PS5 Release Date announced by Sony + NEW Controller for PS5! (PlayStation 5 News)

  • Published on Oct 8, 2019
  • Sony announced the release date for the PS5 will be Holiday 2020. The PS5 will have a new controller when it's released in 2020.
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Comments • 351

  • Akira Amamiya
    Akira Amamiya 8 days ago

    I hope the PS5 controllers will still have the touch-pad thing in the middle, the same one on the PS4 controllers

  • Lukenn
    Lukenn 12 days ago

    I’ve had the ps3 and ps4 but now saving for a PC setup

  • Theater 1570
    Theater 1570 17 days ago

    Be funny if they only released 250k consoles at launch, like the ps2.

  • Jade Thirlwall
    Jade Thirlwall 20 days ago

    Hey the playstation 5 going to release before black friday 2020?

  • dee jay
    dee jay 23 days ago

    Black Friday 2020...that would be jacked up lol

  • The Un-Known Musician
    The Un-Known Musician 24 days ago

    Sony: the brand new Sony -switch- PS5!

  • Quincy H Seven
    Quincy H Seven 25 days ago

    hey man we don't need the notes on the screen dude silly rabbit!

  • illgil26
    illgil26 26 days ago +1

    Release date: BLACK FRIDAY!!! 2020

  • illgil26
    illgil26 26 days ago

    I bet the controllers will be at least $100

  • DIProfessor
    DIProfessor 27 days ago

    Why change the controller at all?! Why not just improve it like Xbox did with their elite controller 🤷🏻‍♂️🤨

  • E-Man
    E-Man 27 days ago +3

    I was hoping that they introduced a new controller that doesnt rely on charging or batteries but rather using the energy exhibited by the magnetic field and earth's rotatio

  • Daniel Ayers
    Daniel Ayers 27 days ago

    Xbox and stadia will win

  • Mace Windu
    Mace Windu 27 days ago

    I hope they get rid of the stupid light bar

  • Issy -Duz-It
    Issy -Duz-It 28 days ago +1

    Which holiday in 2020? 🤔 Asking for a friend...

  • Steven Linklater
    Steven Linklater 28 days ago

    We had a lot of chunky movies. Now ps10 Just make a new device. Better be like a movie when you play

  • Haito Live
    Haito Live 28 days ago

    When it comes out can I use my ps4 games

  • Anthony Arodes
    Anthony Arodes 28 days ago

    Asshole looking for views, putting a ps5 controller up smh fake advertising

  • heavyrain4485
    heavyrain4485 28 days ago

    Horseshoe 5
    Ahh shit...

  • David Schoenrock
    David Schoenrock 28 days ago

    "Holiday 2020" is not a release date, it's a guess

  • Waya Nathaniel
    Waya Nathaniel 29 days ago

    Nice work bro

  • ewil3122
    ewil3122 29 days ago +1

    The Google will be better

  • 21buchholz
    21buchholz 29 days ago

    Nov 5

  • ivi
    ivi 29 days ago +1

    why would they dislike this vid who got time for that

  • PuppetMemeStealer
    PuppetMemeStealer Month ago +1

    I would copy the "I can't wait to look back at this comment" comment cos i want to to, but tbh idgaf so....

    Im gonna look back at this comment a year from now when the ps5 actually comes out

  • goni whithewindy
    goni whithewindy Month ago +1

    Stay healthy guys we've got kidneys to sell...

  • Dan Beardsley
    Dan Beardsley Month ago

    I'm guessing November 1 , 2020. Because you know it will sell out Quickly. They have to keep the shelves stocked through the Holidays.

  • Clifton Sapp
    Clifton Sapp Month ago

    Honestly wish all you guys would STFU about PS5

  • Fawkk YuTuu
    Fawkk YuTuu Month ago

    That thumbnail controller is UGLY AF, so glad It's fake.

  • raven nation
    raven nation Month ago +1

    Holiday 2020 ok which holiday theres more then 1 thru out the year

    • David Hinkle
      David Hinkle 25 days ago

      When they say holiday that means the end of the year November 2020 is when it will most likely launch in

  • Daily Gamer
    Daily Gamer Month ago

    I'm gonna guess November 15th 2020

  • Tobi Ogunjewo
    Tobi Ogunjewo Month ago

    probably after black Friday for marketing purposes

  • Middle Finger
    Middle Finger Month ago

    I feel like that controller on the pic still is not that far off to what the controller will look close to. Yeah sony reveal some specs from the console.. but I dont think there finish yet.. I think they let the journalist play with the dev kit and a non finish build of the controller.. I think they will change that thumb pad into a touch screen with gurrilla glass tech since they have a contract with samsung. We know the speaker is enhanced, the back trigger buttons have a sensitive rumble based design. And the fact that the controller has a mic.. which is great.. I'm tired of my headphone mic going out. And I have to buy a replacement. But I hope they changed that thumb pad to a touch screen.. it's due time.

  • blake hammond
    blake hammond Month ago

    I think the 25th of December on Christmas Day

  • Josh Martin
    Josh Martin Month ago

    Tbh I think Sony could wait until 21-22

    • David Hinkle
      David Hinkle 25 days ago

      @Josh Martin they have no choice because Microsoft is Launching the next xbox in 2020 Sony has to launch itn in 2020 or risk losing alot of sales to Microsoft Sony cannot afford to wait even if it wanted to

    • Josh Martin
      Josh Martin 25 days ago

      It would at this point but only because they have handled it like the plan was to release it 2020 ever since the announcement. If they had said nothing until e3 next year and released it some time the following year that would not give Xbox an advantage. Especially if it was cheaper. It would also give time for more launch titles

    • David Hinkle
      David Hinkle 25 days ago

      @Josh Martin no they cannot afford to wait that would give Microsoft the advantage I think it would be a big mistake if they wait

    • Josh Martin
      Josh Martin 25 days ago

      I know I am just saying that they could afford to wait

    • David Hinkle
      David Hinkle 25 days ago

      Holiday 2020 is confirmed

  • AnimeKid 11
    AnimeKid 11 Month ago

    So I basically still have a year for PS4 then Christmas buy PS5

  • Night Owl
    Night Owl Month ago

    If they really wanted to get people hyped the world should the actual console.

    • xro
      xro Month ago

      @Night Owl oh makes sense now

    • Night Owl
      Night Owl Month ago

      zmz TAS I didn’t realize spell check put in different words. I meant if they wanted to hype people up, they should have showed the actual console.

    • xro
      xro Month ago

      that doesnt make sense

  • Vinny Bruce
    Vinny Bruce Month ago

    I want the playstation 5 controller to be about the size of my Galaxy note 10 plus Or my Sony Xperia Z Ultra

  • Vinny Bruce
    Vinny Bruce Month ago

    I wonder if the New Xbox Scarlet will launch at the same time that's a?

  • Vinny Bruce
    Vinny Bruce Month ago

    I can't wait to get the ps5 better enhancement and better Quality but ps4 pro is Quantity

  • Kristijan Petrovic
    Kristijan Petrovic Month ago

    I hope that the ps5 R2 L2 buttons when you pull a bow and arrow back it will have pressure on the R2 or hard break a car you will have to pull that L2 button hard back this would be incredible

  • Brandon Gosnell
    Brandon Gosnell Month ago

    October 27, 2019

  • Seouldrift7
    Seouldrift7 Month ago

    I don't know

  • Flash Hundred-Yard Dash

    We already have ps5 game footage, we already know what the ps5 will look like on screen...
    This is all already old news, but controller wise? the ps controller concepts always get tossed out at launch, & we usually just get an updated previous gen controller same look... I already suggested this controller design for ps4, & have an actual picture of what it would look like if it wasnt made by sony...
    But will they go through with the design for it, or not, is the question, -_-
    Also, I thought Sony already confirmed 2019/2020 holiday release with ps4 only extending 3 more years before ps5 fully takes over?

    • David Hinkle
      David Hinkle Month ago

      There is no ps5 game footage all the footage was ps4 games running on ps5 no games for ps5 has been announced yet

  • Gunz_E
    Gunz_E Month ago

    What about fps?

  • Yabbie
    Yabbie Month ago +1

    Definitely Monday November 21st 2020 lock it in.

  • DM Auto Spa
    DM Auto Spa Month ago

    When is this Holliday???

  • Terry Trent
    Terry Trent Month ago

    Black Friday.

  • Adam Saleh
    Adam Saleh Month ago

    U came 4 nothing

  • Heaven is cooler than fire

    I like your like button smash glove, that’s really cool. 👍🏻

  • Uneasy Game
    Uneasy Game Month ago

    Old news bro

  • Jazzoom Shibuya
    Jazzoom Shibuya Month ago +2

    Bigger ps5 controller like Xbox for ur dinosaur hand ? Dude I hope ur ok...

  • dragon_pro_gamer
    dragon_pro_gamer Month ago

    December 15

  • anfull3 Not
    anfull3 Not Month ago

    November 15th

  • anfull3 Not
    anfull3 Not Month ago

    I can't wait to see what it looks like

  • Big Cass Sucks ass
    Big Cass Sucks ass Month ago

    Where did sad and big news go?

  • Your Nightmare
    Your Nightmare Month ago

    Fake news

    JEEP LOGGER NZ Month ago

    Looks like i need to put my ps4 Pro, G29 with shifter and psvr up for sale

      JEEP LOGGER NZ Month ago

      @michael ross once the ps5 is released it will be too hard to get rid of my stuff, so best to let it all go now, you keen to buy lol

    • michael ross
      michael ross Month ago

      Whoo cowboy slow it down I would hold on to that PS4 until they work out the kinks at least a ps5 price drop

  • Rapha The Kid
    Rapha The Kid Month ago

    Well, since i acquired my PS4 on June 2018, i'm still have a lot to catch on with games that i want. Also, i REALLY hope Capcom is making Dragon's Dogma 2 for PS4/Xbox One and announce it this year still XD

  • Jason Young
    Jason Young Month ago

    Gave thumbs down for not stating a month. Dumb a!@#

  • Jason Young
    Jason Young Month ago

    Like so many others have asked ; which bloody holiday , 2020. How hard bis it to give a month in 2020 ???????