5 Times Deontay Wilder SHOCKED The Boxing World

  • Published on May 18, 2019
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    Deontay Wilder looks to secure his 40th knockout victory this weekend, against Dominic Breazeale. From a bout that brings drama, bad blood and an opportunity to send a statement to the rest of the division.. Here we look at five times Deontay Wilder shook the boxing world.
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  • Keeks The Culture•holic
    Keeks The Culture•holic 4 months ago +3323

    Bro I don’t know who has this channel but when the AJ v Wilder fight is made we need an hour long video. There is soo much that would lead up to that fight to go over.

    • So Cool1
      So Cool1 16 hours ago

      Calm down

    • The Real SyXx Team Syxx Productions
      The Real SyXx Team Syxx Productions Day ago

      I don't think that fight will ever happen. Thanks to Great Britain's own. Sir Eddie Hearn 😂😂😂😂

    • Anthony Harness
      Anthony Harness 16 days ago

      Deontay still has to fght fury for a second time. Fury gave him a run for his money for a sloppy comeback.

    • killer jb24
      killer jb24 23 days ago

      Don Makaveli 😂😂AHAHHA Ruiz knocked him down imagine wilder he will get killed

    • Billy Manning
      Billy Manning 26 days ago

      Fury recently said his family begged him not to take the rematch because he almost lost his life in the first fight. Gives a whole new meaning to Fury kissing Wilder's 💣🥊 right hand after the fight. Not just respect but fear. Wilder hit Fury so hard that his family felt it and they don't want that smoke again. Fury doesn't either.

  • Justahumebeing
    Justahumebeing 49 minutes ago

    Your all that but tyson still boxed your ass

    YHWH YYWH Hour ago


  • Jeremey Slayton
    Jeremey Slayton 15 hours ago +1

    That one hitta quitta son

  • Kayode Akinola
    Kayode Akinola 16 hours ago

    Wrong and misinforming picture!!

  • Ocumicho 123
    Ocumicho 123 18 hours ago

    I thought it was illegal to punch in back of the head I guess not .

  • Don Remi
    Don Remi 20 hours ago

    remember that Charlie Zelenof beat him .. lol

  • Gunga Din
    Gunga Din 20 hours ago

    I can't believe you didn't include Mr. Wilder's fight against Charlie Zelenoff. That was a classic!

  • Văn khương Huỳnh

    Chông vơi wilder chi co chêt thôi johua ko co cưa đâu ban thanh tich cưc khung wilder

  • Stephen Joseph
    Stephen Joseph Day ago

    Wilder will knock out AJ in the first round if the fight happens.

  • Henchlol 124
    Henchlol 124 Day ago

    Got to point out who would have any regard for their opponent if ur literally both in there to beat the other

  • Noobmaster69
    Noobmaster69 Day ago

    No skill just pure raw strength

  • A. Hindli
    A. Hindli Day ago

    Tyson Fury won that fight

  • J.B No limit
    J.B No limit Day ago

    Its LBJ of boxing.

  • AT12_Yeet
    AT12_Yeet Day ago

    This guy has the biggest ego

  • Abel Philosophy
    Abel Philosophy Day ago

    Ortiz can take him down on a rematch

  • Abel Philosophy
    Abel Philosophy Day ago

    Wilder has those funny hammer punches

  • Abel Philosophy
    Abel Philosophy Day ago

    There’s always a new champion that comes out of nowhere, I haven’t yet seen him , but he’s getting ready to beat wilder

  • Abel Philosophy
    Abel Philosophy Day ago

    How old is mike Tyson . Can’t he have a come back

  • Abel Philosophy
    Abel Philosophy Day ago +1

    I believe some of those knocked out guys may die young and from strokes and brain hemorrhages , sadly . No brain has been designed for such punches

  • ethan kenny
    ethan kenny Day ago +1


  • The Golden Hidden
    The Golden Hidden Day ago +1

    5:25 That man lost bc he got Don King on his side stealing his moneyy

  • xyla aqsa
    xyla aqsa Day ago

    Wilder is the hardest puncher out there today ...

  • Victor Von Doom
    Victor Von Doom 2 days ago

    TILL THIS DAY !!!!!!!! 😂🔥👌

  • amar gaire
    amar gaire 2 days ago

    Deontay is real bad ass. Mayweather nothing frot him. I know both have different weight category. But Mayweather always run when opponent fire on him. He don't deserve respect.

  • Alex Brown
    Alex Brown 2 days ago

    He hit stevern with a haymaker from hell

  • Bijit Bhattrai
    Bijit Bhattrai 2 days ago

    Show fight why you talk al this bullshit0

  • Marin Kosev
    Marin Kosev 2 days ago +1

    I think that Deontay Wilder is the King of the Heavyweight Category in The World.That is It!

  • Justin Craig
    Justin Craig 2 days ago

    I'm hoping somebody defeats him. I don't like his personality.

  • TheFalseProphet xxx
    TheFalseProphet xxx 2 days ago

    Only Charlie Zelenoff can beat Deontay Wilder. 😂

  • Mark Anthony Suganob
    Mark Anthony Suganob 2 days ago +1

    Only manny pacquiao can beat him.

    • Jeff Bass
      Jeff Bass 8 hours ago

      If manny is big like him and a body like him

  • Kryptønite Paranoid

    I want to see this man face the prime time Mike Tyson

    • thosethickstrings
      thosethickstrings 2 days ago

      Lol, he would get absolutely shit kicked. Boxing isnt what it used to be my man

    SHIMI NEYNEY 3 days ago

    I still love humble athletes

  • Newby102ful
    Newby102ful 3 days ago

    Intro longer than the countdown

  • Newby102ful
    Newby102ful 3 days ago

    Man we don’t need Da LONG intro my guy my man

  • Edgar Monsivais
    Edgar Monsivais 3 days ago

    Who was he arguing with @ 1:45

  • Kerin Portillo
    Kerin Portillo 3 days ago

    Floyd maywheater would beat his ass

  • Party Geeker
    Party Geeker 3 days ago +1

    20times first round knockout
    Hands down the best Heavy weight that ever lived.
    Mike tyson would have been a good fight.

    • Party Geeker
      Party Geeker Day ago

      @Gracialon Ignasiver Maybe still anything can happen in boxing.

    • Gracialon Ignasiver
      Gracialon Ignasiver Day ago

      Tyson style of fighting would've been the perfect counter to Wilder. Tyson trained to get inside against tall fighters that had little head movement and wild swings. Tyson would've KO'd Wilder first round.

    • unwnme
      unwnme 3 days ago

      Mike Tyson would have little problems taking Wilder down. Wilder seems mentally weak compared to Tyson. All these desperate tries to intimidate by yelling and making silly faces are tell tale signs of weakness and fear. He wouldn't have dared to do that to Mike Tyson.

  • Kirk Black
    Kirk Black 3 days ago

    easy with that athleticism thing. have u seen his legs?

  • king bling
    king bling 3 days ago

    Takamura join the group

  • jagadeesh jacks
    jagadeesh jacks 4 days ago

    Somebody please help me what's the music in this video?

  • GTIGER615
    GTIGER615 4 days ago

    Let's be real he isnt fighting anyone the heavyweight division is nothing like it used too be tyson,Lewis, holyfield,Forman etc...

  • Sh Kh
    Sh Kh 4 days ago +12

    When you remember Tyson, you feel sad what Heavyweight boxing has become these days.

    • Gracialon Ignasiver
      Gracialon Ignasiver Day ago

      @AJ Agreed. Power is about the same, but Tyson's skill is on another level. Of course Tyson had to have more skill than his opponents because he was 5'11 fighting guys 6'4 and taller. The difference in physical size required Tyson to absolutely skilled in every facet.

    • AJ
      AJ 2 days ago +1

      Wilder probably punches as hard though. He doesn’t have the skill but he definitely has the power

    • MultiName
      MultiName 2 days ago +2

      Well ya but tyson was an animal, these guys are still great but tyson is on a different level

  • youngsta Young
    youngsta Young 4 days ago

    Biggest robbery in boxing fury wilder . Fury won

  • Emman Garcia
    Emman Garcia 4 days ago

    Mike tyson:hold my beer

  • youngsta Young
    youngsta Young 4 days ago

    He shocked the world 5 times? Must if been in bed . Was everyone shocked at the same time 5 times in a row? Awesome. Just messin, hes the bizness ol wilder, just ain't a patch on fury

    JACKBOIDAVE305 4 days ago


  • Martin S
    Martin S 4 days ago

    Banana pudding?

  • Kir Boobs
    Kir Boobs 4 days ago

    I can beat him with a knife

  • Hit The whip
    Hit The whip 4 days ago

    Tyson is better

  • free agenda
    free agenda 4 days ago

    Wow, first time to see the fight of the heavy wieght, looks like the the battle of the titan.

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson 5 days ago

    Josh to worried on how good he looks not how good he boxes

  • Mark flores
    Mark flores 5 days ago

    If this man don't stop exalting and praising himself he will be brought down by God because ultimately God almighty is to be exalted not ourselves.

  • TitaniumPlayzZ OP
    TitaniumPlayzZ OP 5 days ago

    Wilder vs Pacqiuao

  • BDoNuTs2413
    BDoNuTs2413 5 days ago

    Is Breazeale ok??

  • Ja’lin Tashon
    Ja’lin Tashon 5 days ago

    Check My Song “My Brothers” Out🖤⚠️

  • Mike Arnoni
    Mike Arnoni 5 days ago +1

    U forgot about his only loss.....Charlie Z the goat

  • Jay McA.Projects
    Jay McA.Projects 5 days ago

    Floyd would finish him in less than 30 sec

  • Lee Amra
    Lee Amra 5 days ago +2

    the Winner from AJ vs. Andy MUST face Wilder!!!

  • Tusk
    Tusk 5 days ago +3

    The only way someone is getting in there, not getting knocked out/down and then winning, is if they went in there with the intention of killing the man.