Let's Talk About Daniel Howell...

  • Published on Jun 15, 2019
  • Daniel Howell also known as "danisinotonfire" uploaded "basically i'm gay" where he talks about coming out and why it has been such a hard thing for him to make public.
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  • ImAllexx
    ImAllexx  4 months ago +37200

    if you write fan fiction about me please do so in a cursive font.

  • The Purple Horizon
    The Purple Horizon 23 hours ago

    It sounds like hes going to cry at 5:08 👽

  • L Bee
    L Bee 2 days ago

    The thing is I like writing fanfiction so do many other people but I draw the line at real people fictional characters is fine because they are obviously fictional and you don't hurt people by Googling information if you do that with someone real I have no empathy for you if you dig into someone's personal life for your own enjoyment you disgust me

  • Scrxylixas Queencomentarry

    I’m here and queer

  • Lyric Library
    Lyric Library 6 days ago

    Love how he skipped height

  • Cutie Emily
    Cutie Emily 6 days ago

    The respect I have for this video is insane

  • Prefects Xxxx
    Prefects Xxxx 7 days ago

    Good on you Danny

  • Uglydante
    Uglydante 7 days ago

    Shipping culture really makes me cringe, especially when it's fuckin 24 year old grown women or sum shit. But honestly most shippers are like 12-16 or somethin and tbh I don't think that's creepy bc they're kids and they don't really understand that it's inappropriate. Like 18+ year olds who ship real people and pry into their lives are gross, but when people publicly attack children, tweens and teenagers who ship people THAT seems weirder to me imo. anyway Good video dude and I 100% agree!

  • Vlk Etto
    Vlk Etto 8 days ago

    There is definitely a line with shipping people, if you just say they would be cute together that’s fine in my books but if you are angry that they aren’t together and harassing them it’s not fair and can destroy relationships.

  • Sam Mcclain
    Sam Mcclain 8 days ago

    I came here praying no one would hate on dan and I’m not dissatisfied. Because I love Dan and Phil both so much.

  • Liam Branthwaite
    Liam Branthwaite 15 days ago

    I think you’ve made a good point but it’s not just on the internet I’m afraid to say I’m bi instead of saying I’m a gay because as soon as I came out people were wondering who am I going out with and all I got were questions asking oh are you going out with blank and I said no
    Also a new boy got a roomer saying he was going out with my friend which weren’t true

  • Daniel Howell
    Daniel Howell 16 days ago

    What is there to talk about?

  • Ivebeeenthinkntomuch YT

    Okay so I just deleted my comment because like... people are negative and honestly just please everyone stop assuming things. Dan is a real person and it’s demeaning to take his struggle and say “omg phan is confirmed” that’s not what the point of that video was, you are literally destroying the whole point of his video

  • Kin
    Kin 17 days ago

    No one should feel this pressured by their own fans. That's just disgusting.

  • Mariah Zeh
    Mariah Zeh 17 days ago +1

    I used to like fanfics up until I realized “this genuinely affects those it’s written about.” And that was when I stopped shopping Dan and Phil. I stopped using Phan when talking about them. I rarely read fanfics anymore and if I do it’s around fictional characters (Harry Potter and Twilight mostly)

  • Sixties Haze
    Sixties Haze 21 day ago +1

    Say it louder for the people in the back

  • theflowerhead
    theflowerhead 21 day ago

    Great, eye opening video.

  • ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ
    ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ 25 days ago

    You're just jealous of Dan. How. Cause ya didn't get attention from us about you being gay

  • Terry Gummer
    Terry Gummer 27 days ago +1

    The coming out video was the first one I watched

  • I love Mcr
    I love Mcr 29 days ago +1

    Dan and Phil have helped me through a lot and I’m very happy about them coming out because dan being depressed has helped me though my own depression and I feel like I might be able to come out

  • I love Mcr
    I love Mcr 29 days ago

    It makes me happy that dan and Phil have come out because it makes me more prepared to come out which I’ve been trying to do for awhile now

  • Parker isgay
    Parker isgay Month ago +1

    They're relationship could be Romantic it could be Platonic ? Who cares. They're happy. That's all that matters

  • Menchie
    Menchie Month ago

    honestly same. like I ship them but I’d never be intrusive about it. that’s a terrible thing to do. don’t write creepy fan fiction, don’t comment “OMG PHAN IS REAL!!!” under every video, don’t be creepy. that’s disgusting.

  • Amina 1717
    Amina 1717 Month ago

    This is weird someone in my tutor class is called Daniel Howell 😂

  • Wildrock Nations
    Wildrock Nations Month ago +2

    one of my ex friends fetishized gays and it made me incredibly uncomfortable, I myself am gay and she went out of her way to make friends that are gay. She used to flex the fact that she had gay friends and would tell everybody that i was gay essentially outing me. She also is straight but hates straights. it was incredibly strange but the main thing that still keeps me up at night is how she told everyone i was gay even tho i trusted her with my secrets. I just wasn’t ready. Rant over

  • 0 subscribers with no videos ?

    Has Alex got a bf?

  • Juanita Walker
    Juanita Walker Month ago +2

    Dan: We are soulmates, beyond romantically, we are real best friends

    normal people: That's beautiful, I want that kind of friendship one day

    • Sophie Bennett
      Sophie Bennett Month ago +1

      i’ve been a supporter of dan and phil for 5 years, and have never once written the “sex fanfiction” (and dan said he’s okay with fanfiction about him so that’s a non-issue anyway) nor am i crazy. as a young adult who is queer, dan’s story gives me hope for the future as an lgbtq person, as does his relationship with phil. i’m not sure why you are so determined to describe dan and phil’s relationship as a “beautiful friendship” when dan clearly states in his video that him and phil were “more than friends” and take his statement that the relationship was “more than just romantic” as being “beyond romantic” (inferring platonic) , but i really don’t dan would appreciate you using his coming out to push this agenda, when clearly he meant to subtly come out about his romantic relationship with phil in this brief section of his video, as well as demonstrate the importance of one person showing you support. i also don’t think he would approve of you demonising his supportive and loyal fanbase, the majority of whom are queer themselves, by painting them as creepy and invasive “phangirls” who sexualise dan and phil’s relationship.

  • 「spicy」
    「spicy」 Month ago +1

    When people are fetishised for their sexuality it makes them. Feel like people around them or their fans value them for nothing more than fuel for fanfics and erotic fantasies. Girls who fetishise gay men, or even straight men in gay relationships, are the equivalent of straight men wanting to have a bisexual girlfriend so they can have a fantasy threesome, or wanting to watch two lesbians fuck.

  • mel's bb
    mel's bb Month ago +2

    i clicked on this video thinking
    He better not say a fucking word against him

  • Angelo Maestroni
    Angelo Maestroni Month ago +1

    Yeah, you are right, wanting to look inside someone private life is annoying and can make you feel very uncomfortable, but in my personal case I did look at someone sexuality on Google or clinching on videos with "gay" in the title because I like the feeling of not being alone, seeing people having the same experience and struggles as me... even if they live in the other part of the world I can relate with them through their sexuality.

  • l0v3ly cl0uds
    l0v3ly cl0uds Month ago +2

    Thank 👏 you 👏 you're 👏 amazing 👏👏👏👏

  • MelonGamer
    MelonGamer Month ago +1

    On the game Dead By Daylight there is a perk called kindred and it allows people to see where each other are. A soul mate does not mean lovers it can mean friends who see eye to eye and connect on a different level offer then love. So when Alex said that don’t take that the wrong way.

    Also go subscribe for shit. That’s right I did just plug my TheXvid channel that has like no subs and I plugged it on a comment which was supposed to correct people. Get over it I’m sad :).

  • Ella Bella
    Ella Bella Month ago

    Dan's video meant a lot to me, because the part about saying he's bi just to not have to be seen gay moved something in me and brought me a step closer to telling my mom that I'm not into guys. And seeing people turn the whole video around so it's just about their relationship and what they are to each other made me really sad.

  • S u n f l o w e r
    S u n f l o w e r Month ago +1

    “Demon phannies” need to actually deactivate lol thanks

  • frxnksrxmance o.o
    frxnksrxmance o.o Month ago +4

    i love dan, i love phil, but the phandom is a very scary place and thats why i go nowhere near it.
    edit: even if dan and phil are together or were together who cares just enjoy the content, we've been enjoying the content with us knowing them as straight, it shouldn't change because they announce they're gay. it also shouldn't change if they announce they had/have relations. boom.

  • Jace Wanca
    Jace Wanca Month ago

    I fucking hate gay people

    • Dina Datta
      Dina Datta Month ago +1

      Then Fuck of you homophobic bastard

    • Lil Cognito
      Lil Cognito Month ago +1

      I fucking love gay people

  • Jace Wanca
    Jace Wanca Month ago

    Fuck you

    • Dina Datta
      Dina Datta Month ago

      @Jace Wanca btw how is a fake name from random name generator gay?

    • Dina Datta
      Dina Datta Month ago

      @Jace Wanca just fuck off

    • Jace Wanca
      Jace Wanca Month ago

      Oh and by the way gay people shouldn’t exist

    • Dina Datta
      Dina Datta Month ago +1

      No u

    • Lil Cognito
      Lil Cognito Month ago

      Well fuck u 2

  • Sarah Gallego
    Sarah Gallego Month ago +1

    Okay guys, two gay men, CAN BE FRIENDS!!
    I know right! It's ridiculous!! If they actually are dating, THAT'S NONE OF OUR BUISSNESS! And if they aren't, THAT'S ALSO NONE OF OUR BUISSNESS.
    So guys, respect there privacy!

  • t o k k i i
    t o k k i i Month ago +1

    as a lesbian i literally admire this video alex :))

    TED RAMIREZ Month ago

    i keep getting 'mornimg after pregancy stopper' tablets whenever i watch your videos...?

  • Huff Poster
    Huff Poster 2 months ago

    Why do people fucking care

  • Miles Tharp
    Miles Tharp 2 months ago +1

    haha remember the skin fic 💀💀

    • Kermit the frog
      Kermit the frog 2 months ago +2

      Miles Tharp oh god don’t bring that up💀

  • Not Here
    Not Here 2 months ago

    Thanks Alex, this is really repectful of you, thanks for accepting him and making him feel welcomed.

  • Daniel Merrick
    Daniel Merrick 2 months ago

    Thank you Alex

  • yaoihunter
    yaoihunter 2 months ago

    Alex and James definitely shagged
    Put a tenner on a it

  • Taylor Reeves
    Taylor Reeves 2 months ago

    I honestly thought that this vid wasnt gunna be positive but was pleasantly surprised!

  • Lake M
    Lake M 2 months ago +1

    Legit I’m so damn tired of random ass people commenting weird yaoi/fanfiction shit whenever I post an Instagram picture with my boyfriend. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TALKING ABOUT THIS. Everyone seems to be ignoring this issue, I was starting to feel like it was just me who was effected. It means so much that you’re using your platform to bring light to this issue.

  • cherrybabe
    cherrybabe 2 months ago +2

    i agree that invading dan and phil's privacy is horrible and so is "confirming" that phan is real but you'd have to be part of the phandom to understand that dan and phil don't mind the ship or phanfics or phanart unless it goes way too far. for example; the incident in 2012 where the phandom literally drove dan insane with the ship. this fandom is honestly very persistent with these sorts of things though you can't fully hate us because we were the ones the have really helped dan in the long run as well as phil helping him as well of course

  • egg on toast
    egg on toast 2 months ago +1

    I remember when I was friends with this guy in high school and we were like extremely close and he was touchy so he would always hold my hand and sit in my lap and our friends jokingly started shipping us which was fine but then the fujoshis of the school got word there were two gay dudes holding hands and it blew up to the point three years later I'm uncomfortable to even sit close to one of my guy friends, and even then I can't even begin to fathom what Dan and Phil have gone through emotionally with their friendship, and it baffles me more that people can see and hear the damage they caused and still think it's ok =/

  • Lexi Senpai
    Lexi Senpai 2 months ago

    I went to the interactive introverts tour and soo many people had pride flags

  • Lula
    Lula 2 months ago +1

    i saw the title and thought it was going to be a roast...... was really about to throw hands....

  • Squidward-in Saturn
    Squidward-in Saturn 2 months ago +2

    Fourteen year old straight people really be fetishizing gay people and lesbians it’s disgusting

  • Hello I'm Gay Af
    Hello I'm Gay Af 2 months ago +4

    I've always liked to ship cartoon characters but *never* real people.

    that's just gross.

  • Mia Lucchesi
    Mia Lucchesi 2 months ago +1

    Ok i think fan fiction is Weird And ya if phan is real or not i wouldn't really care thats there life and if they choose to date great for them if there just friends Also fine with me. Im just happy for them both 😄

  • Cassie Smorth
    Cassie Smorth 2 months ago +1

    a true dude out here,, thank you for jus talkin about what i wish i could openly talk about

  • daughter of posiedon god of the sea

    I read fanfiction but... like, they have said they were fine with it, I don’t read smut (that’s kind of creepy tbh) and I would just like to also say, I don’t even really read it in the context about them, I just want something to imagine myself being able to feel. I want the feeling of love like fanfiction, but x readers are just terrible. If either of them ever, and I mean ever, said that they were uncomfortable with fanfiction I would stop reading it. I absolutely did not only take the Dan and Phil maybe dating from this video, that was barely a minute of the video. You can read fanfiction and still be a good person. AND, please, don’t just pin all this on one age and gender. It’s not just teenage girls. That’s messed up and makes me feel like a dick for just being a female in the age range of 13-17. I’m so proud of Dan. And Phil too. They have helped me so much with my sexuality.

  • banana fish
    banana fish 2 months ago

    What really had me bothered is when i hopped onto tumblr to see what people were saying and there was a bunch of posts by phans saying stuff like: "if you keep saying that dan and phil arent confirmed to be boyfriends then youre homophobic" and "people who told shippers to stop shipping dan and phil must feel stupid now" and "every moment between dan and phil in their old videos is different now because its confirmed romantic or sexual". Like bruh. No. Stop obsessing and acting like his coming out is justification for you to vocalize your creepy fantasies.

  • my account
    my account 2 months ago +1

    I fucking cried when I watched that video because just as Alex said, Dan put into words something that I’ve been struggling with for years and made me finally feel like I wasn’t alone and I love that dan did that because without that video I would not be in a good place and people shouldn’t push TheXvidrs into feeling like they can’t be honest about their sexuality because when there’s no representation young lgbtq+ people feel so much more alone

  • Creepy Pheonix13
    Creepy Pheonix13 2 months ago

    I had this horrible feeling that ImAlexx would be mean to Dan, but when he was nice to him, I actually almost cried.

  • ramswaroop sharma
    ramswaroop sharma 2 months ago

    its okay to ship real people, as long as you keep in mind that they're actual human beings with feelings and don't write smut about them, don't attack them with questions about said ship, don't harass them and PLEASE don't tag them in posts you make about them. honestly, if you think two people look cute together, that's perfectly fine. feteshising them and trying to turn it into a thing, ruining certain aspects of their life is NOT thank you for coming to my ted talk