Crazy rich asian kids in Kpop world 😎😎🤑🤑

  • Published on Oct 6, 2018
  • The rich and famous 😜😝😍
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  • Relaxfying
    Relaxfying  2 months ago +18

    This is how your Kpop idols are secretly dating!

  • Nutasia grey
    Nutasia grey Day ago

    That man was so rude to Jackson!

  • zarshad ahmed
    zarshad ahmed Day ago

    Even Henry tho

  • Giselle le boursier le boursier

    I love it how other members/mc expose their wealth, not by their self.. Except bambam, because he was telling the story and he doesn't came from a wealth family he worked for it so it's okay.. I don't like seungri mannerism, it feels like he want to show off that he is rich enough.. Well nickhun siwon and suho is the top 3 seungri. You can't beat them.

  • syasya
    syasya 2 days ago

    now, nct chenle is rich

  • Alvin Marvellus
    Alvin Marvellus 3 days ago

    Seungri LOL.
    All the money gone in 3 2 1

  • Jisung Park
    Jisung Park 4 days ago

    Zhong Chenle joined the group 😂

  • Chantal Ward
    Chantal Ward 4 days ago

    Immediately stopped smiling when I saw it was Seungri. Tut tut. But I thought this was about kpop folks who came from money. So I'll stop watching it now. The Siwon part was cute xD

  • GreenFlashAtSunsetッ

    JooE said a funny joke at the end 😂

  • Ris Risol
    Ris Risol 5 days ago

    Umji GFriend tho

  • Siddhi Devne
    Siddhi Devne 5 days ago

    It is weird to see Seungri after the scandal

  • bb q
    bb q 5 days ago


  • MOON9 4EXO
    MOON9 4EXO 6 days ago


  • Dear Deidre
    Dear Deidre 6 days ago

    At 7:11 Poor Jackson seems offended..he bought the house for his parents using his own money..saying him showed off his wealth & spoiled child wasnt true at all bcs he once said he isnt come from a rich family..

  • phanated
    phanated 6 days ago

    Add chenle zhong with his mf tesla that he thinks is normal

  • Jem Valeriano
    Jem Valeriano 6 days ago

    I cringed when Seungri appeared

  • baekhyun hates cucumber


  • Alpaca Young
    Alpaca Young 6 days ago +1

    Seungri makes me sick...

  • Kaikkukkuk
    Kaikkukkuk 7 days ago

    Ugh i see seungri

  • mmcoolJify
    mmcoolJify 7 days ago +1


  • 88bike1
    88bike1 7 days ago

    Huge respects to idol who still keep it low even they came from rich family like siwon...not like some who just have mommy restaurant and family pool though they was rich hahhahahah

  • bos yapma kralicesi
    bos yapma kralicesi 8 days ago

    9:10 is yoona???

  • Luna Leid
    Luna Leid 8 days ago

    Bambam is called young and rich for a reason. He knows how to use his money smartly. As Sorn said Nichkhun is the really rich, like old money rich. His dad owns a trading company and his mom a pharmaceutical company.

  • Ximena Ríos
    Ximena Ríos 9 days ago

    So if Suho, Siwon and Sooyoung’s families got together they could buy SM easily.
    I would like it because they would treat the artists in a much proper way since they are idol themselves.

  • Ximena Ríos
    Ximena Ríos 9 days ago

    Actually Yesung said once that Siwon’s family would be able to buy SM with a simple loan, so they must be careful.


    Jennie has always given me a rich girl vibe, for me personally

  • Ilyn Zamora
    Ilyn Zamora 10 days ago

    $iwon and $uho ❤❤❤

  • Random Viewer
    Random Viewer 11 days ago

    Thai idols are quite rich I guess..

  • Queen Celestine Montero

    There's a bunch of rich kids in SM Entertainment. And the 3 of them came from Super Junior. Siwon, Kyuhyun and Sungmin. 💙💙💙

  • royal clark
    royal clark 12 days ago

    Choi Siwon, Choi Sooyoung, and Suho could just buy SM!!!!

  • BDYog _
    BDYog _ 14 days ago

    Siwon is so over people talking about his wellness

  • sitiaishahamani Khairulasfan

    SUHO and SIWON

    EXO KINGS 15 days ago


  • Applebyaa bubbly
    Applebyaa bubbly 15 days ago

    Im still alive waiting for Siwon and Suho to Buy SM

  • _pinkpetals0417
    _pinkpetals0417 15 days ago

    Fun fact is rich idols have easier way to debut. Their parents can slip on some money especially if it’s a small company when they in need of budget

  • Greag Maturan
    Greag Maturan 18 days ago

    Wendy join the group

  • Greag Maturan
    Greag Maturan 18 days ago


  • Baek and Taehyung’s Hair

    Still pretty surprised why Jang Geun Seuk isn’t included here ,well he’s a solid artist but I think he was even considered in the genre Kpop so I think he might still be the richest !

  • 6 v 6
    6 v 6 19 days ago

    I heard blackpink members are also rich (especially Jennie and Jisoo)

  • joon
    joon 19 days ago

    lmao now seungri is going to be locked up yay!!!

  • DesWongJK
    DesWongJK 20 days ago


  • Nathália
    Nathália 22 days ago

    I can't stand looking at seungri.. if I was inside a locked room with him and a gun with 3 bullets, I would shoot 3 times at the roof and kill seungri with my bare hands

  • aciel parkeu
    aciel parkeu 23 days ago

    Where's Chenle tho?

  • Rachel Arnold
    Rachel Arnold 23 days ago

    chenle is rolling in the dough

  • Potato Chubs
    Potato Chubs 23 days ago

    Nobody's talking about Chenle and Ten from NCT okay and Seungmin and Bang Chan

  • leonardodavinny
    leonardodavinny 24 days ago

    Siwon moved out of their home to pursue his idol career because his parents opposed to him doing so. He doesn't like like relying on his parent's fortune that he even worked for himself.
    The riches he has now is from his own hard work.

  • Ethil Elaiza Jade Silagan

    1:32 I miss seungri

  • Kiri Kiri
    Kiri Kiri 25 days ago

    The way Seungri showed up and completely ruined my mood

  • Thary Eang
    Thary Eang 25 days ago

    Sooyoung house so massive that video is like 15years ago

  • Shraddha Kamble
    Shraddha Kamble 26 days ago

    There are so many actors and idols who despite their wealthy background worked hard to be where they are now, (Suho, Park Hyung soo, Choi Siwan) not they forget that they are utterly talented and we'll mannered. ❤️
    And then there's Seungri 😒😡

  • megan bocks
    megan bocks 26 days ago

    go to 3:10 if you wanna skip seungri's part :)

  • Khim Santos
    Khim Santos 26 days ago


  • DPR
    DPR 27 days ago

    gatsby?? dont u mean garbage

  • Mii Kaay
    Mii Kaay 28 days ago

    Okay call me oa but i shed tears when SNSD came out as 9 an doing their chant. I miss them so much ❤

  • Erly Baldz
    Erly Baldz 28 days ago

    1st hyung sik thats pretty awesome..2nd siwon wohhhh

  • Monj Elle
    Monj Elle 28 days ago

    well, i guessed you have to add NCT Chenle on this list 😂

  • Galaxy Army
    Galaxy Army Month ago +1

    3:10 for those who want to skip seungri

  • Amerta
    Amerta Month ago

    Dont forget about chenle too :v

  • get shtty facts expose

    sm’s idols are filthy rich like daym
    also include nct chenle and red velvet wendy and yeri

  • no never ever
    no never ever Month ago

    Cba bybye

  • Blackpink Jisoo
    Blackpink Jisoo Month ago

    Where’s GD😂?

  • sarka s
    sarka s Month ago

    I think big majority (if not all of) the idols from other countries has to have money. They are living in different country and somebody has to pay for it.
    And other thing is connections, you know somebody that knows somebody who will help you. That happens in big three (I mean sunny and her uncle, if im not mistaken Jisoo's father is also a friend of CEO yang). That helps a lot and put you in a better place.

  • Zynel Torrigue
    Zynel Torrigue Month ago

    Yall forgot wendy, tzuyu, gfriend’s umji and many more lol

  • bwiseok
    bwiseok Month ago +1

    i'm just waiting for siwon or suho to buy SM

  • sUp bItch
    sUp bItch Month ago


  • lay apollo
    lay apollo Month ago

    lmao jackson's reaction thou

  • Karazu Ren
    Karazu Ren Month ago

    Seungri's rich because of prostitution, tax evasion and drugs?.. oooppss... 🙈🙊🙉

  • Krishna Baro
    Krishna Baro Month ago

    Lol Jackson got trolled😂😂😂😂

  • Gigi Jechelle
    Gigi Jechelle Month ago

    Everyone talk about siwon and suho (its a good thing tho) but how can you forget nickhun as the wealthy prince of thai that always looks humble as well?

  • typical boy
    typical boy Month ago

    where is yook sungjae? his father is a CEO of the IT company who supplies thing to samsung and his grandfather is the one who the first imported fancy carp and his grandmother owns a carp breeding which is approximately 33000m².. his uncle owns a furniture company and net worth about 69billion..

  • Charlise tan
    Charlise tan Month ago

    hmm now we know how seungri became rich ..... its just so sad that its due to all those illegal activities...

  • clmbheat.322
    clmbheat.322 Month ago

    Why is sunny not on this isnt she also from a rich family?

  • muhammad za'im
    muhammad za'im Month ago

    seungri the PIMP

  • Happy Baby
    Happy Baby Month ago

    Aww poor joey:(( is that her name?

  • Mil Chu
    Mil Chu Month ago

    when GG (SNSD) is still young...😍😍😍

  • Kelvin Parohinog
    Kelvin Parohinog Month ago +1

    Suho will take over SM soon

    ONLY PEACE Month ago +4

    Conclude from the vid: *Stan RICH Stan SM*

  • Park Chanyeol
    Park Chanyeol Month ago +1

    When I saw Seungri, I quickly fastforwarded the video

  • Lhaben Ladop
    Lhaben Ladop Month ago

    Siwon is really humble person..

  • Amanda Gan
    Amanda Gan Month ago

    honestly many of the SM artists can buy their company 😂

  • Kiki
    Kiki Month ago

    If it's from rich family background why not including Eun Jiwon and Eric Moon? Just asking though 😁

  • Rosé
    Rosé Month ago

    Seungri walking around his mansion he built by trafficking women, yikes.

  • taylorkiarakt
    taylorkiarakt Month ago

    They didn't have to do Jackson like that it was mean and he didn't think it was funny at all

  • Meryl Dapon
    Meryl Dapon Month ago

    Yook Sungjae and P.O. are rich kids too

    ABCD EXO Month ago +1

    Most of SM artists are from rich family with beauty, manner, and smart brain.
    Siwon is like a king.
    Suho is like a crown prince.
    Krystal is like a crown princess.
    At the end of my comment, please respect Jackson. I don’t know about his background but everyone deserves respect

  • Arias
    Arias Month ago

    The last girl, the one from Momoland (I don't remember her name) roasted herself so bad asjkasjk

  • Maria Danica Caparida

    How about gdragon??

  • Min Ly
    Min Ly 2 months ago

    Gatsby because one of the source of his money are from illegal business you know. Dont like this dude

  • Nur Efsan
    Nur Efsan 2 months ago

    Hyungsuk is a selfmade men. He is crazy talented and such an amazing actor!

  • Cherrylyn Cruz
    Cherrylyn Cruz 2 months ago

    Joe at the end, she's so hilarious😂
    She must do some variety shows💕

  • galih hastosa
    galih hastosa 2 months ago

    Lol my friend was in the club' where Seungri Brags about VVIP, shes on the camera as well. She said Seung ri made a Fuss at the check cause no one knows him and hes not on the list. So he got to redo that scene

  • Lorena Passos
    Lorena Passos 2 months ago

    BTOB Sungjae's family is rich af too lmao

  • DORAlemon
    DORAlemon 2 months ago +1

    Ok how does sm found all of these rich kids with good damn visual and academic, talented..and on top of it very humble

  • Coral Reef
    Coral Reef 2 months ago

    Poor Jackson, he looked hurt haha

  • Mrs. Oh
    Mrs. Oh 2 months ago

    If Tao is still in Exo, he would top the list.

  • blue8
    blue8 2 months ago

    What's the song they played at the end of the video?? I used to listen to it a lot but I forgot the title

  • clementine kover
    clementine kover 2 months ago

    you forgot chenle from NCT his Chinese family is rich

  • Coraline Jones
    Coraline Jones 2 months ago

    Whats the show Jooe attended? I want to see

  • perdykool
    perdykool 2 months ago

    Aaahhh... I started in apgujeong for awhile. I didn't know suho lived there!!😍😁

  • bornthislu xxx
    bornthislu xxx 2 months ago