Mercedes-Benz EQC luxury electric SUV 2019 4k review | Fully Charged

  • Published on Jul 18, 2019
  • For this Fully Charged car review, Robert Llewellyn gets in a Mercedes-Benz EQC 400 4matic (a zero tailpipe emission SUV) full of doubt.
    Five minutes later he's in love.
    Technical data (Mercedes-Benz EQC 400 4Matic luxury electric SUV 2019)
    CO2 emissions: 0 g/km
    Electrical consumption (combined): 25-22.3 kWh/100 km
    Range (WLTP): 259 miles ≈ 417km
    Drive system 2 asynchronous motors, all-wheel drive
    Output: 300 kW (408 hp)
    Peak torque: 765 Nm
    Top speed (governed): 111mph ≈ 180 km/h
    Acceleration 0-62mph (0-100 km/h): 5.1 s
    Battery: Lithium-ion
    Battery energy content (NEDC): 80 kWh
    Battery weight: 650 kg
    Length/width (with mirrors)/height: 4,761/1,884 (2,096)/1,624 mm
    Track width (F/R): 1,625/1,615 mm
    Wheelbase: 2,873 mm
    Boot capacity (depending on equipment): ca. 500 l
    Kerb weight/perm. GVW/pay load (DIN): 2,425*/2,930/505 kg
    Trailing load max. (12 %): 1,800 kg
    *provisional data
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  • Mark Parker
    Mark Parker 2 months ago +459

    Anyone who has stood at a Rapid charger for several minutes in the Winter, with the wind howling and rain/sleet hitting them almost horizontally, whilst trying to connect with an app, or contact the company responsible, will be wishing for something like this or the Tesla supercharging system to be universal. That time cannot arrive quickly enough.

    • barrie Williams
      barrie Williams Month ago

      Or a good old reliable Merc diesel lol....

    • Jürgen Baumann
      Jürgen Baumann Month ago

      Survived many winters with ecars in Switzerland. No problem. And we have winters too here ...

    • BurgielKing
      BurgielKing Month ago +1

      One of the biggest reasons why I love my Tesla. You park at the supercharger... the charger even detects your car and automatically opens the charge port once you pull the cable out. Then just plug it in and wait 30 minutes. Billing is all done with the car itself. Extremely convenient. No adapters.. no clunky long cables.

    • sleekitwan
      sleekitwan Month ago

      orion khan It’s almost as if the government were not enthusiastic for us to move to EVs (cough).

    • M&M
      M&M Month ago

      Mark Parker it will happen it just needs someone to workout how they can make as much money as possible out of it - probably through a licensing deal that is an optional extra when you buy the car.

  • IPCC SaysLessThan12Years

    I can't wait till the Renault Zoe has the tech to knock all the apps/cards on the head. We need plug n go!

  • Victor
    Victor 3 days ago

    hahaha i like how he cant say its a piece of shit compared to others ecars :D

  • Griffin Cheng
    Griffin Cheng 5 days ago

    Starting from A-Class 2018, share many of the tech EQC is having. It is nothing new, including the M-word.
    Ha, Mercedes has made a perfect hell for the car journalists.

  • Jeevan Kumar Gurung
    Jeevan Kumar Gurung 6 days ago

    So nice design luxury e suv from mercedes benz germany.

  • Art Key
    Art Key 7 days ago

    I can’t help but feel that the Merc already looks old, even compared to a 2012 Model S. The lcd screen looks great in the A-class, but here it just looks ordinary. Resolution, functionality, speed.... No frunk, ancient interior space usage, transmission tunnel!?! I’m a Benz fan, C63, G-class, SLS, epic motors. Is it wrong for me to expect more from the world’s most experienced car manufacturer? Not a Tesla troll, because I like the eNiro. Even considering to that one have alongside our Model S.

  • Mondo
    Mondo 8 days ago

    The Germans have been slow to the EV game. This new car must be concerning for Tesla.

  • Harsh Jain
    Harsh Jain 10 days ago

    Hello there old man from fully charged
    you still haven't taken my suggestion into account
    I already requested you to make a similar video on zero tracer
    as we all know that it was a brilliant piece of Technology, but could not secure funding for mass production which is very sad news maybe you could provide some help

  • Ruy De carvalho
    Ruy De carvalho 10 days ago

    Who is this dude? And why have they employed someone to read the stats off a page??!! Meant to be a car journalist.. maybe would have been good to memorise the stats?

    • Iky Iky
      Iky Iky 8 days ago

      He is being genuine. By his own admission he isn’t a car expert. Also i am not sure memorising stats makes you any more professional a journalist.

  • Go New Places
    Go New Places 12 days ago

    Nice to see Mercedes embrace the possibilities of an EV... The possibility of nearly zero NVH, no artificial video game vroom vroom vroom

  • TheLastCrankers
    TheLastCrankers 12 days ago

    really my favourite electric suv at the moment, such class

  • Vasil Petreski
    Vasil Petreski 15 days ago

    The M word. 😄

  • anthony boland
    anthony boland 15 days ago

    Great channel very interesting video thank you.

  • Shan Last
    Shan Last 20 days ago

    For this car LETTER M is fatal

  • Ed Stratton
    Ed Stratton 21 day ago

    The sensible buyer waits until the model is three years old then buys an immaculate example with very low mileage, from a main Mercedes dealer, complete with warranty, for one probably about a third of what its first owner paid. Save about £40k in this case. Snobs can always put a dateless plate on it.

  • ABerkie Albuquerque
    ABerkie Albuquerque 22 days ago

    I agree 100 percent that you should be able to change the name that the car responds to especially since my wife's name Mercedes.

  • savedfaves
    savedfaves 22 days ago

    I never like those see-saw-action truck openers. Regardless of the brand, my hand always gets caught in them. They should work like the shallow push of an iPhone 6 home button. Release the button and the hydraulic dampeners open the trunk.

  • Michael STAUDT
    Michael STAUDT 23 days ago +1

    This is the best eqc review video on youtube! Never seen a guy with that much joy for his work. Greetings from Germany! Keep up with this videos... just great and an absolutly pleasure to watch!

  • Brad Allen
    Brad Allen 23 days ago

    There's a setting for that M word thing, so if you actually owned the car, you would eventually set the car to not do that. I don't know the exact parameters.

  • cyuiyu wyguiyui
    cyuiyu wyguiyui 24 days ago

    Goodby Tesla..

  • Heidi Carneiro
    Heidi Carneiro 24 days ago

    First thing any retarded would learn is to deactivate voice command, wouldn't it? Annoying is to hear 'journalists' blaming a machine for their ineptness...

  • Paul Rice
    Paul Rice 27 days ago

    This is what a man 👨 looks 👀 and sounds like when he is lusting for something

  • Marco Moser
    Marco Moser 28 days ago

    Great review - well done & very entertaining.

  • Unreliable Narrator 66
    Unreliable Narrator 66 29 days ago +3

    Why do you need to remake all the parts for an EV? A great deal of parts are power plant agnostic and it increases cost and risk to make new parts where existing ones are already suitable and proven. For a new company like Tesla, or a new platform of radically different form (e.g., BMW i3) there is a higher engineering content needed but for a SUV, are we saying a electric drivetrain needs new seats, heaters, screws or door handles? That is nonsense. And in the case of Tesla, the Model S was a nightmare design that showed their immaturity and lack of standardization, and was a nightmare to build because of it. Tesla teardown my Munro found the greatest number of fastener types and weld types of any car they ever analyzed and this is a negative. I would full expect Benz to be the opposite; the product of a disciplined, mature design process with standardization to maximize quality and reduce cost. Robert, I love your reviews, but you are not an engineer.

    • Brad Allen
      Brad Allen 23 days ago

      There's a surprising amount of ICE-centric engineering in ICE car parts.

      Oh, you say, but the wheels are the same! There must be a lot of similar parts in the suspension! Uh, no: different suspension components, due to different weight and weight distribution, and a different type of axle; different brakes, due to different ways to slow down and different types of power for the braking system; etc. Tell me one part you expect to be the same on an ICE car and an EV and I'll point out a guess of why the engineering will be different.

  • audegottoe audegottoe
    audegottoe audegottoe 29 days ago

    Future source pack's - for transportation - potatoes / almost any thin metal / rice / corn / Folger's / water / maybe that will help!, thanks

  • npbetts1
    npbetts1 Month ago

    Worst review ever.

  • Pedro pepe
    Pedro pepe Month ago

    seems like tesla is winning the game

    • Pedro pepe
      Pedro pepe 28 days ago

      @Maxawe Some bigger battery, better software

    • Maxawe Some
      Maxawe Some 28 days ago +1

      It looks like they are losing it.

  • aperxmim
    aperxmim Month ago +1

    My problem with these 100% electric vehicles, is fear of finding a charging station if I drive out of town. I would prefer a hybrid vehicle.

    • Maxawe Some
      Maxawe Some 28 days ago

      You can't even call a friend, or a taxi to get some gas, if you get stranded somewhere.

  • Too Tall
    Too Tall Month ago

    I love how you pronounce Norwegian words like "selv vask" :)
    You and TeslaBjørn should do an episode together :)

  • Seán O'Nilbud
    Seán O'Nilbud Month ago

    10:51 €8/sec ! Oh a session, that makes more sense.

  • swclar99
    swclar99 Month ago +1

    I"m excited about the Mercedes EQC. I've driven a Tesla Model X for about 15 months. I'm sure hands down the Mercedes EQC will have a better fit and finish and feel more high end than the Model X. However, there are several "tech" areas where I think Mercedes EQC is way behind. The two big areas. 1. Autonomous driving: Now I don't use "navigate on autopilot" in my Tesla (I don't trust it enough yet) but I use regular "autopilot" every day on the interstate as I drive in stop and go traffic for about an hour to work. Other than resting your hand on the steering wheel, it does everything and has not made any mistakes. It's a true joy to drive like this and reduces the stress on me a good deal. From your review, I'm not sure Mercedes EQC is exactly at this point yet? Secondly, and this is a big one, over-the-air software updates. This is huge as the tesla is always improving. About a year ago, they updated so that the battery would pre-warm prior to getting to a supercharger. More recently they updated the "summon feature" which is quite useful and an update on the automatic windshield washers. Tesla feels like a computer because of this and I don't get the sense that the Mercedes or Porche EVs will have this. Regardless, my next car will again for sure be an EV but I would only buy something other than Tesla if they had these features.

    • Marco Moser
      Marco Moser 28 days ago

      Several deaths with the Tesla autopilot feature (Still in beta)... One thing I don't understand is why Tesla get you to pay for a feature that is not "production ready"....

  • Thorsten Harnack
    Thorsten Harnack Month ago

    Thank you so much for this entertaining presentation of the EQC. You did right, not annoying us with the details we know from following news and other channels. You focus on the usability of this vehicle and provided - at least to me - valuable information!

  • Rhydian Lewis
    Rhydian Lewis Month ago

    Bad interface design if the user wants to plug it in and can't. If shouldn't be "on" if your stood outside it with chargeport open. Hopefully that will be fixed with SW update, as well as the "M word" shenanigans. The user is most important, not a process flow on a chart in an office somewhere

  • Lars Golovitcher Petersen

    Wow. I would love to replace my Peugeot 3008 with that! I can only dream though. It's waaaaaaaay too expensive :(

    • Maxawe Some
      Maxawe Some 28 days ago

      It depends on how your country's incentives are, your electricity prices and how much your maintenance + gas expenses are for your 3008. Calculate all that and see what the monthly lease is on this car. You don't want to buy it, it's a first generation car, it will probably have a lot of problems, and the resale value will be horrible.

  • therulerzigzagzig
    therulerzigzagzig Month ago

    i want that mobile case sir :) where can i get one

  • Awd222
    Awd222 Month ago

    Yikes their numbers are behind the competition.

  • lynyrd65YT
    lynyrd65YT Month ago

    I’m going to say the M word!!!

  • Andreas Mirbach
    Andreas Mirbach Month ago

    MB does not discount this model for company car use. This lead to, me changing from MB to Tesla after almost 15years. Disappointing after all.

  • BigAl60504
    BigAl60504 Month ago

    Who is this fool? We need someone familiar with EVs doing this review. Terrible.

  • rainer rudolf-benoit

    Awesome review of this car....

  • Prince Roni
    Prince Roni Month ago

    So, theres no autopilot isnt it?

  • Transmission Control

    "That's what caused the accident in the first place. The accident involving me, the [m-word], the waste disposal and a fourteen-pound lump hammer. "

    • No one You know
      No one You know Month ago

      What book is that from? I'm sure I've heard it before?

  • Skyforce 213
    Skyforce 213 Month ago +2

    The thing is Tesla isn’t about quality but Mercedes is

  • Ilja Petrov
    Ilja Petrov Month ago

    Only 110kw charging speed? This is not cool for a new car, too slow. Audi e-tron and model 3 are on the next level already.

  • Tonna Okei
    Tonna Okei Month ago

    Your reviews are natural and I enjoy it every bit of it. Well done.

  • Benjamin Kessler
    Benjamin Kessler Month ago +1

    nice, 300km range. not that bad in 2020...

  • Benjamin Kessler
    Benjamin Kessler Month ago

    i reckon theyll sell a total of 18 pieces in europe

  • Richard LIiddle
    Richard LIiddle Month ago

    Normal people won't get a chance to own one says it all

  • Tjitte Kamminga
    Tjitte Kamminga Month ago

    looks great!

  • Youssef Hegazy
    Youssef Hegazy Month ago

    The digital assistant hot word is pretty stupid, you know that anyone who gets in that car is going to say the word Mercedes..."Hey Benz" would have been much better !!

  • Andreas Abrahamsson

    It's a shame Mercedes didn't stick with it's beautiful design language, because this car is really really ugly. What was wrong with the GLC?

  • Bobby Crypto
    Bobby Crypto Month ago +11

    Much better, than a overpriced Model X with questionable build quality.

    • barebare
      barebare Month ago

      I guess it depends on what you want, the tech minded people who want the latest beta stuff want Tesla, the average car buyer want a solid car that always works with no frills.

  • Simon
    Simon Month ago

    I love this Mercedes Me app!

  • sheldonv8
    sheldonv8 Month ago

    Horrible looking thing and that bloody woman and all the driver "aids" is exactly the reason I got rid of my E Class.

  • Steve London
    Steve London Month ago

    Love these videos.

  • Gpslok
    Gpslok Month ago

    You skirt carefully around the elephant in the room! 1. The paucity of charging stations. 2. The add-on time to your journey whilst you twiddle your thumbs and your car gobbles up some kilowatts. 3. EVs are only for home owners not for the millions who live in apartments and tower blocks. Free the EV

  • Miro Steibruchmätteli

    what a great video!

  • squalloogal
    squalloogal Month ago

    Don’t know why Robert didn’t just call it Benz when describing it. *mute* 😂

  • Jack Fadell
    Jack Fadell Month ago

    Loved the summing up at the end. Had me in stitches. Robert is very funny. Great video. It's a car I would certainly consider now I've seen this.

  • Nicola E W
    Nicola E W Month ago

    I dont expect you to be an expert but you seem really unprepared for the review. Do some research man and present your viewers with more than what we can see on pictures. Mentioning Tesla but unable to give any useful comparison is just lazy. You seem really impressed with features that have been on mercs since 2015.