The Making of Genre Hopper (GMTK Game Jam 2020 Devlog)

  • Published on Jul 17, 2020
  • A behind the scenes look at our GMTK Game Jam entry Genre Hopper! Available to play at
    What were some of our original ideas for the 'Out of Control' theme? How many rejected genre ideas did we have? Why DOES the FPS crosshair get blocked by walls? Find out all of this and more in this rambling 15 minute dev log.
    More from me
    Fish Mug Games
    and of course Sean who does ALL OF THE ART
    As always, a major thanks to Mark Brown of Game Maker's Toolkit for organising this jam. This is my third time entering and it's been the most fun one yet!
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Comments • 29

  • KrunchyFriedGames
    KrunchyFriedGames Year ago +6

    Good stuff! Always interesting to see how people make their games and get ideas together. Personally, I like the idea of a game where the UI goes nuts on you XD

  • Austin Merrick
    Austin Merrick Year ago +4

    It was really cool seeing the process of another programmer+artist team, and it was amazing all the stuff you guys were able to fit in with only 48 hours. I'm really looking forward to what you do next!

  • AtticusFinn
    AtticusFinn Year ago +3

    Really cool idea! Nice to see the constraints you worked with in order to be able to make 7 different games in such a short time

  • LionDev
    LionDev Year ago +2

    Well this game looks very nice and it's such a nice game idea

  • Momby
    Momby Year ago +1

    This is one of the coolest ideas I've seen for a game! If you published a full game on steam, I would totally spend money on it!

  • Jesse Hodgson
    Jesse Hodgson Year ago

    Fantastic game, revisited some of the best game jam games and I saw you had a devlog

  • poro poro
    poro poro 3 months ago

    Really cool idea and execution, didn't expect even stealth to be included!

  • Alex Clarke
    Alex Clarke Year ago +5

    Hey, congrats on being in Mark's top 20! I remember playing this game on stream (AlexClarkeGames if you remember, made the Ziggy game)
    (Commenting this long after the gamejam as it took me like 2 months to finally make my devlog from the jam and so was checking out other people's gmtk devlogs lol)

  • Al Mukhlishiddin
    Al Mukhlishiddin Year ago +1

    As a fan of games such as Bishi Bashi and WarioWare, I really like your idea for this game. Thank you for sharing the devlog.

  • Charcool
    Charcool Year ago

    Awesome game, when I saw it on the gmtk video, and I was like wow!

  • Tapu
    Tapu Year ago +1

    You could've put a rocket(from space shooter) over the ball in pong . It should be a easy fix for collision.

  • shou_ga_nai
    shou_ga_nai Year ago +5

    I searched GMTK games, (although I can't play any 😂) but this looks really good! Well thought out 👏👏

  • Gamer’s Gamestorm

    Best game in this game jam, I can’t program, but when I find somebody who does know how, I am gonna do something similar where every level is the different genre, with some kind of genre swaps level, recapping the previous levels, with a final level going through every genre

  • Eric Milky
    Eric Milky Year ago

    I'm a little curious since i'm using GMS2 also. To get the sprites to change between genres, did you change the just change the sprite index? And then with that object change the state to the correct genre? I'm working on a mini project that's similar so I thought I'd ask. Super interesting game!

  • Weezyboi
    Weezyboi Year ago +1

    Most creative game on jam and i find you after 1 month and i have to give you 100th sub keep up dude and thx for youtube recommend your channel

    • Tom Cheshire
      Tom Cheshire  Year ago

      Haha thanks for helping me reach that milestone :)

  • Adamin
    Adamin 11 months ago

    The hand and the gun give it serious Wario Ware vibes

  • Uptown Mike
    Uptown Mike Year ago

    great job brother.!

  • Duddledudeduck
    Duddledudeduck Year ago +1

    Yo this looks hella sick ngl

  • PekaReborn
    PekaReborn Year ago +1

    Good job on making it into the top 20!

    • Tom Cheshire
      Tom Cheshire  Year ago +1

      Thank you! Still can't believe it myself

  • swarfey
    swarfey Year ago

    Oi mate, while testing around with your Genre Hopper leaderboard, i accidentally destroyed it, so you have to reload the page everytime you fail.
    Please deny requests which include "|" & remove the highest 4 rankings. this should fix it :]

    • swarfey
      swarfey Year ago

      @Tom Cheshire yep. It should also be useful to limit the number of characters also in the backend :p
      Also a simple verification, like a captcha for people who would get into the leaderboard, would probably help.

    • Tom Cheshire
      Tom Cheshire  Year ago

      Ha, you certainly did! I've deleted those records so it's working again. Will try to get the actual 'vulnerability' fixed soon. Thanks for being open about this!

  • Ari Rice
    Ari Rice Year ago +5

    congrats on top 20

  • LDHero 8
    LDHero 8 11 months ago

    It’s so sad that every day I see someone that made a game jam vid but they don’t even have a thousand subs WHY

  • Vince Sales
    Vince Sales Year ago

    did you know you're in GMTK's video?