WORST CHEFS EVER on Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Aug 25, 2018
  • Diamonds on my fish.
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  • TriEdgedPrism
    TriEdgedPrism 3 hours ago

    This is how chimichanga's plate should look like. Taste like heaven.


  • ZEPO
    ZEPO 3 hours ago

    how rude of that man to be sick and blame it on the lobster

  • Max Black
    Max Black 4 hours ago

    Knife fork spoon straw, why is he not a comedian

  • Your Welcome
    Your Welcome 4 hours ago

    And they are surprise why they don't have customer :x

  • Five More Minutes
    Five More Minutes 16 hours ago

    Ricky: Eats a rock
    Gordon: What did you just eat?
    Ricky: *Tastes like authentic pizza to me*

  • aimee suzanne caliao
    aimee suzanne caliao 18 hours ago

    Must be fresh and no microwaving at all. Ok got it!

  • natalia carlton
    natalia carlton 21 hour ago

    I've been watching too many of these, I'm starting to criticize my own cooking. 🤦🤦

  • Dan Beaumont
    Dan Beaumont Day ago

    I've had enough I've had fucking enough I've had enough
    Give me a shot
    Haha sal is an idiot

  • Dan Beaumont
    Dan Beaumont Day ago

    Ricky giving lex the side eye wait till were outside in the parking lot bitch

  • Neal Hill
    Neal Hill Day ago

    gorden ramsey id loved to see you tackle the school meals in uk lolol would be interesting

  • larrylatte25
    larrylatte25 Day ago

    do they ever cook good food

  • fire wank with meme

    11:02 don't think you should do that in front of customers John lmao

    SHABIR Day ago +1

    Legends say


  • Liz Sweetbrook
    Liz Sweetbrook Day ago

    The manager's faces are just too fucking funny...

  • Raabia Baig
    Raabia Baig Day ago +2

    The ending though
    "What's wrong with the place?"
    Lack of p- NINOOOOOOOO

  • Cookies &Cream plays

    And that's why I never eat at a random restaurant in another country-

  • phil huey
    phil huey Day ago

    I’ve seen grilled salads before and even had them. It’s not THAT unusual

  • Matija Mahulja
    Matija Mahulja 2 days ago

    When you had enough so you masturbate the pain away

  • Sansedy
    Sansedy 2 days ago

    Ricky: *Eats Tender Piece of elk*
    Gordon: "What was that?"
    Ricky: "NinooOoooO"

  • 1984rockabilly
    1984rockabilly 2 days ago

    6:30 Why is he kneeling before him? :-D

  • Vultix
    Vultix 2 days ago

    Man: *Vomits in the toilet because of decomposing lobster*
    JoHn: hE hAd SoMe KiNd Of ReAcTiOn tO iT

  • Harley Laufeyson
    Harley Laufeyson 2 days ago

    Gordon:What does that taste like?

  • Rhythm Mania
    Rhythm Mania 2 days ago

    "Cooking skills...." *dies of troll laugher*

  • Conner Monsjou
    Conner Monsjou 3 days ago

    Gordon: what’s wrong with the restaurant
    Manager: lack of customers
    * *random music* *
    Gordon: why is there a lack of customers
    Manager: we need more customers
    * *yEa tHiS iS bIg BrAiN tImE* *

  • bluefireflower
    bluefireflower 3 days ago

    *Gordon looking at the menu
    *fusion of confusion* I died 😂

  • Emily Tung
    Emily Tung 3 days ago

    is it just me or whenever i watch kitchen nightmares, im shocked as to how much food gets thrown out 😳

  • johny joe
    johny joe 3 days ago

    CHIMICHUCKITINTHEBIN is my favorite dish!

  • Dyubos 69
    Dyubos 69 3 days ago

    Bottomline always use fresh quality ingredients. That's not hard to do.

  • Maty™ Lenar Galaxy

    Gordon: Eats Ricky
    Food: Taste purple or car?
    Water: Yes

  • JungleINSECt Spikewall

    Ill give that dude that put the shrimp into the chicken that he is pretty good at like presenting the food and making it look appetizing

  • JungleINSECt Spikewall

    “Its a grilled lettuce what could go wrong” .... i dont cook and even i know you dont grill a lettuce

  • Lulú
    Lulú 3 days ago

    i Feel SOO BAD for that poor vegetarian woman, im vegetarian too and i would feel DISGUSTED and SICK knowing i just had meat

  • Nick Jones
    Nick Jones 4 days ago

    To be fair, I dont think there is anything wrong with that lady's family recipes. It probably has more to do with the fact that Erla resteams them and doesnt prepare them fresh.

  • Akshay Joshi
    Akshay Joshi 4 days ago

    I would like to eat what gordon discards. Maybe I have low standards.

  • Darren James
    Darren James 4 days ago

    If Gordon doesnt like our food....
    Thats why you are in a mess because no one likes the damn food.

  • Fetch
    Fetch 4 days ago

    "We're lacking in... NINO!!!!"

  • HawX
    HawX 4 days ago +4

    Whats wrong with this place?

    Lack of...


  • Lil Gup
    Lil Gup 4 days ago

    Chief: he’ll like my food guarantee
    Gordon: hate to break it to you

  • Rasmus Maigaard
    Rasmus Maigaard 4 days ago

    The guy that boiled a patty🤡

  • JayXJ
    JayXJ 4 days ago +5

    "What's wrong with this place?"
    "Lack of.. NinOoO"🤣🤣

  • jessicorn
    jessicorn 5 days ago

    I love how the video ends with " lack of NINO "

  • Tommy Allen
    Tommy Allen 5 days ago


  • MC Madness
    MC Madness 5 days ago

    That poor vegetarian

  • SleepLess
    SleepLess 5 days ago

    How the fuck can you mistake chicken for beef chicken a completely different texture

  • xd Aleks228
    xd Aleks228 5 days ago

    I’M DYINGGG 18:06
    “What’s wrong with this place?”
    “Lack of *N I NO* “

  • xd Aleks228
    xd Aleks228 5 days ago


    *C H I M I C H U C K I T I N T H E B I N*

  • Mass.Shadows
    Mass.Shadows 5 days ago

    Jesus Christ people are Fucking Retards! Even in 🇨🇦here I worked at a Tim Hortons and the Kitchen was absolute Shit! Then when I actually started to properly clean it the Retards there started giving me shit for properly cleaning it the Right Way! Ugggggh

  • Hunter Mcrodgers
    Hunter Mcrodgers 5 days ago +1

    I'm 12 years old & I'm a better chef then them for god's sake

  • Corilo91
    Corilo91 5 days ago

    Grilled lattuce, chicory and similars taste freaking good! It's a pretty old italian thing. Strange that Gordon never even heard of it.

  • Do0m
    Do0m 5 days ago

    Fucking hell Gordon is charmer. Man could charm a snake with that tongue.

  • BreakerSneaker official

    Why the mexicans dont know how to freaking cook!?

  • psykikninja
    psykikninja 5 days ago

    so scripted this fucking show pisses me off jk i dont give a fuck but still so scripted lol.

    • psykikninja
      psykikninja 5 days ago

      my god the second clip was like out of an anime or some shit. good characters. lol

  • josht27ffx
    josht27ffx 5 days ago

    Chef's and restaurant managers/owners should require a licence and a food standards test every few years to cook and sell food in any restaurant not just experience or a few qualifications that lobster could of killed a manv because of ignorance laziness and stupidity and that chef kept his job after that if a forklift driver drove into someone injuring them they'd lose there job and licence before they could say what happened

  • Midnight Rain
    Midnight Rain 5 days ago

    Me: surprised pikachu face

  • Jan Larricq
    Jan Larricq 5 days ago

    Holy sht i've never seen tamales that look so much like sht tbh

  • Christopher Greig
    Christopher Greig 5 days ago

    I wanna make a joke about the black guy not recognizing chicken... But I'm more concerned about his intelligence in general, the man was thick as shit.

  • rinleez
    rinleez 5 days ago

    Salmon spaghetti, damn

  • Aidy W
    Aidy W 6 days ago

    Ricky eats cock
    Gordon - what is it?
    Ricky - pussy

  • Ammonia
    Ammonia 6 days ago

    He gets so dramatic over the fucking vegetarians. Bitch ain't gonna die she isn't ALLERGIC. You'll live biatch

  • Nanz Calrissian
    Nanz Calrissian 6 days ago +2

    "it's like soaking wet newspaper!" .... so it's a tamale then.

    ZD SKILLZ 6 days ago

    I feel so bad for him

  • adrita das
    adrita das 6 days ago

    Restaurant: serves him his own recipe.
    restaurant: and I opp-

  • Disguised Loaf
    Disguised Loaf 6 days ago

    What's wrong with his head?

  • Ethan Blumsin
    Ethan Blumsin 6 days ago

    11:02 ahhhhh whatcha doin there bud

  • Burnlan
    Burnlan 6 days ago

    I feel sad for Perla but want to punch her in the face at the same time

  • Savinien Brulfert
    Savinien Brulfert 6 days ago +4

    Chef, give ricky to Eating
    Chef : what you ricky ?
    Eating : Lex !

  • Dota Game
    Dota Game 6 days ago


  • Atle M
    Atle M 6 days ago

    I've had grilled romaine salad several times before, so I don't really see the problem with that one.

  • Senso Comum
    Senso Comum 6 days ago

    Clearly scripted. Fake af

  • Andreas Lindahl
    Andreas Lindahl 7 days ago

    Serves a vegitarian a pork souce!