Official Teaser: Disney's Maleficent: Mistress of Evil - In Theaters October 18!

  • Published on May 14, 2019
  • “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” is a fantasy adventure that picks up several years after “Maleficent,” in which audiences learned of the events that hardened the heart of Disney’s most notorious villain and drove her to curse a baby Princess Aurora. The film continues to explore the complex relationship between the horned fairy and the soon to be Queen as they form new alliances and face new adversaries in their struggle to protect the moors and the magical creatures that reside within. The film is directed by Joachim Rønning from a story by Linda Woolverton and a screenplay by Linda Woolverton and Micah Fitzerman-Blue & Noah Harpster, the film is produced by Joe Roth, Angelina Jolie and Duncan Henderson with Matt Smith, Jeff Kirschenbaum and Michael Vieira serving as executive producers.

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  • Honey  Sharma
    Honey Sharma Day ago


  • KurlyFox
    KurlyFox Day ago

    Well we already know that Maleficent isn't evil in regards to her adopted daughter.

  • Richard Compton
    Richard Compton Day ago

    For everybody who's asking, the song is a cover of Donovan's Season of the Witch performed by Audiomachine ft. MOLLY.

  • futuramayeah
    futuramayeah Day ago

    i don't remember the animated Sleeping beauty movie as much , is not Maleficent a Sorceress and not a witch?

  • kumanons jams
    kumanons jams Day ago

    YO DISNEY, can I have my 2d animation movies back, please.

  • Khairul Anwar
    Khairul Anwar Day ago

    To those who still wondered, it is a sequel. This can be proved by the wings that Maleficent had in this teaser. Remember at the end of the movie whereas she reclaimed her wings, in this one, she fly with that wings.

  • وليد علي
    وليد علي Day ago

    Malifecent 2.Mistress of evil.This Movie is going to be a BILLION DOLLARS Movie.The fans are going Insane/Crazy talking about the Movie.Showing October 18 2019.WORLDWIDE.

  • وليد علي
    وليد علي Day ago

    Yes.Shes's coming.Angelina Jolie and Michelle Phiffer.This is Epic.Goddesess of Acting.What can I say Just Wow.

  • Fatmasari Fatmasari


  • José Luis Cabáñez Castanedo

    How to make a blockbuster movie trailer by @Auralnauts still relevant!

  • desiree love
    desiree love Day ago

    Oh my god no offense Disney but if we didn’t like it the first time it came out we’re not gonna like it again

  • Lpk Hamaren
    Lpk Hamaren Day ago +1

    Its good to know that she did a movie series

  • Emrys Bad
    Emrys Bad Day ago

    1:09 every girls halloween costume this year. PERIODT.

  • paulo arenas damaso xd

    What's its the song from the movie

  • leenaquinzel
    leenaquinzel Day ago

    oh my goddd yess!!!!!!

  • Melissa Ramirez
    Melissa Ramirez Day ago

    I love the Trailer

  • وليد علي
    وليد علي Day ago


  • Wall-e
    Wall-e Day ago

    Am I the only one who is addicted to this ?

  • Succuba
    Succuba Day ago

    Fans: So Disney will we have have a child friendly film or a film for mature audiences?
    Disney: *yes*

  • Jane Petty
    Jane Petty Day ago

    Didn’t they already do this movie? I feel like I’m losing my mind

  • Mohammed maaz
    Mohammed maaz Day ago

    Song name please

  • Phinehas Maximus
    Phinehas Maximus Day ago +1

    Maleficent: “You know I’m bad! I’m bad! I’m really really bad! And the whole world has answer right now just to tell you want I want, who’s bad!

  • tami8650
    tami8650 Day ago

    Diaval 😍💕

  • kikyo kirishima
    kikyo kirishima Day ago


  • Jam Ali
    Jam Ali Day ago

    OH MY GOD!!!

  • azarath vilar
    azarath vilar Day ago


  • Pasha Solonin
    Pasha Solonin Day ago

    So I guess Maleficent didn’t find out what’s in the box.
    #KH ♥️♥️♥️

  • Simone Kaur
    Simone Kaur Day ago +1

    I heard the story of sleeping beauty or maleficent

  • Melle Mads Woestenburg

    Did anyone notice that Aurora has a little wound or scar on her finger at 0:24? Nice little detail.

  • jeon kinny
    jeon kinny Day ago


  • ha hotdog
    ha hotdog Day ago

    Her voice.. her accent.. it's so satisfying :

  • Jeffery Jones
    Jeffery Jones Day ago

    Just before Halloween... Cain't wait!

  • Jackie Kline
    Jackie Kline Day ago

    Part 1 had a good ending. This just seems unnecessary.

  • YOON iverse
    YOON iverse Day ago

    I'm expecting another song from lana del rey here

  • Kroolee
    Kroolee Day ago

    Whooo can’t wait

  • Ben Cool
    Ben Cool Day ago

    These scumbags need to crawl bk into their bunkers...hollywood scumbags....fuck hollywood! Anybody still in hollywood is pedophile....

  • Osama Massarweh
    Osama Massarweh Day ago +1

    Lyrics (so you can sing along): When I look out my window Many sights to see And when I look in my window So many different people to be That it's strange So strange...

  • ryan schiller
    ryan schiller Day ago +1

    I was initially pissed with the Disney marvel buyout.. purely because I feared they would "Disney" my favorite marvel characters. Seems here that the marvel influence was stronger than I had ever imagined..

    • ryan schiller
      ryan schiller Day ago +1

      Let's put it this way.. this ain't no Cinderella 2

    • ryan schiller
      ryan schiller Day ago +1

      Im saying that's what it looks like.

    • Osama Massarweh
      Osama Massarweh Day ago

      Do you mean that the battles and characters in this trailer are influenced by Marvel?

  • Punny Puppy
    Punny Puppy Day ago

    Guys, they changed it bc of descendants. They can’t make maleficent good. Kidding.
    Or the troll on 0:33 did something to her.

  • けいすけ
    けいすけ Day ago


  • Renbei Pailden
    Renbei Pailden Day ago

    1:10 an evil laugh that i only like

  • Ian Bragas
    Ian Bragas Day ago

    Im so excited for this movie😙😙😙

  • saidul islam shakil

    Can anyone name the music?

  • TTVDrewTheGod25 _

    This comes out on my birthday lol

  • KookyNoot
    KookyNoot Day ago

    so it's basically the first one but with better graphics?
    well alright then

  • Player_2
    Player_2 Day ago

    Shit is about to get real

  • Um,What? Nothing

    Maleficent: Mistress of Evil...

    (But not really)

  • Apex
    Apex Day ago

    This movie already came out tho
    Or am I just retarded

  • Hannah Jenner
    Hannah Jenner Day ago

    And why is she doing all this now?

  • Hannah Jenner
    Hannah Jenner Day ago

    But the king died in maleficent part 1

  • Mr. EmojiApe
    Mr. EmojiApe Day ago

    Damn man......after the first movie has ended,i wish that there will be a second part and it maybe will have LOTS OF ANOTHER FAIRY.
    And it finally came true After 6 years 😂

  • haniya raza
    haniya raza Day ago

    is it just me or did her eye colour change ??

  • Peace No More
    Peace No More Day ago

    How many money you gonna make this year ?
    Disney : yes

  • Yikes Man
    Yikes Man Day ago

    Dang Brad Pitt really messed her up

  • Binh Lo
    Binh Lo Day ago

    Actually i don't want Aurora to fall in love with the prince. Cause i don't see chemistry between them much. I think Diaval and Aurora should end up together. Cause i dunno, they look cute and the chemistry between them are very strong

  • unknown mis
    unknown mis Day ago


  • Reginald Armah
    Reginald Armah Day ago

    Some few hours later:
    Everything You Missed In The Trailer For Disney's Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

  • Rimba Bantara
    Rimba Bantara Day ago

    Please let Lana Del Rey do the soundtrack

  • Unicorn Bitch
    Unicorn Bitch Day ago


  • MaverickMarty
    MaverickMarty Day ago

    So we'll have to deal with a new royal family?

  • No_mans_hell Madsen


  • Krista de los Reyes

    Just watched Maleficent on Fox Movies a few moments ago! Looking forward to this sequel! 😻

  • OleeOleeLeee
    OleeOleeLeee Day ago

    She reminds me of Loki.

  • Frosty Paws
    Frosty Paws Day ago

    i have a feeling this season gonna reveal the far background of Maleficent like her parents and that Kingdom ~

  • Florian Barbe
    Florian Barbe Day ago

    The ascend of Angelina is différents so first movie is thé hommage of voice of maléficent 1959

  • Rania Asif
    Rania Asif Day ago


  • AncientSoul Illusion

    Tbh I’m crying of happy

  • Gacha Mae98
    Gacha Mae98 Day ago

    Who is watching this trailer while watching the old maleficent movie?😂

  • aurora fatimah
    aurora fatimah Day ago


  • Ren 22
    Ren 22 Day ago

    Everyone chill, she's not evil. It doesnt take a genius to figure out who really is the evil one in the trailer

  • X Huy cute
    X Huy cute Day ago

    Việt Nam ????

  • Ksdnsd Kumar
    Ksdnsd Kumar Day ago

    Director: There is nude scene.
    Angelina: YES

  • Karen Aguilar
    Karen Aguilar Day ago

    Her collarbones could cut glass

  • Children Summerville

    Oh shit..

  • Phương Việt
    Phương Việt Day ago


  • jsw 2525
    jsw 2525 Day ago

    Wtf are those cheekbones... Why are they so sharp

  • Methane
    Methane Day ago


  • brettyarima
    brettyarima Day ago +1

    please have lana del rey on the soundtrack

  • Daniel Herrera
    Daniel Herrera Day ago

    When will villains get there happy ending

  • madaraoluv2
    madaraoluv2 Day ago +1

    Can I just say while I'm glad this trend of looking at the villains perspective isn't totally dying out after Maleficent 2 (Cruella De Ville film). I still feel Disney is wasting a lot of potential by not capitalizing on perhaps the most interesting henchmen they have. Namely Shenzi Banzai and Ed. Yes come July hopefully we'll see Scar striking a deal and forming his alliance wit them, also more of his time as ruler of the Pridelands. Yet what about after? What about when Zira got banished? What about Janja's clan? Are they in fact decended from Shenzi? Is Shenzi Janja's mother? Is Banzai his father? Is Ed the father of Cheezi? Sucks that may never happen I feel. Least we still got the 2019 Lion King. Do the hyenas justice you remake

  • theo agus susanto
    theo agus susanto Day ago +1

    U guys All says maleficent is evil?!? No! Maleficent is not evil

  • theo agus susanto

    U guys All says maleficent is evil?!? No! Maleficent is not evil

  • Ice Heart
    Ice Heart Day ago

    In Sleeping Beauty Maleficent was a villain you hate to love but love to hate.
    In Maleficent I had no problems loving her. And now...I think I need to sit down.

  • JDtron 17
    JDtron 17 Day ago +1

    Well at least it isn’t Aladdin

  • Monica P.
    Monica P. Day ago

    I'm okay with AAAALLLLLLLLL of this 😋

  • Shiva Sharma
    Shiva Sharma Day ago

    Just awesome

  • Leo
    Leo Day ago

    Yay !! Another unnecessary sequel. Love you Disney. I thought you knew better.

  • Miss Nailitall
    Miss Nailitall Day ago

    does anyone know where i can listen to this song?

  • Ms. Awesome
    Ms. Awesome Day ago

    I kind of ship diaval and the princess

  • YeEz y
    YeEz y Day ago +1

    Everyone tryna gain likes by sayin if malificent is good of evil, but I actually want to know

  • Riza Rith
    Riza Rith Day ago

    The song is so good, I wonder who’s the singer

  • moonlight sky
    moonlight sky Day ago +1

    This is perfect it comes out on my birthday 😂😂

  • Jade Alexandra Waldeburg


  • Reeva A
    Reeva A Day ago

    why did angelina change the voice/accent? its waaaay different now. I much preferred the first version of her own voice with a bit of an evil drawl. I guess its hard to judge based on 2 lines and 3 seconds but it definitely sounds different.

  • Nathan Barr
    Nathan Barr Day ago

    Computer graphics are getting crazy... Angelina had her breasts removed, yet... there they are?!?

  • The GOAT
    The GOAT Day ago

    This is a teaser trailer after all.

  • IWalkWaterRuns
    IWalkWaterRuns Day ago

    Disney has 666 in the word. Disney + 666= Illuminati. Smh

    • Richard Compton
      Richard Compton Day ago

      Seriously dude, it's 2019 and people like you still believe in that lameass bullshit? Pitiful.

  • Edrie Vera
    Edrie Vera Day ago

    Hello everyone please my channel thank you 😉👍

  • owlygirlrowan
    owlygirlrowan Day ago