• Published on Sep 15, 2019
  • Today's true crime video is on the Joanna Yeates case.
    Jo Yeates was a 25 year old woman that disappeared and was later found murdered in Bristol, England, UK. The bbc and itv and have done several adaptations of the case including the drama The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies.
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  • Rico Shea
    Rico Shea 7 hours ago

    That poor landlord. Feel as if it's wrong to have him in the thumbnail. He literally did nothing wrong.

  • soccergalsara
    soccergalsara 15 hours ago

    enginerring doesnt mean youre 'very intelligent..not stupid would be the phrase I would use, you can get into most unis with BBB A level and get your degree..(there's no doubt lower but thats probably about average).

  • Afreen Ns
    Afreen Ns Day ago

    He probably ate the pizza as her dead body was lying in front of him

  • Tea And Biscuits

    So did he kill the other girls? Especially since he lived in Bath at one point

  • CharGrace
    CharGrace 2 days ago

    Poor landlord guy!!!! I hope he spent the rest of his days after in peace. And also RIP to Joanna, such a horrible case

  • Adrianna Kostka
    Adrianna Kostka 3 days ago

    What bout the pizza tho??????

  • Baby Dragon
    Baby Dragon 4 days ago

    Ummmm....cadaver dogs? For the car? The house? It shoulda been the first thing done.

  • Jamie Townsend
    Jamie Townsend 4 days ago

    So I know that all the cases covered are extremely sensitive and very serious... but... does anyone else feel like that with the way Eleanor tells the stories like we’re watching a murder mystery? I find myself screaming at the screen “IT’S HIM/HER!”, “don’t trust that b****!”. And then when she finally reveals the murderer (in the solved cases) either getting super excited because we called it, or going “ohhhh... yeah kinda makes sense...” 😂

  • Katie Davies
    Katie Davies 4 days ago

    Why do I watch this alone at night, knowing full well I will be fucking terrified..

  • Kelly Martinez
    Kelly Martinez 5 days ago

    Who else knew it was Vincent from the moment she mentioned that he stayed back while his girlfriend went to ask for info???

  • Gabby Elizabeth
    Gabby Elizabeth 5 days ago

    How have I just found you on youtube! Watching one video a day atm! Love your channel xxx

  • TeeJay
    TeeJay 5 days ago


  • Skyla Sparkle
    Skyla Sparkle 6 days ago

    That poor old man was just living his best life.

  • Tooba Malik
    Tooba Malik 7 days ago

    I love your videos so much they always pick me up after a bad day and your so beautifull you have a heart full of gold and I hope you have a wonderfull day.

  • Julia West
    Julia West 7 days ago

    Whyd u have to put him in the thumbnail then

  • Rita it’s Portages

    i'm sorry but I have to..


  • Lana Sanders
    Lana Sanders 7 days ago

    Hi Eleanor, just to clarify for you - Murder is when someone dies at your hand and you intended to kill OR inflict GBH. At least by UK law (Homicide Act 1957 s1) So saying that manslaughter is when you kill but only intended to hurt them is very misleading. That would still in many cases be a murder. Manslaughter is more like killing someone as a product of a reckless action like texting and driving. That's very simplified and there are other kinds of manslaughter but you get the idea! It's a very common point of confusion! I doubt you'll read this but I thought knowing that might help you in the future, maybe.

  • Mallory Ridder
    Mallory Ridder 8 days ago

    If she was killed in her apartment then what did those people hear when they heard screaming hhhmmmmmm🤔🤨😑

  • Izzy McCartney
    Izzy McCartney 8 days ago

    ur literitley gorgeous

  • Heather J
    Heather J 9 days ago +1

    if i hadnt watched this whole thing I'd have assumed Christopher did it from the thumbnail. Idk if you just thought he "looked crazier/more clickable" but eh not cool

  • Oumou Diallo
    Oumou Diallo 9 days ago

    True fan when you know her intro hehhe xx

  • Jo
    Jo 9 days ago

    *only clicks on video because my name is on the title*

  • jessica laster
    jessica laster 10 days ago

    Di the booty scrape case

  • Zombie Orchid
    Zombie Orchid 10 days ago

    Christopher Jefferies reminds me of myself. I'm very withdrawn, quiet, and don't get out much. I just enjoy being in my home, enjoying my hobbies without having to interact with people in real life. It irks me that people like this come off as suspicious because I really want nothing to do with anyone and basically I'm more scared of them than they are of me xD
    Also I'm sure I've seen a few of your videos, but I wasn't subbed. I'm now subbed and binging your videos xD

  • LL
    LL 10 days ago

    Sorry but you've got the definition of manslaughter wrong, you have involuntary manslaughter and voluntary manslaughter, with voluntary MS you DO intend to kill them, but there are factors that reduce your responsibility from murder to manslaughter. Eg. You are killing someone who's abused you for years

  • tanya faulkner
    tanya faulkner 11 days ago

    Few minutes in cancelled take out in fear, another 10 minutes in I'm like yep I'm pretty sure that there's more to it than is being disclosed. For example that a woman killed her.... Yanno maybe when she came home and caught the neighbor over and jumped to conclusions. Later inserting herself to help.... He probably pleaded guilty out of guilt and whatever but also to stop it from being more investigated and her going down with him. She was just trying to make neighborhood friends.

  • Honey. bee
    Honey. bee 11 days ago

    i havnt finished the video yet, but i dare say, i dont trust that pizza

  • Geo Thor
    Geo Thor 11 days ago

    false confessions are a thing!!!!

  • Katie Marie
    Katie Marie 11 days ago

    Madeleine Macan

  • Aranielle Benny
    Aranielle Benny 11 days ago

    Damn is every pedophile Dutch?? They're so sick 🤮

  • XMTS
    XMTS 12 days ago

    Hi! Can I please request that you cover the case of Alison Botha? It's VERY graphic bur, we do need exposure on this as her attackers are up for parole in South Africa and it would mean a lot to us all.

  • Grapez Fuel
    Grapez Fuel 12 days ago

    the poor pizza doesn’t get a police report :( 🍕

    i’m joking btw i don’t mean any disrespect

  • LovelyReba
    LovelyReba 12 days ago

    I find it interested that British people use the expression "plead the 5th." That refers to the 5th amendment of the American Constitution, which of course doesn't apply to British citizens. Do the British have a Constitutionally protected right against self-incrimination? (Yes, I know the British Constitution is not a single written document like the American Consitution, which is why I'm asking.)

  • McKinley
    McKinley 12 days ago

    So what ever happened to that pizza?

  • Great Frost Hawk
    Great Frost Hawk 13 days ago

    53:16 - Holy heck Jan 22nd is my birthday. Don't know why that freaked me out so much the first time I heard it.

  • Leila's Vlogs
    Leila's Vlogs 13 days ago

    You have 666K subs...

  • Grace French
    Grace French 13 days ago

    Why do all the people that don’t have any enemies always get killed

  • Naima M
    Naima M 13 days ago

    I knew it from the start it was him... rot in hell.

  • hellobubble
    hellobubble 13 days ago

    Maybe those two people thought that be was guilty, just not of the crime they had accused him. Like, they charged him with manslaughter and they think he did it on purpose?

  • WeJustWantVlogging
    WeJustWantVlogging 14 days ago +3

    Me, a dutch person, when she first said her neighbour was dutch: Wow so cool! My country!
    Me, still a dutch person, finding out he is the murderer: Well shit not so proud anymore......

  • Juliette
    Juliette 14 days ago

    I was honestly sat thinking at the charity shout out bit thinking "It'd be lovely if an OCD charity would get a shout out". So I am pleasantly surprised. Struggling with severe OCD I understand how disregarded it is as a debilitating disorder, so I just want to say thank you to the channel member who suggested that and to Eleanor. Xxxx
    Also great job covering a case so well and in such depth as always x

  • Kattt King
    Kattt King 14 days ago

    Is it bad that I thought of several ways he could have gotten away with this? Like how to fix his mistakes so he wouldn’t have been caught 😅😳
    But dong get me wrong he deserved to be caught and I’m glad he was

  • X x
    X x 14 days ago

    take the guys picture off the thumb nail he’s had enough shit just makes it look like he’s the bad guy

  • Kath Abenales
    Kath Abenales 14 days ago

    i think they had to had a separate trial for the indecent videos/photos as a "back-up" to lock him up in case he was not charged of murder. idk if this is correct but maybe this has something to do with "double jeopardy"??? somebody pls correct me if i'm wrong i have just gone familiar with this by watching true crime videos 😅

  • DC4L
    DC4L 15 days ago

    Why would you use the old man on your thumbnail when he had nothing to do with it...that is not cool at all. Why not use the actual murderers pic instead of this poor man who was wrongfully persecuted by society for so long? Shameful.

  • Chloe Susan
    Chloe Susan 15 days ago

    I remember coming to England for Christmas at my grandparents' house and hearing about this on the news on Christmas morning

  • Lynsey Grogan
    Lynsey Grogan 15 days ago

    please could you do adam johnson!! he was a footballer who was also a sex offender

  • I’m just a girl with a passion _

    I wish she would do a video of the Fred and Rosemary
    (don't know if the case has a name)

  • Olivia Johnson
    Olivia Johnson 15 days ago +1

    It’d be cool if you actually uploaded content...
    It’s been 3 weeks

  • Anilyn Bonds
    Anilyn Bonds 16 days ago

    okay but what happened to the pizza...?

  • aaliyah xxx
    aaliyah xxx 16 days ago

    just me who every night double checks she hasn’t posted and that my youtube isn’t lying to me😂😂🙏🏽

  • Poppy Morrell
    Poppy Morrell 16 days ago

    Please can u cover the Michelle blair case xx

  • Rushneet Kaur
    Rushneet Kaur 16 days ago +1

    Can you please do the case on the turnip family with the 13 kids and adults? Because I promise it’s very sad and interesting to tell!!! Thank u so much if you consider this!

  • Cavii Thill
    Cavii Thill 16 days ago

    please post more

  • Siân 71
    Siân 71 16 days ago

    The police behaved terribly. They really had made up their minds that the landlord was the killer. A tidy and quick case in their minds. He went through so much, poor man.

  • Tessa Bennett
    Tessa Bennett 16 days ago

    It’s a missing pizza case

  • Tahira Ali
    Tahira Ali 16 days ago +1

    Waiting for the next upload😭😭

  • Talia Biscaino
    Talia Biscaino 16 days ago

    omg i love u and your channel plz keep making vids and stay beautiful

  • Abigail Karr
    Abigail Karr 16 days ago +132

    "She didn't have any history of mental illness or anything"
    Me: lucky..

  • kimberlynloveschickennuggets M

    Could u please do Amber Hagerman