Let's Talk About Daniel Howell...

  • Published on Jun 15, 2019
  • Daniel Howell also known as "danisinotonfire" uploaded "basically i'm gay" where he talks about coming out and why it has been such a hard thing for him to make public.
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  • ImAllexx
    ImAllexx  Month ago +36312

    if you write fan fiction about me please do so in a cursive font.

    • Ashlyn Peta
      Ashlyn Peta 3 days ago

      Because even the words aren’t straight :)))

    • Hollz Ng
      Hollz Ng 4 days ago

      I'm actually going to go on to every fan fic site and see if they obeyed your command

    • ole jni
      ole jni 5 days ago

      you put yourself in public domain to make so much money you then get overly scrutinized publicly fucking deal with it lispyyyyy

    • can you not
      can you not 6 days ago

      -Wattpad doesn’t have a cursive font-

    • Jen and kevin Waterhouse
      Jen and kevin Waterhouse 9 days ago

      Ohhhhhh boi ive got editing to do

  • Uncle Andy
    Uncle Andy 9 hours ago

    Im posting before ImAlexx is revealed to be a pedophile....I'm calling it right now...

  • sarah hammack
    sarah hammack 10 hours ago

    the phandom is literally the worst

  • Sporty Lad
    Sporty Lad 16 hours ago

    🤡🤡🤡🤡honk honk

  • _TubbsDoesStuff _
    _TubbsDoesStuff _ 20 hours ago +1

    Where is your coming out video?

  • The Messiah Complex

    Finally someone has some common sense here to make a video about all this fanfiction shit. You literally said everything that I would say. Well done man. :)

  • PinkiePie
    PinkiePie Day ago

    i dont understand why people are so obsessed with peoples sexuality, why in gods name is that even a thing?? it has to be the younger people who do this, because i know that normal adults dont care about peoples personal life to that extent.

  • Rachel
    Rachel Day ago +1

    This video was very pure and will be extremely influential for many of your subscribers. I could tell that you related to Dan and that you were personally hurt by the Phandom when they made Dan feel so trapped in his own sexuality. I don't want to assume anything about you so I will just say; people are obsessed with putting people in boxes. I know I am guilty of being obnoxiously curious about peoples sexualities. I am bisexual and I always want to know if someone is a part of the LGBTQ+ community like me. Don't let the pressure get to you, but opening up and being vulnerable is usually way more scary in your brain than the real deal. Anyways... I am not even an avid watcher of your channel I just got sidetracked from you seeming to be at war with yourself in your head. Have a nice day!
    EDIT: Jk I realized that you have already addressed your sexuality briefly on several occasions. You do you!

  • Xhappy Cat
    Xhappy Cat Day ago

    How did I just now find this? I agree with what Alex said and also lmao Phil is actually gay but that doesn't mean thAt they are dating and I really hope people stop the shipping shit because👏they👏are👏real👏people👏not👏 character s👏

  • G Efrat
    G Efrat Day ago

    Kinda really relate in a different way. Wish me being out about being trans didn't take away normal conversation everyone feels entitled to ask about my private life, my sexuality and my body parts it sucks

  • Something Sedona

    You are such an intellectual, I agree with everything you said in this video and it was really inspiring 😊

  • Melana C
    Melana C Day ago

    Excellent excellent video Συγχαρητήρια

  • Rockin
    Rockin Day ago

    The phandom is crazy. Just let people live their lives, don't make such a huge deal about someone being gay because idk from my perspective as someone who is a gay trans man I don't want people making a huge deal abt that, like I just want to live my life we normal and I assume that's what lot of gay men want as well. To just be accepted and move on, and not have their entire Identity made out to be "he's gay uwu". So like please stop fetishizing homosexuality @phandom

  • Hannah Gs
    Hannah Gs 2 days ago

    Thank you so much for making this! I love seeing the support for him and also someone calling out the bullshit

  • Twinklingstarrs
    Twinklingstarrs 2 days ago

    I’m really glad you made this video, I hope it reaches the ears of the people who need to hear this.

  • KC Johnston
    KC Johnston 3 days ago

    No offense to Dan but like.. why do people care at all? Unless someone is sleeping w me personally or someone I know, I just don't care. How can people write fan fiction ect about 2 people that aren't even in their personal lives

  • Saleena Khan
    Saleena Khan 3 days ago

    Pennywise 😂😂

  • The vampire Shadows
    The vampire Shadows 4 days ago

    they actually said there're ok with the fan fictions at some point in one of there videos

    • The vampire Shadows
      The vampire Shadows 4 days ago

      but don't get me wrong ppl shouldn't assume that there together

  • Elena Ritter
    Elena Ritter 4 days ago +1

    I thought he was openly gay for years...

  • isobel brown
    isobel brown 5 days ago

    fuck off mate no one cares like the phandom is a nice place (no shit look how many people are in) and like have u never seen a dnp vid in ur life?? do research before u make videos shit head.

  • isobel brown
    isobel brown 5 days ago

    why are u spinning this in such a weird direction?

  • georgina herbert
    georgina herbert 5 days ago

    Respect dan and Phil's private lives

  • Howlin' Owl
    Howlin' Owl 6 days ago

    It happens to me quite often that people just assume that i'm gay and they start gossiping about that. One woman didn't even want to believe that i'm not and she constantly reminded me that is okay. Fuck, first of all ... this doesn't concerne anyone but me and just imagine people attributing you to something you don't identify with ... almost all the time. It is fucking annoying. Even hearing people say that i might not know it yet due to the fact they knew i dated women ... I don't know why people care. I strongly believe that there are more interesting topics in life than that.

  • xero 9ravity
    xero 9ravity 6 days ago

    Is that a... snalexx?

  • Kind Sir
    Kind Sir 6 days ago +1

    He’s here, he’s queer, and he wants it in the rear

  • Leon 123
    Leon 123 6 days ago

    Didn't know he could be serious

  • Actually Lollypop
    Actually Lollypop 6 days ago

    I'm honestly ashamed to say I used to ship them. I was young and didn't realize how harmful it was. I think it's very easy to forget that youtubers are real people. I loved them so much, and just thought it would be cute if they were together. I wasn't super crazy about it, like some fans, but I did definitely ship them. I eventually took a break from watching them for awhile. I grew up, got a bit more mature and, especially after Dan's new video, I realized just how toxic and horrible it is to ship real people. But, I was once in those people's shoes, so I try not to be too hypocritical, since I shipped them once too. But I'm so glad I grew out of it, and I hope all of those people who ship them do too.

  • Rhianna Rajput
    Rhianna Rajput 7 days ago

    Great video 👏🏽👏🏽

  • Hi People
    Hi People 7 days ago +1

    A girl in my school is lesbian. Everyone only knows that because HER BEST FRIEND outed her. It's so harmful. Luckily, people where I live are pretty accepting.


    Dude no offence made and you aren't mean but Dan explicitly says that he didn't want videos made about it

  • J P
    J P 7 days ago +1

    okay but they’re friendship is cute it makes me happy
    i like seeing people get along and be friends
    so let’s all enjoy it
    whether they are friends or more

  • artistic seaturtle
    artistic seaturtle 7 days ago +1

    I’m a lesbian and this has happened to me in my friend group. Me and my ex girlfriend had dated for 10 months. They were all ‘shipping’ us and eventually we broke up as they were putting too much pressure on us. But what also doesn’t help me is that I have this ‘friend’ who says she’s bi (I don’t think she is) and she asks everyone out, shops herself with everyone and she sent me this really weird TheXvid video. It was slightly perverted as well. And this was two days after me and my girlfriend broke up. She is so creepy and is ruining her friendships with everyone.

  • Matilda S
    Matilda S 8 days ago

    Yikes, soo many unscippable ads in this one.

  • Memes for Milk
    Memes for Milk 8 days ago

    12 minutes of praising somebody for coming out for money. You even sell pride merch for money. You don't care a single bit, you just see the numbers. £££££

  • Monique Da Silva
    Monique Da Silva 8 days ago

    9:35 This has happened to me and I can say it hurts like nothing else you will ever experience

  • Monique Da Silva
    Monique Da Silva 8 days ago

    Felt this video, Alex knows what’s up

  • Celadon Tsarina
    Celadon Tsarina 8 days ago

    Honestly I've been subbed to Imallexx since sub 1mil and I'm so happy to see his channel growing because I think he is a really honest TheXvidr who cares about the people on this platform! Awesome job on passing 1.5 mil subs!

    • Kavis Cryptic
      Kavis Cryptic 8 days ago

      'Honest', might want to look into Kavos

  • mrzombiemanjake
    mrzombiemanjake 8 days ago

    Lispy queer

  • Kevzy Dev
    Kevzy Dev 8 days ago +1

    Holy Shit stop ramble... Its obvious you strech ur videos for more revenue. This could easily be 3 minutes long...

  • iLuvPandas Smartz
    iLuvPandas Smartz 8 days ago +3

    I'm going to ship you with a flip flop and make some spicy fan fiction about it👌👀

  • McDoodles and fries
    McDoodles and fries 8 days ago +1

    I don't think people realise that Dan and Phil are real people with real lives. Just because they're gay and they're friends doesn't automatically mean that they are dating. Leave them alone and let them live without all the toxicity.

  • Cota is a weird man
    Cota is a weird man 9 days ago


  • Madison Lewe
    Madison Lewe 9 days ago

    People just missed the whole point of the video and that makes me sad

  • Ridge White
    Ridge White 9 days ago

    All I can say is welcome to the internet fuckers it's a crazy,stupid,disgusting,and beautiful place

  • Kamaria Az-Ibo
    Kamaria Az-Ibo 9 days ago

    imma say this in the most polite way possible. this vid..i don’t completely agree it.
    1. yes shipping to a certain extent could be dangerous, but there is nothing wrong with thinking two people could be good together. as long as you don’t bother them about it. most people in the world say “oh so and so would be so cute together”. THATS ALSO SHIPPING.
    2. dan never said that “teenage girls” were what kept him from coming out all these years. it was mostly the fear of not being excepted.

    • Kamaria Az-Ibo
      Kamaria Az-Ibo 9 days ago

      i know u meant well and i truly appreciate this video as yes dnp are real people who have lives outside of youtube that are none of our business. but plz next time do a little more research because u kinda didn’t please many people of the phandom with this video. (i honestly could care less cuz i never watched ur videos in the first place, i just saw the thumbnail with dan and clicked)

    • Kamaria Az-Ibo
      Kamaria Az-Ibo 9 days ago

      a few people and putting them in the mouths of so many others
      3. fan fiction literally isn’t a problem for them they’ve made their own. they literally always say they appreciate it cuz it is literally creative writing.
      4. u making a whole video about how him coming out isn’t about phan is making it about phan. he wanted people to understand his story by telling it wholeheartedly. he mentioned phan literally twice in the entire vid. literally the entire phandom said his vid wasn’t about phan (minus some people who literally i don’t even understand them). but you accused a lot of people of this and that’s kinda messed up.
      5. (last one i promise) ur kinda making “phannies” look bad. they aren’t just people who want dan and phil to f**k, it’s legit the name of their fan base. we all(again minus a few others) congratulated dan and said how proud of him we were. the phandom (for the most part) made him feel comfortable as he needed that in his life.

    • Kamaria Az-Ibo
      Kamaria Az-Ibo 9 days ago

      and putting words into his mouth that he never said is messed up. yes people going into his personal life held him back. but it wasn’t the majority. plus ur talking about a problem that was major 7 years ago. literally anyone who says anything about them dating now gets a huge amount of backlash from the community. you are taking the words of

  • Jen and kevin Waterhouse

    Where I'm at:
    Dan and Phil have a good relationship and That's all we need to know. It may not be romantic, but it's nicr to see them happy where they are. I don't "ship" them. I'm just saying even if they wete together I'd support them just as much as I do now.

  • iphu choi
    iphu choi 9 days ago +1

    Ok yea boi but you gon tell freakin REPORTERS to stay out of the business of two internet celebrities???? Like that's what they do... It's annoying yes but it's how it's been since like forever

  • Dai Drawings and Animation

    Shipping real people is absolutely disgusting

  • MacheteSquad121
    MacheteSquad121 9 days ago

    Good on you Alex!

  • Yup Itz JJ
    Yup Itz JJ 9 days ago

    Im legit crying, thank you for bringing attention to this, the "phan" shippers need to stop, shipping friends is not only uncomfortable for the people being shipped but lose friendships as well, young me used to ship phan about two, three years ago but something happened in my personal life and I realised how fucked up it is to ship real people

  • Johnus Smithus
    Johnus Smithus 10 days ago

    but the important thing is; are you gay ?

  • Anamaría Dávila
    Anamaría Dávila 10 days ago +1

    I used to ship them too mostly cuz of the “cute” crap written and drawn online and then I realized like wait a minute wtf no this is bullshit and I just matured and I feel like thanks to this other people are realizing that doing that is just wrong

  • Sad Boi
    Sad Boi 10 days ago

    I’m from the future and have some good news about Phil-

  • So Cookie aren't good for you

    I've seen this stuff with u and memeulous I feel so bad

  • Its Me Racoon
    Its Me Racoon 11 days ago

    This is not negative enough, great video tho

  • Madison
    Madison 11 days ago +1


  • Olivia Paulsen
    Olivia Paulsen 12 days ago +1

    ok but WHY did we need this video? this was pointless. it’s not your job to speak for dan, he can speak for himself lmao. you can talk about your own experience with shipping or whatever. but you rly didn’t have to go and make this video. you aren’t going to change people or the internet, it’s useless.

    • Olivia Paulsen
      Olivia Paulsen 10 days ago +1

      @Number 4 yeah but jus because he didn't talk about it doesn't mean he doesn't have an opinion on it. it's not imalexx's place to make a whole video about how dan feels lmao. i think shipping real people is gross, but that doesn't mean i get to talk on dan's behalf.

    • Number 4
      Number 4 11 days ago +1

      Dan isn’t speaking for himself though. He didn’t mention any pet of a relationship with Phil and neither did he so clearly it’s not something they’re comfortable with being open about. Shipping real people can be really harmful to them and any friendships or relationships they may have.

  • Oliver Stanley
    Oliver Stanley 12 days ago

    Sounds like you wanna come out too, we won’t judge you lad.i always knew you were gay

    • Oliver Stanley
      Oliver Stanley 12 days ago

      Did not know that but still love the content

    • Chloe Franklin
      Chloe Franklin 12 days ago +1

      Oliver Stanley he’s openly bi dude. Not a secret.

  • Gravy Train
    Gravy Train 13 days ago

    I’m really glad you made this video Alex :)

  • Layla_gacha
    Layla_gacha 13 days ago

    GO CRAZY!! qaScEVHhVHJgg!!!
    GO STUPID HgUsesAQqaAzZWsSxxEDdcCrRFfv

  • LiebeMoi _Please
    LiebeMoi _Please 13 days ago

    Coulda kept it for 2 more weeks -_- xD

    • LiebeMoi _Please
      LiebeMoi _Please 13 days ago

      But yeah, I totally get it, only being able to call myself queer now, because of how people at my school always ask me and treat me because of who I am.

  • HD Walls
    HD Walls 13 days ago +1

    Two gay people can live together and be soulmates without having romantic relations.
    Take Christina and Meredith in Grey's Anatomy, They are each other's people, they understand each other and help each other through life. And neither of them are Lesbian.
    Similar to Dan and Phil in the way they go about their lives.

    • Number 4
      Number 4 13 days ago

      HD Walls
      Yes! I see so many good and bad examples! For example Aaron and Eric or Tara and Denise in the walking dead. And then well Riverdale made a complete mess of gay representation.

  • sierra mist
    sierra mist 13 days ago +1

    alex said leave daniel alone

  • Ms. Take
    Ms. Take 14 days ago +2

    I find real people shipping (especially when it's fetishised) amazingly weird, and that's coming from someone who'll support any cartoon/anime shipping you can throw at them.

  • CagedKitty &Friends
    CagedKitty &Friends 14 days ago +4

    Gay folks relationships always tend to get fetishized by straight people of the opposite binary gender. Straight women are just as predatory and gross to gay or bi men as straight men are to lesbians and bi women. I'm honestly so over it

    • arabellas70s
      arabellas70s 13 days ago

      CagedKitty &Friends unfortunately many bi women and even some lesbians treat queer men like objects for their own sexual fantasies/entertainment as well, not just straight women. there are many non-straight females in the phandom, but yet the very same females fetishize dan and phil the most

  • rugile.plikionyte
    rugile.plikionyte 14 days ago

    Just... How British is this guy... And why the hell is this in my recommendations... Though dan and phil did break my youtube...

  • Alice In Blenderland
    Alice In Blenderland 14 days ago

    I feel entitled to google whatever the hell I want and there isn’t anything wrong with that

    • Number 4
      Number 4 13 days ago +1

      That’s exactly what a pedo said while getting convicted of child porn.

  • Alpha Huzky
    Alpha Huzky 14 days ago +1

    who’s watching after Phil came out as well

  • • Möppet •
    • Möppet • 15 days ago

    “I watched every song minute of it”
    Me:oh show you haven’t watched every single SeCoNd you uncultured sWiNe

  • spooky scary philington

    So has philllllllll come out