Sputnik - 60 years on from the Start of the Space Race

  • That simple little beep, beep, beep was the sound that started the Space Race. It's been 60 years since they have first heard on October 4, 1957, the Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1 into a low Earth orbit. It was only a metal ball, 22 inches or about 56 centimetres in diameter, with four antennae sticking out of it - but it had an impact far greater than its size. In fact, it changed the course of human history.
    EDIT: a couple of mistakes on my part. Firstly the date Khrushchev said "we will bury you" was 1956 on 1965, for some reason i said 65 even though the script said 56.
    Second, the pic of Dmitry Ustinov, I focused on the wrong man, it should have been the one in the bottom right which is partially cut out.
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    Symon Hamer, Florian Hesse, Georgi Dobrev, Pyloric, Seb Stoodley, Oscar Anderson, Peter Cote, Cody Belichesky, Mogoreanu Daniel, Douglas Gustafson, Marcus Chiado, Mitchell Payce, Skalgrin, Jorn Magnus Karlsen, John Roscoe.
    Presented By Paul Shillito
    Written & Researched By Martin Kielty
    Additional Material By Paul Shillito
    Footage & Images NASA, Roscosmos, ESA
    Say It Anyway by P C III is licensed under an Attribution License.
    Source: freemusicarchive.org/music/P_C_III/SGONS_1207/Say_It_Anyway

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  • Nykko V
    Nykko V 9 days ago

    Really love this design, it's like an alien object

  • A Literal Cat • 69 Years ago

    Me: Says beep
    FBI: *_You’re Free Trial For Living Has Expired_*

  • jesuisravi
    jesuisravi 17 days ago

    wait....are you saying that Americans remembered, in 1957, at the time of the Sputnik launch, the words Khrushchev spoke in 1965? Wow! That is amazing!

  • Sir Pasta
    Sir Pasta 21 day ago +2

    USSR: First satellite in space
    USSR: First animal in space
    USSR: First human in space
    USSR: First woman in space
    USA: First man on the moon
    USA: Winner of the "Space Race"!

  • Schweinehirt
    Schweinehirt Month ago

    Very beautiful english speech, I'm not English, but it's nice to listen to you.

  • Perama Fernando
    Perama Fernando Month ago

    Its a shame Goberchav's reforms couldnt take place in time to save the USSR. The space race ended when the Soviet Union collpased

  • Michael Peterson
    Michael Peterson Month ago

    But The United States was the first to achieve Alien Contact before any country of this World.Yes any country around this world ..

  • Michael Peterson
    Michael Peterson Month ago

    I agree 100% Sputnik actually Change the study of Space and the numerous achievements that waits us all ,like this video said every thing we have evolved around that first Bee being sound of Sputnik

  • Happy Hertzair
    Happy Hertzair Month ago

    America had a rocket ready...before Sputnik...the Jupiter C, Wernher Von Braun’s rocket...but the US government wanted an American designed Navy Vanguard rocket, not a German designed rocket, to be the first into space. The Vanguard kept failing, and only when Sputnik launched, embarrassing the US, was Von Braun allowed to launch his successful Jupiter C with the Explorer satellite. The stupid anti-German sentiment cost USA from being the first into orbit. Incidentally the first machine into space was in fact a German V-2 rocket, back in 1944. Most people don’t realize that.

  • Ibn Rawandi
    Ibn Rawandi 2 months ago

    The achievements of the USSR shocked the West several times: They fought hard and won ww2 while Western Europe didn't survive more than a few weeks; they built their atomic bomb cheaply and, relatively, in a short time; ditto H2 bomb; TU 104 twin jet, Sputnik 1957; first animals in space; first man in space; first woman in space; first space walk; first supersonic passenger aircraft; Luna spacecraft orbiting the moon; .... and more. all achieved despite the fact the country emerged from severe war destruction and loss of lives. I wonder what it could have achieved if it had the budget of US

  • dongle puss
    dongle puss 2 months ago

    after 4.5 billion years of life on earth, we finally left it 70 years ago due to the rapid advancement of human technology

  • John Coutu
    John Coutu 2 months ago

    that is an ugly aluminum ball

  • Happi Doggo
    Happi Doggo 2 months ago

    the beep beep ball

  • madscientist 666
    madscientist 666 2 months ago

    For me rocket, satellite and space things just a common stuff.

  • Anilystic Catalyst
    Anilystic Catalyst 4 months ago

    Lord varys is that you?

  • Im Straya
    Im Straya 4 months ago

    Now we have elon musk electric car in space. That was mainly to test their re usable re entry rockets which 2 of 3 landed without problem

  • Dr. Dumbass
    Dr. Dumbass 5 months ago


  • paper art & rc bandara
    paper art & rc bandara 5 months ago

    arthour c clack

  • RobbidyRob
    RobbidyRob 6 months ago

    I'm pretty sure if there was no competition, instead all big nations of earth would help each other and work together, humans would have colonized half our solar system by today.

  • crazy maniac
    crazy maniac 6 months ago

    Wish we could revive all the OG scientist

  • crazy maniac
    crazy maniac 6 months ago

    Competition is good

  • John Marston
    John Marston 6 months ago

    Lets be honest that satellite looks like a high jelly fish

  • Sibby
    Sibby 7 months ago

    Beep! Beep! Beep!

  • Choy Bisnar
    Choy Bisnar 7 months ago

    USA: We own the skies.
    USSR: *Observe.*

    • Sibby
      Sibby 7 months ago

      Sputnik: Beep! Beep! Beep!
      USA: The race is on now!

  • Brayan Martinez
    Brayan Martinez 7 months ago

    I love the Sputnik! Such a cute little guy plus he could kick ass with his lazer and be used as a sheild.
    I'm gonna start up FNV again.

  • seb engeli
    seb engeli 7 months ago

    I swear Kazakhstan is Russians playground when it comes to nuclear bombs and shuttle/satalite launching

  • seb engeli
    seb engeli 7 months ago

    Sputnik 3 looks like a dalek from doctor who

  • general zod
    general zod 7 months ago

    There never was a Sputnik satellite in orbit. It was all fabricated in a Russian movie studio. Same as Yuri Gagarin,he never made it of the ground. All fabricated.🚀👩‍🚀📽️

    • nissan deb nath
      nissan deb nath 7 months ago

      Haha it could be heard via any radio. Unlike the claimed moon mission of nasa.

  • VStuff
    VStuff 8 months ago

    4:27 Nikita Khruschov never said that. That wrong translation and propaganda. I saw footage of him in UN with booth in his hand
    he said - We will show you!

  • NicoAW
    NicoAW 8 months ago

    8:55 now the early 2020's if spacex can keep its pace

  • Carlos R. Paredes
    Carlos R. Paredes 8 months ago

    Many thanks CD for another excel,ent video showing us the Space Race!...
    Amazing it started with a little beeping ball called Sputnik and 12 years later, the LEM Eagle (Apollo 11) was landing on the Moon!
    What an adventure! And it guided me to become an engineer!

  • RetroFun
    RetroFun 9 months ago

    garbage for retards!

  • E Jones
    E Jones 9 months ago

    A battery powered beach ball satellite in outerspace and can be seen from earth is science fiction

    • E Jones
      E Jones 9 months ago

      @J. D. Schultz, Sr. did sputnik used any fuel to fly sround the earth or did the batteries help propel the satellite in orbit around earth?

    • J. D. Schultz, Sr.
      J. D. Schultz, Sr. 9 months ago

      @E Jones
      I find it hard to believe that you ever passed the second grade!! If you had ACTUALLY LISTENED to this video you would not have asked such a stupid question (yes, you are living proof that stupid questions ACTUALLY DO EXIST)!!
      Your question about batteries belies your inability to ACTUALLY LISTEN to this video. Quote: "Sputnik contained a nitrogen-pressurised capsule containing; two transmitters, three silver-zink batteries, and a ventillation fan."

    • skawashers
      skawashers 9 months ago

      @E Jones do you not have a computer yourself to answer the questions your asking..You seem to be asking a stranger questions. You do know that is slightly strange .How about taking a look at the website of London science Museum.They may have a contact page ,

    • E Jones
      E Jones 9 months ago

      @skawashers can you please post a video of the iss being built in outerspace. I'll wait 🤔

    • E Jones
      E Jones 9 months ago

      @skawashers www.quora.com/If-NASA-says-that-we-simply-cannot-go-any-further-than-low-Earth-orbit-which-is-0-1-243-miles-high-above-Earth-then-how-could-we-have-led-mankind-to-the-Moon-since-it-is-about-228-841-miles-away-from-the-Earth
      Click link above 👆

  • Kilo Byte
    Kilo Byte 10 months ago


  • John Parven
    John Parven 10 months ago

    Thanks so much. You have a great narrator voice

  • Dane A. Productions
    Dane A. Productions 10 months ago

    So......sputnik created nasa???

  • Dane A. Productions
    Dane A. Productions 10 months ago

    American went paranoid and felt humiliated just because of that beep beep flying machine

  • Robo Jacko
    Robo Jacko 10 months ago +1

    Space program is a hoax .We can't leave Earth.

    • RetroFun
      RetroFun 9 months ago

      NekoMikoYe Nobody landed on the moon retard, all you need is to watch the slow-mo «moon walks» - «Look mommy, slow motion on the moon»!! 😂

    • NekoMikoYe
      NekoMikoYe 9 months ago

      Robo Jacko o h s o e x p l a i n t h e m o o n l a n d I n g

  • Andrew
    Andrew 11 months ago

    *beeps in communist*

  • Sammy Neale
    Sammy Neale 11 months ago

    can I use this video in a project

  • Manoj Sith
    Manoj Sith 11 months ago

    Russia is father of America

  • Zero
    Zero 11 months ago +1

    And American still believe they are the best in everything, I guess ignorance is truly infinite

  • Ron Schlorff
    Ron Schlorff 11 months ago +1

    I still think "Object D" was a better name for the first Russian satellite! Que the trailer, and weird music, from an old 50's era sci fi movie: "Object D from Outer Space"!!!!!, wheeeeeooooooowhhhhheeeeeeoooooo! Then: beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep! LOL!

  • Thomas Sievers
    Thomas Sievers 11 months ago

    Nice job to give this shit to people at nasa that worked there ass off hoping this would not happen

  • Ron Schlorff
    Ron Schlorff 11 months ago

    Amazing only 60 years ago the space race began. In the lifetime of a person considered "still young" by today's standards! "They" say "60 is the new 40" or some equally ludicrous statement like that! LOL. Anyway, imagine the next 60 years of space exploration, especially now that a few "bugs" that they had back then have been largely worked out, like every other launcher blowing up in the pads!!

  • Steffanie Lundy
    Steffanie Lundy Year ago

    *USSR: Puts a lil ball in orbit*
    *U.S.: Oh sh*t they have Nuke... i think*
    *USSR: Well they think we have nukes... that's good? now lets send a dog to space.*
    *U.S.: Ok well time for our satalit- 'BOOM' Well sh*t theres goes our satellite*

  • barry bigballs
    barry bigballs Year ago +2

    imagine standing in front of Boris Chertok and telling him, ya wrong the earths flat!!! he'd probably would've pulled a gun and shot you!
    Edit; spelt his name wrong.

  • Joey Lock
    Joey Lock Year ago +1

    Sputnik is a good example of that old American arrogance and ignorance of the rest of the world "No one can possibly be advanced enough to beat us at technology!" *Sputnik launches* "Welll shieeett"

    • Ron Schlorff
      Ron Schlorff 11 months ago

      @tuc rin Maybe, and if the Nazi's won we would not have got them (scientists) either. Can't change history, only accept it and move on or it will make you sick! Immigrants living in shit hole countries, like most of the third world, gladly have their "brains bought" to live here, legally! Millions with no brains, or profession we need climb fences to get here, so we must have a pretty nice country compared to the rest of the world.

    • Ron Schlorff
      Ron Schlorff 11 months ago

      @tuc rin He required top secret clearance to work in the Apollo program, so He was an American citizen of German decent, at the time of the moon launches.... like me for example! The CEO of SpaceX is an American of South African decent. We welcome all people to come to America, Legally, and contribute to our society, that's what makes us great, Again!!

    • Ron Schlorff
      Ron Schlorff 11 months ago

      Sure, right! America gets to the moon, first, just 12 years later! Russia: "Vell Sheeett-skeeee"!!!!!!!! LOL.

  • RandomModz
    RandomModz Year ago

    Stop choosing the translation of videos titles, I'm portuguese and your vídeo is só badly translated... And still, I'm used to get them in English

  • v Plutox
    v Plutox Year ago

    Black ops 4 cordite mastercraft sent me here...

  • David Sabillon
    David Sabillon Year ago +1

    These shirts are killing me 😂

  • Miguel Aguilar
    Miguel Aguilar Year ago

    Este satelite ruso cayo al oceano pacifico paso a baja altura entre el poblado de villa hgo.y el corte Nayarit cuando dejo de trasmitir y emitir señal iba rumbo al mar de san blas nayarit cuando era un niño lo vi pasar arriba de los guamuchiles.

  • Heinrich Himmler
    Heinrich Himmler Year ago

    I need english subtitles bcuz your english weird in my ears, its like you chewing leather shoes while talking.

    • J. D. Schultz, Sr.
      J. D. Schultz, Sr. 9 months ago

      You need to complete 3rd grade before you are qualified to comment on TheXvid.
      Before you go back to grammar school, perhaps you need to have the fecal matter removed from your auditory canals. In other words, that you MAY understand, GET THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR EARS!!

    • barry bigballs
      barry bigballs Year ago

      Heinrich Himmler are you sure you haven't put your shoes over your ears gain?

    • CPS2
      CPS2 Year ago

      You realise this guy IS English, right? Lol
      Can't get more English than that.

  • Iridium 77
    Iridium 77 Year ago

    I love these

  • Pat miles
    Pat miles Year ago

    Buran thank you for bringing more light to the story, of the buran... I just wish I could get through to the flat-earthers.------ who say we never even left the atmosphere🌏👩‍🚀🚀💺🇺🇸☮

  • Daren Thoman
    Daren Thoman Year ago

    I think the JFK speech "Landing a man on the Moon" was in 1961.

  • Farhan
    Farhan Year ago

    Great video!

  • syv collec
    syv collec Year ago


    • ha- ha
      ha- ha 11 months ago

      Are you ever embarrassed about being SSOOO shamefully uneducated, abysmally ignorant, LAUGHABLY stupid and pathetically delusional? Crawl back to your mental institution and get your diaper changed you asinine fool.

  • september1683
    september1683 Year ago +1

    First man made object in space was a german rocket in the 1940s.
    a) US Air Force defines space as 50 Miles (= 80 km) above ground.
    b) International Aeronautical Society defines space as 100 km above ground.
    c) Some define space as 100 Miles (= 160 km) above ground.
    German rocket A4 (better known as V2-Rocket):
    1) 84,5 km at 3. October 1942
    2) 174,6 km at 20. June 1944
    Both were ballistic flights.
    The sowjet Sputnik was the first satellite (orbit around the earth) at 4. October 1957.
    But first object in space was German Rocket made by the team of Dr. Wernher von Braun.

    • Sibby
      Sibby 7 months ago

      The rocket that first reached space was the German V2 rocket. On one of the rockets, Braun attacked a video recorder to the rocket. CD talked about that in one of his videos, I think.

    • september1683
      september1683 Year ago

      @barry bigballs - Yes, you´re right. Dr. Wernher, Freiherr von Braun was the father of the US-Space-Program.

    • barry bigballs
      barry bigballs Year ago

      @september1683 didn't Dr Von Braun became the father of the american space program?

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus Year ago

    Still better than iPhone alarm tho

  • Aurora Borialis
    Aurora Borialis Year ago +1

    Russians are always better than Americans in space.
    Respect from India.

  • Randomly Entertaining

    We need more thinking like that. That's how the US rose to be the most advanced and most powerful country on Earth. Now we've gotten lazy and everyone is catching up. It took nearly a decade to get the F-35 from first flight to introduction to service. Meanwhile, it took half that time to take the F-15 from first flight to introduction and that was because we were worried the MiG-25 was better than any aircraft we had at the time. Another iconic aircraft, the F-4 Phantom, took only 2 years.
    Point is, competition breeds innovation and helps civilizations advance. The world went from a metal ball at beeps in orbit in 1957 to putting men on the Moon only 12 years later. That's like going from flying a 300 mph piston fighter to a 600 mph jet fighter in only a decade. If we, the US, still had competition like the Soviets, I guarantee 46 years wouldn't have passed since human last visited the Moon.

    Also, isn't there something so enthralling about watching a rocket try and takeoff only to fall back down? Like that one video of a German V2 that made it about 5 yards off the ground before falling over like a tree and exploding.

    • Randomly Entertaining
      Randomly Entertaining Year ago

      @The Jake Gittes of Etruscology Really? You're going to try and claim the Nazis are the only reason the US has the tech edge it does? What about the Nazis the Russians captured? Oh wait, forget I asked. I don't want to hear some lame ass excuse.
      Actually barry, that's two generations as a generation is roughly 30 years.

    • barry bigballs
      barry bigballs Year ago

      Randomly Entertaining
      it's better than that really;
      Wright brothers first powered flight 17th December 1903,
      Neil Armstrong land on the moon 20th July 1969, it's barely a generation. Now that's impressive.

    • barry bigballs
      barry bigballs Year ago

      The Jake Gittes of Etruscology Dr von Braun wasn't a nazi, thank god!

    • The Jake Gittes of Etruscology
      The Jake Gittes of Etruscology Year ago

      You don't have anymore Nazis to build your rockets, weapons and jet propulsions. That's the problem.

  • Lee Cobb
    Lee Cobb Year ago

    Beep beep I'ma sheep

  • manifestgtr
    manifestgtr Year ago +4

    Good old Sputnik...our first emissary to the stars.
    You Russian boys had us pegged in just about every metric imaginable before the moonshots. Korolev was a genius, admittedly...had he lived past the mid 60s, the history of space exploration might look a lot different

  • Capronic2 Dethroned

    This is a rare video I'd say cause utube ban everything

  • Darren Smith
    Darren Smith Year ago

    Thank you smashing vid.

  • Rob
    Rob Year ago

    What a beautiful ending of the video.

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    Finally. Somebody who's saying "Sputnik" correctly

  • Sara Bang
    Sara Bang Year ago

    Stop Messing with moon!

  • Sara Bang
    Sara Bang Year ago

    pure stupidity. no respect for Mother Earth. space in between.

  • GalacticAJan
    GalacticAJan Year ago

    humans are fucking retarded, getting jeallous and competing eachother over better weapons/speacecraft/anything only because they are located in different countries, we should work together as humanity if we want to have right name ourselves single race and species!

  • weslley marques
    weslley marques Year ago

    The best explanation!! Inlove your videos!!!!

  • S0KGaming- More
    S0KGaming- More Year ago

    The iron giant movie reminded me of sputnik

  • alistairville
    alistairville Year ago

    A beeping radio transmitter pushed the USA to land on the moon. And it was an amazing achievement - humanity’s first successful venture into space. Thanks for this video.

  • DanielsMind
    DanielsMind Year ago

    nice shirt

  • nero wulfee92
    nero wulfee92 Year ago

    Beep beep cyka

  • Aquila Rossa
    Aquila Rossa Year ago

    Sputnik never happened. It was staged in a Moscow TV studio. The beeping radio signal was just a land based short wave transmission that was bounced between the ionosphere and the Flat Earth so the Americans would be fooled into thinking that orbit is a real thing. Nah.... :D

    • Pan Cytryna
      Pan Cytryna Year ago

      Susnet is impossible at flat Earth

  • Art K
    Art K Year ago

    I suggest to display numbers when saying them - for non natives with better eyes than ears

  • Slvrr Gld
    Slvrr Gld Year ago

    Sputnik actually means
    Searcher or wanderer or something like that