ago

    honestly it looks like they just needed a famous name to sell the movie, and Jim Carrey happened to be passing by the studio.

  • Edo Tensin
    Edo Tensin 3 days ago

    They call me cuban pete
    i'm the king of the rumba beat
    When i play the maracas i go
    Chick chiky boom chick chicky boom

  • 77Avadon77
    77Avadon77 6 days ago

    Jim Carrey is a great actor but a terrible human being. He got his ex-girlfriend hooked on drugs, gave her genital warts and herpes and made her so depressed she killed herself. But the movie Dark crimes is pretty good

  • Steven Mitchell
    Steven Mitchell 7 days ago

    I'm going to see this movie for sure. Go Jim.

  • hawk man
    hawk man 8 days ago

    this movie is an ugly mother fucker

  • Taylor Meek
    Taylor Meek 8 days ago

    Love jim but this looks trash

  • 朱奈德汗jun
    朱奈德汗jun 13 days ago

    Number 23 part 2???

  • Sahajan Khan
    Sahajan Khan 14 days ago

    Did she kill him by drugging him at the end?

  • SaSoki
    SaSoki 17 days ago

    Every actor has haters but not jim carrey

  • fiqipraramadhan
    fiqipraramadhan 19 days ago

    Very disappointing, they're such good actors but the story's so crappy.

  • Al Hamdulillah
    Al Hamdulillah 19 days ago

    He's a twisted individual

  • Kawaii Potato
    Kawaii Potato 22 days ago

    Its disgusting movie how a 11 year old watched it and her dad just doing nothing just covering her eyes when shes a girl bich and my dad ..HOW COULD HE WATCH THIS WHEN HIS DAUGHTER IS GOINNG THREW PUBERTY!??? RIP ME

  • Morph Verse
    Morph Verse 22 days ago

    Jim Carrey is no longer a comedian, he's evolved into a more mature human..
    Also happened with Will Smith..

  • Axel Aurès
    Axel Aurès 23 days ago

    Awful 😐

  • aris koustoylidhs
    aris koustoylidhs 23 days ago

    for me carey wasn"t good comedian and he is worst in this kind of role

  • Maria Carabin
    Maria Carabin 27 days ago

    Marton Csokas ❤️ and Jim Carrey in the same movie? And Charlotte Gainsbourg? Wow! Impressive!

  • Begüm Nur Dinç
    Begüm Nur Dinç 27 days ago

    i knew it! He is BATMAN

  • E SNW
    E SNW Month ago

    Immeasurable Mr. Jim.

  • MrUnderdog 1970
    MrUnderdog 1970 Month ago

    It's nice to see him in another dramatic roll. That's right! It's not his first. He's proven himself quite the capable actor in the past.

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer Month ago

    I have to watch this. I love Jim Carrey

  • Artis Johnson
    Artis Johnson Month ago

    Red box time.

  • Skipper847
    Skipper847 Month ago

    If I was on the set I would be waiting for him to do something stupid.

  • Ricky J
    Ricky J Month ago

    2016 by the way. Not 18.

  • Christopher Willis
    Christopher Willis Month ago

    I can't take these deuchebag actors serious anymore. #jimcarreyisshotout

  • John Byron
    John Byron Month ago

    Why is a 2016 film with a 0% rotten tomato score being marketed as a 2018 movie?

  • fernando oo
    fernando oo Month ago

    Do you like jhin Carrey is from cine

  • Carson Dugger
    Carson Dugger Month ago

    It’s hard to picture Carrey in a serious role

  • C B
    C B Month ago

    Carey can act

  • Esteban Anabelle
    Esteban Anabelle Month ago +29

    Jim Carrey is a awesome actor , can make u smile , can make u cry, can make everything!! Simply a genious actor of the all time!!

    • 77Avadon77
      77Avadon77 6 days ago

      Yep he's a good actor but a terrible human being. As long as you can separate the two you won't have any problem

  • Jarthur
    Jarthur Month ago

    Carey is the murderer who forgets what hes done, thats what I saw

  • Vetis
    Vetis Month ago

    will this ass hat die already

  • Oroku Saki
    Oroku Saki Month ago

    i cant take this serious, i will laugh through this movie because jim carrey has made his face on to a comedian face
    he looks funny

  • Pasta Tasha
    Pasta Tasha Month ago

    I’m watching it now and 15 minutes in I fast forwarded it 30 minutes in and I’m getting ready to go to Pier 1 Imports for a little retail therapy. The movie is not good.

  • Carlos Tello
    Carlos Tello Month ago +1

    The leyend is back

  • Carlos Tello
    Carlos Tello Month ago +1


  • Artur Graczyk
    Artur Graczyk Month ago

    W jakiej miejscowości kręcony film ?

  • Paradise Break
    Paradise Break Month ago

    the movie is from 2016, but it's being presented as it was made in this year, weird

  • El Jefe
    El Jefe Month ago

    everyone keep mentioning Jim and him doing something other than comedy...
    this wasnt his first non comedy...
    he did have a movie called The Number 23

  • Salomón Mousa
    Salomón Mousa Month ago

    One of the worst movies i've seen, ever... Very dissapointed, film script, scene transitioning and the acting in this movie is HORRENDOUS.

  • Altaria Parker
    Altaria Parker Month ago

    Can't really judge a movie from Rotten Tomatoes because they scored a Oscar best picture and gave it 0%, but on another source, it scored it at 97%! U just have to watch, judge, and score yourself!!!

  • onehighwolfy
    onehighwolfy Month ago

    Holy shit

  • Salim Studge
    Salim Studge Month ago

    Just give him the Oscar nomination

  • Antoine Sutton
    Antoine Sutton Month ago

    Wow never seen Jim Carey in a movie like this

  • Dee Smith
    Dee Smith Month ago +1

    Satanic Hollywood, WASHED UP HAS BEEN!!!!!

  • Jeremy Riley
    Jeremy Riley Month ago

    Omg i have to See this movie

  • Jimmi Povlsen
    Jimmi Povlsen Month ago

    Will watch!!

  • Richard Cockerill
    Richard Cockerill Month ago

    ok 5 seconds into this...CRAP nuff said

  • Marina Kaubisch
    Marina Kaubisch Month ago

    I Love Jim Carry, super Actor

  • Bhaskar Gupta
    Bhaskar Gupta Month ago

    Copying South Korea again

  • Gergő Piroska
    Gergő Piroska Month ago

    Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?


  • Drunk Unc
    Drunk Unc Month ago

    Wheres Michael Douglass??? Who wants to see a tranny undress, comeon. Use real women already.

  • V. Lilianne
    V. Lilianne Month ago

    this movie premiered in may 2016.....

  • Jestin Adams
    Jestin Adams 2 months ago

    Look I can spot a shitty movie when I see one. This looks like hot garbage coasting off of the press weight of it being a dark and gritty film starring a beloved comedian.

  • E Karsens
    E Karsens 2 months ago

    I was secretly hoping it to be a comedy that just looks very dark.

  • Jerk
    Jerk 2 months ago

    It looks great and I love Jim but I think the fake accent is going to ruin it for me. That's why the preview is made of shots where he does not talk.

  • Compromised Serenity
    Compromised Serenity 2 months ago

    Ahhhh yeah! Any movie with Jim, I’m there!

  • atmane madi
    atmane madi 2 months ago

    stupid movie!!!

  • Georgios N. Telas
    Georgios N. Telas 2 months ago

    Polish cinema = NO happy endings.

  • Randy Vallian
    Randy Vallian 2 months ago


  • Kmak Milly
    Kmak Milly 2 months ago

    I don't think I can still be a fan of Jim Carrey anymore after he SHOCKED me with a gay sex scene in one of his movies. I was gonna watch this until I found out that he's in it.
    Is THIS ANOTHER GAy jumpoff? I suppose it COULD be said that I'm "afraid " of being surprised by some GAY ISH that I absolutely abhor being witness to surprisingly on film and LORD FORBID being surprised in the physical form!.

  • CarpetGal g6
    CarpetGal g6 2 months ago

    I watched it tbh dont waste yo money

  • 1K Expensive Life
    1K Expensive Life 2 months ago

    So he's not gonna crawl out of some Rhino's ass?😂😂😂😂

  • Claudiana Alves Nascimento

    Já saiu ou ainda vai sair

  • Claudiana Alves Nascimento

    Esse filme é novo

  • عبدالعزيز عبدالله

    اللي شاف الفيلم لايك ويعطيني رأيه

  • Rick Rude
    Rick Rude 2 months ago

    Don't watch,boring movie.

  • bill bixby
    bill bixby 2 months ago +1

    Your movie is like you, Carrey. A piece of shit.

  • Coin Stacks
    Coin Stacks 2 months ago


  • JazzBeex
    JazzBeex 2 months ago

    The trailer alone is 100 times better than the actual movie. I expected more to be honest. 😢

  • 0Chujo0
    0Chujo0 2 months ago

    ending spoiler alert

  • tusj pennywise
    tusj pennywise 2 months ago

    Okey my goosebumps just went to a whole new level......

    EBDRSM 2 months ago

    Carrey volvió, solo que con distinto genero

    [FRANCO MUSIC] 2 months ago

    Buenísimo!! Volvió Jim Carrey!!!!!!

  • Brandon Spain
    Brandon Spain 2 months ago +1

    0:13 Saban Films? They're making this film. The studio that brought us Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation, Beetle Borgs and those shitty direct to video Casper films?
    No thanks!

  • Milan van Dyck
    Milan van Dyck 2 months ago

    approach slip anymore rider consideration worry inside opening adopt nervous

  • dadduorp
    dadduorp 2 months ago

    I've always greatly admired Carrey for a variety of reasons. I'm disappointed that he'd resurface in a movie that is so dark and dehumanizing.

  • Lag Swag
    Lag Swag 2 months ago +1

    Movie normalizing rape and sexual assault seems like Hollywood Illuminati,he was telling the truth

  • Rodrigo Mirra
    Rodrigo Mirra 2 months ago

    Do he even know how much we missed him?

  • Paul Noyb
    Paul Noyb 2 months ago +2

    his new movie Dark Crimes Carrey's career has been in freefall for the last decade, lol
    Critics have also been harsh, calling it 'punishing to watch' and one of the most disappointing performances of Carrey's career

    • Carlos Tello
      Carlos Tello Month ago +2

      Paul Noyb shut up bitch respect for the best ever

  • FunMode Entertainment India

    Watching it cz #rampothineni shared this...👌👌👌

  • Sebastian Martinez
    Sebastian Martinez 2 months ago

    Is wired to see him acting serious...

  • Diego Augusto Sosa
    Diego Augusto Sosa 2 months ago

    Never thought I would hear Myrkur in a movie trailer.

  • Marielena Cruz
    Marielena Cruz 2 months ago

    Para cuando

  • David Aarón H R
    David Aarón H R 2 months ago

    Maybe Jim wants to save some money to produce himself Ace Ventura 3!!!!!

  • Levi Lothian
    Levi Lothian 2 months ago

    Wow Jims back great news can't wait to see this movie

  • Gabriel Bosque
    Gabriel Bosque 2 months ago

    Malísima la peli

  • Angela MW
    Angela MW 2 months ago

    Watching this one

  • MindGem
    MindGem 2 months ago

    Worst movie ever. Omg, why did Jim do this, I mean clearly Ace Ventura and the Mask show that he had little taste in art and lowball humour but he has the acting chops as seen in Truman show and Dumb&Dumber but to revert to this?
    A dubbed russian thriller with script from the 20s, all cast first trial, no directing skills, super poor story. Absolute horror.Never see this movie, not even if you think Adam Sandler is funny.

  • Omar Escobar
    Omar Escobar 2 months ago

    Goodbye of Jim Carrey comedy movies

  • garry ibbetson
    garry ibbetson 2 months ago


  • 4 7
    4 7 2 months ago

    Good movie, worth watching

  • Rudd Benzima
    Rudd Benzima 2 months ago


    BAGABILLION 2 months ago

    Save your money,it's 90 min of watching jim watching porn

  • Raoninja x
    Raoninja x 3 months ago

    best actor

  • Paul Cutts
    Paul Cutts 3 months ago

    Saw this a while ago it's wank trust me

  • Chris Willis
    Chris Willis 3 months ago

    It’s SHOWTIME !!

  • David Gogolkiewicz
    David Gogolkiewicz 3 months ago

    Carrey is an %sshole, will not be watching any of his movies. Tired of Hollywood jerks like him taking cheap, angry potshots to ram his misguided political views down our throats.

  • God Emperor Pepe
    God Emperor Pepe 3 months ago

    Bruce Almighty: Satan’s Awakening

  • Rob Janusch
    Rob Janusch 3 months ago

    I never cared for his "comedies" This looks much better.

  • Robert Kemp
    Robert Kemp 3 months ago

    Wow Jim Carry looks so serious and bad ass in this movie i got to see this