Brexit deal vote ruled out by Speaker John Bercow - BBC News

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • The Commons Speaker has refused a government request to hold a vote on its Brexit deal.
    John Bercow said a motion on the deal had already been brought before MPs on Saturday, and it would be "repetitive and disorderly" to debate it again.
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  • Johan Ferla
    Johan Ferla 18 days ago

    John Bercow put Parliament above party. He is a true defender of liberal democracy.

    • Chrisd'stard
      Chrisd'stard 16 days ago

      No he puts his own ends before his duty, he clearly doesn't care about democracy

  • Sam de Goeij
    Sam de Goeij 19 days ago

    How to say I'm not going to allow a vote on this bs again since we can't agree on the right course of where we're going.😁😁 Don't ask us we don't have the faintest clue where we're going. On the other side of the water meanwhile😒

  • Radmehr Khalilnejad
    Radmehr Khalilnejad 20 days ago +1


  • harleyblue999
    harleyblue999 20 days ago

    It would be just Dandy ? should something happen to this creep Bercow the Effer,is he from Hereford by any chance.

  • MrKeyframes
    MrKeyframes 20 days ago +1

    Didn't this guy say he was going to retire and even cry about it? When is he leaving? Not impartial and will be better for the Parliament when he's gone.

  • Keith Harris
    Keith Harris 21 day ago

    To many threats of “No-Deal” Brexit, and not enough action as usual... “Bercow Corbyn & Co” are taking the piss with the nod from from their mates in the EU who must be obeyed or else.... God, it’s so embarrassing as sad little Britain gets arse whipped by the EU with a little help from the UK’s “Remain” traitors...

  • Beth McHugh
    Beth McHugh 21 day ago


  • susan santapola
    susan santapola 21 day ago +1

    The sooner Brexit is stopped the better. Based on lies and not in the best interests of our country.

  • Samuel Carrington
    Samuel Carrington 21 day ago

    Is there a resin the bbc is totally ignoring the ep stein case?? What about Prince An drew?? Royal pea do? Why isn't the bbc covering this?? Are you still covering up for pea dos like you did in the days of Jimmy sa vile?
    BBC = pea do protection

  • Alvin Grantham
    Alvin Grantham 21 day ago

    Hahahah 5:04 Seconds... Bercow gold !

  • Shauka Hodan
    Shauka Hodan 21 day ago

    You've been Bercow'd!

  • Chattpat Toys Review

    The parliment members laughing, while on other side the people ruined. whats going on?

  • Chattpat Toys Review

    Why they are doing such a daramas??

  • alisuo toko
    alisuo toko 21 day ago

    You've been Bercow'd!

  • Jay Mac
    Jay Mac 22 days ago

    SOME REAL NEWS : #FreeJulianAssangeNow

  • kevin ockenden
    kevin ockenden 22 days ago

    I always thought that holding a referendum and having politicians declared they would abide by the decision of the people’s referendum is what paid Employees of the people do, they are making British politics an absolute side show with their lack of integrity, and a total lack of respect for the Majority of people who voted to leave the EU.
    They like most of the left now say they didn’t know what they were voting for and use their insults, this is what happened with the American election of Donald Trump and the Australia Election of Scott Morrison and now Britext.
    If I behaved like this mob without integrity or respect for those who voted and then say what we put forward is not what we meant, my integrity, respect and career would have been over,
    The Queen should use her powers to dissolve the parliament and call for a General election and let the people decide on what politicians they feel have betrayed them in the referendum. This is no longer about the referendum because a vote was taken and the majority of people had spoken and chose to leave it is about politicians who do not keep their promises to the people they serve.
    Can anyone say if they behaved like this lot they would have their job for long, I don’t think so.

  • Seer Seerwealth
    Seer Seerwealth 22 days ago +1

    To all with IQ above FREEZING point
    (intellectually challenged continue to live as you do now).

    Number one:
    UNITED KINGDOM PEOPLE are only ones who can decide own future!
    They will have to live with their decisions.
    MPS have NO RIGHT to implement in COMMONS their own agendas.
    Not a single MP be it GRANDAD of COMMONS or GRANDMA have any RIGHT to implement their own VIEWS.
    NOBODY from MPS, who suppose to represent the UNITED KINGDOM nation its PEOPLE
    have that right, that includes Commons SPEAKER.

    DUTY of all MPS whomever they may be and forgotten whom they WORK FOR
    MUST FULFILL their DUTIES to people who elected them.
    While sitting on green benches.

    If they fail, that is not DEMOCRACY as they so freely repeatedly loudmouth
    but MPS' ANARCHY in COMMONS, where strong-arm and loud mouth self-centred
    individuals rule that is called ~THE ANARCHY~ by MPS.

    650 MPS including **speaker** MUST FOLLOW PEOPLES DECISION
    or not only MONARCHY will perish, but also any DEMOCRACY and the UK will become

    So far, with utmost ARROGANCE in their DUTIES to UK NATION PEOPLE
    MPS acted as peoples dictators, not peoples servants. MPS must SERVE PEOPLE.

    Before UNITED KINGDOM became member in sick EU Empire, an old dream of ADOLF,
    UK was power worldwide.
    UNITED KINGDOM after LEAVING without ***any ties*** to collapsing EU EMPIRE
    will RECOVER from sickness fast and will RISE AGAIN AS KINGDOM to recon with

    EU is not an Emergency I.V. & oxygen
    to GREAT BRITAIN ~ UNITED KINGDOM but suffocating monster, blood-sucking leeches vampires planning to destroy the UK. That way EU will eliminate their competition.
    Only those who profit by raking billions like arms dealers, love to have ties to the EU scream to stay.

    UNITED KINGDOM MUST, to SURVIVE as KINGDOM, shed SHACKLES of despotic EU regime to flourish once again.
    40 years in, grow huge dependency and surrender to strangers WILL.
    UK never benefitted by membership.
    Without blood money paid to the EU by enslaved UK taxpayers, the EU will collapse in 2 years at most.

    We were under jackboots of EU 40 years.
    BUT BEFORE thousands of years this country was PREMIUM land and people.
    What changed?
    HAS UNITED KINGDOM morphed to vassals' country?
    No more SOVEREIGN UNITED KINGDOM with our QUEEN as our MONARCH and head of State???

    Have MPS became UNITED KINGDOM RULES, "monarchs", little piddling emperors self-gratifying
    conceited egomaniacs, addressing themselves most pompously as
    Most learned, learned, noble, honourable, etc, yet few actually looked in DICTIONARY
    and see what titles really mean.
    Maybe then, MPS would realize and act accordingly, as MPS working for HONOURABLE UNITED KINGDOM
    We all, are honorable subjects to our QUEEN, OUR MONARCH, including in Commons, outgoing speaker.
    ACT with honour MPS, if you know what that word means.

  • bilias hour
    bilias hour 22 days ago +1

    You've been Bercow'd!

  • Ricky Kay
    Ricky Kay 22 days ago +1

    The man has a "bollox to brexit" sticker on his car. Of course he's impartial. He'll be first against the wall, with comrade corbyn along side him. "all are cleansed by the fires of revolution".

  • Paul Hillier
    Paul Hillier 22 days ago

    What a dick head you are bercock

    • bilias hour
      bilias hour 22 days ago

      It's not rocket science to work out what Berkows doing and where he is trying to direct this especially since EU chief David Sassoli let slip about their secret meeting and how

  • Ghost of GG
    Ghost of GG 22 days ago

    Deed dark talks

  • Ghost of GG
    Ghost of GG 22 days ago

    Im a leftist

  • Ghost of GG
    Ghost of GG 22 days ago

    No need for trasparenncy

  • Ghost of GG
    Ghost of GG 22 days ago

    You see after right?

  • Ghost of GG
    Ghost of GG 22 days ago

    Reeeeeee wee are good and no need for mirrors

  • Ghost of GG
    Ghost of GG 22 days ago

    Ree whute man is bad and we are good dooind nothing

  • Ghost of GG
    Ghost of GG 22 days ago

    Huh huh huh

  • Ghost of GG
    Ghost of GG 22 days ago


  • Ghost of GG
    Ghost of GG 22 days ago

    Im immortality woman

  • Ghost of GG
    Ghost of GG 22 days ago

    You think you can lay of

  • Ghost of GG
    Ghost of GG 22 days ago

    Theses dorky women

  • Ghost of GG
    Ghost of GG 22 days ago

    20 wicked witches

  • Tricky Subject
    Tricky Subject 22 days ago

    Shitweasel of the decade.

  • okow tina
    okow tina 22 days ago +1

    Hear, hear !!!

  • Carl Wakeling
    Carl Wakeling 22 days ago +1


  • QuadCopter 102
    QuadCopter 102 22 days ago +1

    Bercow is a Remoaner and not impartial as is required and expected as the Speaker of the House.

  • Mark c
    Mark c 22 days ago

    It's not rocket science to work out what Berkows doing and where he is trying to direct this especially since EU chief David Sassoli let slip about their secret meeting and how he and Berkow shared the same Interests over Brexit. Just to remind you Sassoli has said that he wants a second referendum which is the usual modus operandi of the EU who never accepts a democratic first result that goes against their own agenda.

  • Natural Law
    Natural Law 22 days ago

    So parliament shouldn't have to consider the same thing ' in substance' twice, but the People, who in 'theory' apparently, elect them, should be forced to? I've never heard such elitism in my life.

  • B.T.
    B.T. 22 days ago

    The utter shamelessness. In any other country such a biased speaker would have been sacked long ago. Not in the UK.

    • Paul Hillier
      Paul Hillier 22 days ago

      At least he is working out he's notice

  • Up North
    Up North 22 days ago

    so deluded and out of touch with the public and reality these people!! they saying cant read 115 pages in 3 days??????? could read it in an hour!! and they all on bbc saying oh it bad deal, bad for workers blah blah, then when asked if read bill they havn't???? so what is there knowledge based on? what someone else has told them?? if our politicians can't read and discuss a 115 page bill in 3 days they need changing!!! just remainers doing all can as usual to undermine the vote and the intelligence of the british public!! 3 votes to leave!!! 3 years they have had!! useless the lot should be tried for treason and being undemocratic in ignoring the vote of the people as they promised

  • Anti Thesis
    Anti Thesis 22 days ago

    Disorderly and repetitive, eh? They said they don't want disorderly exit from EU but brand the attempt at doing the discussion as disorderly. Words salad, Mr. Speaker, cannot hide the clear distinction of what your priority is and what isn't.

  • Dave Coyle
    Dave Coyle 22 days ago

    This is the worst parliament in british history it needs to be got rid of with a ge ! Scumbags all of them , letwin , bercow , grieve , sourberry they will all pay one day !

  • Josh Thomas
    Josh Thomas 22 days ago

    Get the speaker out! Hes all for staying

  • craig parkinson
    craig parkinson 22 days ago

    Wheres guy fawkes when you need him

  • Mark Slator
    Mark Slator 22 days ago

    little pleb

  • sir Beanalot
    sir Beanalot 22 days ago +1

    They cant vote twice on this yet they wont another vote on brexit bunch of snakes.

  • Dee Smith
    Dee Smith 22 days ago

    Wow... the Parliament in the UK is even more corrupt than the Democrats in Congress in the US. Who _is_ this clown "Bercow"? I thought the _people_ decided to leave the EU. _Those_ circumstances haven't changed, either. So why are there so many imbeciles in Parliament demanding another vote on THAT?! Shouldn't _that_ be rejected on the grounds that it would be "repetitive and disorderly" to do so? Hasn't Parliament been diddling itself for the past 4 or 5 _years_ about Brexit? Aren't you concerned about the use of your time when it comes to doing the will of the people for whom you serve?? Smh...

  • Cassie Ash
    Cassie Ash 23 days ago

    Who gives a fuck just leave the eu for god sake

  • Joan DelUr
    Joan DelUr 23 days ago

    Mr Bercow, you have the dignity and courage both (and knowledge of legal and just procedures) even more than a big percentage of honorable members, to put it in some way in some specific cases, of the house; and principally do not suffer the pressure of overwhelming "subjects" that want to "rolling on everything" to lead the situation and seen their planes "go ahead", does not care the "way" and the "how" its happens, in any case will be the people through more taxes or from the Government coffers those that will must to pay for leave Europe, with or without the deal; this subjects only think in their business, not interested in the money UK would been loose for do not have arrived to get a deal with the EU at the end of this way. And I am not talking about who got the right about Brexit, to remain, or to leave. This arrogant "subjects" will not have problem about how much money will go throw it away, this "subjects" that said to have the better level of "wellness" created under their governs for the folks of this Country...damn!!!!!
    There are a great amount of people that do not have money to pay the rent, students that family have to make miracles to send them to study, others without home, to do not talk about of those that do not have a work, and elderly people that have miserable retirements... some "arrogant" subjects from the House, do not merit to be where they are. They have had three years to get a deal, and the assigned for that...had FAILED.
    Will appoint their failure to those that have been not assigned to Govern?

  • deemah 322
    deemah 322 23 days ago +1

    I think Boris is doing his best and bercow needs to piss off

  • Peter
    Peter 23 days ago +5

    David Cameron created this mess
    Can we start a petition to have him hung?

    • Chrisd'stard
      Chrisd'stard 16 days ago

      @Peter Incompetent? Hes busting his ass to deliver on the democratic vote , despite efforts from all sides to stop him. Hes a true hero of the people, 10 times the man Corbyn is, and as for previous labour leaders don't get me started. Bring on an election and put it to the test. Oh wait a minute, labour are refusing to let democracy take its course... you can always rely on them. I'd be livid if I was a labour leave voter....

    • Peter
      Peter 17 days ago

      @Chrisd'stard no I literally mean let's hang him...
      He was incompetent, just like Boris Johnson is now... Along with all the other Tory leaders.
      Let's turf them all out and put Labour back in charge. It's our only hope......

    • Chrisd'stard
      Chrisd'stard 19 days ago

      Surely you don't resent Cameron for giving the people the chance to have a say? Unless
      a) you think the people are too stupid make a decision.
      b) you don't like the outcome of thei vote.
      If we'd been given the vote 10 or 20 years ago, we would have been left long ago and reaping the benefits of being free of EU regulations.. but there's no way the likes of Blair would have given ordinary people a voice.

    • David Hudson
      David Hudson 22 days ago

      Peter. Do you mean hanged?

  • Naveed Ahmad
    Naveed Ahmad 23 days ago

    Hello fellows

  • Princess Katie
    Princess Katie 23 days ago

    Guys I’m so confused... *curls hair in finger*

  • Gav Columbo
    Gav Columbo 23 days ago

    What a dull little man

  • gdsmchris
    gdsmchris 23 days ago +1

    All i can say is, "Bercow is out of ooorrrderrrrrrrrrrrrr"

  • gdsmchris
    gdsmchris 23 days ago

    Even if we come up with a deal that is satisfactory to every single person in the country and the house of commons , bercow will still block it because he doesn't want to leave the EU, He's supposed to be impartial but its its plain to see that he Isn't , the scumbag

  • mo brown
    mo brown 23 days ago +1

    MPs are ruining this country

  • buddy smith
    buddy smith 23 days ago +1


  • buddy smith
    buddy smith 23 days ago

    A horrible. arrogant . obnoxious . trumped up little FART of a man ! You have done more damage to our country than Maggie Thatcher !

  • Diand Bull
    Diand Bull 23 days ago

    When ever I see this pompous man sitting in that chair, I'm reminded of a meal mother used to make...... Toad in the Hole!!