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Bullard falls into the net! 😂 | You Know The Drill - Crawley Town with Jimmy Smith

  • Published on Oct 19, 2016
  • Jimmy went to Crawley Town to take on Jimmy Smith in a multi-station challenge, testing his stamina, finishing, dribbling and defending. Who would come out on top?
    ►SNAPCHAT: 'SoccerAM'
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Comments • 93

  • dot jones
    dot jones 2 months ago

    Crystal palace next

  • James Knill
    James Knill 5 months ago +1

    He may have had an appearance for Chelsea but your captain can't beat a 39 year old in a one on one, mate...

  • Ollie Wright
    Ollie Wright 9 months ago +2

    Depressing manager

  • Rich Porter
    Rich Porter 9 months ago +1

    Coach would go on to take his own life😣😔 rip drummy

  • Rob Mortimer
    Rob Mortimer 10 months ago +4

    RIP Dermot Drummy

  • irecatori
    irecatori Year ago +1

    bullard is 39 years old, cant belive it

  • Sacha Cooke
    Sacha Cooke Year ago

    Nice Jimmy SMITH

  • rjvansh chadha
    rjvansh chadha Year ago +11

    Rest in Peace Drummy..

  • CosmicKid
    CosmicKid Year ago +10


  • James Thornton
    James Thornton Year ago +1

    Rip dermot 😢

  • LEE BOOM!!!
    LEE BOOM!!! Year ago


  • Jimmy Smith
    Jimmy Smith Year ago +1

    Proud of my performance

  • Mo Leicester
    Mo Leicester Year ago

    Love the drills but Jimbo is so annoying

    • ryan
      ryan Year ago

      Mo Leicester wtf how can you find jimbo annoying he’s hilarious you daft sod

  • Ross
    Ross Year ago

    Never new Ray Winstone was a coach

  • Illuminate
    Illuminate Year ago +1

    I live near crawley i live in Horley

  • ben
    ben 2 years ago

    pimmy Wullard

  • Ernest Kyeremeh
    Ernest Kyeremeh 2 years ago

    Best you know the drill episode by far

  • Oli Vlogz
    Oli Vlogz 2 years ago

    if you love jimmy Bullard,subscribe to me

  • Leanne Baillie
    Leanne Baillie 2 years ago +12

    Video starts at 0:00 thank me later

  • The Phantom
    The Phantom 2 years ago

    I think we all know why this guy USED to play for Chelsea( Reserves probably). Bullard had him beat, not bad for a guy who's been retired from the game for a few years. Smith on the other hand seems to fancy himself as a bit of a player whereas in reality he's playing for Crawley Town in whatever division is it they're in.

    • The Phantom
      The Phantom 2 years ago

      @ben mc
      Your point?

    • ben mc
      ben mc 2 years ago

      who do you play for phantom? your barcelona reserves right???? surely ur pro.

    • The Phantom
      The Phantom 2 years ago

      @Jake Deane
      Well supplied with a good rail network is it?

    • Jake Deane
      Jake Deane 2 years ago

      The Phantom Crawley is going places!

  • Walter Crawford
    Walter Crawford 2 years ago +1

    Why is he so proud of having an ex Chelsea player

  • jdjdjdjd sjsjdj
    jdjdjdjd sjsjdj 2 years ago

    "Watch out Ashley young" racist?

  • iballistickitty
    iballistickitty 2 years ago

    Do mk dons

  • Liam Haffenden
    Liam Haffenden 2 years ago

    Everton needs to be done

  • I MattYbz I
    I MattYbz I 2 years ago +1

    Do Exeter city

  • Kaden Kolb
    Kaden Kolb 2 years ago


  • Jack Lawless
    Jack Lawless 2 years ago +2

    I love these vids

  • josh carrington
    josh carrington 2 years ago

    Grimsby Town next please

  • silentsniper
    silentsniper 2 years ago +2

    Best thing on soccer am quality every time

  • Jacob Kelly
    Jacob Kelly 2 years ago

    Please do Bristol rovers

  • syteanric
    syteanric 2 years ago +19

    as it's all shyte teams you should continue this theme.... Man United!

  • Sid Killick
    Sid Killick 2 years ago +2

    Please do one with brighton

  • Rob Evans
    Rob Evans 2 years ago +60

    'Old up Ashley Young get out the way! haha quality Jimbo

  • Mongooserules 15
    Mongooserules 15 2 years ago +1

    Do Oldham atletic

  • Jamwamee
    Jamwamee 2 years ago +143

    When your club is so tinpot that the best thing you can say about your captain is that he used to play for Chelsea....

    • Joshua Pevy
      Joshua Pevy Month ago

      Jamwamee There’s nothing wrong with being a smaller club. I’m a Crawley and a man united fan and it’s honestly more exciting supporting your local club then your main one. EFL Matters.

    • Dave McCullagh
      Dave McCullagh 9 months ago +1

      And QPR

    • Miles Pidgeon
      Miles Pidgeon 9 months ago +3

      Tinpot crawley we know what we are

    • Jaheim 1k
      Jaheim 1k 10 months ago +1

      Jamwamee hahaha

  • Sea Level
    Sea Level 2 years ago +11

    I've never laughed as hard as I did at 4:06 😂😂...

    • VFT 12
      VFT 12 9 months ago

      HahHaHAhHa it was so funnnnnny. hahHAha ffs

    • Mo Leicester
      Mo Leicester Year ago

      You must have a sad life if that made you laugh

    • Sea Level
      Sea Level 2 years ago

      SkillPros 😂 I couldn't stop replaying it the way he tried to catch him out, you the fucking mong little boy

    • Skill pros
      Skill pros 2 years ago +2

      Sea Level why did you laugh that was nowhere near funny you mong

  • DH Essay
    DH Essay 2 years ago +3

    I really want to be a professional football player 😩 I'm a good player too. Any one know if any open trials? Please I'm 19 also

    • VFT 12
      VFT 12 9 months ago

      you will never be a pro sorry but reality

    • Aspiration movies
      Aspiration movies 2 years ago

      GangGang London aswell I play around many areas.... stockwell, Vauxhall, Holborn, Shepherd's Bush, Acton, burgess park, many places I play and train and kick ball but I live in stockwell

    • DH Essay
      DH Essay 2 years ago

      Joseph SharpCTFC yeah cause I've tried for teams like West Ham and forest but it didn't work I believe I'm good enough, just need to join a club and do a Jamie vardy. Starting at a lower team could be a good idea

    • DH Essay
      DH Essay 2 years ago

      Aspiration movies London man Camden area what about you?

    • DH Essay
      DH Essay 2 years ago

      Joseph SharpCTFC I like that!

  • William Boyton
    William Boyton 2 years ago +4

    100% real my dad and Jimmy Bullard are friends

  • RAILFAN 2003
    RAILFAN 2003 2 years ago

    does Crawley have a training ground soooo sad haha

    • Gordon Ferrar
      Gordon Ferrar Month ago

      They were using my brothers team pitch but stitched them up for 20 large so they had to get another.
      True story.

    • Thommashole Muller
      Thommashole Muller Year ago

      It's right next to the stadium

    • RAILFAN 2003
      RAILFAN 2003 2 years ago

      Sheznabang Can't they afford it and they have got rid of their player Gwion Edwards to Peterborough

    • Viktish
      Viktish 2 years ago

      Owen Simmonds yeah

  • Chris Pingu
    Chris Pingu 2 years ago +53

    oh Jimmy. that flip flap. naughty!

  • James Williamson
    James Williamson 2 years ago

    You should do Wigan Athletic next

  • Mathias
    Mathias 2 years ago +2

    Jimmy Bullard Legend

  • osephton1993
    osephton1993 2 years ago +1

    EVERTON has to be

    CRAZYJONESY Xx 2 years ago +77

    Since when do you finish on a draw 🤔

    • Luke Aitken
      Luke Aitken 2 years ago +3

      CRAZYJONESY Xx when it's a league game and there's no goals

      CRAZYJONESY Xx 2 years ago +2

      kosembnihat I understand that but he never finishes as a draw before

    • Charlie V
      Charlie V 2 years ago +9

      CRAZYJONESY Xx when you're retired
      and tired as fuck lol.

    • Prince Santa
      Prince Santa 2 years ago +15

      CRAZYJONESY Xx football won

  • bluebillbo
    bluebillbo 2 years ago +16

    Dat Skill! 4:14

    G SUFIAN 2 years ago +1

    7 Cristiano to comment

  • Brandon Mead
    Brandon Mead 2 years ago +1

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  • JH Playz Overwatch
    JH Playz Overwatch 2 years ago +7

    Do Plymouth argyle

  • AyanGobbleZ
    AyanGobbleZ 2 years ago +2


  • JG Edits
    JG Edits 2 years ago

    Soccer am

  • Jonsey El Default
    Jonsey El Default 2 years ago


    BEASTBOY123 2 years ago +1

    AFC Wimbledon!!!!!