Request Stops - Wootton Wawen / Danzey / Wood End / The Lakes

  • Published on Jul 17, 2019
  • It's Tuesday 16th July 2019, and on the line in-between Stratford-upon-Avon and Birmingham, there's a line with four request stops - Wootton Wawen, Danzey, Wood End and The Lakes. And I started at Wilmcote, the same place as last week for Bearley and Claverdon! Oh and there's a small matter of an aqueduct too ...
    You can download my map of GB Request Stops here:

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  • Geoff Marshall
    Geoff Marshall  2 months ago +51

    You’re all very kind to enquire if i’m bleeding, but it’s just where the pink pen i used for drawing the map has stained on my hand ..!

    • Puckoon2002
      Puckoon2002 17 days ago

      Those large staton name boards are known as "Running in boards".

  • Kristan Heneage
    Kristan Heneage 13 days ago +1

    This is such wholesome content.

  • German Period Drama
    German Period Drama 23 days ago

    Wait? There was an effing train between Birmingham and Straford during my semester abroad? And me idiot took the coach. I would have much more enjoyed taking the train :/

  • Tiddlywinks
    Tiddlywinks 27 days ago

    I use Stourbridge Junction often to get Birmingham but have never stayed in further than that watching this video gives me an incentive to do so.

  • Alex Wright
    Alex Wright Month ago +1

    Wait, so if these train operating companies succeed in getting rid of guards they'll have to get rid of request stops?

  • Alex Wright
    Alex Wright Month ago +3

    I've always wondered what on earth was at those mysterious request stops on my train journeys from the Black Country to Stratford-upon-Avon.
    You put your arm out like a bus??

  • Ryan Watson
    Ryan Watson Month ago +1

    That'd be a good name for a running/cycling series - 'Out of Breath Geoff' 😄

  • Erich Kouril
    Erich Kouril Month ago +1

    Hi Geoff, I just love your videos. Especially this one. I went on the Shakespeare Line many a times from Brum to Stratford upon Avon since an old time friend lives in Alcester. Not long ago the (from my point of view) elegant trains of London Midland ran on this particular line. Best regards from Vienna, Austria.

  • Mags Ballantyne
    Mags Ballantyne Month ago

    Do you know you where Bleeding

  • Siri Cheshire
    Siri Cheshire Month ago

    I love your videos but the people watching the platform cctv must be thinking what the hell is he doing!?

  • baseballfan99
    baseballfan99 Month ago

    I wish they had class 172’s on the very busy Manchester to Sheffield stopper rather than packed class 150’s or , until they are removed , Class 142,s

  • Buses, Trains and Observation Videos

    I was their at a late time 19:00 to Birmingham Snow Hill

  • angusgtw
    angusgtw Month ago

    Your brakes don't squeak?!?!!

  • Paul Sengupta
    Paul Sengupta Month ago

    More than you like railways?! 'Canal!

  • Zaki Zak
    Zaki Zak Month ago

    Why did you feel the need to use the wheel minus the bike, was the intention to get the same answer but in a far more inconvenient manner?

  • Zander
    Zander Month ago

    At Wood End you said the train you got there on was a Class 172 , But its a Class 170.


      It was an ex-Overground Class 172/0. The WMR 170s only go as far as Whitlocks End.

  • MKT Aviation & Rail Videos

    Ooh you went on one of the ex Overground 172s!

  • Aiden Gaming Ltd
    Aiden Gaming Ltd Month ago

    Geoff, which site do you use to make your timeline's?

  • Aiden Gaming Ltd
    Aiden Gaming Ltd Month ago

    Geoff, which site do you use to make your timeline's?

  • Real life trains & Train sim

    Are you going to be doing Dilton marsh and if so when because I’d love to come aswell

  • Charles Ball
    Charles Ball Month ago

    Geoff. The train that you left at Wood End was a 170, not a 172. Wood End always fascinated me as a boy as we used to pass the entrance on our journey from Broadway to Birmingham Airport. There was a station sign and a gate but no sign of a bridge or where the station actually was. From Broadway our journey took us past Willersey Halt, Weston Sub Edge, Honeybourne Junction, then after the river bridge at Bidford on Avon there came Wixford Halt, where we crossed the line, and then re crossed it before Alcester. After the mysterious sign for Wood End station the next notable railway infrastructure was the level crossing which had massive gates to cross the four track main line between Birmingham and Lapworth. Having been interested in railways all my life, (Train damaged my sister said) I now work for West Midlands Railway .

  • Elevate Bothnia
    Elevate Bothnia Month ago

    I thought the GOBLIN 172s would go off to Cardiff and the Valley Lines, but they apparently went to WMT...

  • Dave Keller
    Dave Keller Month ago +1

    At Wood End did they have a raised platform section, providing level train access to the platform with massive staircases?

  • Selsey Man
    Selsey Man Month ago

    As you like Trains etc ....Have you heard of 'The Selsey Tram' was a small railway that ran from Selsey to Chichester.... it closed years ago and most of the line has disappeared but bits can still be seen .... it is quite well known and there is the Selsey Tram walking route......

  • Selsey Man
    Selsey Man Month ago +1

    On request stop lines .....wouldn't it be an idea if trains had bells like buses do to tell the driver to stop.... they could be switched on and off as needed.......

  • MJAmosVlogs
    MJAmosVlogs Month ago +1

    so if the platform is 19 revolutions
    and is the wheel circumference or diameter 26 inches.
    let's say the diameter is 26 inches
    circumference = pix26 =81.68
    81.68x19 revolutions=1551.9 inches which is equivalent to 3939.54cm or 39 and a bit meters

  • Dan Collins
    Dan Collins Month ago +1

    Yes that was an ex-GOBLIN 172, you like it?

    LEE AVISON Month ago

    Measure your wheel to Vicky Feet Geoff lol

  • Gabor Szabados
    Gabor Szabados Month ago

    I just love your excursions like this.

  • pninpnin1
    pninpnin1 Month ago

    Geoff has said that he likes aqueducts more than he likes railways. Does that mean that we should be expecting a brand new series from him called All the Floodgates?

  • S Hopkins
    S Hopkins Month ago

    Another nice ride is oxfords port medow to abingdon along the river thames.

  • craigr98
    craigr98 Month ago

    In years to come that map you have done will be worth money.

  • Geoff Lane
    Geoff Lane Month ago

    How do the request stops affect the timetable? All this may depend on the unknown factor of if the train will stop or not.

    • Overflow Music
      Overflow Music Month ago

      west midlands trains aren't very good at timetabling request stops, the trains on this line are consistantly around two minutes late, but seem to almost always call at the request stops even though nobody gets on, nobody gets off.

  • HarcourtRBLX Comments

    It's like that we're on the London's bus stop

  • Andre Landry
    Andre Landry Month ago

    You seem to enjoy railway do the rails for trains and subway and trams sometime meet

  • Rail Rider74
    Rail Rider74 Month ago +1

    Did you see a stag & doe mating on the Caledonian Sleeper near Rannock? I have just done my second trip in 5 years and I swear the same beasts were at it again, over the same bloody boulder....who told them I was coming back???
    Ps.. love your vids, just needed to tell you this as I got back tonight. Ta.

  • Greg
    Greg Month ago

    The big station name boards you asked about are called 'running in boards'

  • Richard Talbot
    Richard Talbot Month ago

    There is probably someone looking at the cctv, saying what is that guy doing with his bike wheel. 😀

  • Phill Wainewright
    Phill Wainewright Month ago

    Geoff - I’m guessing your wheel is a 26 x 2.35, which gives it a circumference of 2083mm. So 19 and a bit revolutions is 40 metres (roughly) or 131 feet. 26 inches is the diameter.

  • thespecialone
    thespecialone Month ago

    In Germany you use buttons in the train and at the station to make sure the train stops. Isn't that something for Britain, too? I think it's much safer :-)

  • Sheronda Lewis
    Sheronda Lewis 2 months ago

    Geoff, I didn't see where would purchase a ticket or tap their Oyster or anything or did I miss that? And how many lakes are there in The Lakes? Thanks!

    • Sheronda Lewis
      Sheronda Lewis Month ago

      Thank you!

    • Overflow Music
      Overflow Music Month ago +1

      no ticket machines at any of the request stops on this line. West Midlands Trains operate a sort of pay as you go travelcard scheme but it's hardly used outside of birmingham. If you get on at a station without a ticket machine, you're supposed to get a ticket from the Guard or purchase a ticket at the end of your travel.

  • David
    David 2 months ago

    I love the T-shirt. Are they available?

    • DanLoudShirts
      DanLoudShirts Month ago

      They are indeed!

  • Nathan Huxley
    Nathan Huxley 2 months ago

    Geoff why d u call the turbostars the goblin

  • British Rail Productions

    All the Request Stops

  • Owen Jennings
    Owen Jennings 2 months ago

    You should visit #allthelocks

  • Cyclingbob
    Cyclingbob 2 months ago +1

    Can you addsubtitles or make it community contributions because they are useful in your videos sometimes. Thanks!

  • Simon Jobson
    Simon Jobson 2 months ago +2

    My season ticket takes me to Wootton Wawen. I have never embarked or alighted there; I commute in to Bham New St. But it is the same price to include all the way to Wootton Wawen. Been meaning to go there on my bike and cycle all the way home, but you’ve saved me the effort of exploring. Thanks Geoff!

  • Greg Robson
    Greg Robson 2 months ago +1

    Small correction Geoff, as shown at 1:39 the Edstone Viaduct is the longest cast iron viaduct in England, not Britain.
    Interesting fact: Longest aquaduct in Britain is the Pontcysyllte* Aqueduct (also highest in the world) and is located in Wales. Truly an engineering marvel of its time and worth a visit.
    * Never mastered pronouncing the name!

  • Nick
    Nick 2 months ago +1

    By chance I drove past Bearly Station 🚉 yesterday morning, great videos.

  • Malcolm Walls
    Malcolm Walls 2 months ago

    My dad was 47 years on the London to Brighton line as firemen then engine driver in 1949. Found his certificate the other day very humbling. Love watching your videos reminds me of my dad he used know a lot of quirky things about the railway too. Actual took the train the other day to Brighton rather then drive for a change.

    • Geoff Marshall
      Geoff Marshall  Month ago +1

      Malcolm Walls lovely comment Malcolm, thank you. appreciated!

  • Ian Bunyan
    Ian Bunyan 2 months ago

    Sign is called a "Running in Board". Old BR and pre-nationalisation ones go for a packet. The one for my local Station, Seend, and another for Bromham and Rowde Halt, would easily fetch £4-5000.

  • Craig Peters
    Craig Peters 2 months ago

    Vicki would call The Lakes quaint

  • lightdark00
    lightdark00 2 months ago

    LOL, releasing the wheel from the bike to count the distance. You could have kept it on the bike.

  • DerParadonym
    DerParadonym 2 months ago +1

    Next video: "what happens when you stand at the platform, but with no signal to get in?"

  • Francis Lennon
    Francis Lennon 2 months ago

    The easiest way to measure a wheel is to position it with the valve stem at the bottom then make a mark on the one complete revolution of the wheel so the valve stops at the bottom then make another mark on the floor measure the distance between the two marks. you will need to do this if you buy a bike computer because it will ask you for this input to accurately calculate your ride it usually comes out around
    you can find charts for these with different wheel sizes common mountain bike sizes are 26, 27.5 and 29 road bikes are 700c

  • DerParadonym
    DerParadonym 2 months ago

    Train driver: "oh Geoff getting in. Let's stop at each request stop without having a request."

  • Someguy
    Someguy 2 months ago

    Who the hell came up with these wacky station names? That person deserves a reward!

  • Anthony Price
    Anthony Price 2 months ago

    I hope you're going to Yorton soon Geoff. Great little request stop, with a two-door-sized platform on the northbound side and the southbound station building now being a house, and it having survived Beeching, it's really quite unique!

  • Geoff Lane
    Geoff Lane 2 months ago

    I'd love to see how you shoot some of your videos, the last shot in this video is of you cycling away. Obviously you then have to go back and pick up camera, is it same carera or multiple devices?

  • Iain Gold
    Iain Gold 2 months ago

    "Hanwell and Elthorne" I quite like. Hope TFL keep it.