Why Star Wars: The Last Jedi is a Complete Cinematic Failure


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  • Antim8ah
    Antim8ah 2 minutes ago

    Piece of shit movie

  • King Leopold
    King Leopold 11 minutes ago

    I loved this video !!!! Totally agree with you
    And I was so dam happy that purple hairs bitch died cuz fuck she was annoying, prime reason why women shouldn’t be in power, like look at the prime minister of Germany she totally fucked up her country

  • Jack Nebeker
    Jack Nebeker 15 minutes ago

    @Vito I'd like to see you make something half as good as The Last Jedi. Let me know when you're finished.

  • Dylan Ostrander
    Dylan Ostrander 16 minutes ago

    yeah, I just rolled my eyes and shook my head when that stupid scene where she rammed the ship..thanks for fucking all the lore up RJ. They need people who actually care about lore to do movies. There are reasons why fan films are always better

  • Fernando Reyero
    Fernando Reyero 25 minutes ago

    excellent, these movies are a bunch of cow shit. they should all be re-done by mike judge

  • Dean Kumar DK
    Dean Kumar DK 27 minutes ago

    and you missed one more obvious thing. where da fuck are all the bad ass light sabre battles?

  • Juni Lee
    Juni Lee 46 minutes ago +1

    16:28 I couldn’t stop laughing

  • Raul Cab.
    Raul Cab. 53 minutes ago

    I didn't mind the movie but what I dont like at all is a random dude in the internet saying literally "This character should do this and this will happen this way and end up like this", If it had happened that way this same dude would be saying that the movie was predictible and brings nothing new.

  • Drummercommander
    Drummercommander Hour ago

    It's not a bad movie it's just not what a lot of us expected or made up in our minds. One thing I absolutely agree with though is that Luke no longer stood for hope in the end

  • Kenneth King
    Kenneth King Hour ago

    So you don't like the story, and decide to declare the movie a complete cinematic failure. I'm sure this has been said already in the 33,000 plus comments on this video, but what the heck. The movie is competent on every level, beyond on many. Perfect, of course not. But the acting is fine. The effects are superb (Leia floating notwithstanding). The production is first class in every way. The characters have some depth to them. The plot is the same as the Empire Strikes Back in essence. The dialogue is well written. Those are all elements of every movie, of all cinema. The movie doesn't fail in any of those. But you didn't like something about it. So you decide to tear all that down. And you call the work of the people who made the film an abortion. Is that the kind of goodwill people have shown you over the years?

  • Luke Lisac
    Luke Lisac Hour ago +1

    GOTCHA! A Star Wars StoryTM

  • James LaBarre
    James LaBarre Hour ago

    Aw come on, the "fan fiction" comment is unfair. I've read *much* better fanfiction. Granted, I haven't read any "Star Wars" fanfic, but I'm sure there's some there too.

  • Sean Carter McLean

    Besides the original trilogy, Revenge of the Sith was amazing.

  • Jay Chung
    Jay Chung Hour ago

    too many bloody humans in this movie and not enough aliens

  • Bill Will
    Bill Will Hour ago

    the announcer in this clip makes it a real chore to even watch this

  • Nachtmuis
    Nachtmuis Hour ago

    The greatest hero in science fiction of all time, is no more! Thanks... I want Luke back!!!!!!!

  • Graham Creese
    Graham Creese Hour ago

    Daisy ridley is wooden as they come so is john boyega they cant act there way out of a power bag so all these new star wars Are trash only decent thing was kylo ren bn a badboy but even hes turning now they Are pure trash and to me star wars finished at return of the jedi! G

    • Graham Creese
      Graham Creese Hour ago

      Errr paper bag fukin spellcheck is straight retarded G

  • David Cabral
    David Cabral 2 hours ago

    I tried to read the star wars sequel novels to return of the Jedi! they never interested me! I knew these movie sequels wouldnt work!!

  • Phil Lindeman
    Phil Lindeman 2 hours ago

    Listening to your monotone ass narrate how great this could be is more boring than watching the same old shit with new people. You solve Finn's arc with Luke Skywalker plot 2.0? clown.

  • Jesus Cryptos
    Jesus Cryptos 2 hours ago

    I just watched Solo and this was the last Star Wars Movie I ever watched iam so pissed the first half was ok got some cowboy feeling and shit but the longer I watched the angrier I got for fuck sake a 13yo girl with a exploding super stick?

  • channing bloom
    channing bloom 2 hours ago

    I actually love the last jedi

  • Cameron McKee
    Cameron McKee 2 hours ago

    You nailed every single one of my gripes with this vid (altho I thought the hyperspace ship collision was pretty sweet). It's sad this movie was so bad and ruined Solo because Solo is actually a good movie. Nothing overly needed necessarily but it was good

  • reuben yebra
    reuben yebra 2 hours ago

    Fucking losers move out your mom's basement and stop eating totinos pizza and get out there on a walk get some fresh air cause your brain lacks of oxygen

  • VerminatorSUPREME
    VerminatorSUPREME 2 hours ago

    The Force Awakens was the worst Star Wars movie by far.

  • VerminatorSUPREME
    VerminatorSUPREME 2 hours ago

    The movie was amazing though. Everything about it was great except for the side story segments. The best part was the communicating through the force and also the fighting scene in the red lit room.

  • Designated Drinker Pinch Smoker

    30 seconds in and yea. that's what they said when movies 4, 5, and 6 came out... also i'm sure people were saying the same shit when movies 2, and 3 came out. this shit's been dead since the second movie came out.

  • kmg1100
    kmg1100 3 hours ago

    Finn was my favorite character, the only relateable one. Whereas everyone else is like: 'I will sacrifice my life against the Order/whatever', Finn is like a normal guy. 'OMG, the enemy has mind reading and planet destroying skills, f*ck this I'm outta here.'
    His totally pointless and cheaply denied suicide attack changes him into another of those one dimensional good characters that just do good.

  • R Painter
    R Painter 3 hours ago

    When Carrie "flew" through space I almost walked out it was just too stupid.

    OBSIDIAN BORN 3 hours ago

    The Last Jedi was awful indeed.

  • Bond Pyant
    Bond Pyant 3 hours ago

    "Hyperspace it!" LMFAO!

  • mrbutter 100
    mrbutter 100 3 hours ago


  • Lord Nutzz
    Lord Nutzz 3 hours ago

    liked this video for "he was about to go Randy Quaid....not crazy, but..."

  • Maurice Gerard
    Maurice Gerard 3 hours ago

    Why do these garbage videos keep popping up in my feed? I watch one Mr Plinkett video and 500 other smug assholes have their "breakdowns" cover up my screen for a week

  • R Painter
    R Painter 3 hours ago

    It was like they weren't even familiar with Star Wars. Totally pissed me off and I demand a re-do written by true fans!

  • C. Curry
    C. Curry 3 hours ago

    I have a degree in liberal arts, and I'm smart enough to tell my crew what my plan is

  • Combine
    Combine 3 hours ago


  • Aryan Civilization
    Aryan Civilization 3 hours ago

    (((Leftist media))) had ruined America

  • christian almli
    christian almli 3 hours ago

    neh, #3 seemed kinda far fetced and forced imo. Not to mention the mild irony of comparing the underlying moral of the story to "literally Hitler" while decrying the apparent "politically liberal agenda" of the move writers.

  • Declan Carroll
    Declan Carroll 3 hours ago

    What a bunch of shit. Shut your hole you virgins. It wasn’t that bad.

  • Eric Everhart
    Eric Everhart 3 hours ago

    I love the GOTCHA bit hahahahaha

  • Paulo Menon
    Paulo Menon 3 hours ago

    This dude is hilarious and he actually said all true about this movie
    TBH after the first new JJ Abrams' start wars with all that mystery it was predicted they will not have a clue on how to explain it , classic just like Lost
    Too much mystery couldn't end up well

  • Jungwon Kim
    Jungwon Kim 4 hours ago

    Have you read princess of alderaan

  • Dwight K. Schrute
    Dwight K. Schrute 4 hours ago +2

    What was the point of this trilogy? The prequels told the story of Anakin's fall to the dark side and the rise of the empire. The original trilogy gave us Luke's growth from a whiny farm boy to a full fledged Jedi Knight, Vader's redemption, and the fall of the empire. How will this trilogy end? Rey defeats Kylo Ren? Who cares, she never loses and is idiotically overpowered. All she has to do is say "the force" and she defeats Kylo Ren or say "lifting rocks" and she can automatically lift tons of boulders despite only knowing about the force for a week. (Plus Daisy Ridley is a TERRIBLE actor) The first orders defeat? So what, we already saw the empire fall so it's a pointless victory. From what we've seen they'll come back with a bigger death star. Why do I care about these characters, they've already killed off Han and Luke and now Carrie Fisher is dead. I'm so sick of the "rebels vs empire" plot. All this trilogy did was steal major storylines from the original trilogy and repackage them with better cgi and crappy characters.

  • KuroYami TV
    KuroYami TV 4 hours ago

    For 4 years of your time, you’re gonna get a career that will pay you lots of money, but GOTCHA! You gotta pay the government back for that degree and you might not even get a job in that field.

  • SJhippo : D
    SJhippo : D 5 hours ago

    Bung a droid in a ship, hyperspace it, nobody dead, fr33 win

  • lorddarthstar
    lorddarthstar 5 hours ago

    Right Said!

  • Arthur Valencia
    Arthur Valencia 5 hours ago

    Anyone who disagrees is a biased faggot and not a fan of the series, you seriously have to be an idiot to disagree with this video, makes sense seeing how many dislikes it has and the fact that most countries are capitalist, which purposefully breeds idiots to exploit for further economic generation. Have fun with your new garbage inbred version of starwars, you guys literally raped one of the greatest stories of all time, and may you burn forever in the 9th circle of hell.

  • Sinatra Cann
    Sinatra Cann 5 hours ago

    i dont think you would have been happy with anything

  • dave s
    dave s 5 hours ago

    oh that thing why

  • TomGreen 99
    TomGreen 99 5 hours ago

    You forgot about the knights of Ren.
    Oh wait, so did Rian Johnson.

  • TomGreen 99
    TomGreen 99 5 hours ago

    *Press F to pay respects for Admiral Ackbar😔*

  • thats a good joke hahaha

    The new Star wars arent just stupid but also really fucking boring

  • Jonathan Smith
    Jonathan Smith 5 hours ago

    Me-sa Jerk off on Solos Grave

  • SJhippo : D
    SJhippo : D 5 hours ago

    Alright so this guy can do this thing because plot

    Any objections?

    Maybe people will call that out as chea-

  • Katrina Umana
    Katrina Umana 6 hours ago

    Let me say PC culture, Victimhood Olympics, and virtual signaling has destroyed media and comedy. #Blexit #Trump2020🇺🇸

  • Keyboardje
    Keyboardje 6 hours ago

    It's now: "May the FARCE be with you" :p

  • jurpker
    jurpker 6 hours ago

    Had to hyperspace em....

  • zachary Wear
    zachary Wear 6 hours ago

    This video made me subscribe.

  • Manuel Lischer
    Manuel Lischer 6 hours ago

    you absolutly nailed it! I totally agree with all your points.

  • netamode
    netamode 6 hours ago

    While mildly entertaining wisecrackery, this video is relatively useless boiler plate cranky nerd drivel, complaining about how the director failed to comply with your own preconceived notions of what the characters and plot are "supposed to" be. Not surprisingly, such clinging to past glory has blinded you to the deep and pertinent messages that this movie is capable of delivering to modern audiences.

  • GoblinSlayer 9996
    GoblinSlayer 9996 7 hours ago

    I wish the new trilogy would not be canon so it can be remade

  • L1011 TriStar
    L1011 TriStar 7 hours ago

    In short: Social Justice Brain Cancer

  • Jameznash
    Jameznash 7 hours ago

    It was a great movie to show how badly you can portray a character and how poorly story telling can be done.
    Rogue One shows how (all in one movie) you meet a new character, learn their past, learn how they fit into the universe, understand how they feel about the situation around them. Understand the abilities they have and why, and on top of all that - go on the emotional journey with them as if you are part of the team.
    The last Jedi did none of it, zero, nothing.
    They even turned characters that had potential in to complete idiots. They actually made the Force Awakens worst by ruining any possible interest or background story they could have created to flesh out the characters. Instead of it being a continuation, taking us on a journey to learn about who these characters are. They just changed them as if the 2 movies are in no way the same people. Fins character is now a joke, any other male character has to turned into an idiot and made to look so by all female characters without rhyme nor reason.
    Hell i would love the main Jedi to be a woman BUT i want to know her story, follow her on a path of learning and developing, watch how she becomes stronger, overcomes fear, see her weaknesses, but no.
    By the end of the movie you know less about her as a person than you did at the start.

  • Lel o
    Lel o 7 hours ago

    I never knew what felt wrong about the new star wars movies but boi you enlightened me in every possible way.

  • Trevor Williams
    Trevor Williams 7 hours ago

    Very well made video and review, I'll say I disagree with some points, Points 2,7, & 8 are fine, #3 I have nothing to add...but it's my opinion, so no one cares.
    #1 - Understandable, but J.J Abrahams did say he had no plans for the major reveals in some interviews, so that point is a bit vague...and honestly never cared too much for snoke in the first place personally, I found taking Kylo Ren and making him the bad guy to be quite interesting, cause that means Episode 9 with at the very least be something completely different from the other movies, because Kylo is the emperor, unless Snoke returns, conclusion will have to be different. Yeah the subversions in the film can be excessive, but hey you gotta admit they did a good job if it caused this much outrage lol.
    #4 - Hyperspace ramming, Yes let's ram these important and big ships with lots of equipment and information that are important to this struggle and war and just ram it into the enemies immediately...yeah smaller star destoyers were destroyed, but The Supremacy was still active...
    #5 - I think this is more of an opinion, so I can't debunk it, I find that fight scene to be fucking awesome, yeah if you slow it down it can look silly but then every fight scene looks silly slowed down...and it's not like the other Star Wars movies or movies in general haven't had mistakes in cinematography...and I'll say, not everyone is going to completely analyze a fight scene on first viewing so how is it, one mishap in an action scene ruins it completely I'd like to ask?
    #6 - Comedy is subjective, so...eh, also the taking Star Wars movie seriously point, that can be applied to The Prequels as well, so that point is a bit more of an opinion than a main reason to why a movie failed.
    #9 - "All Heroes are dead", I understand but I honestly really liked the change for Luke Skywalker, I feel Luke's change in mindset is pretty believable, I mean look at the Jedi Council in the Prequels, besides Yoda & Obiwan....the rest of them were snarky assholes, that were too far up their ass, and Luke realized that over his study of 30 years, seeing the Jedi religion as nonsensical. To be fair, would you look at yourself from 10 years ago and say your the same person you are now? Let alone, 30 years.

  • seven
    seven 7 hours ago

    oh jesus chill with the anti feministic misandry lmao it's sort of an overkill

  • João Branco
    João Branco 8 hours ago

    One of the best reviews I’ve ever read.
    You know, when I saw the movie I kind’a liked it, although I felt uncomfortable by the many things which are so well explained in this review. Then it hit me... I liked it for one and one reason alone: I’ve been an almost fanatic SW fan for... 42 years, that’s right, almost half a century. In fact, so much that my oldest friends still call me by my nick name “Skywalker”. And what I liked it in this movie was that finally my favorite character was put to rest, along his friend Solo, and would have, no longer, to put up with more failed movies.
    RIP Skywalker, RIP Star Wars, all those good memories will remain in the past. From now on I shall not have to watch any more movies. The story has ended, acta est fabula, like the Romans said.

  • Fake News
    Fake News 8 hours ago

    You had me until #3, you made something political for no reason honestly. You could’ve just been like yeah she’s a shitty captain and a horrible character but instead we’re going to go down the incel route and claim with no evidence she’s a feminist trying to take over the world and the movie is in some way sexist because the guys try to overthrow the woman. I’m sorry you could’ve just trashed the plot and characters and rightfully so it is trash but there’s no reason to turn it into one of those feminism is taking over the world rants.

  • Frankie Cummins
    Frankie Cummins 8 hours ago

    All the movies & even the now abandon extended universe are about the commitment & training the jedi must do to be great... But here what's her name doesn't have to do any of that... And worse there's not even a shitty explanation to get you by... TOTAL SHIT! Maybe the first movie i ever grew to hate more the more I reflected on it.

  • Maximus
    Maximus 8 hours ago

    11.Physics. The lasers fly in a parabolic arc in space.. Why? lasers don't have mass, and there's no gravity in space..
    They use bombers, that drop bombs... instead of.. ? Missiles? Why bombers in space? There's no gravity, just turn the bomber 90 degrees and "drop" the bombs from a distance.. like a missile. "You have to get close to use them" So why are the bombers the slowest ships ever created? There's no sense to any of it.
    Inertia. Fuel would only serve to make you go faster and faster, there's no force stopping/slowing them from moving, so any force forward would accelerate you. If they're both going top acceleration for what seems like days.. then? They're sub light speed is either REALLY slow, or they'd have hit close to light speed.
    Split up. You've got loads of ships. Send them in different directions in hyperspace..?

  • magnomus Zar
    magnomus Zar 8 hours ago

    rich pricks ruin things you would be great to make this movie or the next one

  • Kris Komar
    Kris Komar 8 hours ago

    You speak da tru tru

  • R Murphy
    R Murphy 8 hours ago

    This is the first episode I've seen from you. It was hilarious.

  • CarbnXL
    CarbnXL 8 hours ago


  • Lygertha Darksoul
    Lygertha Darksoul 8 hours ago

    My Star Wars is the original 3, Rogue One...aaaaaand maybe, just maybe Solo. The rest...well...no.

  • BeanJohnAlzahrani
    BeanJohnAlzahrani 9 hours ago

    bruh i watched 20 min of the one with that nigga and the England bitch and i closed it. thank god i pirated it

  • Dharshanth Kumar
    Dharshanth Kumar 9 hours ago

    Feminists are the ones disliked the video. This video is better than Ep 7 & 8 LOL
    JJ should watch this video.

  • Wu Lu
    Wu Lu 9 hours ago +1

    *FUCK* this *fucking* piece of *shit* "movie"

  • tripslikstar
    tripslikstar 9 hours ago

    Funny Azz Hell!!!!

  • ftwda
    ftwda 9 hours ago

    i disagree on the asian gal part. while overall cheer and smiles looked out of place, her rationale fit right in with light side and rebelllion or rather fixing what is wrong with the current rebellion that has become too grim and ready to sacrifice parts of itself

  • Gianni Suarez
    Gianni Suarez 9 hours ago

    Okay TheXvid I clicked on it, now shut the fuck up

  • Adalbertus Malleus
    Adalbertus Malleus 10 hours ago

    its a pity they didnt took inspiration from the Thrawn trilogy books, saving (slight spoiler) Luke s cutoff hand for the final battle in Episode IX, now thats some unexpected twist.

  • Kasey
    Kasey 10 hours ago

    Man you really know what you're talking about other than when you start talking about feminism and mansplaining and all that. After that point it's obvious that you're just reaching and overanalyzing.

  • Roam the Isles
    Roam the Isles 10 hours ago

    Rian Johnson ruined Star Wars

  • J Jamison
    J Jamison 10 hours ago

    It was a good movie.

  • Branok Erdene
    Branok Erdene 10 hours ago

    What is up with the MGTOW man boys crying foul about women ? They talk about narcissism, and yet there focus is solely on themselves, nothing about responsibility.
    Read a comment by some idiot bitching about his wife and how he spent time looking after his kids, and now how he is 'free' to buy several cars, travel and retire early. Nothing about his kids though, probably think their ol man is a jerk.
    I knew this guy at work, complained about his ex wife all the time, and how she took more than was 'entitled' during divorce. Funny thing is he could never stop talking about strip joints and hookers. Had a live in girlfriend for awhile, but that went pear shaped. Maybe his ex wife could tell a story ortwo about this so called 'victim'.
    MGTOW is anything but Men Going Their Own Way, If anything many of these guys are obsessed with women 24/7, some bullshit misogynism going on around the net.
    Just wild search the tubes on men hating women and vice versa and you will notice that most of the gender hate on is by guys against women. Disturbing and pathetic.
    Yes, some of the die hard feminists are loonies, you get that, but nothing compared to the MGTOW women obsessed loonies.

  • Harriscandoit
    Harriscandoit 10 hours ago

    I don't see how the messages trust women no matter what was proven. The first order was ready for their trick with the small shuttles and they started gunning them down because they knew that they were going to be launched... God this movie sucked.

  • Jay Birdy
    Jay Birdy 10 hours ago

    Oh God.....STFU nerd twerp.

  • Max O'Neill
    Max O'Neill 11 hours ago

    Look I just think too many people are digging too far into this movie and trying to find stuff to hate about it, overall it wasn’t a bad movie sure tehre could have been improvements but most parts were solid, I’ve always noticed one complaint about this movie, it comes up all the time and its majority of fans of Star Wars complaining that this movie didn’t answer any questions about who smoke is, why ray has powers and who are her parents, why did smoke die, how about stop judging all that shit until episode 9 comes out, more than likely most of these questions will be answered in that movie and look snoke probs isn’t dead like for real, just give it a chance and if episode 9 dosent answer and questions then judge this movie

  • praise potts
    praise potts 11 hours ago

    Bro.. your kids wear helmets to gym class

  • Shaun Barratt
    Shaun Barratt 11 hours ago

    I have insider knowledge that Yoda is becoming a transgender-Mexican-Muslim-pony in the next movie.

  • madmanzila
    madmanzila 11 hours ago

    GAAAATCHAAAA!!!! mf i laughed

  • Jayden Land
    Jayden Land 11 hours ago

    This is all exactly what I was telling people since I walked out of the theater... it hot garbage masked as a star wars movie

  • ImVastolorde17
    ImVastolorde17 12 hours ago

    Comments about this guy hating women in power in the comment section, despite him clearly not having a problem with women in power.
    He suggested a woman replace Admiral Dildo.
    He suggested (as per hero journey general rules) Phasma defeat Finn at least once.
    Why is that the argument people use? Look at the guy, hating women and Asians and black people, gays and aliens and shit.
    Besides the visuals, what the hell do people like about TLJ?
    And why the hell are people defending it so hard despite have no clear argument against the criticism?

  • kathorhanes
    kathorhanes 12 hours ago

    Best review I’ve seen

  • Rik Amey
    Rik Amey 12 hours ago

    That was a brilliant, hilarious and witty 20 minutes of commentary of how Disney destroyed the star wars universe and story line.Fantastic stuff Vito. Respect!

  • Chase Watkins
    Chase Watkins 12 hours ago

    Why even say fuck if you are just going to bleep it? dumb.....bleeped jacking? i mean what are you doing?

  • Mike Martin
    Mike Martin 12 hours ago

    Caveat: I grew up a SW fan & there was a time (long ago) when I couldn't have conceived of being here...
    Plain & simple: the libtards have ruined SW. It began with Lucas digitally ruining a perfectly justified gunfight between Han & Greedo; and now it ends, at least for me, with Lando being portrayed as a 'pan-sexual.' Good job rich, liberal idiots in charge of the SW franchise. I will NEVER spend another dime on what has become THE MOST EPIC SCIFI CRAP in a galaxy 'far, far away.' As a matter of fact, thats where I want you to keep your stupid, non-family-friendly, SW agenda from now on----far, far away from me & mine.
    *It is truly a shame, cause you really had me 'hook, line & sinker' for many decades. *disgusted eyeroll*

  • Josh Ahrens
    Josh Ahrens 12 hours ago

    I thought there were a lot of cool elements, but the over all story was literally one long ass chase till they ran out of gas.

  • chrisisboard
    chrisisboard 14 hours ago

    TLDW: Its a bunch of complaining. What'd you expect? Makes some really good points tho