VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 6

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    Niko, Sam and Clint sit down once again to react to some of Hollywood's zestiest CGi moments: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?
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Comments • 80

  • Michael K
    Michael K 4 hours ago

    What's the software for lightsabers on after effects?

  • Sophia Bogard
    Sophia Bogard 6 hours ago

    "Then we shall fight in the shade!"

  • Alex Vazquez
    Alex Vazquez 6 hours ago

    What Niko said at 8:40 blew my mind. Everything about this movie from the music, to the visuals, helps tell the story. Its amazing

  • Espen Sande Larsen
    Espen Sande Larsen 10 hours ago

    Please do Blurs shot in Deep Rising. I used to work as a VFX artist back in the mid to late 90s. That shot blew us all away... I have the SGI Origin, O2 and Octane2 running in my basement to prove it. :) #AliasPowerAnimator+Flame

  • Coro Sam
    Coro Sam 23 hours ago

    2020 Nepal

  • Kyle Noronha
    Kyle Noronha Day ago

    I would love it if you guys do a Harry Potter series episode. There's a lot of good and bad effects.

  • vlog station
    vlog station Day ago

    So is like every one from node in this

  • Waffle Boy
    Waffle Boy Day ago

    Same I he am
    Also avatar is one of the best movies before anything 2010+

  • Alif Unplugged
    Alif Unplugged Day ago

    What Is He Doin'😂
    At the Bottom to the Right

  • Spongebob pinto
    Spongebob pinto 2 days ago

    React to 300 rise of an empire opening scene....pleeeeeeeeeaaaaasssssseeeeeee

  • Revolutionary Cinema Productions

    16:08 honestly, i dont even think that Obi-Wan Kenobi versus Darth Vader scene remake is "arguably" better, i think its legitimately, and objectively Berger in literally (almost) every way. Dont hate on me, i love star wars, and i always have since i was a kid, but i think what makes this scene objectively better isnt just the fact its modern technology, choreography, editing, cgi, deep fakes, etc. All the technical stuff that has a good and bad execution, is definitely better in that remake scene, but i would say its better in every other way as well. If i was making my own personal fan edit "special edition", i would definitely consider putting this scene in an edit of my personal favorite edits and lack of edits in each movie and stitched them together lol just me tho no hate

  • Michael Silva
    Michael Silva 2 days ago

    (Savings Private Ryan ) movie 🍿

  • Jarhead 33
    Jarhead 33 2 days ago


  • elec man
    elec man 2 days ago

    7:47 BAGEL!!!

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 days ago

    Can't you guy take a look at I-Robot ?

  • Timber Wolf
    Timber Wolf 2 days ago

    Crank 2, Transporter 1,2,3, The Abyss, IRobot, Tron Legacy

  • Luke White
    Luke White 2 days ago

    Can you guys react to transformers?

  • Fenris30
    Fenris30 3 days ago

    No one ever bitched about John Stewart in the Justice League cartoon almost never matching constructs cause he was a marine even though he was an Architect in the comics. You use what you know.

  • derpyVfazbearX 6
    derpyVfazbearX 6 3 days ago

    Into the spider-verse really did do everything right

  • Yankee doodle
    Yankee doodle 3 days ago

    I recently watch avatar again and that water bit is just crazy. hell all of avatar is crazy it is so of ahead when it was made.

  • Mada Nasoro
    Mada Nasoro 3 days ago +1

    They should react to hercules Dwayne Johnson

  • Lachlan McKenzie
    Lachlan McKenzie 4 days ago

    but no blood at all on the floor surfaces in 300, why did they choose to omit blood splatters on the floor? For me that makes it kinda suck.

  • Anna Lago
    Anna Lago 4 days ago

    Can you guys analyze the battle in Aunt May's house from Spider-verse? That scene was so amazing I'd love to see how the movie's animators pulled it off. There are also many points in the movie where certain moments are paused and hand drawn in order to emphasize the action.

  • Couple O' Bros Studios

    daredevil hallway fight scene, please react to!

  • Bucky Wilcox
    Bucky Wilcox 4 days ago

    I want to see a how to train your dragon react, if there isn't one yet

  • Theonewolfe __
    Theonewolfe __ 4 days ago

    The mask has such good CG because it's bad and cartoonish.

  • Darian
    Darian 4 days ago +1

    Please enlighten me, why does everyone say green Lantern’s CGI is so bad. I really think it looks good at least for the tech 9 years ago

  • FaZe_GhostYT2
    FaZe_GhostYT2 4 days ago

    Not all matrix scenes need to look real like when they in matrix they in a computer system so for me it show that there are in a pc system

  • F Jani
    F Jani 5 days ago

    Don't lufgh from other vfx

  • HiI’m MCrek
    HiI’m MCrek 5 days ago


  • G Merrick
    G Merrick 5 days ago

    Have been following you for a while now. Love the series. Could you pls react to Shaolin Soccer , Hancock, Dragon Ball (the movie), mars attacks ?

  • flipist Stewypear
    flipist Stewypear 6 days ago

    Con you review birdemic

  • Joe Finnigan
    Joe Finnigan 6 days ago

    please react to crab rave (the music video)!!!!! ill subscribe if you do!

  • Joseph Ramsey
    Joseph Ramsey 7 days ago

    Wait a moment that’s the people from node

  • the person
    the person 7 days ago

    Please do a vfx artist reaction to Godzilla king of the monsters

  • flash
    flash 7 days ago

    Sherlock Holmes game of the shadows ... The tree running scene .... Please

  • Rebecca Armstrong
    Rebecca Armstrong 7 days ago

    smearing or motion blur is always back to front in movies .. its actually where many get it wrong .. and i always turn it off in games because well iv not come across a game that does it right .. and its because no 1 has thought about it at all in the development .. its just a feature of the engine and they simply turn it on .. which is just not ever been updated
    id rather have extra FPS maxing out my 144fps and allowing my brain to do it right
    because what happens in real life with your eyes is
    the static image stays the same clear detail and the smear moves outwards in the direction of travel the static image fades away and then more detail forms at the stop point as the smear fades away between the travel and outwards to the end points the centre fades away before the start point fades completely ..
    this is how it happens for our eyes ... motion blur is a thing that happens to eyes .. cameras must be set to a long exposure to get something ..but it will never quite be the same as how our eyes see it .. as our brain actually creates some of the effect aswell because it likes to fill in anything it doesnt know its actually 1 of the reasons i hate the starwars light sabre battles they do it all wrong .. !!!
    try it wave your hand infront of your eyes .. the first several times you do it will look very different to the rest of the waves .. and pay attention to which part fades first .. you will notice its the middle of the movement .. .. its even better with a laser etc
    for people learning how to create this
    buy a 12inch plastic ruler and hold it over the edge of a bench pressing it hard against the bench with 1 hand .. then use your other to bend it over the edge .. and allow it to flick .. it will bounce back and foward vibrating but look at the moving end .. and because the movement is also curved it lets u see how punches should be drawn in screen also ... notice how the you see full detail at the stop points in the motion but none in the main swing
    for another neat trick add colour to the ends .. notice what happens with colours
    it will never look the same as your eyes no matter how you fiddle with the camera settings
    with starwars there is always too much light .. i hate the new movies more for this .. the light being emitted from the light sabres are like a 30w HiD light those light sabres are so bright its like looking directly at a cars headlights in brightness ..

  • Saint matthias
    Saint matthias 7 days ago

    Just before watching this video I was playing L.A noire on Xbox.

    HEMANTHX 8 days ago

    Mollywood movie jack and daniels

  • Gabriel Chmiel
    Gabriel Chmiel 8 days ago

    the cg in Bladerunner 2049 is flawless!

  • Wooski13
    Wooski13 8 days ago


  • Ghost Dragonst
    Ghost Dragonst 8 days ago

    They called Star Wars Star Trek go to in the video 13:56

  • Christine Kesterson
    Christine Kesterson 9 days ago


  • James King
    James King 9 days ago

    + respect for the hld shirt

  • pwetniyo baho
    pwetniyo baho 9 days ago

    Can you do "Ready Player One"

  • PUBG GAMING - Tamil
    PUBG GAMING - Tamil 10 days ago

    2.0 Bollywood

  • Kaleem ullah
    Kaleem ullah 10 days ago

    Subscribe guys! Stop subscribing to fucking Pew Die Pie.

  • DaylightDigital
    DaylightDigital 10 days ago

    18:23 Now seems as good a time as ever to point out that Clint looks 100% like Jared Leto lol

  • Brandon Newman
    Brandon Newman 10 days ago

    react to jaws 3D

  • Lauren Hadnot
    Lauren Hadnot 11 days ago

    Sense8 tv series, Dragonheart, and The Mummy please.

    UKE-JESUS 13 days ago

    Gotta love that hyper light drifter t-shirt

  • lord nearcon
    lord nearcon 14 days ago

    The 300 scene there is one mistake THERE'S NO BLOOD ON THE FLOOR!

  • Kunal Patel
    Kunal Patel 15 days ago

    'Mard ko Dard Nahi Hota'

  • Brad Edwards
    Brad Edwards 18 days ago

    Pirates of the Caribbean

  • Anthony Draper
    Anthony Draper 20 days ago

    Do groot and rocket from guardians of the galaxy

  • Tomas Tremblay
    Tomas Tremblay 20 days ago

    React to ready player one

  • daisx beohfox
    daisx beohfox 20 days ago

    Bladerunner 2049 sucks balls

  • Jinka Bhathru Hari
    Jinka Bhathru Hari 21 day ago

    Saaho movie VFX

  • Frode Troelsø
    Frode Troelsø 21 day ago

    PLEASE REACT TO LOVE, DEATH AND ROBOTS!!! You guys are awesome!

  • Muhammad Yasir Muhammad Yasir

    I want to see dead man tells no tales

  • Mitra
    Mitra Month ago

    I'm so glad that Ryan Reynolds was reborn as deadpool. He saved it dude.

  • Hacktrader Hyde
    Hacktrader Hyde Month ago

    Not gonna lie.. When star waes scene came they said " O star trek one of my fav movies" like bruh XD

  • Oh Dahng boi
    Oh Dahng boi Month ago

    you showed the agent smith fight with out pointing out the bowling pin sound?

  • Enigma King92
    Enigma King92 Month ago

    I would love to see hellboy in hellboy 2

  • Dr. Loomis
    Dr. Loomis Month ago

    They shoulda just went without the mask in Green Latern. The movie would still be abysmal but at least the character would look better.

  • LoxyTheReindeer
    LoxyTheReindeer Month ago

    *Bagel!* xD

  • Isaiah White
    Isaiah White Month ago

    STAR WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex Kyaw
    Alex Kyaw Month ago

    React to Chinese mythological movies or the Monkey King movies

  • Zerg Zerg
    Zerg Zerg Month ago

    I'd like to see the Venom film.

  • Steven Moeller
    Steven Moeller Month ago

    The abs were fake, but not CG. Butler said that they were outlined and spray brushed so that they looked more defined.

  • Jovany Marquez
    Jovany Marquez Month ago

    React to Harry Potter underwater scene from goblet of fire

  • Pirate Dad
    Pirate Dad Month ago

    Please react to the illusion battle from Spider-Man: Far From Home!!!!!

  • sæmundur sesar kristjánsson

    Yo spiderman was not cgi im not criticising but pay more attention but make more videos they are very entertaining

  • Mecha Apple
    Mecha Apple Month ago


  • Keval Virani
    Keval Virani Month ago

    Man in black all parts

  • POPTOONS Skaff
    POPTOONS Skaff Month ago

    5:01 “That BLUE my mind”

  • Twilight Roamer
    Twilight Roamer Month ago

    You lazy artists....at first make these kinds of animations then decide to criticize the others....lazy hyper slow destructive cynic people.

  • Alexander Edwards
    Alexander Edwards Month ago

    Press x to doubt

  • utkarsh bahuguna
    utkarsh bahuguna Month ago

    React to Moribus

  • VandelayOfficial
    VandelayOfficial Month ago

    Please do Battle of Neretva of Waterloo.