Claire Bakes Birthday Cake | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

  • Published on Feb 14, 2019
  • It doesn't have to be your birthday to eat this birthday cake. Join Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she bakes a birthday sheet cake with a chocolate cream cheese frosting!

    Check out the recipe here:

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    Claire Bakes Birthday Cake | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit
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  • Zach f
    Zach f Day ago

    I don't think I've ever been more attracted to someone in my whole life and I can't even pinpoint why.

  • David From Wii Sports

    dont drop that sh*t

  • Sydney P
    Sydney P 12 days ago +1

    My bday is tmrw and you better believe I’m making myself this cake

  • Gonzalo Yamama
    Gonzalo Yamama 13 days ago

    Shittiest cake ever? Poor kid to receive this on birthday :(

  • yellingkimber
    yellingkimber 17 days ago

    I made this for my July birthday and it was such a hit. I loved it

  • c g
    c g 18 days ago

    That cream cheese frosting looks divine!

  • swiskowski
    swiskowski 19 days ago

    Reverse creaming....kek

  • Nef Flores
    Nef Flores 20 days ago

    I've cooked for over 10 years and have the crap I see in here is all wrong. In all vids

  • Michael Biggs
    Michael Biggs 20 days ago

    She often ruins recipes with cream cheese. YUCK!!!

  • Jennifer Smith
    Jennifer Smith 24 days ago

    Am I the only one giggling when she says ‘reverse creaming’?

    • Lindsay
      Lindsay 21 day ago

      yes ur the only one

  • Gracie Marie
    Gracie Marie 24 days ago

    The more she talks about the gluten formations and stuff, it makes me forget that this is a sweet cake and not some bread dough that doesn’t taste good when raw lol.

  • Aaron Cain
    Aaron Cain 26 days ago

    Weird ending.

  • Rimuru
    Rimuru 27 days ago

    Sorry Claire, the only acceptable birthday cake is a chocolate cake

  • AE Cole
    AE Cole 28 days ago

    I’m pretty simple: is see Clair or food in my recommend, then I click, then I watch, then I’m hungry

  • Erica Howard
    Erica Howard Month ago

    i feel like i’m getting a science lesson during each video but i love it lol

  • Swassy Gadzooks
    Swassy Gadzooks Month ago

    Yellow cake with chocolate icing is my FAVE! ❤️❤️

  • Awesum Bear
    Awesum Bear Month ago

    Is it weird that I lowkey prefer the episode where Claire is tortured by her frustrations with recreating snacks?

  • john alt
    john alt Month ago +1


  • john alt
    john alt Month ago +1


  • lula-fifi
    lula-fifi Month ago +1

    Would this recipe yield enough mixture for two 8 inch cake pans?

    • Jasper Lai
      Jasper Lai Month ago

      lula-fifi Yep, with a little extra (10% or so).

  • Christine Gitonga
    Christine Gitonga Month ago

    00:03 I hope chris found what he was looking for

  • AGloves tea
    AGloves tea Month ago

    that cake looks dry lmao

  • WhiteSpatula
    WhiteSpatula Month ago +1

    Between Carla and Claire, making cake from scratch is as easy as pie, and making pie from scratch is a piece of cake! -Phill, Las Vegas

  • flumpf
    flumpf Month ago

    I had no idea sugar was a wet ingredient.

  • Ben K
    Ben K Month ago

    Claire would like Edina MN

  • Diet Coke
    Diet Coke Month ago +1

    We need gourmet cheetos or takis

  • Based Bronson
    Based Bronson Month ago

    I officially love you bc yellow cake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles is THE best birthday cake

  • pitch wife
    pitch wife Month ago

    what happened to the dope grey hair? :(

  • Sursie Metzger
    Sursie Metzger Month ago +3

    It wouldn’t be a BA video without Chris doing Chris things in the background.


    Claire is dafugginbess

  • natasha
    natasha Month ago

    You remind me of maeby funke

  • David Hartin
    David Hartin Month ago

    Claire is very purdy.

  • Brodin PAD
    Brodin PAD 2 months ago

    7:10 I Read “Birthday The Cake”.

  • The Moon
    The Moon 2 months ago +1

    Finally...a happy, calm, knows what to do claire

  • Ronin LePloof
    Ronin LePloof 2 months ago

    Make a Valencia cake!!! It's so delicious, you won't regret it! Please!

  • Dolly Sumrow
    Dolly Sumrow 2 months ago

    Great information?

  • Arrah Lopez
    Arrah Lopez 2 months ago

    I just love it so much whenever Claire smiles, especially when she makes it through a challenge and she gets that well deserved praise.

  • Amrit Shergill
    Amrit Shergill 2 months ago

    seriously omg why didn't you guys put the amount for the frosting separate from the cake mix like i fudged the whole recipe up god friggin damn it

  • Abbey K
    Abbey K 2 months ago

    Ok so I (a non baker) actually made this and it was delicious! I will day the chocolate frosting was a little too salty for my sweets loving pallet so I would go 1/4 tsp. Of salt in the frosting instead of 3/4. Other than that DELICIOUS & so easy. Thanks Claire!!!

  • Nicole
    Nicole 2 months ago

    I have been begging my husband for a kitchen aid mixer 😂😂 one of these days..he better get me one😂
    I dislike buttercream too. It really is just butter and sugar.
    It's why I make cream cheese frosting too lol.
    One thing I do is mix the cream cheese first to make sure its actually room tempt. I feel like it remains cold in the center lol....and I use to mess up by mixing the cream cheese and butter together..and discover the cream cheese was still cold.
    And oil does help cakes. One thing I learned is oil based cakes turn out better. Most white/yellow cakes tend to call for butter tho and are thick tho.
    I made a chocolate cake once. The recipe was a dud...what saved it was me adding oil. It was just too thick of batter and I knew it.

  • Colin Few
    Colin Few 2 months ago

    Or just cause you hate your self and wanna eat cake annd eat the entire thing ..............

  • Chef Love
    Chef Love 2 months ago +10

    The grey streaks in Claire's hair is gorgeous. Just saying

  • C.T. Oliver
    C.T. Oliver 2 months ago

    Did it seem like she was holding it together, that she just wanted to get the episode over and just go somewhere and cry?

  • EnteHS dUb
    EnteHS dUb 2 months ago

    She wasn’t wearing Gloves but at least I know she washes them first 😂

  • Samuel Janzen
    Samuel Janzen 2 months ago

    I'm mennonite and 'sheet' sounds the same as the German word for sh*t, at least in our specific type of low German, which is a family joke i started when my aunt makes sheet cake, my family never spoke English casually, so never made the connection, as well she makes a chocolate sheet cake, making it funnier

  • kim k
    kim k 2 months ago

    “He hated it but I was like more for me”, and that’s why I relate to pastry chefs

  • Alyson Shorthouse
    Alyson Shorthouse 2 months ago

    Whenever I've used a sheet pan like this - for cake or brownies, its always burned at the edges but still been raw in the middle. I'll have to give this a try.

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy 2 months ago

    Made for my wife tonight. The actual cake is amazing, but the frosting is too tangy (cream cheesy). Go with buttercream.

  • Katelynn Paulen
    Katelynn Paulen 2 months ago

    When you're making like cake or brownies and the edges are baked through and starting to brown faster than the center what can you do to remedy it?? Why does it happen?

  • Aaron Norris
    Aaron Norris 2 months ago

    I would die for Claire

  • Brenda Vo
    Brenda Vo 2 months ago

    Does this recipe have the same end result as the layered birthday cake in your cake series?

  • Sophia Gabrielle
    Sophia Gabrielle 2 months ago

    I love cake too

  • If We Won
    If We Won 3 months ago

    Should have tempered the chocolate

  • Rich Roberts
    Rich Roberts 3 months ago

    claire please bake me a birthday cake

  • Jamine Regnier
    Jamine Regnier 3 months ago

    Where are the amounts??!

  • Lee Jay
    Lee Jay 3 months ago

    Something about Claire is just so damn sexy.

  • JoyfulMD
    JoyfulMD 3 months ago

    I made two Claire recipes this week, this sheet cake and buttermilk buiscuits. Both amazing. This frosting is the only one I will ever make from now on

  • FuckingPurple
    FuckingPurple 3 months ago

    *okay gluten now let's get in formation*

  • Katie Grooms
    Katie Grooms 3 months ago

    I want Claire to be my best friend.

  • D E D N E P H
    D E D N E P H 3 months ago

    4:25 wtf is Chris doing?