Why Star Wars: The Last Jedi is a Complete Cinematic Failure

  • Published on May 22, 2018
  • Disney made me delete the ending of this video because I used the Star Wars theme. Here's the ending with new music: thexvid.com/video/HyIvGmSsF8M/video.html
    Star Wars: The Last Jedi, what a truly incredible trainwreck. Rian Johnson's complete inability to craft anything even resembling meaningful (or coherent) plotline is truly remarkable to behold. Six months out from this farce, let's take a closer look at everything that went wrong.
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    Music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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  • P W
    P W 4 hours ago

    ... because asian women are THE worst drivers... yep I went there.

  • Clay Teunis
    Clay Teunis 4 hours ago

    Respect ownership rights twerp

  • Eric Colvin
    Eric Colvin 6 hours ago

    No lightsaber duel between luke and kylo sucks ass

  • Robyne Kelly
    Robyne Kelly 6 hours ago

    All the PC tirade bullshit that you went on completely ruined the critique. Man up bitch.

  • Ray Kehr
    Ray Kehr 6 hours ago

    All the stupid things I head about Snoke 🤦‍♂️. Was a nothing 😂😂😂😂😂. Least I was right about him. Just a new guy but didn’t think he’d be gone so quick 😂😂😂.

  • Graham Peace
    Graham Peace 7 hours ago

    Didn’t watch it in the cinema. Waited until it came out on blu-ray. Bought it. Watched it. Fell asleep after an hour. Watched it again. Fell asleep after an hour and a bit. Watched it again. Finished it. Just. Haven’t watched it again. And if Snoke is as powerful as is made out, how the F*** did he not sense Kylo Ren turning the lightsaber even though he knew he was wanting it? Stupid tit having it lying there in the first place.....Ha Ha. Endings stupid. The starts stupid too. And the middle bit. Another Disney f*** up on a classic franchise !!!!!!!!!! Well done Lucas for selling out. MUPPET

  • Hogan4079
    Hogan4079 8 hours ago


  • Unique Frost 98
    Unique Frost 98 8 hours ago

    i liked the movie except the purple hair lady and rose

  • Choxolet yo
    Choxolet yo 9 hours ago

    I actually liked the force awakens tho...

  • Eric Knisley
    Eric Knisley 9 hours ago

    You hated it, but you paid for the Blue-Ray, putting yet more money into Disney? I don't get it.

  • ِ
    ِ 10 hours ago +1

    Yea, Luke drinking that green tiddy milk was mind bottling.

  • Roman Scherbakov
    Roman Scherbakov 10 hours ago

    That’s a decent way of expressing my thoughts about that movie, totally agree with everything said in this video.

  • MeridionWanderer
    MeridionWanderer 11 hours ago

    Ok i agree... but... LAZER SWORDS?

  • EddieMachetti
    EddieMachetti 12 hours ago

    17:45 he literally describes Obi Wan though lol

  • Alex Williamson
    Alex Williamson 12 hours ago

    The more I watch the more I fear it fear... leads to hate...hate leads to suffering...and boy did I suffer watching it.....

  • O.C.TileGuy
    O.C.TileGuy 12 hours ago +1

    Over a quarter MILLION people can't be wrong. This review is spot-on, Star Wars: The Last Jedi was the greatest cinematic disappointment since The Matrix: Reloaded.

      ZAFARIA 2 hours ago

      Absolutely. Just calling everyone who didn't like the film "wrong about it" is a very naive approach from defenders of this film. A quarter million people is a lot of people to be "wrong." Maybe there's some actual weight as to why so many people think this film is garbage. And for disney to lash back at criticizers saying "you don't get it" is only going to alienate their fan base and lose more profits. The failure of Solo and the underwhelming attendance to Galaxy's Edge at Disney World and Disney Land is evidence of this.

  • David Taubner
    David Taubner 13 hours ago

    Totally a bad movie.

  • Enceladus Eve
    Enceladus Eve 13 hours ago

    The purple hair commander was really confusing... I was like Traitor/Warrior.... Traitor/Warior... Traitor/Warrior

  • Enceladus Eve
    Enceladus Eve 13 hours ago

    The very reason is these movie are shit is because George Lucas isn't directing or writing them, simple!

  • Will Yfjyfgjhfhjhf
    Will Yfjyfgjhfhjhf 13 hours ago

    The worst movie made in Decades

  • Adam Armstrong
    Adam Armstrong 14 hours ago +1

    I literally wish I was gay after watching any scene with that purple haired fuck. GOD I HATE HER

  • Alexander Dimitrov
    Alexander Dimitrov 15 hours ago

    I'd like to see the life of Anakin's spermatozoids and their way to Padme's egg... Could you make it, Disney?

  • Alexander Dimitrov
    Alexander Dimitrov 15 hours ago

    These episodes are a disaster! Disney, please, DO NOT buy The Godfather rights!

  • General AkAbA
    General AkAbA 16 hours ago +1

    "amazing every single thing you just said was TRUE"

  • Light Morningstar
    Light Morningstar 16 hours ago

    Stop smiling, stop hugging, you are fucked...🤣🤣🤣

  • Luke Coyle
    Luke Coyle 16 hours ago

    Amazing. Everything you just said was wrong.

  • Patrick Beavers
    Patrick Beavers 16 hours ago +1

    Oh my, now I remember...
    Daisy’s _acting_ is *horrendous* 😳

  • BearSeek Berserker
    BearSeek Berserker 17 hours ago

    your style is just like PlagueofGripes lmao (keep up the good work bb)

  • MaxxorMatrix
    MaxxorMatrix 18 hours ago

    this hyperspace tactic would not have worked at all, other than not having the ships having front shields to defend against enemy laser attacks and nuclear missiles

  • Connor Jones
    Connor Jones 18 hours ago

    Guess what youtube im here again stop fucking up my video viewing with 50 minutes of bullshit I dont give a shit about. you used to be good but guess what capitalism got you to. FUCK OFF WITH YOUR ADS

  • Donald Caliendo
    Donald Caliendo 19 hours ago

    Such a Liberal Left piece of trash... I walked out...

  • Jeremy Thompson
    Jeremy Thompson 19 hours ago

    Great video, you nailed everything! Why do they let losers like Rian Johnson get a go? He ruined the series. You could do such a better job.

    LEVELGEEK 19 hours ago +1

    "this film is a completely mess, GOTCHA... No! Wait! Thats true...

  • Nicholas Daniels
    Nicholas Daniels 21 hour ago

    Talking about #4 with the hyperspace thing, you know that there was an episode of The Clone Wars, which is a part of the CANON universe, where they shot a CIS Destroyer into a planet by making it go into hyperspace, so #4 is very much irrelevant lol, you talked about books but not the tv shows, gotta do better on the research

  • Tamás Oláh
    Tamás Oláh 22 hours ago


  • MaynardOwns
    MaynardOwns Day ago +1

    Lmaom "says goodbye to his two dads and kermit the frog or whatever"

  • MaynardOwns
    MaynardOwns Day ago

    I thought the Last Jedi is the greatest film ever, of all time....


  • Soleil/Hinata
    Soleil/Hinata Day ago

    So what you're saying that Finn should've had a Lightsaber?

  • Austin Johnsen
    Austin Johnsen Day ago

    The I am your father twist is great because not only do the audience not expect it. It’s also subtly foreshadowed with Yoda saying much anger in him like his father and the cave scene.

  • Guy Incognito
    Guy Incognito Day ago

    So, in Episode IV, Han Solo has to wait for calculations from the Nav computer so they don't fly right through a star or bounce too close to a supernova. That sounds like what happened in Episode VIII in regards to hyperspace.

  • klipser66
    klipser66 Day ago

    Those feminazi pc SJW idiots have ruined Hollywood and movies completely and I don't know if it will be salvageable at all. Ridiculous childish people who can't control their emotions. Why the fck are everybody succumbing to their idiocy and delusion. We were doing just fine without their madness!!!

  • Fungustech
    Fungustech Day ago

    I come back here regularly because it never fails to make me laugh.

  • Khalim
    Khalim Day ago +1

    I truly hate the new star wars movies especially this one.

  • Michael Cmar
    Michael Cmar Day ago

    They could have done so much more with fins character

  • Miguel
    Miguel Day ago

    The only way they can fix the story is if somehow Luke can still be alive, and Rey is Luke's daughter

  • Rodrigo Webber
    Rodrigo Webber Day ago +1

    JJ says: fuck you episode 8. I have plans.

    • Big K
      Big K 13 hours ago

      @Rodrigo Webber yeah I read your comment and I was like...wait a minute a follow jahns fan lol.

    • Rodrigo Webber
      Rodrigo Webber 14 hours ago +1

      @Big K Yes! It was so fucking hilarious, man. Awsome

    • Big K
      Big K 14 hours ago +1

      Jeremy jahns

  • Deez Knots
    Deez Knots Day ago

    You can watch this for free on Netflix now, I can’t 🤮

  • Thanos 6.0
    Thanos 6.0 Day ago +3

    And Ruin Johnson still doesn't get fired.

  • MaTTIn
    MaTTIn Day ago

    The actors are old and Mark said he didnt like the luke job anymore so what we do... we kill them off

  • Robert Brumm
    Robert Brumm Day ago +1

    Agreed in entirety, Sir!

  • Forza Martini
    Forza Martini Day ago

    The new trilogie made me like the jar jar binks trilogie... i dont even hate sand anymore

  • Thanos 6.0
    Thanos 6.0 Day ago +4

    17:27 At least Han Solo got an hounarble ending.

    • Thanos 6.0
      Thanos 6.0 2 hours ago +1

      @The Fandom Menace Are you kiding me? The exact same thing happend in Legends: Jacen Solo/Darth Caedus. And it was a good story. So you can't say that THEY made him evil.

    • The Fandom Menace
      The Fandom Menace 5 hours ago

      They made the son of Han and Leia evil. HAN and LEIA. That alone ruined it for me.

    • Simidae
      Simidae 9 hours ago

      @Thanos 6.0 Yeah it was.

    • Thanos 6.0
      Thanos 6.0 9 hours ago +1

      That was no joke

    • Simidae
      Simidae Day ago


  • Thanos 6.0
    Thanos 6.0 Day ago

    I actually really loved TFA because it build up so much potentiel. But Ruin Johnson through all this potentiel into the garbage and then burned the trashcan.

  • Bernerd
    Bernerd Day ago +1

    Well time to rewatch this it's been a while :P

  • desiguy55
    desiguy55 Day ago

    hyperspace is not going really fast if that was the case , any ship going that fast will immediately burn up due to friction from outer space gasses and particles. not the mention the tremendous amount of energy needed to go faster than light speed. more energy than what the sun put out.

    • The Fandom Menace
      The Fandom Menace Day ago

      Not to mention the entire Death Star speeding to Yavin in a day... watch out, beep beep - here it comes!

  • Jeremy Black
    Jeremy Black Day ago

    Hateful nonsense. Women are smart too ass-hat. Another toxic video by a guy that really needs to get laid. No one gives a shit that you hate women and minorities.

    • Big K
      Big K 14 hours ago

      He doesn't think women aren't smart there are just a lot of dumb characters many of which are female in this movie.

    • Julia Ortiz Molina
      Julia Ortiz Molina Day ago +1

      Im a woman... and I think that TLJ is full of man hating moments. Leia slaps Poe, Rose electrocutes Fin, Leia shoots Poe even though he has already lowered his weapon (all for no reason). Imagine what would happen if it was the men who slapped, shot and electrocuted the women.

  • Steve Andrews
    Steve Andrews Day ago

    “I never read the books”
    You’re opinion is not valid 🖕🏻

  • Shockz
    Shockz Day ago

    Bashes Star Wars Movie
    Proceeds to buy DVD of movie solely to bash it
    Gives same company money for bad film twice

  • chapmasi
    chapmasi Day ago +9

    I remember walking out of the cinema and thinking "Yea Star Wars is gone"

  • NakedMoleRat 43
    NakedMoleRat 43 Day ago

    Hmm a neckbeard with a youtube channel. Surely not another anti-feminist raking in the virgin-gamer dollar? GOTCHA he is!! DOUBLE GOTCHA!!!

    • Cap285
      Cap285 Day ago +1

      Do tell us about self-respect after your 'girlfriend' gives it to you after these films.