Actor Mistakes That Cost The Filmmakers A Ton Of Money


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  • Nicki Swift
    Nicki Swift  2 months ago +39

    Which of these examples do you think was the worst?

    • Ultramutt
      Ultramutt 8 days ago

      The one on the left. €16.62 for that..?

    • Polly Pockets
      Polly Pockets 25 days ago

      +Don Brown At least she helped pay for it. Lol

    • Polly Pockets
      Polly Pockets 25 days ago

      The lion one

    • J Becker
      J Becker 25 days ago

      It's not his fault, it's the studio's fault for not telling him. The idiot is you.

    • Jordan Snowhook
      Jordan Snowhook 26 days ago

      As for the worst; Roar takes the cake. Deliberately putting people in harm's way is inexcusable. The rest are all genuine mistakes. But not all are truly attributable to the actors.

  • Max S.
    Max S. 2 days ago

    On the last movie for "the Maze Runner", the main actor was allowed to do some stunts himself, which is highly unusual.
    In one sequence, he was supposed to jump from one moving plattform to another moving alongside.
    He missed.
    The impact on the ground left him seriously injured, and production was on hold for MONTHS.

  • George Talaba
    George Talaba 2 days ago

    these movies and actors make millions and they worry about a few 10`s of $ ... such bullshit. I think this are made up stories so they have more media coverage. How stupid is to rent a guitar from a museum for example when you can take a 100$ replica ...? sheesh ...

  • Inventor
    Inventor 2 days ago

    swallow a deeser, you're embarrassing

  • lygophile
    lygophile 3 days ago

    how is someone a professional enthusiast?

  • Kotal Kahn
    Kotal Kahn 3 days ago

    Russels now technically a walrus 😎🙋

  • Ronald Samson
    Ronald Samson 4 days ago

    Grow some balls with the so called mistakes Nicki. Mistakes don't exist. Life is what it is. Grow up. It's all a process. Learn from it if you got the guts to risk anything.

  • Pappetsu
    Pappetsu 4 days ago


  • weenieboy69g
    weenieboy69g 4 days ago

    Tippi Hedren and her daugher... Melanie GRIFFIN!! SMH

  • matt Dailey
    matt Dailey 4 days ago

    A lot of these seem like mistakes the crew made.

  • dupadupadoo69
    dupadupadoo69 6 days ago

    lmao imagine the call they had to make to the Martin guitar museum. "Hey it's Quinten....and um..we're sorry...we're sorry." Martin: "What? is the Guitar fine?" Quinten:.."We're sorry....."

  • John Smith
    John Smith 7 days ago

    Are Americans too lazy to take narration jobs? Brit and Aussie speaking mannerisms along with the vocal characteristics of the people doing this type of work, is unbearable. Had to quit watching.

  • bomark 2002
    bomark 2002 8 days ago

    Filthy crappin movie anyways

  • blue falcon
    blue falcon 9 days ago

    Everyone in the world scrutinizes? Lol..... maybe a little humility would be nice. Movies are not a big deal and most people don't care about actors.

  • cefnonn
    cefnonn 9 days ago

    1: 12 what on earth is a 'snafu'? New one on me!

  • CorneliusDurden71176

    You must be kidding with that shiity accent...

  • MrTirien
    MrTirien 10 days ago

    Well, the godfather is considered to be the best, so 40,000 is nothing.

  • Jake Wilson
    Jake Wilson 10 days ago

    The way you say Daisy's last name......never make videos again...

  • Sulucion 6Tone
    Sulucion 6Tone 12 days ago

    Oh NO - she wrecked a car and did $12,000 in damage... . . That should have been left out of this as i have had cars hit and run on for $40K+. bet insurance covered the car

  • Chris Redig
    Chris Redig 12 days ago

    He destroyed 4000000 guitar 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Chris Redig
    Chris Redig 12 days ago

    Back to stanivlasky

  • chuter52
    chuter52 12 days ago

    poor actors, so much stress........sorry, but no sympathy; they play-act for a living.

  • RaVen Sequoia
    RaVen Sequoia 13 days ago

    Stupid companies lending out expensive items on the set. Really!

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  • Cryptid Productions
    Cryptid Productions 14 days ago

    I feel like the ship incident is almost the directors fault for using such an expensive "prop" for something so stupid where a comparatively cheap high-end model off the shelf would've worked fine and not telling the actor he was filming with an obscenely expensive art piece.

  • Akin Khoo
    Akin Khoo 14 days ago

    Stoltz was not the original choice, he was given the role only because Fox was not available at that time.

  • Timmor Dragon
    Timmor Dragon 15 days ago

    LOL. That Model Ship gets smashed again when Adama and Tigh get in a fight. Probably not the same one though.

  • Kevin Pershin
    Kevin Pershin 15 days ago

    lol, you don't work on set apparently. Talent is always put first.

  • D Mert
    D Mert 15 days ago

    LMAO!! The poor guitar ahahaha......

  • Jim 762
    Jim 762 15 days ago +1

    Good to hear about these filmmaker's problems. They're so used to getting their own way-screw Hollywood! MAGA! KAG!

  • mlasko74
    mlasko74 15 days ago

    Russel will never be allowed around my guitar. That Martin in some peoples mind was priceless. Smashes it like a metalhead rockstar! 😖

  • supahtyp
    supahtyp 15 days ago

    "12 thousand dollars"............"A few hundred dollars" is that a ton of money for hollywood productions?

  • nicholascremato
    nicholascremato 16 days ago

    The silver Maserati was cheap garbage. They are all over my neighborhood like fly shit and costs a hundred grand, not even in s class territory!

  • nicholascremato
    nicholascremato 16 days ago

    What they are not telling you is that the model ship captain adama broke costs hundreds of dollars per nanometer! But that was nothing compared to all the billion dollar starships he destroyed!!!

  • Bob Fox
    Bob Fox 16 days ago

    You should be shot.....

  • Kris Fisher
    Kris Fisher 18 days ago

    Schlock,cheeky twat...oh and you can't even say a characters name

  • 357Muzzleblast
    357Muzzleblast 18 days ago

    Geeeesh, I despise actors...especially method actors. I note not one actor in this group offered as much as a penny to compensate the studios. Typical.

  • willprogresivo
    willprogresivo 19 days ago

    Lol, you're talking about millionaire actors. They can all break the things ten times.

  • rocknroller1231
    rocknroller1231 19 days ago

    That Martin was worth more then 40 grand lmao. Plus it is 100% irreplaceable

  • Garry M
    Garry M 20 days ago

    who is melanie griffin?

    • David Green
      David Green 12 days ago

      Melanie Griffith. She had some successes in the 80s and 90s as a film actress.

  • Rufus Shinra
    Rufus Shinra 20 days ago

    It's just a fucking guitar.

  • Mark Woods
    Mark Woods 20 days ago

    When you have expensive props like that communication is very important so, how about using some?

  • Saber Pendragon
    Saber Pendragon 22 days ago +3

    Why use a very old, very expensive and irreplaceable guitar as a PROP. The idea of a prop, is that it's a prop. It's not Kurt Russels fault, it's the prop departments.

  • Airgun Evolution
    Airgun Evolution 22 days ago +1

    What about when eddy griffin crashed a Ferrari Enzo in a promo stunt for the move Red Line?

  • Martin Jansen
    Martin Jansen 23 days ago

    Call GEICO!

  • Papo Pagan
    Papo Pagan 23 days ago

    Big deal. I’m sure everything was insured.

  • Michael D
    Michael D 25 days ago

    Brando costs producers $40 000, Russel destroys a guitar worth roughly $40 000, and repairs to a Maserati which collided with a fire hydrant costs $12000. One wonders how accurate these figures are.

  • Pablo Smith
    Pablo Smith 25 days ago

    Screw that plastic Maserati! The poor man's Ferrari. Who cares.

  • Jordan Snowhook
    Jordan Snowhook 26 days ago +7

    During the filming of "pirates of the Caribbean - At world's End" my job was ti build & fire all the cannons in the movies. (PoCII & III) This scene linked below was filmed over several months in different elements and ultimately spliced together along with considerable Visual Effects added in. But a crucial part was the 3 ships passing on another at sea.
    The Black Pearl was a full working ship that could move under its own power, while the other 2 ships were basically sets built atop barges. The Flying Dutchman being a complete ship and the Endeavor being only the stern portion of the ship. (The rest of the Endeavor was all CG.)
    On the day of the shoot I was on the Flying Dutchman as it was towed out to sea for 4 hours to get the Sun in the right place, near Sunset, and the other wo ships properly aligned as well. There was only one chance to get the timing right, and my job was to push all the buttons in the right order to fire the cannons at precisely the right time. Well, long story short, we (myself and 2 Special Effects colleagues) did manage to get the timing right on the first take. WHEW! I, for one, was very stressed to get this right! After we arrived back at the dock (6 hours later because of wind. A 19 hour day in total.) my boss, Alen Hall came up to me and thanked me for my good work. It seems that if we didn't get it on the first take there would have to be another day added to the schedule, some time in the future, and it would cost . between $400,000 and $1 Million to reschedule!
    Yes, there are costly mistakes that are made by the crew as well!

    • Peace Ninja
      Peace Ninja 23 hours ago

      Why is rescheduling a scene take so expensive?

  • Theofanis Lantzakis
    Theofanis Lantzakis 26 days ago

    I don't get your point mate. All this stuff is normal in show business. HO HUM! Boring!

  • flak jac
    flak jac 27 days ago

    it seems like actors outta shut their mouths and dolike told,sure their gunna have input,but please keep the diva behavior 2 a minimum

  • Dennis Menace
    Dennis Menace 27 days ago

    that Roar film was mad

  • margus kiis
    margus kiis 28 days ago

    I always wonder how some directors want always to use real props and locations even if nobody notices it. Film is a magic not reality.

  • margus kiis
    margus kiis 28 days ago

    Only some of them were actors mistakes.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 28 days ago

    A Set Runner fucked up, not Russel! Get you're facts right. Russel thought it was the fake guitar, that was replaced. The original instrument shouldnt have even been on the set, but someone screwed it up and Russel destroyed accidently the original.

  • mikeyh0
    mikeyh0 28 days ago

    You omitted Tom Cruise's broken ankle which delayed MI6 for weeks. All on him.

  • Just Away
    Just Away 29 days ago

    so what?

  • Joseph Greeley
    Joseph Greeley 29 days ago

    I remember that ship model. "Museum quality" is an exaggeration of the highest order. I'm sure it did cost hundreds of dollars. but it was a piece of decorative crap. the kind you find in expensive home décor places. It was probably made by Chinese slave labor. Olmos did the world a service by destroying it. Pity they didn't do the same for the final episode of Battlestar Galactica . . .

  • marcy Denville
    marcy Denville 29 days ago

    He busted up that Martin guitar from the 1850's on purpose. As much as I like Tarantino's movies, they did it on purpose.
    LOL LOL LOL Kurt, they have the Declaration of Independance in DC. Why don't you destroy that too and all else of American history.

  • Gareth Alan
    Gareth Alan Month ago

    Daisy Domergo? 😂

  • Alan Brando
    Alan Brando Month ago


  • Yama Koto
    Yama Koto Month ago

    An old piece of wood costs 14,000 dollars. Can't get any more backwards than this. Just saying.

    CREEPOFREEK Month ago

    Kurt Russel destroying a $ 40.000 dollar guitar in the movie the Hateful Eight is one of the funniest stories Ever heard. Way to go Kurt . Lol !!!

  • Mntimandze Bhambolunye

    russell was screwwwd i think the destruction of that martin was intentional. someone thought it could be real cool if that guitar was to die in that set. as everyone did in that movie. i think that movie is more dramatic now. i will watch it again. ps. that scene was neva deleted .....intentional

  • yes4me
    yes4me Month ago

    Last person didn't regret her mistakes. She seems genially dumb.

  • rdelaski
    rdelaski Month ago


  • 3989Mike
    3989Mike Month ago

    All this talking .. bull commentary .. MAKE IT STOP ...

  • Alge Borusas
    Alge Borusas Month ago

    Reminds me of Peter Sellers in the movie "The Party" as Indian actor Hrundi V. Bakshi who trying to tie up his shoe steps on a dynamiter plunger and blows up a mountain in the background by accident.

  • tracie day
    tracie day Month ago

    The Curt Russell incident made me laugh out loud. I know I have a warped sense of humor.

  • Just Jordan
    Just Jordan Month ago

    Yea but why would they need a Real Old guitar in a movie anyways. They don't really play on it....

  • businessnik
    businessnik Month ago

    Sounds like prop departments should learn how to make replicas of expensive things, rather than using the expensive things themselves. Are people sitting 3 inches from their 4K TV and critiquing the guitar she's using? Nope.

  • James Dominguez
    James Dominguez Month ago +2

    When directors forget to tell the actors the price of the props they're using its not really the actors fault or responsibility for its price

  • Luis Lizard
    Luis Lizard Month ago +1

    Can the directors just warn the actors before the take ??

  • Stig Weard
    Stig Weard Month ago +2

    virtually all of these were NOT mistakes made by the actors.

  • P. Hamilton
    P. Hamilton Month ago

    That mustache makes Kurt look like he's chomping down on a squirrel......

  • Bob the Avenger
    Bob the Avenger Month ago

    and... it's Melanie Griffith, no Griffin.

  • M H Doobs
    M H Doobs Month ago

    Melanie Griffin... I’m out.

  • NiKe-Chan 三日坊主

    Why does everday of shooting cost so much if missed?

    • Weldon Stewart
      Weldon Stewart 23 days ago

      Filming permits, salary for crew members (which usually run into the hundreds), equipment rental, etc.

  • sandy89107
    sandy89107 Month ago +1

    The movie about irritating the lions just to get some good shots of them mauling your actors is just evil...period.

  • James Lambert
    James Lambert Month ago

    Why boy, WHY?

  • Stephan 21
    Stephan 21 Month ago

    It was not Kurt ressel fault. The person on the set suppose to switch the guitar and he didn't.

  • scott FabT-Birds79
    scott FabT-Birds79 Month ago

    Kurt literally cried when Jennifer told him; asshole Tarentino assured her that he would yell 'cut' before Kurt grabbed the guitar, and he didn't...I agree with Edmond and Paco below that he did it on purpose....anyway, this should be titled Directors mistakes or Producers mistakes

  • sly1x
    sly1x Month ago

    I always go to a guitar museum....

  • Scotty Mac
    Scotty Mac Month ago

    That accent tho..... Robin Leach meets Austin Powers meets Keanu Reeves

  • M T Yermind
    M T Yermind Month ago

    Kurt Russell looks so incredibly awesome with that huge moustache

  • Maalik Rahim
    Maalik Rahim Month ago

    this is dope I like it!!! sub? 🤨

  • Lyle Waller
    Lyle Waller Month ago

    Didn't some guy sink the "Titanic" in a movie?

  • M.r. Moon
    M.r. Moon Month ago

    Seeing that hollywood isn't exactly known for intelligence, the Museums that furnished the Guitar and Model Ship should have had a representative to guard their property and make sure the fakes were used.
    I mean would you trust your property to a bunch of dope fiends, drunks and perverts.
    That psycho Tarantino did it on purpose (Realism, I MUST HAVE REALISM!) after all what's $40,000 WHEN THE MOVIE COST 50 MILLION, and vacuumed about 150 million out of the suckers(audience's) pockets.
    Come On who they trying to kid?

  • Tina Flintstone
    Tina Flintstone Month ago

    3:47 “CUT!”
    I don’t blame Russell because plenty of people who were watching his performance during taping could have stopped him before he smashed the guitar.

  • horace wayne
    horace wayne Month ago +1

    cant believe this channelis still around-reflects the worst of human nature

  • Nellie Eli
    Nellie Eli Month ago

    3:13 domo go its domergue ya brit

  • Nellie Price
    Nellie Price Month ago

    Why did they did they need that guitar. What level where they going for, fuck

  • niz D
    niz D Month ago

    WTF you didn't show any mistakes other than want you narrated

  • leon vanaswegen
    leon vanaswegen Month ago

    Really? 40 thousand is a lot?

  • Derek Wischmann
    Derek Wischmann Month ago

    $40K destroyed guitar on The Hateful Eight cost the filmmakers a TON of money. I don’t think so. What a poorly executed video. Thumbs Down!👎

  • DeadlyDanDaMan
    DeadlyDanDaMan Month ago

    Why did they need a legit 150 year old guitar for the Hateful Eight? The audience wouldn't have known any different if they had just used a cheap $50 acoustic guitar from fucking Walmart. Idiots.

  • Brent Meyer
    Brent Meyer Month ago

    Eddie Griffin - Redline

  • Aimee Curry
    Aimee Curry Month ago


  • Whytebio
    Whytebio Month ago +2

    I couldn't stop laughing during the segment with the lions.

  • willfm01
    willfm01 Month ago

    ridiculously stupid video..