• Published on May 19, 2017
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    Thank you very much for checking out my daily videos! My name is Alec Steele and I am a blacksmith from Norwich in the UK. I make fun things every day for my daily TheXvid videos! Lots of sparks, lots of hard work and crazy amounts of fun!

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    Alec Steele Blacksmith 2017
    Norwich, UK
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  • Paul Brewer
    Paul Brewer Month ago

    Hey Alec,
    I’m relatively new to the channel. Been here a couple months and I like everything that I’ve seen so far. But I have to say, this video disappointed me.
    I realize that it’s an older vid and you might not even see this comment. But, you’ve probably guessed it by now, it was your reaction to the Pride flag that disturbed me. I’m not offended. To each their own. But, I have to say that I lost a little bit of respect for you. You’ve always seemed like a very positive and supportive person. I just didn’t expect that from you. I have great admiration for all that you’ve accomplished in your young life, and you are an excellent craftsman. I’m not going to unsubscribe or anything. Just a little disappointed, is all.
    As I said, I realize that this is an older video. Hopefully you’ve evolved a little bit since then.
    Keep doing great work and I’ll keep watching. You’re always striving to be better in your work. Hopefully you can learn to be better in this area too.

  • metalshak
    metalshak 2 months ago

    You have a workshop full of knives but you used a pen to open a parcel🤔

  • Sir.Tony Blair jr
    Sir.Tony Blair jr 3 months ago

    Hey Alec, so, Small has forges? How can you get one. I would like to support you guys? Keep going strong..🕶️ Hit me up..

  • 01howdoidothis
    01howdoidothis 4 months ago

    Love ya Alex, keep being you, Love it.

  • Jamin Vander Heyden
    Jamin Vander Heyden 5 months ago

    Put an end cap on the top of that chimney pipe to keep the water out for the time being until you get it hooked up, also check your clearances to the wood next to that pipe

  • Ian Vanderlip
    Ian Vanderlip 8 months ago

    You should make a pole turning hook knife

  • Philip Picard
    Philip Picard 11 months ago

    You go Sam!

  • Andrew Paddock
    Andrew Paddock Year ago

    I microwave everything in Tupperware!!! Duh huh!!!

  • Jonathan Norris
    Jonathan Norris Year ago

    Some times the rust around the rim will allow air to leak. Wire brush around edge of rim. No more leak.

  • Gruntslayer 35
    Gruntslayer 35 Year ago

    Oh geese be careful there

  • Rouverius
    Rouverius Year ago

    0:34 A voice from the future: Yeap, you are.

  • John
    John Year ago

    In loving memory of Chef Mic.

  • gun gopher
    gun gopher Year ago

    I loved your vids and respected your skills and talent. After having seen the Blue Lives Matter sticker in this vid, I respect you even more.

  • Mercurial Man
    Mercurial Man 2 years ago

    I honestly just assumed Alec was gay for a while now.

  • Richard Tyreman
    Richard Tyreman 2 years ago

    Lmao like the flag

  • Roe Baluyut
    Roe Baluyut 2 years ago

    I just realized sam kinda dont give a fuck about alot of ppe.. he just puts a mask eyepro and earpro.. no gloves or long sleves.. hahaha

  • luke schempf
    luke schempf 2 years ago

    Js the plastic dish thing was out of his routine so it was probably a statement about the flag. Also he might be gay but also realize that a large portion of diy people are antigay so he didn't know how to react to the flag

  • papa lenin
    papa lenin 2 years ago

    how often are you making products for customers?

  • Ritchey
    Ritchey 2 years ago

    Holy crap! A stampede of triggered LGBT fanatics!
    I am gay myself but it needs to stop pushing that propaganda and that flag!
    His reaction was just his reaction he didn't say anything wrong or offensive.
    If you/we want to be accepted act like everyone else and don't hide behind a flag or dress up for a pride parade!
    If you want to be treated like anyone else don't act as a special snowflake!
    @alec love your videos and work and please don't get involved in this discussion you will always offend a group of people no matter which side you choose! Please keep your perfect channel free of this shenanigans! And just don't be bothered by the bashing, the majority loves you!

  • Yang Hunter
    Yang Hunter 2 years ago

    I like Sam :)

  • Saul Tarvitz
    Saul Tarvitz 2 years ago


  • Peter Wozy
    Peter Wozy 2 years ago

    aussie aussie aussie! lol

  • Celtic Dude
    Celtic Dude 2 years ago

    Don't let a muzi see Sam's car shade ! I like Sam. He is a good worker.

  • Paul N
    Paul N 2 years ago

    Maybe soak some hammer handles in boiled linseed oil overnight. This way to swell the wood fibers back up and heads stay on tools.

  • Michael Trent
    Michael Trent 2 years ago

    Thanks Sam. Alec, I knew you were a cowboy at heart . . . !!!!!

  • trossnt
    trossnt 2 years ago

    For someone that sharpens things, sure doesn't carry a sharp thing lol

  • Wildman Tech
    Wildman Tech 2 years ago

    You microwave food?!?! My god man! Food should only be sauteed! LOL!

  • H Smith
    H Smith 2 years ago

    Your kitchen is up a ladder?

  • Human Person
    Human Person 2 years ago

    It seems like you're offended by all those people being offended for no reason. That's legit I guess.

  • Andreas Fank
    Andreas Fank 2 years ago

    I don't care about your microwave surface, but you dust should be conductive and it will also went inside the micro. so I could just recommend that you be aware about a possible failure with the result of fire. continue your awesome work with your motivating kind. greetings from Germany.

  • qimover45
    qimover45 2 years ago

    HAHAHA! I do the same thing to my car tire! It's been at least six months!

  • Aaron Erickson
    Aaron Erickson 2 years ago

    What kind of boots do you wear?

  • Bill Pemberton
    Bill Pemberton 2 years ago

    Alec, I love that you have to go to Canada to get some hot eats!

  • AliasUndercover
    AliasUndercover 2 years ago

    Some people have never worked for a living, I guess. Dirty microwave, indeed...

  • hank lero
    hank lero 2 years ago

    DAMN that's a good looking pizza....

  • wowOKlol
    wowOKlol 2 years ago

    unsubscribing cause you jumped off the ladder. VERY UNSAFE

  • RcYWolf
    RcYWolf 2 years ago

    did you use a plastic container to microwave your meal???
    better to switch to glass lunch box (greeting from Taiwan) --Reece

  • Persephone Sixty-Six
    Persephone Sixty-Six 2 years ago

    Was there pineapple on that pizza? Pineapple on pizza is pretty awesome.

  • Marshall Jensen
    Marshall Jensen 2 years ago

    I am offended that you have to use a latter to get to your microwave.

  • Phoaru
    Phoaru 2 years ago

    Whoever sent the flags.. thumbs up for the Aussie one and a whole fist up for the gay pride one 😝😝😝

  • Larry Holloway
    Larry Holloway 2 years ago

    sam your a badass

  • Noneconforming conformist

    have a listen to racket county, think you may like ;)

  • Derek Mahr
    Derek Mahr 2 years ago

    Sam's reaction to the pride flag was perfect.

  • Tiago Alves
    Tiago Alves 2 years ago

    hi alec i love your show. if i may, a piece of advice: you have a lot of machine value inside the work shop. If i were you i would worry about security issues....
    great job man keep it up!

  • Daniel Nicklen
    Daniel Nicklen 2 years ago

    haha oh strange indeed sir! loving your vids man!

  • Daniel Brown
    Daniel Brown 2 years ago

    As always great video! Thank you!

  • Sergey Petrov
    Sergey Petrov 2 years ago

    A sodomy flag for a blacksmith? What a nonsence =)

  • jarr gr
    jarr gr 2 years ago

    the dead south

  • kingbux1
    kingbux1 2 years ago

    Speaking of odd things and flags, if this keeps up you'll have to get Sheldon Cooper to make a guest appearance for an episode of "fun with flags". haha

  • Zachary Walker
    Zachary Walker 2 years ago

    damascus glasses, damascus sherlock pipe, damascus folding utility knife, damascus rose sculpture, damascus sphere, damascus flag, damascus war axe, damascus ninja star, damascus bowtie, damascus butterfly knife, damascus life size reproduction of chris Farley, damascus pizza(edible), damascus logo for jimmy DiResta, damascus kinetic sculpture. DAY 1

  • Kyle Brozek
    Kyle Brozek 2 years ago

    Love your microwave it reminds me of the one I use at my work.

  • goti36
    goti36 2 years ago

    thanks sam!

  • NochSoEinKaddiFan
    NochSoEinKaddiFan 2 years ago

    Sam, you're a genuinly amazing human being!

  • Scott Poels
    Scott Poels 2 years ago

    why is there 69 on the wall at 5:07...need to tell us something? maybe a gay 69?

  • Grifftrogg
    Grifftrogg 2 years ago

    I wouldn't un-sub because you use plastic in the microwave... I would urge you to look into why you shouldn't though and politely decline any offer of food from you.

  • IanRM
    IanRM 2 years ago

    That's it! Unsubscribing. That microwave wasn't dirty enough. lol (J O K I N G). Thing is, Alec. TheXvid commentators are filled with kids, psychopaths and sociopaths who comment about some weird things. However, each negative comment is a "view" lol

  • Björn Peter
    Björn Peter 2 years ago

    a little anarchy never hurt anyone!! keep pissing them off

  • Killhammer Outdoors
    Killhammer Outdoors 2 years ago

    needs a Nebraska state flag

  • Bernardo Locks
    Bernardo Locks 2 years ago

    Discovery shoud make a program!!!
    you need a Brazilian flag too.
    keep making good videos.

  • nifty-tube-man
    nifty-tube-man 2 years ago

    Flat tire look for the leak with soapy water.

  • Nathan Truscott
    Nathan Truscott 2 years ago

    I'm super curious what was said after revealing the gay pride flag, it looks like he said something that was cut out in editing?

  • João Junqueira
    João Junqueira 2 years ago

    cmon Alec it's just a flag, you should not be so embarrassed about it

  • archangel20031
    archangel20031 2 years ago

    Apparently there are some seriously bad cancer causing chemicals that leach out of a lot of plastics when the microwave energy combines with steam.
    Cumulative effect and all over time is not a good thing.
    We now transfer all food to be microwaved out of Tupperware onto a ceramic plate with another one over it, and it works great.
    BTW, not going to unsubscribe over the issue.

  • Millian Avertis
    Millian Avertis 2 years ago

    Good thing I'm not offended by anyone, not even people being offended by other people being offended.
    I don't give a fuuuuuuuuuuuck.
    Good video as always.

  • Kaitlin McCall
    Kaitlin McCall 2 years ago

    So the gay pride flag doesn't mean YOUR gay, just that you support gay people, like me.

  • TheeBudGuru
    TheeBudGuru 2 years ago

    You call them SJW's, I call them "Sorry Ass, Butt Hurt, Cry Babies"!

  • Chopwood Farm
    Chopwood Farm 2 years ago

    Alec, love your videos. Love your microwave. Love your tupperware. Love Sam's sun visor. My daughter (of marriageable age - hint hint) loves your "awesomeness". This hammer is FANTASTIC! I would love one of your hammers, but since I am not a blacksmith, it would just be a wall hanging. I am, however, a carpenter not a samurai) and I would totally buy one of your claw hammers... TWO of your claw hammers. Just sayin'.

  • Angel Rousse
    Angel Rousse 2 years ago

    the more I watch your videos, the more I like you as a person, not just as an awesome blacksmith. I'm glad you don't let the people that get offended at everything get you down. keep being you Alec!

  • SPE
    SPE 2 years ago

    are you doing something "odd" with your belt grindr(sic) that is making belts explode? like pushing too hard, platen has sharp edges etc? I've never managed to break one on my completely different under-powered bench sander.
    Love your work, you need a nagel boom ("nail tree" in English if you aren't familiar with the term - ask a Belgian or Dutsh smith what that is) like other youtubers need a sticker wall.

  • Shaved Alpaca
    Shaved Alpaca 2 years ago

    In regards to the pride flag, dont care who is or isnt whatever. But at times, you are quite camp Alec ;)

  • Captain Twitchy
    Captain Twitchy 2 years ago

    I'm proud to see my flags on your walls. I'm an Aggie and a Texan! WHOOP!

  • Jeff Knox
    Jeff Knox 2 years ago

    Really silly that you can't have a decent pocket knife, and that the steering wheel's on the wrong side of your car...

  • Motor 2of7
    Motor 2of7 2 years ago

    Being offended by something is your right.
    Not giving a damn that you're offended is my right.
    It's your shop Alec. Hang the rainbow flag if you want to, or not. That to, is your right.
    Loved your reaction, and the bits of humor in this video were great.

  • Dobyns Media
    Dobyns Media 2 years ago

    Hey Alec, ever think of doing patreon?

  • rcross35
    rcross35 2 years ago

    Having watched so many of your Damascus steel and hammer making videos, I've decided that I need a pattern welded cane handle. Let's face it, my cane handle has the general shape of a hammer anyway so it should take fewer steps than most hammers rather than more. :)