Robbie, Claude and DT from AFTV on Unai Emery's sacking!

  • Published on Nov 29, 2019
    Arsenal Fan TV's Robbie, Claude and DT give their thoughts on the sacking of Unai Emery.
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  • Miggsie
    Miggsie 26 days ago

    wow, Claude's been doing a lot of comfort eating.

  • Apurva Mehta
    Apurva Mehta 27 days ago

    Get out of our club. Get out of our club. Arsenal Fan TV, Get out of our club.

  • Sporting Lion
    Sporting Lion Month ago

    Arteta not even mentioned as an option that they wanted as the next manager.

  • ram Jani
    ram Jani Month ago

    Arsenal position is actually seventeenth this year if F. Luunberg remain as coach for Arsenal

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith Month ago

    Aftv... The standing joke at Arsenal. What does it say when a fan channel thinks its bigger than the club it pretends to represent ?

  • menschkeit1
    menschkeit1 Month ago

    Claude is wrong, the cultural fit is important. The board alienated Mislintat and then Monchi, two of the best in Europe, so the problem is deeper than the manager. Ancelotti would at least organize the defense, which right now is sapping the team of all confidence. Poch cannot ever be Arsenal manager, and he wouldn't take the job.

  • Nige
    Nige Month ago

    Robbie is a don!

  • Clit Yeastwood
    Clit Yeastwood Month ago

    They didnt get Troopz on because he doesnt know how to talk to average people

  • spartan black
    spartan black Month ago

    If you go to the Arsenal cafe in Finsbury Park they are doing a AFTV special. ... EGG ON FACE!!! LMAO

  • premier league
    premier league Month ago

    Will we ever see Sky reporters interviewing BT sport pundits? I think not; so what do they want with AFTV.

  • Squirtlehvac Hvac
    Squirtlehvac Hvac Month ago

    Claude ready to be unfaithful with that new trim.

  • Franchesco Murcia
    Franchesco Murcia Month ago

    Allegri a winner bro 😂😂😂 they won serie A with the best team in the league and got to a champions league final and failed this guy kicked andrea pirlo out of AC milan

  • Franchesco Murcia
    Franchesco Murcia Month ago

    Arsenal had a chance to become a powerhouse again when wenger left. You had ancelotti available that summer, you couldve gone for simeone you couldve gone for thomas tuchel or sarri. Pep was leaving bayern i think he was looking for another team, klopp hadnt gone to liverpool but they went for unai emery what do you expect the guy is a europa league manager as soon as i saw the news he was appointed arsenal doomed themselves imo. Yall messed up

  • Prudence Joseph
    Prudence Joseph Month ago

    Arsenal problems is the two center back David luiz and sokratis. "Miss understanding, no communication, unmark players, no attention in a match and they can't stop an attack... They are not aggressive enough t take control of a defense. The opposit strikers do what ever they want with them. Arsenal need defenders with a good leadership in the team.

  • Dolores Abrego
    Dolores Abrego Month ago

    Now leave the sopilote alone 🤔 he has already left and run it. Dedicate yourself better to evaluate the hair and now

  • t1000eg
    t1000eg Month ago

    how fit is she ?

  • Steve Hope
    Steve Hope Month ago


  • Gooner CestLaVie
    Gooner CestLaVie Month ago

    Good points

  • MRdarcy743
    MRdarcy743 Month ago +1

    Love that she actually let them argue while interviewing them. Top class lady

  • Javier Zepeda
    Javier Zepeda Month ago

    Not an arsenal fan but its nice to see these guys making big moves

  • Deadpool1322
    Deadpool1322 Month ago

    Lmao reporter was instructed to give Claude limited time on the mic cause they were afraid he'd swear

  • Grd Ilija
    Grd Ilija Month ago

    With Xmas coming up and our PL fixtures ahead I can see Ljunberg keeping that seat warm for a hot minute

  • ee mobile
    ee mobile Month ago +1

    Robbie head gets so shiny when on sky sports its usually a bonner

  • elton appie
    elton appie Month ago

    DT always have a joke in him 😂😂😂😂

  • Changing Times
    Changing Times Month ago

    These are fake arsenal fans !!!!!!!

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson Month ago

    Robbie needs to explain why 2-3 weeks ago when people were saying emery should be replaced he vehemently disagreed and said people were crackers. Now he agrees the sacking was expected. What gives Robbie !!!!

  • Tuber Youb
    Tuber Youb Month ago

    Arsenal fans be like:

    I wish it was year 2005

  • King Drazhar
    King Drazhar Month ago

    id take Benitez, i think the players we have would suit his system to a T, i think he would be awesome for Arsenal.

  • Jack Richardson
    Jack Richardson Month ago

    Robbie defo did not want ty on live tv with claude 😂😂

  • planetdean
    planetdean Month ago

    DT trying so hard not to swear! Lol cracking me up..

  • Clay Douglas
    Clay Douglas Month ago +1

    Claude the legend

  • LeKaNsWaNsOn
    LeKaNsWaNsOn Month ago

    DT tryna pass her that number with that child cruelty joke pure filth even i laughed. 😭

  • Double G to the G
    Double G to the G Month ago

    She’d get it

  • Zayid Ramjan
    Zayid Ramjan Month ago +1

    Robbie shows his limits ! Mourinho has come back better than ever ! Sadly.

  • anfeild8
    anfeild8 Month ago

    They need someone who knows about the premier league. And not rush to get a manager straight away, they need to stay with a caretaker until the end off the Season.

  • Embison Jones
    Embison Jones Month ago

    🤣🤣🤣 0.10 ~ 0.18 - I’ve never seen Robbie and Claude smile so suspiciously. It’s the type of smile two fats guys give when they’ve met their favourite pornstar.

  • rob grady
    rob grady Month ago

    How many fans do arsenal have it the same faces talking shite

  • Braun 82
    Braun 82 Month ago

    That presenter is too fit

  • Christopher groombridge

    I love my Arsenal and the aftv team my favorite is dt plz get back to me

  • Kakashi Hatake
    Kakashi Hatake Month ago

    Kudos to Robbie for making it on actual tv

  • Elliott Defoe
    Elliott Defoe Month ago

    She fine!

  • Tshepo Tshotetsi
    Tshepo Tshotetsi Month ago

    Billionaire Robbie

  • An Electrician
    An Electrician Month ago

    Big up AFTV

  • Alan Doherty
    Alan Doherty Month ago

    As a Liverpool fan and a fan of thr channel well in lads
    Well said!!

    VIKING H Month ago +1

    Twats on AFTV are poisonous to Arsenal football club, what maneger would take over at arsenal with muppet fans like this,

  • KayAgent
    KayAgent Month ago

    Blah blah someone kicked a ball blah

  • Captain Haddock
    Captain Haddock Month ago

    Bet the Champions League Final was the worst 45 seconds of DT's life!

  • solar bear
    solar bear Month ago

    Arsenal need the Ajax manager to go forward .

  • Glenn Mc Cue
    Glenn Mc Cue Month ago +1

    Dt sitting with his back to the wall to prevent a possible hat theft.

    • ursus
      ursus Month ago

      Why is it that he always has it on

  • Gunna Rocky
    Gunna Rocky Month ago

    What has gone wrong is the little gutless cliques we've got at the club. Lacazette auba pepe guendouzi and Ozil kolosinac ozil xhaka mustafi. And not giving players like martinelli chances in the league when hes our best player lol any other team he wouldve scored double of his 7 goals and will be seen on the same level as mbappe was at 18 years old..

  • Anders And
    Anders And Month ago

    Now these undereducated fools get air time on Sky.

  • Ciarán Purdy
    Ciarán Purdy Month ago

    Go on the lads, from a pool fan.

  • Fire Brand 78
    Fire Brand 78 Month ago

    Sky sports welcome to fan Tv where the fans have taken over the lady there was negated as the anchor as the interview wore on. fresh perspective no one holds the monopoly of the narrative. Raw discussions

  • PrEsTooo100
    PrEsTooo100 Month ago

    Claude being Claude 😊

  • Kasim Hussain
    Kasim Hussain Month ago +4

    Yes lads started from the bottom now were here 🔴

  • Ridd27
    Ridd27 Month ago

    She can get it

  • Daniel Pinzow
    Daniel Pinzow Month ago +1

    if I were Brendan Rodgers and I was interested in the Arsenal job, my first precondition would be to ban Arsenal Fan TV from going anywhere near the Emirates

    • Daniel Pinzow
      Daniel Pinzow Month ago +1

      PS: any prospective arsenal manager that allows arsenal fan tv to run riot as they have the past 3 years will be doomed to failure from the start. No other big club in the premier league allows a social media fan channel to completely run their club the way arsenal allows theirs

  • Liam Harrison
    Liam Harrison Month ago +3

    Wonder why they didn't get troops on🤣🤔

    • Matt Justice
      Matt Justice Month ago +1

      Liam Harrison fam blud blud fam yaunderstand

  • Alan Kenny
    Alan Kenny Month ago

    Really...that's like asking the cross how did jesus die.......

  • FS
    FS Month ago +1

    Thick as two planks, the lot of them