My Next Boxing Opponent

  • Published on Nov 21, 2021
  • Discussing my next boxing opponent and why I think this will be a great fight. MoneyKicks / Rashed Belhasa I'm coming for you @rsbelhasa - @Money Kicks
    Jarvis is a “boxer” currently 1-0 after his debut against TikTok star Michael Le where he got a second round knockout.
    🕺 TikTok: @jarvis
    📸 Instagram: @fazejarvis
    🐦 Twitter: @liljarviss

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  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks 6 months ago +830

    Jarvis is going to knock moneykicks out for sure

    • luckymen
      luckymen 2 months ago

      am a pro boxeur and i can tell u that money kicks can not sand up with jarvis for more of 3 minutes

    • lazerpk_0411
      lazerpk_0411 3 months ago


    • CaPtAiNoBvIoUs124
      CaPtAiNoBvIoUs124 3 months ago


    • TenderEU
      TenderEU 4 months ago

      @M z true but we will know that he lost on purpose

  • Lets go, Jake.
    Lets go, Jake. 5 months ago +6

    Lets go, Jarvis. Getting more kids into the sport and conducting yourself like a pro.

  • Adrianna Cabrera
    Adrianna Cabrera 6 months ago +11

    Jarvis I’m so glad your letting us know who your fighting next can’t wait to see you win another match 🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️

  • Dhairya Sampat
    Dhairya Sampat 2 months ago

    This video is too freaking good !! Jarvis a real one, from a martial artist to a martial artist

  • cqvio doli
    cqvio doli 6 months ago

    Go Get him Jarvis. I believe in you, keep the grind up.

  • Debo Gaming
    Debo Gaming 6 months ago +812

    He's a bad opponent for you because he won his fight fixed. Its a shame he won by cheating.

    • Umesh Nakate
      Umesh Nakate 2 months ago

      @Ambreen Majeed lol

    • Bando LH
      Bando LH 3 months ago

      @Ambreen Majeed are u high

    • Dwayne Madden
      Dwayne Madden 5 months ago

      Saw the fight most definitely fixed Jarvis don't do this it's a joke right?

    • JOKER. AL1V3
      JOKER. AL1V3 6 months ago

      Well how do you know,

  • Putoelque LoLea
    Putoelque LoLea 6 months ago +8

    I miss Jarvis I hope he can make more bangers

  • biuor su
    biuor su 5 months ago

    Jarvis I’m so glad your letting us know who your fighting next can’t wait to see you win another match

  • Hartesh Lakhwani
    Hartesh Lakhwani 5 months ago

    Hello Jarvis I was the one who asked Rashid in his instagram story about when he is gonna fight you, and after watching this video I'm damn sure that you are gonna win.

  • SparrowRagogo _
    SparrowRagogo _ 5 months ago

    A fight I'm looking forward to see 👑

  • Imthatguy
    Imthatguy 6 months ago +303

    Can’t wait to see another knockout 🍀

  • OLI
    OLI 5 months ago

    Can’t wait for that fight defo going 🔥 🥊

  • EVX RyZe
    EVX RyZe 3 months ago +2

    Jarvis is gonna finish the match real quick

  • laskin riubn
    laskin riubn 6 months ago +13

    Are we all going to ignore how Dababy fell from the ropes😂😂

  • Alvic Paje
    Alvic Paje 5 months ago

    You got this Jarvis I believe in you

  • King Venom
    King Venom 6 months ago +1589

    Can’t wait to see you Fight again Jarvis!

  • ĴØķeࠥŘ
    ĴØķeࠥŘ 6 months ago +2

    Let’s go Jarvis 🔥🔥🔥

  • n̷i̷g̷h̷t̷m̷a̷r̷e̷
    n̷i̷g̷h̷t̷m̷a̷r̷e̷ 6 months ago +28

    I'm from Dubai, and I say that Jarvis would easily knock out moneykicks.

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy 5 months ago

    Can’t wait to see another knockout 🍀

  • ESdefending
    ESdefending 5 months ago


    KEN RBLX 6 months ago +1232


    • GlacierIOS
      GlacierIOS 4 months ago

      @RLM [i upload high quality videos] cap

    • GROCHI
      GROCHI 5 months ago

      Hey ken gimme gamepass ;) joking

    • yolo
      yolo 5 months ago

      Can't wait

    • yolo
      yolo 5 months ago

      Do faze clan proud as you always have you and your brother 💯 keep knocking that awesome content out

  • shani yan
    shani yan 6 months ago +1

    You never fail to entertain FullBarNoGreen!🙏🏿❤️😆

  • xcorey16x
    xcorey16x 5 months ago

    As soon as I saw that fight, I wanted to cry how bad it was 😂

  • Usual TikTok
    Usual TikTok  6 months ago +2

    we all know Jarvis going to win.

  • Full Powered
    Full Powered 5 months ago

    Jarvis !! Is doing the culture a massive favor

  • muayhayh
    muayhayh 6 months ago +182

    Jarvis is gonna knockout that guy, the opponent can't even throw a punch 🤣🤣

    • muayhayh
      muayhayh 6 months ago

      @Ahil Sarang yeah but the two opponents were just luck

    • Ahil Sarang
      Ahil Sarang 6 months ago

      @muayhayh I am pretty sure money kicks will buy jarvis like he did with his other opponents

    • muayhayh
      muayhayh 6 months ago +1

      @Ahil Sarang nah jarvis will win because he has trained with floyd mayweather

    • Ahil Sarang
      Ahil Sarang 6 months ago

      Place your bet, jarvis will loose

  • Aldair rocha
    Aldair rocha 6 months ago +1

    If Jarvis loses in any way I know he did it for the money so I’ll lose all respect

  • Cody Fletcher
    Cody Fletcher 6 months ago


  • Michael D
    Michael D 6 months ago

    Easy work easy money for Jarvis 😂 Let's gooo 👊🔥

  • Arslaan Rahman
    Arslaan Rahman 6 months ago +2

    I literally can't imagine in my Brain Cells how hard you will Knock Him Out

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia 6 months ago

    Knock this guy out in his country bro 🤝❤️ we’re all routing for you Jarvis 💯🤜

  • Joel George
    Joel George 6 months ago +1

    Jarvis about to be 2-0! 🔥🔥

  • Sonny Martin
    Sonny Martin 5 months ago

    Should make a video on your daily routine now that your have been training a while, like meals training regiment would be good for the ones looking into it

  • Daniel Straub
    Daniel Straub 6 months ago +3

    We missed you man

  • Rabbah-Ud-Din Amjad
    Rabbah-Ud-Din Amjad 6 months ago +70

    Jarvis is my motivation and my inspiration. He is going to knock moneykicks out for sure !

  • Henry Waldron
    Henry Waldron 5 months ago



    You won’t be allowed in that ring with him unless you agree to get KOd. And if you go back in your deal during the fight, some Pulp Fiction stuff probably gonna happen to you

    • Luis Rj
      Luis Rj 4 months ago

      Ong bro there gonna threaten him

  • MrNight
    MrNight 5 months ago

    I really miss the old Jarvis but I respect what u want to do, show that kid whose boss brotha.

  • Fogzify
    Fogzify 6 months ago

    Who else wants Jarvis to learn to do the shuffle in the ring 🔥

  • Sampson
    Sampson 6 months ago +144

    You won’t be allowed in that ring with him unless you agree to get KOd. And if you go back in your deal during the fight, some Pulp Fiction stuff probably gonna happen to you

    • Shithead
      Shithead 5 months ago

      @Lmao Derek it’s not the bloody mafia it’s a TheXvidr fight the most that would probably happen is being paid too

    • Lmao Derek
      Lmao Derek 5 months ago +1

      @scary bald dawg I’m not talking about boxing about talking after the fight after Jarvis beat kids get humble. An order a hit on Jarvis and Jarvis dies

    • scary bald dawg
      scary bald dawg 5 months ago

      @Lmao Derek moneykicks is one of the worst boxers of yt what are u talking about even you can probably beat him

    • Lmao Derek
      Lmao Derek 6 months ago +1

      I was just thinking that king kid had a gangster mindset so I was thinking what if Jarvis gets whacked

  • Jose2Litt
    Jose2Litt 4 months ago

    Jarvis got this in the bag💯

  • M Fahmid
    M Fahmid 6 months ago

    Faze Jarvis is really gonna do damages 🔥❤

  • Christian 4x
    Christian 4x 6 months ago

    the plane part had me dyingg 😭

  • AgustinVlogs
    AgustinVlogs 6 months ago +2

    I'll be in a ring soon and that my wish and also Jarvis Big Respect and Beat him up 🥊🤝🏽👍🏽

  • Zorawar Singh Doggar
    Zorawar Singh Doggar 6 months ago +40

    Go Get him Jarvis.
    I believe in you, keep the grind up.

  • 🍒 최자두 🍒
    🍒 최자두 🍒 5 months ago

    I really love your experience videos they are so interesting

  • Yasser Essa
    Yasser Essa 6 months ago

    This is one of those fights where you want to see both of them lose

  • Noah Quintana
    Noah Quintana 5 months ago

    If there ever is a social gloves UK vs US I would love to see Jarvis vs DDG

  • imaLigzx
    imaLigzx 5 months ago

    Can’t wait to see you fight again Jarvis I hope you win

  • Life As jullissa
    Life As jullissa 6 months ago +3


  • SnakezRemix
    SnakezRemix 6 months ago +2

    Ezz dub for my boy jarvis we support u from egypt 🇪🇬 💙 💪

  • Splash drip
    Splash drip 6 months ago +1

    When you meet him tell him who ever wins gets all of his money you have to

  • VbxT
    VbxT 4 months ago

    Jarvis looks 3 times younger w his curls out 😂😭 kinda love it

  • Akif Hadhramy
    Akif Hadhramy 5 months ago

    Love to see the goat back

  • Alan Alegria
    Alan Alegria 5 months ago

    I have 100% my money on your bro. Jarvis for the win ✊🏽😤

  • ryan C
    ryan C 6 months ago

    Let’s go Jarvis my guy is back fighting.

  • PointPlayzYT
    PointPlayzYT 6 months ago +1

    GOD DAMN this man hit him with the inshaaAllah LOL 😂 JARVIS LOST ALREADY?😱☠️🙏🏿👍🏿💀👀

  • SprtFlix
    SprtFlix 5 months ago +1

    I want the old Jarvis back


    Come on Jarvis! Knock him the f*** out! We are all supporting u, man! Sending lots of love from Plymouth in the United Kingdom 🇬🇧

  • Manisha Bhagwandass
    Manisha Bhagwandass 6 months ago

    Jarvis you see how he's playing so you know you have to knock him out 1st round

  • Gino
    Gino 5 months ago

    His dad gon pay you 10M to lose on purpose like the other fights he had 😂

  • krono hawk
    krono hawk 5 months ago

    jarvis cant wait to see another knockout!

  • Jesus Moreno
    Jesus Moreno 6 months ago +1

    If jarvis loses hes gonna "cry" but his wallet will be laughing

  • AJNS
    AJNS 6 months ago +52

    Are we all going to ignore how Dababy fell from the ropes😂😂

  • Ethan Tao
    Ethan Tao 6 months ago

    Jarvis a walking W💯

  • 320speed
    320speed 6 months ago +1

    Good luck to you bro.

  • Ghalib Sohail
    Ghalib Sohail 5 months ago

    Jarvis did the translation for In Sha Allah (Godwilling)... Respect

  • ADS_FE4R
    ADS_FE4R 5 months ago

    We love the confidence tho

  • Ace Reax
    Ace Reax 6 months ago +5

    This will be history when Jarvis knocks him out 😜

  • Ali Raza
    Ali Raza 6 months ago

    Money can buy anything but not Jarvis 😂
    Show him the real deal!

  • Beastmode_Max
    Beastmode_Max 6 months ago +1

    Jarvis will R.K.O. him in front of exited for jarvis to go beast mode

  • jay556K
    jay556K 5 months ago +1

    Tht kids throwin tha most predictable overhand right ive ever seen😭

  • Paradox
    Paradox 6 months ago +40

    I can feel a 1st round knockout this time 🥊

  • Adeen Tahirkheli
    Adeen Tahirkheli 6 months ago

    Let’s go Jarvis your insane broooo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • kalen
    kalen 5 months ago

    When you hit him aim for the jaw or ear they get stunned or knocked out

  • Tizziln
    Tizziln 6 months ago

    He’s gonna try to pay him 😂

  • lllllllllhhhsjsjshwh
    lllllllllhhhsjsjshwh 6 months ago

    Love that jarvis is respectful haha

  • YouTubers Eat
    YouTubers Eat 6 months ago +8

    Team Jarvis 🔥

  • BIg Man
    BIg Man 6 months ago

    If they do fight they both are nice guys but I will always vote for faze 👌

  • Jahseh Onfroy 🕊
    Jahseh Onfroy 🕊 3 months ago +1

    Lets go jarvis 💯

  • StengaranteGT1
    StengaranteGT1 6 months ago

    We wanna see JMX vs That Tyson Jr guy too! both said they wanna fight each other

  • Jahdel Walters
    Jahdel Walters 5 months ago

    Otis made me laugh 😂

  • Eh Eh
    Eh Eh 6 months ago +3

    If Jarvis don’t win you know the fight was fixed 😂😂😂

  • ScorpionVibeZ
    ScorpionVibeZ 5 months ago +1

    Jarvis please dont just disrespect others. Please learn to respect them, even if they wants to fight you.

    • Gersey
      Gersey 5 months ago

      tf u saying

  • Sherlock The wizard
    Sherlock The wizard 6 months ago

    Inshallah means hopfuly meant :hopefully when he becomes strong he can beat you

  • B3lly BoY
    B3lly BoY 6 months ago

    This has to happen in london home crowd advantage play to your strengths if you win this you gotta fight Austin mc broom for a chance at ksi that's if ksi will ever box again 😅😅

    OSG CLAN 6 months ago

    Bro i know you got the w. Its pretty obvious🤣. The reason he won both his fights was because it was his event

  • restutiar
    restutiar 5 months ago

    honestly jarvi, u dont need faze, faze need u. u the thing

  • Vic F1el
    Vic F1el 5 months ago

    I feel like he's gonna pay the people so he can win

  • stixz
    stixz 6 months ago

    Jarvis,Im praying for you to win good very luck

  • Officially Afterlife
    Officially Afterlife 6 months ago

    My mans Jarvis back at it again

  • GN Edits
    GN Edits 6 months ago +31

    Yo my guy got nothing on you let’s go Jarvis you got this bro!

    • omarie
      omarie 6 months ago

      A bot took your comment bro

  • nxtures ッ
    nxtures ッ 5 months ago

    At least we know he still in faze

  • khader aweek
    khader aweek 3 months ago

    i love how jarvis was wearing a suit at the top but at the bottom he was wearing flip flops lol

  • vRain NF
    vRain NF 5 months ago

    I just realized Jarvis still have Faze in his name😂😂

  • ItzTruckz
    ItzTruckz 5 months ago +1


  • Monster NT
    Monster NT 6 months ago +154

    Jarvis vs Bryce hall is something I would like to see 😂

    • Rust1x
      Rust1x 5 months ago +1

      @qed ydu I have to strongly disagree with that but your opinion is your opinion

    • qed ydu
      qed ydu 5 months ago

      @Rust1xI reckon bryce will win

    • Rust1x
      Rust1x 5 months ago

      @qed ydu wym? Ik about weight classes lol. Bryce gets beat up by smaller people all the time in sparring. Jarvis being smaller still generates enough power and has easily enough technical skill to beat up a punching bag... I mean Bryca

    • qed ydu
      qed ydu 5 months ago

      @Rust1x theres weight classes for a reason

    • Raven.prodzzzz on tiktok
      Raven.prodzzzz on tiktok 5 months ago

      @Eli ratio

  • Amiel Macazo
    Amiel Macazo 5 months ago


  • Christof Yeram Sanchez Montes

    Damn i forgot about that dude
    He grew up so much

  • Zak
    Zak 5 months ago

    Bro Jarvis has already won 😂😂