Why Star Wars: The Last Jedi is a Complete Cinematic Failure


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  • Vito
    Vito  3 months ago +3156

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    • LeftHand Monarch
      LeftHand Monarch Day ago

      Must suck to be as wrong as you, Vito. A twenty minute rant video and you didn't get a single thing right.

    • 82 Pythons
      82 Pythons 3 days ago

      Funny, nearly every woman I've ever met had the IQ of a fucking rock. Once I asked an ex-girlfriend who George Washington was and she stated he was "Some guy who was President a few years ago."
      So... NO! Women are not the best people to trust when it comes to common sense and making smart decisions. Most women care more about their fucking appearance and what Kim Kardashian is up to, rather than politics or business matters. And the women that do care about that shit are usually unattractive, miserable bitches or wannabe men, lesbian feminists. It's extremely rare you find a woman who is good looking and has a high IQ. That's why those types are make believe and only exist within a certain genre, and that genre is called fantasy for a reason.

    • That Random Guyーさん
      That Random Guyーさん 4 days ago

      Why did you heart your own comment? Isn't it enough that you pinned it?

    • Kris Neverumind
      Kris Neverumind 9 days ago

      have them brutally and publicly executed to deter more of these idiots from becoming sjw's?

    • StudioUAC
      StudioUAC 9 days ago

      honest question here. how would you deal with the critics that would tell you if you didn't like this movie, you're a racist and a sexist?

  • Necrobadger
    Necrobadger 30 minutes ago +1

    >Calls Last Jedi a failure >Puts possibly the best new star wars character in decades as the thumbnail
    Didn't think that one out, huh?

  • Josh O'Connor
    Josh O'Connor 2 hours ago

    In the red room with the spinning death guy you missed the most crucial fail. One of the badd guys coming up to stab rat with a dual light sticks in his hands and in the next scene 1 completely just disappears I would TheXvid that

  • Josh O'Connor
    Josh O'Connor 2 hours ago +1

    11:36 Anyone else notice the white devil horns

  • Joshua Werner
    Joshua Werner 2 hours ago

    god that movie was shit

  • Algirdas Ramonas
    Algirdas Ramonas 2 hours ago

    When I was listening to your comments about The Last Jedi, I was physically angry, I mean really angry. Not becouse that you trash the movie that I love, but becouse your arguments are so stupid and so weak and You so didn't understand the movie, and you even dare to call people who like it idiots, while You are idiot yourself. My 3 year old doughter had better arguments then you. And no, I am not saying this movie is perfect, it is not. It has it's own problems. Yet, you didn't understand anything about it, and your arguments are so subjective. I think you should listen to people who really knows hoe to critique objective, and not show they stupid personal opinion.
    Best regards

  • Adrijana Radosevic
    Adrijana Radosevic 3 hours ago

    And kill me... but Crylo Moron is DONE. He's DONE. I don't care yall want to see him jab his pallid white dick into Rey, he's DONE and he has to DIE, there IS no MORSEL of hope for him. The abomination that is him has to DIE because IT KILLED HIS FATHER. IT KILLED HIS UNCLE. AND TRIED TO KILL IT'S MOTHER. People who actually did NOTHING to him. Because I'm sorry, if this was a story about a boy who was raped by Han Solo since the age of 5 I'd get behind it, but it's NOT. It's a story about a boy who KILLED HIS DAD because he didn't come see his little league game and made him spend the summer at his uncle's boy camp. Which made him SO mad, he aligned with the Dark SIde and turned into something even LUKE SKYWALKER wanted to kill. In short, THE BOY IS A PSYCHOPATH.
    And DO NOT compare this to the OT. In the OT Darth Vader was this evil person in service of the Empire who killed and tortured like billions of people, he stood through a PLANET being destroyed but - BUT - he seems to have made sure Leia doesn't get actually HURT, and he stood by his son. That was his saving grace; he was a soldier, yes he killed a LOT of people, yes he was a total villain, but when it came to FAMILY there was ALWAYS good in him. So I'm not saying nepotism is a great thing, I'm saying as corrupt as he was, at least THAT part of him was intact. I mean I hate the prequels but they reaffirm the idea that Anakin went evil because he wanted to protect his bitch. IT COUNTS FOR SOMETHING!!! In contrast, Crylo Ren MURDERS HIS FATHER, MURDERS HIS UNCLE, goes TRYING TO MURDER HIS MOTHER and not once but THREE TIMES tries to MURDER HIS PROSPECTIVE BITCH.
    Am I in a parallel universe??? WHERE'S THE GOOD IN HIM????
    I mean the only thing they left out is him murdering a KITTEN!!!
    I'm sorry but this DRIVES ME KRAZY.

  • Adrijana Radosevic
    Adrijana Radosevic 4 hours ago

    I believe Holdo was witholding her plan because she believed Poe was a traitor. It makes sense: he disregards the orders and has all of their bombers and a huge number of fighters destroyed, right? It CAN be interpreted as fishy, as if he was an FO mole. However, this WHOLE subplot was left on the editing room floor because the movie had SO much shit in it it was literally cut in half. That's what happens when you have 3 monkeys writing your script.

  • Sim Honkal
    Sim Honkal 4 hours ago

    This made me feel alittle better but I'm still upset

  • Eazy Wisdom
    Eazy Wisdom 4 hours ago

    I love the “Gotcha” part had me laughing soooo Hard !!!! So true bro

  • Minty
    Minty 5 hours ago

    Nailed it

  • urdoo lil
    urdoo lil 5 hours ago

    Lord of the rings is better than the originals, fight me!

  • Akilleus
    Akilleus 5 hours ago

    I’m glad I didn’t waste me money at the theater. It’s on Netflix and I couldn’t even get past the first 20 minutes. It felt like it had no life at all to it, boring and lifeless.

  • Twilight Shooter
    Twilight Shooter 8 hours ago

    Done with all Disney crap !

  • Ian Hammel
    Ian Hammel 9 hours ago +1

    The menace wasn’t nearly as bad because It didn’t reuse characters that we knew too well or any that we knew besides Obi-Wan

  • Nixatra
    Nixatra 12 hours ago

    I laughed, nodded and agreed with you the entire time! They raped Star Wars...

  • Andrew Atkin
    Andrew Atkin 12 hours ago

    After watching it the first time in cinema I did have mixed feelings, I wasn't sure on what to make of it. I thought it was okay but Force Awakens I still liked better. Watching it a second time at the cinema with a different group of friends was a big mistake(or in a way it made my eyes open more.) Seeing it the second time I couldn't believe the amount of plot holes and conveniences the characters had.
    A few things that stuck out for me. How convenient it was to be locked with another very rare code breaker.
    I was looking at the amount of escape ships that were being destroyed, at the rate they were being destroyed (whenever they were shown on screen) they should have all been destroyed within half a minute but they still survived with half of them with 5 minutes of being shot at.
    Rose's landspeeder. She clearly turned back going towards the base, how the hell did she have enough time to turn back around and catch up with Fin in time? Lets not forget that Fin's landspeeder was falling apart all around him but his glass stayed intact? GRRRRRRUUUUGGGGHHHHH.
    The casino part of the movie was pointless. It actually made it worse for the heroes. If the purple haired woman let everyone know her plan they wouldn't have had to have that pointless side adventure, didn't need to have a mutiny and the code breaker wouldn't have helped the first order detect the small escape ships, and then there would have been no casualties.
    Damn you Rian Johnson...

  • Wunsleh
    Wunsleh 13 hours ago

    Guisss ples, just be like me. Pretend these abominations were never created or think of it as a non-canon version..
    Ah fuck these movies suck so much balls that pink haired bitch could even learn a thing or two.

  • apollo11bb
    apollo11bb 14 hours ago

    PETITION TO ANNUL THE LAST JEDI www.change.org/p/the-walt-disney-company-have-disney-strike-star-wars-episode-viii-from-the-official-canon

  • Kyle Angeleri
    Kyle Angeleri 14 hours ago

    That “gotcha” segment had me literally in tears of laughter and sadness because of how terrible the decisions are in this movie.

  • Riley Denning
    Riley Denning 16 hours ago +1

    "A complete cinematic failure" yet it made over one billion dollars. Might not have been what some people wanted but it definitely wasn't a failure

    • Riley Denning
      Riley Denning 15 hours ago

      Scott Young Scott are you okay buddy?

    • Scott Young
      Scott Young 15 hours ago

      Hope I explained that so your tiny woman brain can comprehend it. Fck feminism. Mansplain ftw

    • Scott Young
      Scott Young 15 hours ago

      And now it’s ruined Star Wars

    • Scott Young
      Scott Young 15 hours ago +1

      Except it caused Solo to be a failure. Forced diversity and social justice doesn’t work and ruins everything.

  • Ôivier Sauret
    Ôivier Sauret 17 hours ago

    It s one of the best Star Wars except The casino scenes .. in France, the audience applaused at the end .. go back to your US avengers idiots !!

  • G V
    G V 18 hours ago

    Why Star Wars: The Last Jedi is a Complete Cinematic Failure? Because it is a Disney... (Now i liked it as it is, forget about the original ones, u'll never have that back unfortunatly :/)

  • Jonathan Maughan
    Jonathan Maughan 19 hours ago +1

    When I walked in the cinema seeing this film I was full of optimism, when I walked out I felt like my heart had been ripped out and feasted on in front of my face.
    I vowed never to see another Star Wars film at the cinema again after that trainwreck.
    Then what makes it worse, is a vocal minority of fans and Rian Johnson who tell me I am bigot for hating the movie, and that Luke had to die. Like Luke`s death was the reason I hated this movie :/

  • Jordan Bennett
    Jordan Bennett 19 hours ago +1

    THIS is too perfect. you deserve some kind of medal, trophy, or at least an award. Everyone who had anything to do with the new movies should be locked in a room endlessly until they can recite this entire review word for word, and have it completely burnt into their psyche before another f%#king Star Wars movie is ever made...

  • Sergi Medina
    Sergi Medina 19 hours ago

    You knew it was going to be bad when Rian Johnson was going to direct it... I hated _Looper,_ it's just a bad movie.
    It now should be _Star Wars Episode IX: The Return of Luke._ That would make sense.

  • Lorewalker Choo M. D.
    Lorewalker Choo M. D. 22 hours ago

    Idk why, but I liked Force Awakens.

  • LolsWithLance
    LolsWithLance 23 hours ago


  • _あらたさたらかはたは

    Luke: *throws lightsaber off cliff"
    Anakin Force Ghost: Oh no, Obi Wan is gonna kill me

  • Tomasz Plasota
    Tomasz Plasota Day ago

    Well deserved thumb down

  • Jason Kiesling
    Jason Kiesling Day ago +1

    YES YES YES !!! Complete Mary Sue. Insulting too Mary Sue Though. Hey ... How much did the Latex Green/Blue milk tit cost? More than JAR JAR? In closing ... Fin, Rey, Rose & Holdo, lol. Star Wars IX: Space Women ... Why Are They?

  • coldplay261021
    coldplay261021 Day ago

    For one, stupid jokes should not even be in a star wars film. Prequels are better, and they have the best lightsaber duels than the last three and these two movies.

  • Tamlinearthly
    Tamlinearthly Day ago

    This video came out almost six months after the movie. Maybe it's time to move on, you think fellas?

  • CaliCookies Cookie

    very true

  • Jerrica Benton
    Jerrica Benton Day ago

    that really sucked bringing back old favorite characters and showing them be sad old failures. i'm not even a huge fan of the franchise but that move is garbage. i'm like who's going to care now lol its just leaves you disappointed. whiney emo main character kylo gets so much shit on his own I don't see how it can be a profitable trilogy.

  • Plen122
    Plen122 Day ago

    Sorry snowflakes, I loved it.

  • Jerrica Benton
    Jerrica Benton Day ago

    I don't see how so many people still watch these movies. fans have been disliking them ever since jar jar binks to mannequin anakin to mary sue rey.

  • Flatulence The Unending

    Feel like these problems would be solved if it was all under one trusted director

  • thaik56
    thaik56 Day ago

    That was a fun movie but definitely not a good Star Wars movie. It had no substance, I would have been fine if it was named something else. I'm not a true die hard fan of Star Wars but I can definitely feel the disappointment and frustration real fans have.

  • Will Camacho
    Will Camacho Day ago

    Whe have to boycott episode 9

  • Kosi Kumah
    Kosi Kumah Day ago

    I will always read the Thrawn trilogy like it’s the sequel. There’s nothing like it. Proper storyline, excitement, new characters and great action. Period.

  • Mahesh Walatara
    Mahesh Walatara Day ago

    The Farce Awakens was even worse.

  • Cpt. MacMellon
    Cpt. MacMellon Day ago

    since when Hyperspace was a ship entering another dimension ?! Even Han in ANH says that if you do a blind Hyperspace jump you'll go straight into a star or planet and at this point it just a movie and that scene was cool because purple lesbian chick dies and the visuals are cool and about all the other stuff... *sigh* ju- just watch Cosmonaut's variety hour's review because im tired of pointing out nitpicks that people care too much about... (Im aware that there is a lot of dumb shit but a lot of this video is just nitpicks)

  • TheBrownMissile
    TheBrownMissile Day ago +1

    God bless george lucas

  • Mark Clifford
    Mark Clifford Day ago

    I saw the Force Awakens and thought maybe their just gonna try to remake the original series, I saw this movie and I honestly don't know, maybe their trying to waste money?

  • Gelato556
    Gelato556 Day ago

    I haven’t seen any of the new SW movies, but I watched this review because I’m noticing a trend that a ton of films now a days are trying to follow the Marvel MCU trend and be these sewn together abominations of over the top comedy, nostalgia, and huge action sequences. I don’t know a lot about SW but from what I gather that’s what this series is being turned into, kind of like what they did with The Predator, which is disappointing.

  • LeftHand Monarch

    I understand, Vito. You don't like Star Wars. You're not a fan- and you're envious. You don't have to run around bashing great movies just because you're jealous of their success, though.

  • bajholster
    bajholster Day ago +1

    Finn sure got some quality training during his coma.

  • corystereo
    corystereo Day ago +1

    The Last Jedi also pre-emptively killed any excitement around SOLO, which wasn't nearly as terrible and actually had an exciting twist at the end that gave us something to look forward to. Now Disney may shelve continuing that story line because of Solo flopping. I can't decide whether that's a good thing or a bad thing.

  • Jan Kanty Janiszewski

    so true

  • Pill Box
    Pill Box Day ago

    Luke should have raped Rey.

  • Maciej Cholewiński

    It's because you're older than when you first watched Star Wars :(

  • Ghost Hawk
    Ghost Hawk 2 days ago

    I loved this movie.

  • Smizoke Mizark
    Smizoke Mizark 2 days ago

    im mad because he's black

  • TomDenney Art
    TomDenney Art 2 days ago

    Great Points!!!!

  • Drizzyr Auvryar
    Drizzyr Auvryar 2 days ago

    I HATE the stupid fucking marvel jokes.

  • CharlieFerret
    CharlieFerret 2 days ago

    You know what would fix the Snoke throne room fight? If they gotten a Hong Kong stunt team. They don't mess around lol.

  • pearlsnaredrummer77
    pearlsnaredrummer77 2 days ago

    Ruin Johnson and his terrible film are an abomination. The only “Star Wars” film that I did not buy and will not. It is trash.

  • L. Jagi Lamplighter Wright

    You might enjoy this ongoing review:

  • Hal Eldridge
    Hal Eldridge 2 days ago

    It's just a movie douche bag, give it a rest. This is your attempt to get recognition from something since you have no talent. But guess what? Your talentless and you suck so who cares. You probably have no idea how I know that you never served but that's ok as long as you go in a corner somewhere and be quiet. If you decide to talk then it will be really sad listening to you embarrass yourself

    • Vito
      Vito  12 hours ago

      Hm... 100k youtube subscribers. Graphic designer of SXSW's tabletop game of the year. I'm doing okay.

  • Hal Eldridge
    Hal Eldridge 2 days ago

    You also tried to use real world scientific arguments about hyper space. You are freakin dumb as hell

    • Hal Eldridge
      Hal Eldridge 2 days ago

      Also your complaining about a movie that unfortunately didn't ask for your opinion. You know why they didn't? Because your nobody, and a loser and no one cares what you think. That's why the first 3 were so good. Jerks like you didn't have a forum back then

    • Hal Eldridge
      Hal Eldridge 2 days ago

      Then you tried to rationalize kamikaze pilots thoughts which is stupid. Your basically taking a crap on all WW2 bets who served in the navy.

  • Hal Eldridge
    Hal Eldridge 2 days ago

    You never served

  • BackDrop
    BackDrop 2 days ago

    I have always loved Jurassic Park, always liked it so much more over Star Wars. But then I saw Empire, and fell in love with Star Wars, buying all the LEGO sets and the movies. So, when 2015 rolls around, my two favourite franchises are coming back (In the forms of 'Jurassic World' and TFA), I obviously go mental and can't wait for either. Jurassic World rolls around, and I really enjoyed it, it showed a new take on the original idea, left politics out of it almost entirely, and was all around an enjoyable film. Not a very good film, but an enjoyable and fun film, that felt fresh, so I saw it 3 times in Cinemas. Then December comes along and TFA is released. That film was the first time I ever felt disapointed leaving a film. I felt as if I saw A New Hope and Return of the Jedi again. Unlike Jurassic World, TFA didn't bring much new to the table, but instead completely screws up the timeline (I mean, how the fuck did the "First Order" come around? The rebels won! You dumped the entire point of the first 3 films made down the shitter. Why?). You see, Jurassic World said "Hey, this time, the park is open, and successful, and the villain isn't just an animal, but a GM monster, made for military purposes. What if we take the ideas that the Raptors were intelligent from the original films and expand on it?", whereas the Force Awakens said "Let's do everything already done in a New Hope, but the Death Star is BIGGER!". The Force Awakens fucked up Star Wars for me. I saw Rogue One (and found it to be ok, thought it had a good ending) and Solo (big waste of time). I have never seen The Last Jedi, and never will, because watching the rebooted series detracts from the originals. I'd rather watch the prequels on repeat than watch TFA again. But damn, what a mess they turned such a good, solid franchise into...

  • The One and Only
    The One and Only 2 days ago

    Star Wars: The last (time I liked Star Wars)

  • Aaron C
    Aaron C 2 days ago

    Great video. Could have listened to you put this to shit for another hour and you still wouldn't have gotten through half the things that were wrong with it

  • Aaron C
    Aaron C 2 days ago

    Whenever people ask me why I hate the Last Jedi I always tell them that both them and me will not have enough time for me to explain just how terribly fucking awful that this shite is.
    In short, scene for scene, in chronological order I can pick apart this film for every decision made. Last Jedi killed Star Wars for me. Rian Johnson knows nothing of the franchise and decimated what this franchise means to me

  • Luis Mayer Jr
    Luis Mayer Jr 2 days ago

    What drove Luke into the spiteful, bitter hermit that he is in TLJ? 8:10 - you'll see the answer..

  • Terri Kelton
    Terri Kelton 2 days ago

    Dude please write the the next movie???? This movie was a big disappointment. I will wait for for 9. Done going to see at t he movies.

  • RealityAndTruth WAKEUP Call

    Ok, who are the 20k non denominator cretins who thumbed down this video ?

  • k kurova
    k kurova 2 days ago

    How does Rian Johnson sleep at night?

  • Luis Corrales
    Luis Corrales 2 days ago

    Rose sucksss so much azzzzzz! What a shty character!

  • HairBeard
    HairBeard 2 days ago

    and double gotcha:D

  • Taras Zapolsky
    Taras Zapolsky 2 days ago

    how the fuck do bombs fall down in zero gravity??? :D

  • Main Man
    Main Man 2 days ago +1

    This review is so good and so accurate I keep revisiting, I must have seen it 10 times now. It's like listening to someone's favourite song at a funeral.

  • Jeremias rivera
    Jeremias rivera 2 days ago

    Lmbo nice job.

  • FINZ 1
    FINZ 1 2 days ago

    Star wars I, II and III were good and your not changing my mind

  • Michel Liew
    Michel Liew 2 days ago

    I hate that purple haired lesbian bitch and when I saw that I stopped watching this crap movie

  • Ultra Phoenix
    Ultra Phoenix 2 days ago

    When I finished watching this movie I was just like........ammmm...........OK

  • Seventh Fairy
    Seventh Fairy 2 days ago

    as a huge starwars fan i loved all the starwars movies even the new ones

  • Afonso Alves
    Afonso Alves 2 days ago

    Before reading the rest of the comment, I want to say that my English is not the best, so if I make some mistake, I already knowoI.
    honestly do not understand why nobody practically likes "Star Wars: The Last Jedi", I thought the film is one of the best film in the saga (not the best, but one of the best). The film had a congruent story with highs and lows, but most were undoubtedly high, Luke's death was one of the best deaths of the saga, the characters were undoubtedly at their best, with good arguments and good performances. The film also had fantastic scenes, such as the incredible space battle scenes, scenes that no one was waiting for (such as Snoke's death and the final battle) and an incredible ending that can take the movie to another level and we can have high expectations about the ninth movie in the "Star Wars" saga.
    Zero, I realize people do not like "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," but now, Vito, you can not say that "Star Wars: The Force Awekens" is a bad movie, I just uploaded it because I wanted to know why. most people did not like the movie. But I came across an inhuman speaking bad movie without good arguments.
    Vito, you also can not be calling children to a movie master like J.J. Abrams, he's one of the best directors in movie history.
    Who says "Star Wars: The Force Awekens" is a bad movie, does not notice anything about movies and has a bad taste. Another thing that I think only an ignorant can say is that "Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace" is better than "Star Wars: The Last Jedi", because it certainly is not; Star Wars 1 has much worse special effects, lousy characters and a very bad story.
    Please, if someone did not like "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" and has good arguments to justify, please tell me.

  • S.M Ivainesu
    S.M Ivainesu 2 days ago

    Gosh young Mark Hamill is so adorable

  • gamevalor
    gamevalor 2 days ago

    Episode 8 is awful and breaks the established lore. Kathleen Kennedy is to blame.

  • Joseph Coluccio
    Joseph Coluccio 2 days ago +1

    I'll see you in Hell, Johnson.

  • Pink Pulverizer
    Pink Pulverizer 2 days ago

    6:20 I even questioned that. I asked some people I knew about it, they said "Leia wasn't fully connected to the Force, but in this scene here, she was able to use the Force to save herself despite that weak connection to it."

  • lessevdoolbretsim
    lessevdoolbretsim 2 days ago

    That girl looks more lesbianic in this one

  • lessevdoolbretsim
    lessevdoolbretsim 2 days ago

    That movie was a social justice nightmare

  • Benjamin Aswad
    Benjamin Aswad 3 days ago

    I can't stop laughing dude haha. You're awesome

  • Behemoth Rogue
    Behemoth Rogue 3 days ago

    I grew up with the prequels. I enjoyed them in the theatres as a kid. I went in order. I II III, IV V VI. The progression of the characters makes sense. While some actors and dialogue are cringe worthy, and questionable, all in all they make the story a whole, and make it complete. VII, and VIII are a thematic mess. Theres no clear progression of characters, and an editing nightmare. Ontop of ALL of that, theres the clear political messages being pushed, even worse dialogue than the prequels. Even worse characters than jar jar, with forced humor sprinkled throughout. Hate the prequels all you want, at least THEY made sense. Not this flaming trash heap of a trilogy.

  • Ásgeir Ásgeirsson
    Ásgeir Ásgeirsson 3 days ago

    I enjoyed it

  • Arexis Renoldi
    Arexis Renoldi 3 days ago

    Bruh, the nazis weren’t blindly following orders. Watch the fucking Nuremberg trials, or you know, read a book.

    • Vito
      Vito  2 days ago +1

      Yeah because the average nazi soldier was in the nuremberg trials lol

  • Julien Ossola
    Julien Ossola 3 days ago

    Being hater of Star Wars is some kind of a lifestyle now.

  • Tyler Harding
    Tyler Harding 3 days ago +1

    That “gotchya” segment made me laugh in ways I didn’t know were possible

  • Spencer H112
    Spencer H112 3 days ago

    I died laughing at this

  • 82 Pythons
    82 Pythons 3 days ago

    Why has STAR WARS gone to shit? Why are MARVEL & DC movies going to shit now? Well, that's an easy one... They are eliminating the Caucasian, male hero/antihero. White guys have always been in the majority when it comes to a franchise fan base and ticket sales for new movies, and neither diversity or the years to come will ever change that. Creating new properties and characters to appeal to other cultures, colors, and genders is great, but when you take existing properties and characters and change their color or gender for the sake of politics, that's when the line has been crossed and your movie/show/game deserves to fail miserably. The point is politics do not belong in entertainment (unless it's politically related already; West Wing), they should remain in Washington and in the news where they belong.

    • vh9network
      vh9network Day ago

      Poe Daemon is the anti-hero, and if he's a White Guatemalan-American.

  • Luke Burns
    Luke Burns 3 days ago

    This is the best thing I have ever seen on TheXvid! Not exaggerating. I am going to rewatch this many times. XD I laughed more than I do watching Family Guy or a stand up comic, and you made total sense. Bravo!

  • SteinyV Chicoine
    SteinyV Chicoine 3 days ago

    Holdo was not dumb she was the best AND I WAS SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SteinyV Chicoine
    SteinyV Chicoine 3 days ago

    Holdo is the best u ass hole bich

  • SteinyV Chicoine
    SteinyV Chicoine 3 days ago

    It is good