Where's That Food From? (GAME)

  • Published on Apr 4, 2018
  • Does Caesar salad originate from Mexico or Canada? We play the ultimate taste test to find out the origin of misleading foods! GMM #1310.1
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Comments • 5 115

  • Killme
    Killme Hour ago +1


  • Paul Bisca
    Paul Bisca 8 hours ago

    Today we learned Rhett is a better dart thrower than a professional dart thrower who came with his/her own darts

  • The Molten Potato
    The Molten Potato 2 days ago

    I like how we go from
    9:05 to 14:22

  • The Molten Potato
    The Molten Potato 2 days ago


  • TTV_Indominus69
    TTV_Indominus69 2 days ago +1

    7:00 Kiev is in Ukraine not Russia

  • Gaurav Singh
    Gaurav Singh 3 days ago

    Dude correct ur map thats not the correct map of india

  • gio giorgadze
    gio giorgadze 18 days ago

    Georgia isn't part of Russia!!!!!!!!
    And you have to apologize for that or I'm going to report about that!!!!!!!!

    FRODO LIVES 19 days ago

    Why is Korea colored but not an option?

  • Tyler Dignam
    Tyler Dignam 21 day ago

    My favourite part about this whole thing is that the dart player guy is really bad haha

  • Malkavian
    Malkavian 22 days ago

    Russ is such a good sport🤣 Hope he had an apple pie before he went home

  • red slime
    red slime 23 days ago +1

    Kiev is the capital of Ukraine!!!!!

  • Kay's Diseased & Crippled bat

    cHiNaAaH i was frickin gonna say CHINAH

  • edge.patrick
    edge.patrick Month ago

    Why did Link scream at 13:24 ?

  • mccarraa
    mccarraa Month ago +1

    Kiev is the capital and most populous city of Ukraine

  • Red Solo
    Red Solo Month ago

    We invented the best pizza 😎

  • Ella Bella
    Ella Bella Month ago

    Btw Rhett, gelato isn't a version before ice cream. It is ice cream...

  • 艾利
    艾利 Month ago +1

    Kiev is not Russia , learn geography.

  • Katelinlmao 38
    Katelinlmao 38 Month ago

    Damn we took *American* apple pie from the one and only GREAT BRITAIN. not the first time

  • Dustin Mayes
    Dustin Mayes Month ago

    How did they not get that Hawaiian pizza was invented in Canada. Every Hawaiian pizza I've eaten has had Canadian bacon on it and from the picture they showed so did the one they ate.

  • _Aldebaran_
    _Aldebaran_ Month ago

    That Caesar salad looked soooo good.

  • Artist Profiles
    Artist Profiles Month ago

    I love Canadians even more now (me being an avid lover of pineapple on pizza)

  • Stuff Stuff
    Stuff Stuff Month ago +1

    'Kiev is a place in... RUSSIA '- Rhett and Link 2018

  • Jennifer Boström
    Jennifer Boström Month ago

    11:24 Me whenever my math teacher explains something to me

  • MarsManiac
    MarsManiac Month ago

    Lol Ukraine...sorry bros.

  • Chandler Castleberry

    Link is a danger to himself and others.

  • Maranda Zilk
    Maranda Zilk 2 months ago

    But, if Link was flying from Canada to Australia, he wouldn't go that way.

  • I3utch3r
    I3utch3r 2 months ago

    I know this is very old but you know in Ukraine there is a war, like real war with Russia, I know it because I don't live far from Ukraine, so maybe you actually made someone angry and think it was a joke

  • Lecio Gomes
    Lecio Gomes 2 months ago

    I'm not even kidding, Link is the definition of me. Link:I like Apple Pies without apples inside.

  • maggotz
    maggotz 2 months ago +1

    I love that Rhett gets a lot of answers right. He has good strategy and reasoning :) but that’s because he’s a major foodie lol

  • L4dy P4rtr1dg3
    L4dy P4rtr1dg3 2 months ago

    Apple sauce pie? Why not do an episode of food Link's way...?

  • Jake Wuebker
    Jake Wuebker 2 months ago

    *cries in Columbian exchange*

  • MiF
    MiF 2 months ago

    Kiev in Russia hahahaha

  • Kwaj Gurl
    Kwaj Gurl 2 months ago +1

    This is kinda random, but I think it’s great that they apologized for the geography mix up about Kiev

  • Wish Wabarashi
    Wish Wabarashi 2 months ago

    are rhett and link flat earthers?

  • Cameron Lester
    Cameron Lester 2 months ago

    Anyone know where link got his hoodie

  • Trickster BoYe
    Trickster BoYe 2 months ago

    Это украйнский блять ты не знае такое

  • Pastel Saphire
    Pastel Saphire 2 months ago

    When it said Hawaiian pizza is from Canada

    I’m officially not Canadian anymore. Pineapple on pizza. NUH UH

  • Sebastian Seanz
    Sebastian Seanz 2 months ago

    Where did link get that fresh ass hoodie!?!?!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • OceanWavez
    OceanWavez 2 months ago

    That round... 'Kiev is in Russia'...'It might also be a european country'. PARTS OF RUSSIA AND UKRAINE ARE IN EUROPE... they need to take 1st Grade Geography again

    • OceanWavez
      OceanWavez 2 months ago

      Plus I'm a 7th Grader and I'm outsmarting them, lol

  • Jessica
    Jessica 2 months ago

    "We don't have to eat, but we should." Is a quote that covers part of Rhett's personality perfectly.

  • Tony Dennis
    Tony Dennis 2 months ago

    love Links hoodie

  • Dark Legionnaire
    Dark Legionnaire 2 months ago

    not to be pedantic but your "great Britain" has northern island highlighted. thats the united kingdom. northern island isnt part of great britain only wales and scotland. easy way to remember. britain is the island not including the other islands uk is all the islands

  • Hunter Lane
    Hunter Lane 2 months ago

    Why cant Link have a knife

  • voke efe
    voke efe 2 months ago +1

    “Kiev is a place in Russia”
    *every Ukrainian unsubscribes*
    luv you guys!

  • Elizabeth B
    Elizabeth B 2 months ago +2

    I feel like Rhett was a better thrower than Russ

  • Kristers Feldmanis
    Kristers Feldmanis 2 months ago +1

    Wait didn't ice cream originate in Persia?

  • Braydon Raven
    Braydon Raven 2 months ago +1

    Rhett and Link u should have fouious Pete on ur show

  • Sandy
    Sandy 3 months ago +2

    Rhett is always making educated guesses that are so good!!

  • Ivan Said Leon Dager
    Ivan Said Leon Dager 3 months ago +1

    Kiev is a place in Russia!
    All Ukrainians:
    я плачу

  • Aterhallsam
    Aterhallsam 3 months ago +2

    Petition to bring good ol’ Russ back.

  • TheXGamer
    TheXGamer 3 months ago +28

    Rhett: “Like a Latin American country that has access to the ocean.”
    Everyone: *Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...*

    • Daniel Garrett
      Daniel Garrett 2 months ago +1

      @PK TV I had to google this, but Wikipedia says Brazil is in Latin America. Why do you think otherwise?

    • wisefelipe
      wisefelipe 3 months ago

      Great statement on his part considering that, as far as I remember, only Paraguay and Bolivia don't have ocean access in the Americas lol

  • William Sharp
    William Sharp 3 months ago +1

    we actually love apple pie here in the uk it's everywhere

  • Covey Carter
    Covey Carter 3 months ago +2

    I love it when link gets cheats and still loses. He gets ssoooooooooo mad lol

  • ZanTheMan
    ZanTheMan 3 months ago

    Kiev is in the Ukraine btw

  • Tex Dillinger
    Tex Dillinger 3 months ago +1

    Looking at the map, what happened to Korea?

  • stiflingmystrife
    stiflingmystrife 3 months ago

    ice cream like food= ice cream

  • mooselord flanz
    mooselord flanz 3 months ago

    Russ is the bob Ross of darts

  • Bryn Jackson
    Bryn Jackson 3 months ago +1

    Hawaiian pizza is definitely not Australian, though we do put pineapple on stuff. We actually have our own version, 'the Aussie', basically you put eggs, beetroot, and pineapple on something and now it's an Aussie pizza/burger/whatever. Tbh, that's even weirder than just pineapple on pizza, but it's seriously delicious, so step up your game Canada, hahaha

  • Isabella Rose
    Isabella Rose 3 months ago +1

    This has me weak! Even with a professional dart thrower 🎯 👓 Link still loses 😂🤣!!! CHYNNNNAAAAUUUU🗣

  • IxmailxI Mahmood
    IxmailxI Mahmood 3 months ago