Making a robot RPG in 48 hours! GlobalGameJam 2021 devlog

  • Published on May 24, 2022
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  • bitbrain
    bitbrain  Year ago +10

    Make sure to subscribe! I would absolutely appreciate it! ♥️

    • Xanderwood
      Xanderwood Year ago

      @bitbrain thanks I'll check it out

    • bitbrain
      bitbrain  Year ago +1

      @Xanderwood this gamejam is hosted once a year but we also do other game jams like the summer jam. Feel free to join us at for further announcements!

    • Xanderwood
      Xanderwood Year ago

      Subbed! Nice devlog. How often do you host your game jam?

    • SoundsByMichael
      SoundsByMichael Year ago

      It was such a fun game jam, I’m so glad you guys were my first jam, what a great looking game you guys managed to make in 48 hours 👌🏻

  • IsitheScribe
    IsitheScribe Year ago +11

    The Sound design in this is brilliant! I especially like the sound of the totem. This is an incredible amount of beautiful work done in 48 hours!

  • AndrewDavidJ
    AndrewDavidJ Year ago +7

    Aw man, that’s really cool! I just made a devlog video for a 48 hour game as well, but mine ended up being 27 minutes long! I should learn from you and figure out how to get as much info as you did across in less than 10 minutes 😖

  • Alltagsabenteuer
    Alltagsabenteuer Year ago +3

    Wow, I totally missed the music aspect when playing the game! (Must have had the volume very low I assume)
    Great to hear the backstory and it's totally ok to reuse some mechanics (buttons) from cave.
    You'll probably have you our game engine like the ScummVM in no time.

  • Games By Saul
    Games By Saul Year ago +3

    Nice work on this! I had a lot of fun when I played, as it looks and sounds beautiful!
    Great job to everyone on the team! :D

  • Strophic Valley
    Strophic Valley Year ago

    Fantastic work! Looking forward to seeing what you do in the future :)
    As a composer, it's always interesting to see what other people do for writing musical elements!

  • Skeffles
    Skeffles Year ago +1

    Really nice work on your game. The work each of you did really blends well together and it looks like the game has a fantastic aesthetic and mood.

  • metalpuro90
    metalpuro90 Year ago +1

    It's a nice, entertaining game, albeit short, but that's understandable, since it's for a game jam. It's definitely something you could expand upon in the future!

  • TheShelfman
    TheShelfman Year ago

    That's a crazy amount of work for 48 hours. Very nicely done😁

  • Danny Peet
    Danny Peet Year ago

    The aesthetics are amazing, great work!

  • Tyler Green
    Tyler Green Year ago +1

    Love the art style, this is great

    • bitbrain
      bitbrain  Year ago +1

      Thank you so much! This means a lot. ♥

  • MM
    MM Year ago

    WOW...Soo Cool This is 10 billion times more thought out than anything ive ever done im....My smart brain cant handle this

  • Kyjor
    Kyjor Year ago +1

    Dude your art is awesome!

  • MTechInteractive {} Sam

    The details r incredible man the engine u use is unity right? Where do u create the pixels

    • bitbrain
      bitbrain  Year ago +1

      No, it is Godot Engine! :-)
      I am using Aseprite for pixelart.

  • ANDRES36
    ANDRES36 Year ago

    Awesome video and great game!

  • Elite_Astro
    Elite_Astro Year ago +1

    As always nice video :D

  • Gamedev with Jessi

    This video is awesome *.*

  • monochroma380
    monochroma380 Year ago

    love the progress ! :D :D :D

  • Massimiliano Loconte

    What program did you write music with?

    • Massimiliano Loconte
      Massimiliano Loconte Year ago

      @bitbrain thanks man, pretty amazing content

    • bitbrain
      bitbrain  Year ago +1

      Worth asking Simon who is on my Discord but I think it might be Logic pro.

  • Bojan Jeremic
    Bojan Jeremic Year ago +1

    I NOW HOW GAME LOOKS:Description has to play it

  • Baby Brained
    Baby Brained 9 months ago

    your discord is broken man, when i try to complete the form it just says the servers requirements have changed and is in a constant loop

    • bitbrain
      bitbrain  9 months ago

      Do you have verified your email address with Discord? I have this enabled to avoid bots. Discord is not very good at telling you what the problem is, unfortunately! Let me know if you still face any issues.

  • its ME
    its ME Year ago +1

    nice ;D

  • one and one
    one and one Year ago


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  • Edward Bennett
    Edward Bennett Year ago

    Also Show Guys!