iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy S10 Plus - Which Should You Choose?

  • Published on Mar 24, 2019
  • iPhone XS Max and Galaxy S10 Plus are the best new phones that Apple and Samsung have to offer. I compare them thoroughly to help you decide if you want to buy the iPhone XS Max or the Galaxy S10+. #iphoneXSmax #s10plus #Apple #Samsung
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    ***Time Codes***
    00:00 - Start
    00:21 - Price
    00:55 - Design
    01:42 - Advertisement
    02:16 - Face ID vs Fingerprint
    03:31 - Privacy
    05:09 - Displays
    07:09 - Hardware overview
    08:19 - Battery
    09:41 - Geekbench comparison
    10:57 - Speed comparison
    12:41 - IP rating
    13:12 - Cameras
    16:27 - Phone Reception
    17:15 - Speakers
    18:14 - Additional features
    19:53 - Ecosystem
    21:00 - Slow down over time
    21:37 - Conclusion
    22:15 - Outro
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Comments • 1 678

  • Jasdeep Dhillon
    Jasdeep Dhillon 17 hours ago

    Finally i sold my s10 plus with a big loss and got xs max

    • chigga25
      chigga25 3 hours ago

      How's the switch been for u?

  • Nima Arezoomandi

    Battery life on S10+
    It depends on the chipset
    Exynos uses more

  • Chaz Mac
    Chaz Mac 2 days ago +1

    As a Android user from long ago..I just got a 1T iPad pro 11 and I love this thing! If apple can make the next iPhone that works like that..I will Trade up today!! Can't believe I'm typing this lol. Hey!! When they compete..we win!!
    Thank you for your video!

  • Denise Victorino
    Denise Victorino 2 days ago +1

    S10plus looks so aesthetic

  • shortcuts573
    shortcuts573 2 days ago

    i bet all the people saying choose what makes you happy are iphone users lol. It's not that I disagree, it's just a way of masking the denial of being able to get a better device for less money. The software and people saying it's an "OS" preference are also full of shit. Can you tell me the differences and what about the OS? I'd love to know. Because I use both, and the iphone consistently performs worse or has issues or takes longer to complete the same task as the Samsung. Not due to speed of the phones, due to Apple's OS simply not being as reliable or restricting you from being able to do very simple things to "benefit you." Just like it "benefits you" to get a new laptop instead of get yours fixed for free by then fixing the display cable (for those of you who don't know this was a massive issue with the macbook). SURE a new laptop would definitely be better, but what if you just don't need it and you laptop is only a year or two old ? Na a new one would be so much better BUY IT AND GIVE US YOUR MONEY.

  • Unique Records
    Unique Records 5 days ago +4

    im watching this on my iphone xs i got it yesterday

  • samer singh
    samer singh 5 days ago +3

    s10+ is better than iphone xs max

  • Tanish Pal Singh
    Tanish Pal Singh 6 days ago

    S 10 plus

  • Sanchit Ahuja
    Sanchit Ahuja 6 days ago

    Made my choice clear
    Commenting from my s10 plus

  • Shalae Earle
    Shalae Earle 6 days ago

    U guys this video is about what 1 would u pick

    • zollotech
      zollotech  6 days ago

      As are all my comparison videos and as the title states. What I pick is not necessarily right for you. I give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

  • Javano Williams
    Javano Williams 6 days ago +2

    I loved that u left a link for the wallpaper. Thanks bro

  • Jangiti Murthy Mudhiraj

    I would be confused which mobile purchase xs max or s10+ .....please tell me

  • peter williams
    peter williams 7 days ago +1

    You are wrong, what can your android phones do that I can’t do on iOS? Apple is the best because the hardware is made for the software. Apps on apple ecosystem are the best and phones are all about apps and nothing else.

    • Minecraftter YT
      Minecraftter YT 2 days ago

      So, what can your iPhone do that Android can't?

  • Luis Fernando Durango

    Where may I find your wallpaper? Thnx

  • hanisss hm
    hanisss hm 8 days ago


  • Ivanhoe12345 Johan
    Ivanhoe12345 Johan 8 days ago

    iPhone all day!

  • ג׳ובות
    ג׳ובות 9 days ago

    Thanks for your advice. I was going to get the S10+ anyways but this made me want to get it even more!

    • Stubbo242
      Stubbo242 8 days ago

      Get the Note 10

    • Jason Lee
      Jason Lee 8 days ago

      wait for the note 10 that's coming out less than a month

  • Muhammad Shah
    Muhammad Shah 9 days ago

    I found a way to delete Facebook go App info click on disable it will delete it trust me

  • Adem Bayraktar
    Adem Bayraktar 9 days ago

    Just found your channel and currently trying to decide between the two. Fantastic review and you earned my sub!👍

  • Matthew0630 Shaw12
    Matthew0630 Shaw12 9 days ago

    how do people get 6 hours or more out of their phone? i can’t do it i usually get 4 to 5.

  • dark side
    dark side 10 days ago


  • Musical Sapphire
    Musical Sapphire 11 days ago +2

    In my country, it’s double the price ://

    • I Am Inevitable
      I Am Inevitable 8 days ago

      Musical Sapphire lol you should buy the Iphone Xs Max then. Now is a good opportunity to buy it

  • Chris King
    Chris King 11 days ago

    Aaron, this video review of the XS Max vs the S10+ escaped me when you posted it. These types of tech reviews are amongst my all-time favourites. This is an excellent, unbiased review of two outstanding devices that many like to pit against one another. Excellent work as always Aaron- superb!

    • zollotech
      zollotech  11 days ago

      Thank you. I appreciate it.

  • Marc Gardner
    Marc Gardner 11 days ago +1

    Both awesome phones. Yes they are expensive but you can always but a S10e or IPhone Xr and don’t lose too many features.
    I’m happy with Android and will probably stay with Samsung. But I do love my IPad Air, absolutely brilliant, easy to use. So can imagine the IPhone is also great.

  • SmartZ Gaming
    SmartZ Gaming 12 days ago

    I don't know which to choose!!
    XS max has better benchmark for games but it has low screen resolution .

    • SmartZ Gaming
      SmartZ Gaming 11 days ago

      @Lorenzo Washington the price is going to be high so i cant get it anyways

    • Lorenzo Washington
      Lorenzo Washington 12 days ago

      @SmartZ Gaming if i were you I'd wait for the note 10 which drops next month😎

    • SmartZ Gaming
      SmartZ Gaming 12 days ago

      @Lorenzo Washington i guess imma buy s10+

    • Lorenzo Washington
      Lorenzo Washington 12 days ago

      @SmartZ Gaming bro not when they are both as high as these are and also not that far apart in numbers. I understand if the scores were thousands apart but they are not. And again their both so high yo won't notice , in fact test have already been done comparing them and they are basically the same my guy.

    • SmartZ Gaming
      SmartZ Gaming 12 days ago

      @Lorenzo Washington bench will make huge difference in games

  • Darryl of Sussex
    Darryl of Sussex 12 days ago

    Both are designed to smash on both sides if a slight breeze that is barely strong enough to shift a feather happens. Both will be worth £30 in four years from now. Both are yet more of the same ‘smart phone’ tech trickle-feeding and are not new or original enough to warrant their prices.

  • Ernesto Sánchez
    Ernesto Sánchez 13 days ago +1

    Really good video and in the end it's up to preferences I have a Galaxy S10+ but respect people go for iPhone

  • George Alcoba
    George Alcoba 14 days ago +3

    Love my Max! The S10 looks fantastic surely, but it’s a matter of OS. Android phones to me after sometime they start to lag and freeze. Happened to all the ones I have owned.

  • Benedict Castro
    Benedict Castro 14 days ago

    The f 1tb?

  • Hamza
    Hamza 14 days ago +2

    if the samsung is this close to a 2018 phone in speed test then samsung has no chance for IOS 13

  • Timothy Preston
    Timothy Preston 14 days ago +1

    Going to the store in a few days which one am I picking up boys? You guys get to choose which one I get

  • Trentimus
    Trentimus 15 days ago +1

    A huge discrepancy is how Apple uses user data vs how Google/Android does. That's why I am leaving the Android family.

  • Jason Parham
    Jason Parham 15 days ago +3

    Omg! Are you from Clover, SC????

  • HuxaFPS
    HuxaFPS 17 days ago +16

    I'm watching this with my s10 plus ez

  • ieronimo18
    ieronimo18 17 days ago +1

    I love my S10+ .... it's fast as hell and it is impossible to use up the battery! I use mine like crazy all day from 6 AM to midnight or later and it is typically still at 20 to 30% battery remaining. Only $699 at Best Buy!

    • Zeus AL
      Zeus AL 2 days ago +1

      $599 now unlocked, damn steal.

  • Alex Povolotski
    Alex Povolotski 17 days ago

    A very comprehensive review. Thank you. Review for smart people.

  • Chathuranga Bandara
    Chathuranga Bandara 17 days ago

    S10+ the best.

  • Allen Roldan
    Allen Roldan 18 days ago

    Hmmm, xr or s10/s10+?

  • borey Koemseang
    borey Koemseang 19 days ago +1

    Using Fingerprint on Galaxy s10 plus might be slower if you use screen on it, only original screen from Samsung would provide thus the faster fingerprint

  • Gary J Graffeo
    Gary J Graffeo 19 days ago

    I had an iphone 8 plus than an x for a week. My gf has the xs max. Terrible phones she is switching tomorrow. Screens crack sooooooo fast and cost 400 dollars to fix! How rude of apple. Ive dropped my note 9 at least 50 times no scratches or cracks. Cant wait for the note 10+ im on it! Iphone cant compete!

  • Gabe Gonzalez
    Gabe Gonzalez 19 days ago +1

    *Chuckles in 4k*

  • Jakob Benz
    Jakob Benz 19 days ago

    iPhone vs sAmSuNg

  • Himee Kuhanga
    Himee Kuhanga 20 days ago +1

    Definitely going for the 10s+ after watching this review. Great one, really helped me choose between the two as I was decisive of which to buy.

  • sharmeel ashraf
    sharmeel ashraf 20 days ago

    Iphone is iphone ❤❤❤❤

  • surren leo
    surren leo 21 day ago

    The winner are


  • J.R. Walk
    J.R. Walk 22 days ago +7

    watched from my S10+ 📱😎👍

    • Aaron Johnson
      Aaron Johnson 13 days ago

      J.R. Walk to bad they don't have a galaxy emoji 🤷🏾‍♂️😂. Iphone for the win

  • Roberto Acosta
    Roberto Acosta 22 days ago

    Tmobile s10 plus doesn't have facebook downloaded

  • Jag Dewit
    Jag Dewit 22 days ago

    I think that the clear winner is the s10+
    This is just a opinion at the end of the day it's just a phone

  • Jag Dewit
    Jag Dewit 22 days ago +1

    I'm watching this on a s10+

  • gautam patel
    gautam patel 23 days ago

    Best phone Samsung

  • TheVatoGato Alligator
    TheVatoGato Alligator 24 days ago +12

    I have both phones 📱📲! But I have them on my wish list!😂

  • Michael Varney
    Michael Varney 24 days ago

    Anyone else find the samaung camera to be really bad? My dads iphone 8plus had one of the best cameras I used on a phone?

    • BigPepe
      BigPepe 22 days ago

      @Michael Varney yea thats a great deal, but with the things apple has done lately thats a risky move

    • Michael Varney
      Michael Varney 22 days ago

      @BigPepe It was perfect apart from the camera, went to the Xs max for under 800 new which isnt bad

    • BigPepe
      BigPepe 23 days ago +1

      Yea samsung phones are amazing but the camera isnt really the best

  • Jeremy Alford
    Jeremy Alford 25 days ago +1

    Getting the S10 plus on my birthday next month! Can somebody tell what color looks best on the phone or what color you got? I really like black on all my electronics but that gets old.

  • kalindu rupasinghe
    kalindu rupasinghe 25 days ago


  • Jun Zhang
    Jun Zhang 25 days ago


    BOB SCHINNEE 25 days ago +1

    Android phones are better than iPhones & i own an 8 plus, i cant wait to switch in a few years

  • MRZsiir
    MRZsiir 25 days ago +1

    As an iPhone X user, I have to say that the Samsung looks better. Both phones are really good, Samsung has some really good features. I prefer Apple`s security and privacy and it work just perfect with my Apple ecosystem.

  • ayalin64
    ayalin64 25 days ago

    You forgot to mention that you still have turn your iphone on to use face id. I really hate having to do that, love the xs tho

  • benji mARCHE
    benji mARCHE 26 days ago

    How did u make the apps scroll up on the s 10 plus instead of scrolling from the sides ur doing it at the end of the video on S10 plus

  • Randy Anim
    Randy Anim 26 days ago

    Such a hard choice i might pick the s10 bc of price and one of my neighbors has the note 9 and its updated and I thought samsung doesn't update their phones

  • _UnPr3diCtabl3_
    _UnPr3diCtabl3_ 26 days ago +13

    For the most the s10 or plus is the best for sure but just 1 thing
    Update Support
    Samsung: 2 Years
    Apple: at least 5 Years

    • Bozhidar Soytariev
      Bozhidar Soytariev 20 days ago

      @surren leo That is completely cool and one of the few things Apple is prevalent with. My comment was that if you want it bad enough (although I don't personally see a reason to want it that bad) you can have it.

    • surren leo
      surren leo 21 day ago

      Bozhidar Soytariev but not all user are know to root phone and use custom. Apple make it simple..all will get updates. My iphone 6s still get ios 13.

    • Bozhidar Soytariev
      Bozhidar Soytariev 25 days ago +1

      Then again if you want new features, you can use custom ROMs on Android devices and get everything there is out there regarding functionality.
      But I see what you are trying to say which is true.

  • sammy negron
    sammy negron 26 days ago

    Totally agree with you the iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy S10 Plus and the next ✍ Note 10 Pro Davin ci ✍ are the 3 best phone of all 👐 world ✍....
    I keep the line Note is the best 💪 .. Greetings 👌 good video

    • RB5Network
      RB5Network 26 days ago

      lol your use of emoji's crack my shit up

  • Klaus Heilmann
    Klaus Heilmann 27 days ago +1

    Ofcause I choose freedom! If you know what I mean😉

  • Rebecca Ofori Asabea
    Rebecca Ofori Asabea 27 days ago

    Samsung phones are better than iphones.

  • Richard Sutherland
    Richard Sutherland 28 days ago

    S10+ more power and storage, superb connectivity to wifi and LTE, iPhone has poor wifi and LTE connectivity and pathetic storage for cost

  • Xander Gilliam
    Xander Gilliam 28 days ago +8

    s10+ now allows you to uninstall Facebook, did it yesterday

    • Golden Steel
      Golden Steel 23 days ago +1

      @Fitti Facebook is the most popular social platform in the world

    • Dady
      Dady 25 days ago +1

      @Fitti every body that is from Africa bro

    • Fitti
      Fitti 25 days ago

      @Dady who still uses fb? lol

    • Frankie-ROBLOX and more
      Frankie-ROBLOX and more 26 days ago

      How do you do that?

    • Dady
      Dady 26 days ago

      You hate Facebook what the f

  • Kraigasm
    Kraigasm 29 days ago +2

    I currently have a iPhone 8 but I don’t use any of the Apple apps like iMessage etc I use all the google apps and WhatsApp because it just works with my pc and other non Apple products. I just bought the galaxy S10 and can’t wait to move back over to android once again :)

  • G DUDE
    G DUDE 29 days ago

    Loved the intell...

  • The God
    The God 29 days ago +2

    You actually can uninstall facebook

  • emir isaev
    emir isaev Month ago

    I would want the s10 plus more

  • Marla Schreiber
    Marla Schreiber Month ago

    I'm getting the Samsung galaxy 10plus

  • Itzik Chen
    Itzik Chen Month ago +1

    There is no doubt who is the winner... S10+, ALL THE WAY

    • Marcos Steven
      Marcos Steven Month ago +1

      Itzik Chen and that’s why no one likes your comment

  • theycallmehanna
    theycallmehanna Month ago

    Oh nonono... The iPhone xs will NOT survive landing in a puddle. Mine got some water drops on it a few times and I wiped it off- the phone started to die and restart all the time. And Apple does NOT cover the costs for replacing that even though the phone is supposed to be waterproof. What I've learned is that all manufacturers are the same about that. So I really find it odd that they're allowed to mark the phones with IP68 when they can't even withstand waterdrops...

    NAVI SINGH Month ago

    I like Samsung Phones also...I usually keep both ios and android phones with me...The only thing I hate about Samsung Phones is its Worst Face Unlock Feature...In my iPhone I can unlock it in Dark Room also but in Samsung its not possible even in proper lights...
    Somebody told me that there this Bad Feature is fixed in Galaxy s10 Series, So now I'll test it and Buy Galaxy s10 Plus Prism White...My iPhone XS is also in White Colour...

    NAVI SINGH Month ago

    I like both the phones...I have iPhone XS with me and Due to my work I need 2 phones...I like ios the most as this os is very easy to use compared with Android...
    I like s10 plus only for its Display and Lesser weight...Some Functions are not possible on ios which I require in my New Job, So now I am willing to buy Android phone and my that phone will be s10 plus only...

  • Chey Mįlíoņ
    Chey Mįlíoņ Month ago

    Apple let's you be a user, android let's you be a developer. Weird I can delete my facebook.

  • khangdu89
    khangdu89 Month ago

    i dont like both infinity O or notch screen

  • Brook Esayas
    Brook Esayas Month ago +7

    Apple having a lawsuit on sending 3 party apps information like location. Btw. So security isn’t apple’s.

  • Luke Staten
    Luke Staten Month ago +2

    Obviously, get.....


  • desiree ocampo
    desiree ocampo Month ago

    IphoneXS Max is great...face id is cool feature it replaces the thumb id. So i log in my banks and credit cards using face id. Really cool feature. And the picture quality is so much better than s10. I know coz my husband has one.

    • Brook Esayas
      Brook Esayas Month ago

      desiree ocampo I don’t find edited comments as credible 😂😌

  • Lovv Preet
    Lovv Preet Month ago +7

    Samsung s10 plus is best

  • Roel Dumelod
    Roel Dumelod Month ago

    Iphone 6s plus still the best!!!!

  • Rudy Youngblode
    Rudy Youngblode Month ago +1

    Samsung is best

  • UnNamed Beast
    UnNamed Beast Month ago +5

    S10+ makes sense logically. better screen, battery and slighlty better price/

    Then again, your choice

    • Andrew Beard
      Andrew Beard Month ago

      @Kylo Ren just sayin' it's faster

    • Kylo Ren
      Kylo Ren Month ago +1

      Unless you're a hardcore mobile gamer, you don't need that much speed.

    • Andrew Beard
      Andrew Beard Month ago

      @UnNamed Beast Faster than Samsung :p

    • UnNamed Beast
      UnNamed Beast Month ago

      @Andrew Beard Not that fast

    • Andrew Beard
      Andrew Beard Month ago

      But that A12 bionic chip tho

  • sadiya sartaj ahmed
    sadiya sartaj ahmed Month ago +6

    The moment you picked up the s10 I saw the 3d app icons it's like 4 dimensional looks dope

  • Watchgamesnewstv
    Watchgamesnewstv Month ago +5

    Android and apple are both fine, and if apple give more freedom i would give it a seccond go...
    But just cant give up my freedom to do stuff with my phone 😬😬.

  • NoOne Really
    NoOne Really Month ago

    When does the 5g come out?

    • Tiberius Caligula
      Tiberius Caligula Month ago

      NoOne Really yeah, it’s like $43-$57 a month, it’s a fucking $1300 phone. It’s ridiculous.

    • NoOne Really
      NoOne Really Month ago

      Tiberius Caligula really?

    • Tiberius Caligula
      Tiberius Caligula Month ago

      My store already got the Demo phone, it’s basically just a S10, but 5G. It came out like 4 days ago, but damn those monthly payments are a doozy.

  • Electricc Boogaloo
    Electricc Boogaloo Month ago +1

    Jesus Christ, the comments from either side is friendly and mature WHAT THE HELL IS GOING OOONN???????

    • zollotech
      zollotech  Month ago

      Lol. What can I say, I have fantastic subscribers.

  • Edgar Tena
    Edgar Tena Month ago

    Excellent video . Thx to this video I choose s10+ wife get xs max . We both happy ....lets make this simple buy whatever makes you happy ...don't matter what n few months apple or galaxy they going shot out newer versions or devices

  • Mr Doctor
    Mr Doctor Month ago

    I am Apple lover

  • Mr Doctor
    Mr Doctor Month ago

    Great comparison video

  • Nisi Jp
    Nisi Jp Month ago +3

    2019 speed tests are redundant, now it’s all about looks/features and value. I’m sure anyone with either phone will be happy for years. I use both iPhone XR and s9+ and happy with both, though camera features are nicer on the s9+

  • Silvia Morar
    Silvia Morar Month ago +6

    He sold me at s10plus with 1TB storage and expandable. That's my whole life tucked away into one little piece of storage, also battery life lasts 2 days no charge on Samsung iPhone died even when new from factory. Enough said.

  • Fort N00B
    Fort N00B Month ago +1

    Watching on my iPhone 4s

  • isseii hyoudou
    isseii hyoudou Month ago

    Xs max.....i dnt need those shitty features of samsung.... I need power... I need performance... Snappy performance for my games... Not d exynoss garbage chip

  • Dee Dee
    Dee Dee Month ago

    iPhone xs max❤️💗💞

  • الحارس الشخصي

    Xs max ❤️

  • An Hero
    An Hero Month ago

    I’m thinking of trying the Samsung for a numerous amount of reasons. I love iPhone and I’m used to it so it’ll be hard to switch but here’s why I’m changing over:
    1. Battery on the iPhones degrade after around 6 months from what I’ve found, and they only get worse.
    2. My iPhones screen does not like to respond sometimes.
    3. I tried my buddy’s S10+ while we were swimming and it had a little bit of water on the screen. I did not encounter a single issue trying to type with wet fingers and a wet screen, whereas on the iPhone, it is impossible.
    4. Samsung is much more affordable than iPhone.
    5. I don’t know if Samsung does this, but my iPhone likes to turn my brightness down almost all the way from time to time and when I try to turn it back up, it says it’s on full brightness.
    6. I’m really looking forward to using two apps at once on Samsung.
    7. Samsung feels very durable in hand.
    8. iPhone is a hit or miss when you drop it. I sent mine flying into the pavement several times face down and on the corners from 6 feet up and it was fine(NO CASE). The minute it falls out of my truck from 2 feet up, instantly shattered, button hanging by a slim wire.
    9. I’d like to try something new, I’ve owned an iPhone 5S and three iPhone 6S+. Batteries on them were all garbage if you don’t mind me repeating myself. I could watch my battery drain. 10 minutes of use from 100% could drop you down to 80%.
    10. Ive experienced bugs on one of my iPhone 6S+ that caused it to shut down and not turn back on for a whole day, and it was very stressful considering it did it over 10 times.
    11. Camera on iPhone 6S+ would vibrate at unbelievably high speed whenever it felt like, making it impossible to take a picture.

    • zollotech
      zollotech  Month ago

      1. All batteries degrade over time. Samsung uses the same kind and will have the exact same degradation.
      2. Samsung/ Android sometimes does respond.
      3. Phones are not waterproof and should not be in water without a waterproof case. IP ratings are there to help if you drop it in water or dirt. The screens are literally the same kind of capacitive display and work the same way so touch should be no different.
      4. Samsung costs the same or more than iPhone unless you find it on sale.
      5. If android is on auto brightness it can turn it down. That’s not normal for iPhones to do normally either.
      6. Yup, iPhone only does one app
      7. Samsung is no more durable. They are about the same as iPhone.
      8. If you drop a Samsung it is also hit or miss they use the same kind of glass and brand as iPhone.
      9. Yup phones can feel old over time
      10. I find I have far more bugs on Samsung or android phones than iPhone, but experiences can vary.
      11. The camera thing is not Norma and it should be brought to Apple.
      iPhone 6s+ feels very old today. You can’t really compare a 6s+ to an s10+. Both are great though.

  • Rage Sakke
    Rage Sakke Month ago +1

    Xs max has more natural colors in pictures

  • Ramon Florentin
    Ramon Florentin Month ago

    It will always boil down to preference. I mean, you wouldn't expect someone who is deep into the apple ecosystem to get a Samsung no matter how much "better" their phones are over iPhones.