Solskjaer January Transfer Blow! Man Utd News

  • Published on Oct 13, 2019
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    Man Utd could deal Solskjaer a but January transfer blow as he looks to rebuild his failing United squad. Get the latest Man Utd news on The United Stand.
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Comments • 656

  • Neil Bailey
    Neil Bailey 20 days ago

    No signings as Glasers are selling to the Saudis - 3 billion done deal.

  • NahWay
    NahWay Month ago

    I respectfully disagree about Rakitic. As long as he is 50 or less we can get closer to building a spine and locker room with championship DNA

  • NahWay
    NahWay Month ago

    I don’t know what to do.
    Stop hoping, for less disappointment
    Acting like nothing is wrong

  • garry willis
    garry willis Month ago

    We don't use that word CHEAP in Australia .. AFFORDABLE has a better ring to it ...

    IBRAHIM Month ago

    Snare pep to man united.

  • Oran Gauvain
    Oran Gauvain Month ago

    Ruben Diaz (Benfica) CB
    Skriniar (INTER) CB
    Koulibaly (Napoli) CB
    Marquinhos (PSG) CB
    Kimpembe (PSG) CB
    Tagliafico (AJAX) LB
    Bustos (Independiente) LB
    B.Chilwell LB
    m.Saracchi (RBLIPZIG) Lb
    A.Grimaldo (Benfica)
    Bruno Fernandes (Sporting Lisborn)
    Donny Van De beek (Ajax)
    T. Partey (A.Madrid)
    Tonali (Brescia)
    K.Havertz (Bayer Leverkusen)

    T.Werner(RB Lipzig)
    Ziyech (Ajax)
    Sancho (Dourtmund)
    Haaland (RB Salzberg)
    Lautaro Martinez (Inter)
    O. DEMBELE (Barcelona)
    M. Dembele (Lyon)
    Piatek ( Ac Milan)

    • Lupus1444
      Lupus1444 Month ago

      Stop dreaming and focus on the relegations battle...!

  • JDL Kekana
    JDL Kekana Month ago +1

    connecting the dots, Carrick is the common denominator in this defensive approach

  • Zaher Al-Qassab
    Zaher Al-Qassab Month ago

    If Allegri to take charge, let him get rid of any player who never give 100% performance and those spoiled underperforming stars who think they are irreplaceable. Let him bring the players who he believe will fulfill and suit style of play he want to establish. Give him freedom to act and do his job properly to restore the fighting spirit of UTD which everybody knew and talked about during Sir Alex era. With his vast europian experience he can take the club to glory in Europe. This is the project that should be adopted and implemented (look at Liverpool and you understand what I mean)

    • Lupus1444
      Lupus1444 Month ago

      Allegri is overated manager even a bad one;plus...don't think he will bring players from Serie A;cause he won't...

  • Zaher Al-Qassab
    Zaher Al-Qassab Month ago

    We all greatly appreciate Ole for his courage and loyalty to the club by taking over as manager. But honestly he is not to standard of UTD as a manager with his one direction way of coaching and style of play and lack of flexibility tactically. Modern football needs high flexibility in tactics and diverse talents of team players. We didn't see any evidence of such flexibility which made the team quite exposed and easily read by all other teams. UTD need experienced great tactician and big character like Allegri who will build a solid defense and lethal strike force within a couple of seasons that should compete at both levels, locally and in Europe. He will bring back the club to where it belongs and challenge for all trophies, but just let him handle out transfers and back him up with financial support and let him apply his philosophy. Sir Alex would definitely endorse him and recommend him as the perfect one for future of UTD....just trust him and give him the time he requires and you won't regret it at all...

  • Gareth Stirling
    Gareth Stirling Month ago

    If they don't buy anybody in January we will finish below mid table, and it will be the same story in summer and no top players will want to come and play for united. We need 20 goals and they have to come from a goal scorer ready to go or a couple of midfielders that will create more chances for the forwards we have all ready. January signings are risky but we need to get into top 4 and then concentrate on top players in the summer. Or we are going to fall further down the drain.

  • Jean Benoiton
    Jean Benoiton Month ago

    No new signings? Oh hang on, I'm sure they know relegation is looming.

  • K
    K Month ago

    I think united will be beaten convincingly by Liverpool.

  • maso882
    maso882 Month ago

    You're optimistic to think a 0-0 draw against liverpool. Must have forgot other results. Praise for being optimistic

  • John Vicary
    John Vicary Month ago

    Catch my post on Old Trafford crisis Click on the dog for my insight

  • Michael Handley
    Michael Handley Month ago

    All happy in your glory years
    Now moan moan moan
    Sick of hearing ole in ole out
    Remeber when he won a couple of games
    He’s was your saviour
    You had the special one
    We have the normal one
    The best there is
    Your days are over
    Get used to it we had our time
    Ffs stop moaning

  • Edmilson Guilaze
    Edmilson Guilaze Month ago

    (Mickey Mouse voice) Give him time Give him time, he wants to go back to 1989 😂😂👌🏾

  • Dr. Phil
    Dr. Phil Month ago

    Oh! Hi, Mark!

  • Marco Tonta
    Marco Tonta Month ago

    it`s nonsense no way you can participate in European football if you have been selected with a previous team and been knocked out...

  • Bino
    Bino Month ago

    Klopp wouldn't fail with this squad. When he came in his team was even worse, but he reached two finals with it. 2 of these 7 finals he lost, what some people permanently bring up.

  • Aminon Mavindidze
    Aminon Mavindidze Month ago

    Give ole money n he will bring quality look at 3 signing he brought

  • klo schuessel
    klo schuessel Month ago

    Rakitic would be a mistake
    1.overrated anyhow
    2. old
    3. said that he didnt succeed in the bundesliga cause it was to physical...

    So much for that.
    And barca would want 20mil i assume.

  • DeAdLy InFuSi0n
    DeAdLy InFuSi0n Month ago

    How can we the 2nd top team in the world and struggle to spend wisely in the transfers struggling within the bottom ten of the leagues

  • random Car
    random Car Month ago +1

    make a back in 89 t shirt

  • agbaire kesiena
    agbaire kesiena Month ago

    Please when are we selling Luke Shaw? Has really played for Man Utd?

  • Roy  law
    Roy law Month ago

    totally disagree mark doesnt matter if its jan maddison or bruno Fernandez surley could be gettable cos there gonna be dear when ever you buy them dembele at Lyon or werner for a big fee could be gotten and it's not like the next coach wouldnt want them is it no one can long term buy for a manager cos there not at a club long enough

  • James Arthur
    James Arthur Month ago

    Maddison could come January it's a upgrade even if we pay more his grown impressed me his hungry hard working passer crosser goal scorer and he even takes freekicks

  • James Arthur
    James Arthur Month ago

    And we need to work hard to try sign sancho but that means got to be in champs league and we need a kante veratti player and then left back grimaldo

  • Traveller M Nas
    Traveller M Nas Month ago

    Your Ole out it's in your tone but you don't want people to blame you for hyping up the fans.

  • James Arthur
    James Arthur Month ago

    I'd say sign bruno Fernandes at least

  • zhongming wen
    zhongming wen Month ago

    LVG won the FA cup but he didn't deserve time, Jose got United to second place but he didn't deserve time, why does Ole deserve.anything?

  • Cardie 007
    Cardie 007 Month ago

    U definitely Ole out, u just scared to say it, but u Ole out ,all day ,everyday. Just listen to urself. In denial ! GGMU!!

  • Jehad Afaghani
    Jehad Afaghani Month ago

    getting waisted on Sunday

  • Traveller M Nas
    Traveller M Nas Month ago

    Goldbridge your going round in circles change the tune pal

  • Matt Hanley
    Matt Hanley Month ago

    Everyone that is ole out let's let him get his full team back he's playing with a makeshift team

  • Jensen Green
    Jensen Green Month ago +1

    If we sack ole we should get either Tuchel, ten Haag, hassenhuttl or Nagelsmann

  • Paul Stratton
    Paul Stratton Month ago

    cant c us getting anything from this game. do fear the worst

  • Chileshe Mutale
    Chileshe Mutale Month ago

    Why are we tAlking about transfers when the head coach will be sacked After we lose to Liverpool?
    I don't get it really, he's got no mandate to lead anymore and you can't sack the board or the players so let's be realistic

  • MayDay GoingDown!!
    MayDay GoingDown!! Month ago +1

    Giving a manager time is all fine if you've got the right manager....
    Of which he isn't....
    So Ole out.
    We are simply wasting time.

    • MayDay GoingDown!!
      MayDay GoingDown!! Month ago

      @Jude Foster Lol, just noticed.

    • Jude Foster
      Jude Foster Month ago +1

      How we can we trust your judgement when you can't even spell his name?

  • Richard Jang
    Richard Jang Month ago

    I think the first person to get Tye sack is ed

  • ziad itani
    ziad itani Month ago


  • James Tunstall
    James Tunstall Month ago +1

    Timo werner is a fantastic manager????

  • Dale Hanson
    Dale Hanson Month ago

    3 central defenders and 2 holding midfielders, is that really the United way? Sounds like we're waving the white flag to me.

  • Gary Shepherd
    Gary Shepherd Month ago

    Phil jones for manager👍

  • Jesse Wong
    Jesse Wong Month ago

    Over 300 Million £ in Salaries for Players 🙃

    • Lupus1444
      Lupus1444 Month ago

      For second division Championship? lol

  • All Round Red
    All Round Red Month ago

    Lets get one thing straight, Goldridge is low key ole out

  • All Round Red
    All Round Red Month ago +1

    Peter Dury:Man Utd 0-4 liverpool
    Next Morning: Ole sacked

  • Matthew Deane
    Matthew Deane Month ago

    I have hope you said we wouldn’t lose vs arsenal when no one else thought we had a chance hope your right about the scousers too mark !!

  • samairey 2003
    samairey 2003 Month ago

    I wouldn’t pay £30m on Rice I don’t rate him

  • Richard Booth
    Richard Booth Month ago +1

    "What if we are mid table on January 1st" , I think we need to temper that as we wont be as high as mid table. Ole won't wake up and save this, remember Roy Keane. These players threw Mourinho under the bus and they wouldn't think twice about doing it to Solskjaer

  • Kevo kev
    Kevo kev Month ago

    Yoo brroo what if somehow atletico madrid decide to swap saul for pogba...would you take that deal

  • denzel mosore
    denzel mosore Month ago

    Mark was savage on Rakitic LOLOL

  • Grant Mcroberts
    Grant Mcroberts Month ago

    La liga is a class league and rakitic is class did you not watch him at the world Cup lol

  • Kunle Okes
    Kunle Okes Month ago

    Why isn't Lauren Blanc considered?

  • negOshEAte
    negOshEAte Month ago

    January loan players only

  • Alex Rodrigues
    Alex Rodrigues Month ago

    Liverpool will defenitly score

  • Chris Hedge
    Chris Hedge Month ago

    Lose to Liverpool bye 4-0

  • John Francis
    John Francis Month ago

    liverpool 4 - 0 man united

  • Izat Azmir
    Izat Azmir Month ago

    Ole needs to change the way we play but we do need to sign players this January...players like Piatek, Serdar from Schalke or Kostic from Frankfurt or Max Eggestein from Bremen ....dont know why we haven't check out playera from the bundesliga

  • David Singleton
    David Singleton Month ago

    No striker signing in January will mean real struggle.

  • michael fsadni
    michael fsadni Month ago

    ryan ftw is perfectly right we have10 scouts around europe what`s the result ?