What is Gegenpressing?

  • Published on Sep 30, 2016
  • We explain the tactic Gegenperessing.
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    Jonathan Wilson explains the football tactic Gegenpressing, its origins, development, and modern practicing within the game.
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Comments • 307

  • Callum Brown
    Callum Brown 12 days ago

    Football manager 2020 brought me here ⚽ 🔥

  • TheWeeaboo
    TheWeeaboo 20 days ago

    Learning this for PES.

    • TheWeeaboo
      TheWeeaboo 20 days ago

      It's actually really straight forward if you speak a Germanic language lol.

  • Unique Tangbe
    Unique Tangbe 26 days ago

    If it's against Messi then you're doomed

    • natural mulundu
      natural mulundu 13 days ago

      Hehehehe how ... he was geganpressed at Anfield

  • ShaolinMeditator101
    ShaolinMeditator101 27 days ago +9

    I prefer to call it "jurgen pressing"

  • Vincent Productions
    Vincent Productions 28 days ago +13

    Jupp Heynckes's Bayern was the most perfect team i have ever seen, it was the most complete, Defensively and Offensively, that team was a Beast.

    • Sadiq Suleman
      Sadiq Suleman 8 days ago +1

      Totally agreed. Bayern Munich 2012-13 was the best club side ever.

  • SYIFA08 syifa
    SYIFA08 syifa 2 months ago

    Imagine gegenpressing zlatan or ronaldinho, would completly fail.. Since zlatan cant be pressed and dinho will kill you with his samba pass.

  • Niall McAnallen
    Niall McAnallen 3 months ago +2

    As a United fan I can not complemate within my mind how well Klopp has done with Liverpool, strategically the best side in the league, if it wasn't for Man City last year's league title would be in the bag, hats off to them, they have got the best of us after years, there would not be any United without Liverpool

  • tha
    tha 3 months ago

    There are Player they destroy gegenpressing... Often Player who have the number 10 also Player who are high skiller...

  • Freddy Fox 500
    Freddy Fox 500 3 months ago

    LoL. Just call it "High-Ball-pressure"

  • Daniel B.
    Daniel B. 3 months ago

    Barcelona hates this trick

  • Rudolf Hotler
    Rudolf Hotler 3 months ago

    Don't make things greater,or more mysterious. It's just simple counterpressing thts all.

  • khattakay
    khattakay 4 months ago +4

    Pressing was developed in streets.xD In school we played like that...

    • Andrew Fishburn
      Andrew Fishburn 4 months ago +1

      Football was developed in the streets. It was banned in the 1300's in England because of broken windows. In the modern era Brazilian football also developed it's style from the street culture.

  • adrahan bekzatuly
    adrahan bekzatuly 4 months ago

    Gegenpressing sucks

  • Dustin Young
    Dustin Young 4 months ago

    Guardiola gegenpressing? That is absolut bullshit...you should better leave out the drugs

  • Zim Zimma
    Zim Zimma 4 months ago

    Pressing with a silly German word before it?

  • DPK S
    DPK S 4 months ago

    What are the drawbacks?

  • Max Peng
    Max Peng 4 months ago +1

    Are we just going to ignore that picture at 3:00

  • sev7n
    sev7n 4 months ago +3

    Here at Arsenal's youth academy our coaches also follow this technique, it is very effective indeed.

    • Prateek Parmar
      Prateek Parmar Month ago

      Let's hope arteta can bring Pep or Klopp's gegenpressing with him.

    • greystoke13
      greystoke13 4 months ago +1

      @David he's the janitor

    • David
      David 4 months ago +1


  • ashutosh kumar
    ashutosh kumar 4 months ago

    Counterattaks are halved as Mourinho is no more

    • Lord Brain
      Lord Brain 4 months ago

      @ashutosh kumar he didn’t die😂
      He might start coaching a team soon though

  • berkay serbest
    berkay serbest 4 months ago

    google translate kullanırsan böyle video olur aq

  • Goyon Man
    Goyon Man 6 months ago

    Gegenpressing > Tiki-Taka

  • P.Payu's 24
    P.Payu's 24 7 months ago

    ขอ ซับไทยด้วยได้ไหม

  • Igor Bobobo
    Igor Bobobo 7 months ago

    Geygenpressing? Where did you read a "Y"?

  • Mumukshu D.C.
    Mumukshu D.C. 7 months ago

    The music sounds so similar to Game of Thrones'!!

  • Shaka's Missing Beard
    Shaka's Missing Beard 8 months ago

    what if u have good ball-playing back line....?

    • wayne wayne
      wayne wayne 7 months ago

      Monarchy 07 then it’s really easy for your players to beat the press.
      Another way is having your primary playmaker dropping deep I.e de Bruyne in man city often drops deep to receive the ball when the team is under pressure cause of his superb passing range so he can easily find spaces as the offensive team is trying to press defensive line.

  • Leo Comerford
    Leo Comerford 8 months ago

    ... does that mean that Klopp's style and that of Jack Charlton's Republic of Ireland are related?

  • Redi Beaux
    Redi Beaux 8 months ago

    This is basically how every youth team plays on their own without tactics

  • Fake Aria
    Fake Aria 9 months ago

    Where can i print this page?

  • TEDx UFS
    TEDx UFS 9 months ago +1

    Music? in the video is very nice.

  • drumvs base
    drumvs base 11 months ago

    This video is not correct. Gegenpressing is not standard pressing. Gegenpressing only comes into play if a team loses the ball and immediately wants to regain possession. This is conceptually very different to standard pressing when the opponent has he ball and is building up from the defense line.

  • Ujustgotdunkedon
    Ujustgotdunkedon 11 months ago

    Rose is so good

  • Farhan Khan
    Farhan Khan Year ago

    Is that john bab?

  • burak kuzu
    burak kuzu Year ago

    Türkçe çeviriyi Fatih Terim'e mi yaptırdınız? Yoksa Google translate mi?

  • Gilbert Ayirebi
    Gilbert Ayirebi Year ago

    Great videos bro, keep on the good work. Really glad I found this channel

  • Andrew Bissett
    Andrew Bissett Year ago

    This should have way more views and comments than it currently has. I love your videos and they express football tactics in the best way outside meeting the real pros. Well done

  • Rooman Hamza
    Rooman Hamza Year ago +1

    its pretty much clear Jupp system was best , he is a genius , jupp team really knew when to stop pressing

    • Die Silhouette
      Die Silhouette 5 months ago +1

      indeed. Best football team i ever saw. They were unrivaled in europe

  • The Voice of Reason
    The Voice of Reason Year ago +72

    Jupp Heynckes version was the most effective of all. They were literally unstoppable both offensively and defensively

    • Vincent Productions
      Vincent Productions 28 days ago

      @M - don't forget that he made work in 2017 just like in 2013, and with a way worse (aging) squad, so I think it would still work with almost any good enough team.

    • random
      random Month ago +4

      @M - the players were perfect coz he trained them to be perfect

    • M -
      M - 2 months ago +2

      The Voice of Reason
      Heynckes System wouldn’t work that well for other teams... He had the perfect players for it!

    • Die Silhouette
      Die Silhouette 5 months ago


  • Jeremia
    Jeremia Year ago

    Does jose mourinho play in a 10-0-0?

  • el consul del futbol

    So this is the equivalent of the 3 pointer of the NBA? Dafuq?

  • Serkan Çevrim
    Serkan Çevrim Year ago

    Galatasaray Fatih Terim tactics🏆🏆🏆🏆

  • Rohanınoglu
    Rohanınoglu Year ago

    Fatih Terim used this tactic in 1996-2000. This tactic has been very successful those years. Galatasaray won the UEFA Cup in 2000 and son the UEFA Super Cup with Mircea Lucescu
    ✅UEFA Cup 🇪🇺
    ✅League Title 🇹🇷(×4)
    ✅TSYD Cup 🇹🇷(×3)❕Trophy got up
    ✅National Cup 🇹🇷(×2)
    ✅Presidency Cup 🇹🇷(×2)❕Trophy got up
    İn Total(96-00,02-04,11-13,17-present day):
    ✅UEFA Cup 🇪🇺
    ✅League Title 🇹🇷(×7)
    ✅TSYD Cup 🇹🇷(×3)❕ Trophy got up
    ✅Turkish Super Cup 🇹🇷 (×2)
    ✅National Cup 🇹🇷(×2)
    ✅Presidency Cup 🇹🇷(×2)❕ Trophy got up
    So Fatih Terim a legend for Galatasaray

  • Rizky Adriyan
    Rizky Adriyan Year ago

    i really need your explanation about "What is Mezzala? l Tactics Explained". Please make one :(

  • Gökmen Bingöl
    Gökmen Bingöl Year ago

    96-2000 Galatasaray Gegenpressing is Coach Fatih Terim!!!!

  • seamus heaney
    seamus heaney Year ago

    Another excellent post. So glad to have found these.Thanks.

  • Aaron Cooper
    Aaron Cooper Year ago

    Loved this explanation! But can u tell me the name of the song in this video?

  • StephenEnglish
    StephenEnglish Year ago +1

    Who were the seventies English teams which did a lot of pressing? Liverpool?

  • Save The World JD

    I found your video through suggested videos. I really like your video. I made myself videos after the research like Mourinho park the bus , tiki taka. Keep up the good work . Subbed

  • Yash Reactions
    Yash Reactions Year ago

    Hey Guys specifically Asians(Sorry not trying to be racist) I have made a video on why Asian Football is not developing at its full peak and I hope you guys could come and watch my video and help me spread it.

    I am a new channel so I am improving my quality day by day.
    I was also Hoping Tifo could make a video on asian football more specifically thank you

    And WAIT Anyways here is the video link thexvid.com/video/Pr6qLZD89hA/video.html

  • Elle Austen
    Elle Austen Year ago +1

    good video, but failed to explain possible weaknesses that can be exploited usiing this system

    • Sirius 180
      Sirius 180 8 months ago

      it was, know when to stop the press by possess the ball rather than attack, it was from klopp 2014-15 season with dortmund 16 players were injured and bottom three in the league

  • Stephen Mason
    Stephen Mason Year ago

    It reminds me of the full court press in basketball. You similarly see players who just have no idea what to do in those situations.

  • chatnoir
    chatnoir Year ago

    Always talking about something doesn't make you the high priest of something. Klopp is as much the high priest of gegenpressing as I am of supermodels.

  • Drew Berry
    Drew Berry Year ago

    I saw Tottenham doing this against Man city in Autumn 2016 they beat Man city 2-0 and it was the best game of football i've ever seen.

  • tdyerwestfield - OFTW OG

    Klopp's gegenpressing tactics have developed further now at Liverpool, with 2 men pressing at once, one or three players shadowing behind the pressers and the player in the 6 role cutting passing lanes, forcing a long ball forward, in which Van Dijk or Lovren are man marking ready to head clear.

  • sarnobat2000
    sarnobat2000 Year ago

    Could you create a video about Brazil 1-7 Germany. I dream of Liverpool doing this to Man Utd one day at Old Trafford.

  • Chuck Biscuits
    Chuck Biscuits Year ago +2

    And his best man Wagner at Hudds

  • jdavis180
    jdavis180 Year ago +1

    omfg this is tite

  • The Legendary Genius

    Can you explain how Jose exposes this tactic?

  • archhangell
    archhangell Year ago +1

    How is it style of the age if it was widely used in the past and why was it dropped being used in the past?

  • 英 Ying
    英 Ying Year ago

    Liverpool is flying high with this.

  • MishaZip
    MishaZip Year ago

    Thanks for explaining literally nothing, douche