Blind Pasta Sauce Taste Test

  • Published on Nov 4, 2016
  • Today we find out what the best jarred pasta sauce brand is. GMM #1016!
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Comments • 5 683

  • Lexi Black
    Lexi Black 2 hours ago

    I dont use any of these sauces

  • Ernesto james
    Ernesto james 3 days ago

    I’ve been using Ketchup for years and I still think its the best🧐

  • stinescene
    stinescene 3 days ago

    I wish there was a "Best store bought alfredo sauce" gauntlet episode :O

  • Talia Bruzzese
    Talia Bruzzese 6 days ago

    I'm so happy prego won. I bought prego tonight after deliberating with myself in the pasta aisle for a solid 10 mins. I had no clue what to buy. im ecstatic 😂

  • octagonproplex
    octagonproplex 7 days ago


  • Mike Hammer
    Mike Hammer 10 days ago

    Classico sauce

  • Viktor Ptychenko
    Viktor Ptychenko 12 days ago

    Lol my friends are in this video😮

  • Ace
    Ace 13 days ago

    As you can see we can

  • Hobbs Scott
    Hobbs Scott 14 days ago

    Prego is GODLY

  • Miranda Wyszynski
    Miranda Wyszynski 15 days ago

    i love this video so much and idek why XD

  • hadiya habib
    hadiya habib 17 days ago

    Good choice Rhett, Link and Emily 😋😋😋

  • Spicy Mafia
    Spicy Mafia 21 day ago

    I think Classico is the best sauce

  • TheFlyingMage
    TheFlyingMage 21 day ago

    Rhett and Link. The best rednecks.

  • Michael G.
    Michael G. 23 days ago

    Turn those jars upside down and use those hoses to make a pasta enema and see which one tastes better in your butt.

  • sincerely_me
    sincerely_me 25 days ago +2

    Wait I literally watched this episode thinking it was the GMM for today - April 25th, 2019 - because it showed up in my recommendations right when I opened youtube

  • rtm IV
    rtm IV 26 days ago

    Void taste test, you have plastic tubes for testing?
    How about the interaction of the sauce and pasta?
    Get out of here.

  • YaboyLeo
    YaboyLeo 28 days ago

    Let’s talk about That

  • tirza trash
    tirza trash Month ago +1

    am i the only one who thought that there was a guest at the beginning ?

    VEYRON SUPREMACY Month ago +1

    Prego is ketchup. disgusting.
    go gourmet, make your own I always say.

    • LynxxTV
      LynxxTV 16 days ago +1

      Thanks for this poem.

  • Lol arnarolafson
    Lol arnarolafson Month ago

    But where is a the dolmio day?

  • rachel movsovich
    rachel movsovich Month ago

    home made is the best

  • Adam Digilarmo
    Adam Digilarmo Month ago

    Good review but I just think it would be easier to watch without all the camera angles. For me, it's hard to see which your tasting. Keep it at the angle that includes both of you, at the same time. That would be my preference.

  • J dero
    J dero Month ago

    How is Classico not here. It is the hands down best on the market

  • irene janith
    irene janith Month ago

    I buy Rao’s 🙌🏻

  • Rishabh Shahi
    Rishabh Shahi Month ago

    5:23 if you're ragu, prove me wrong!

  • immortal
    immortal Month ago

    I don't think you guys understand what a "taste test" is.

  • Benjamin Farias
    Benjamin Farias Month ago

    What about Barilla?

  • Benjamin Farias
    Benjamin Farias Month ago

    I love a good pasta sauce.

  • Nemrac
    Nemrac Month ago

    Can ya’ll do this with Alfredo sauce??

  • The game master
    The game master Month ago

    Classico is a pretty good sauce brand, kind of sad it didn’t get to be in this.

  • Mr. Awesomeness
    Mr. Awesomeness Month ago

    “That’s diabetes sauce” -Rhett

  • MrFenderbender1226
    MrFenderbender1226 Month ago

    They didn't include my favorite...Francesco Renaldi

  • Brian Morrissey
    Brian Morrissey Month ago

    WOH! RHETT! ive seen a lot of episodes... but nothing prepared me for 5:58 !

  • Alliance
    Alliance Month ago +5

    I love how halfway through, Rhett just stopped going for crowning the best sauce, and started just going for the most expensive.

  • spenciwills
    spenciwills Month ago

    Need to do this with Alfredo sauce

  • sabrina sheppard
    sabrina sheppard Month ago +1

    Years later and i still haven't figured them out

  • Ramlethal Valentine Destroyed

    Stupid just use a spoon

  • Kitsune-157
    Kitsune-157 2 months ago

    I always make my own pasta sauce. It's really easy.

  • Filip Engström
    Filip Engström 2 months ago

    Go to 11:29 and close your eyes

  • The I.A
    The I.A 2 months ago

    2016 was Rhett & Link’s arguably best year

  • Nicholas Ovel
    Nicholas Ovel 2 months ago

    A real man doesn't kiss and tell! YOU, SIR, DO NOT DESERVE ANNIE!

  • Kevin Khan
    Kevin Khan 2 months ago

    *Ragu has left the chat*

  • Crazy Dave Gaming
    Crazy Dave Gaming 2 months ago +2

    Dave’s gourmet is dead... I’m dave

  • polariginal
    polariginal 2 months ago +1

    the intro made me think there was a guest...I got bamboozled

  • Mirza Becic
    Mirza Becic 2 months ago

    What if I like Alfredo

  • Catherine Ostmann
    Catherine Ostmann 2 months ago

    Rank Alfredo sauce 😍😍 I’m allergic to red sauce 😭😭😭😭

    • Dominika Ožanová
      Dominika Ožanová 2 months ago

      Catherine Ostmann oh I get it now ... I am allergic to apples so I can’t drink a lot of juices or eat a lot of food because apples are everywhere

    • Catherine Ostmann
      Catherine Ostmann 2 months ago

      Dominika Ožanová I’m allergic to tomatos. Most red sauces I can’t eat without throwing up or getting unbearable stomach pains. I occasionally get hives.

    • Dominika Ožanová
      Dominika Ožanová 2 months ago

      Catherine Ostmann alergic? How?

  • Jaden Rintharamy
    Jaden Rintharamy 2 months ago

    You left out chef boyardee

  • Tyler Carlin
    Tyler Carlin 2 months ago

    I like Ragu better

  • Dillon Thompson
    Dillon Thompson 2 months ago

    At 4:45 when link says "I've been drinking a lot", it looks like its dubbed

  • Kaitlyn J.
    Kaitlyn J. 2 months ago +1

    "I'll drink your urine, but I'm not drinkin after ya."

  • Olivia Hebert
    Olivia Hebert 2 months ago

    Why wasn’t butter an option?

  • teeheegirli
    teeheegirli 2 months ago

    Instead of the Vineyard Marinara Bertoli you should have used the Traditional Marinara. The vineyard one had wine in it which is probably why it tasted sweet. The traditional is the one I buy and it's the best.

  • Channel no longer available

    Do this same thing but with alfredo sauce

  • felix121984
    felix121984 2 months ago

    The guy on the left has stinky feet !

  • Tippi B
    Tippi B 2 months ago

    Shout out to everyone who watched this episode before the urine one and did a doubletake

  • Chip Hip
    Chip Hip 2 months ago +2


  • Medical Doll
    Medical Doll 2 months ago

    Chef Boyarde or “pizza quick” is the absolute BEST for pizzas. Heck, I’d use it in pasta too!!!

  • Medical Doll
    Medical Doll 2 months ago

    Links mom did EMT training?! I’m an EMT!! 😍🥰😘

  • OB TV
    OB TV 2 months ago

    I just make my own tomato sauce by taking some tomatoes and throwing them in the blender with a bit of olive oil, garlic, and parsley.

  • Kermyt Padilla
    Kermyt Padilla 2 months ago

    “ this one is a lot more smoothyized “ 😭

  • Jeramy Mayfield
    Jeramy Mayfield 2 months ago

    They should have tried Classico.... But it has like 6+ different flavours so I guess I understand why. Tomato basil one though is the best.

  • Peyton Staley
    Peyton Staley 2 months ago

    Love prego

  • Diana Higgins
    Diana Higgins 2 months ago

    as an italian with an italian grandma, my family uses Rao's when we dont make our own sauce

  • quills dipped in ink
    quills dipped in ink 2 months ago +1

    I am eating bertollli right now but my favorite is prego and ragu

  • Audrey Prince
    Audrey Prince 2 months ago

    I love how link hates tomatoes, yet he’s slurping pasta sauce through annies straw.

  • Jack Mechak
    Jack Mechak 2 months ago

    why didnt they serve them all with some spagetti?? its not like that gives one an advantage...all they did was pick the sweetest sauce

  • Greg Battis
    Greg Battis 2 months ago

    Sauce straws are so dumb. Probably losing taste with them.

  • Will Frederickson
    Will Frederickson 2 months ago

    Close your eyes at 11:34

  • Michelle Koh
    Michelle Koh 2 months ago

    Mmmmmm Prego!

  • SourDragon
    SourDragon 3 months ago +1

    I prefer *no sauce*

  • Francis Byrne
    Francis Byrne 3 months ago


  • allerlei00
    allerlei00 3 months ago

    How could they not include Victoria sauce!!!

  • Matthew Padro
    Matthew Padro 3 months ago


  • John Rotten
    John Rotten 3 months ago

    Rao's arrabiata sauce is the shit.

  • Yourantsally
    Yourantsally 3 months ago

    Rao's is the best though

  • Dozer Bull
    Dozer Bull 3 months ago

    You have to taste Barilla!

  • Ga B
    Ga B 3 months ago

    As a Prego lover I’m so glad it was picked.

  • CrazyGamingGiraffe
    CrazyGamingGiraffe 3 months ago

    I was sad when they were talking trash about my special ragu

  • EveryThingGirl238
    EveryThingGirl238 3 months ago

    I tend to use Ragu or Prego, the second however tends to have ore of a flavor to it, it leaves a sweetly spicy, somewhat sour, tang on your tongue. Not sour in a bad way, but sour as in that jolting feeling you get when something is sour on your tongue. Makes you take a step back, and savour it to get a better feel for the taste, before eating some more.
    Ragu tends to have a more simpler taste, having no tang or spice to it, but rather a slightly sweet taste but also very watery, as it's cheap, but it makes for a quick and cheap meal that doesn't take a while to stir or make.

  • EveryThingGirl238
    EveryThingGirl238 3 months ago

    Though lets not take into consideration people have vastly different opinions on what tastes good, much less how it tastes.

  • andrew brown
    andrew brown 3 months ago

    my mom taught cpr and had a 'resuscitation annie.' i too might or might not have learned to kiss with it.

  • Mak Ahern
    Mak Ahern 3 months ago

    This is my favourite Prego commercial

  • Felicia Sisk
    Felicia Sisk 3 months ago

    I've tried all of those and I stick with emrils. Also prego changed the recipe and its watery

  • Madyson Reed
    Madyson Reed 3 months ago

    I’m living vicariously through them because I’m on a diet

  • Brett_Kendrick
    Brett_Kendrick 3 months ago

    They like prego probably because of all the extra sugar they add into the cheaper sauces.

  • Warvvolf
    Warvvolf 3 months ago

    Prego is right for the price.

  • Privacy Lover
    Privacy Lover 3 months ago +1

    "This was imported, this was made in Italy, I can taste culture and art." Prego is made by Campbell's with added sugar and GMOs lol. Then Rhett criticized Emeril's for having added sugar.

  • C R
    C R 3 months ago

    6:49 lol

  • Shanerator
    Shanerator 3 months ago

    I ate pasta while watching this

  • JamieJack22
    JamieJack22 3 months ago

    Idk if y'all will see this since....plz do more blind folded tastes tests! Love em, been bingeing on them. Plz do best pancake... Ihop, Dennis, homemade just throwing an idea out
    Love you guys start my days out with tons of laughs 🐓🐈🎸

  • Tyee Cambrón
    Tyee Cambrón 3 months ago

    I could guess that you would be able to taste Newman's not so great taste right off the hand. I haven't tried the pasta sauce, but did try Newman's salad dressing and salsa. Was not that great compared to my idea of what it seem like with so many people actually buying it. Even with Newman's label advertising that all profits are donated, I am not buying it, because I already know the taste.
    And merreta brand is crap too.

  • Dwooswa
    Dwooswa 3 months ago

    mario batali is way better than emerils, pasta sauce isnt supposed to taste that sweet

  • Hikaristacie12
    Hikaristacie12 3 months ago

    I’m sad you all didn’t do Classico (my personal fave)

  • Kat Love
    Kat Love 3 months ago

    If I don't make homemade sauce, I always buy Emeril's! It's so goooooood. Italian woman, here from Naples.

  • Silently Not Knowable ASMR

    My husband LOVES prego and will not eat any pasta sauce other than prego lmao

  • Puddles 02
    Puddles 02 3 months ago

    "Really working our suction muscles"

  • HalfBaddude
    HalfBaddude 3 months ago

    Low carb people don't hate pasta. They just want to be healthy. Pasta has bad stuff like carbs(of course) mycotoxins and more that are bad for the body.

  • Jordan Anderson
    Jordan Anderson 3 months ago +1

    You bring me so much freaking joy! Love your show! It's my all-time favorite!

  • alienresearchlab
    alienresearchlab 3 months ago

    I bought Prego sauce based on this video. Not a sponsor.

  • Antonio DeFrancesco/Spongememes

    where’s botticelli?