Why Star Wars: The Last Jedi is a Complete Cinematic Failure


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  • Vito
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    • Brad Hedgehog
      Brad Hedgehog 2 hours ago

      Vito Then I say to Disney. Disney SHUT THE FUCK UP!!

    • Pete Pajakowski
      Pete Pajakowski 22 hours ago

      Disney made you change the video because it was the best they could do. I guarantee you that they tried to have the entire video removed, put you on some sort of corporate hit list, talk to the legal department about what options might be available to silence you, and did everything they possibly could to keep Rian Johnson from ever stumbling across your Epic evisceration. That pudgy little cunt would likely kill himself if he saw this. What could he possibly say in response to this? Seriously, The Man baby cry is only going to work so many times before the entire country ends up voting for Donald Trump. It is reactions like his, along with jussie Smollett and Rose quitting Instagram that ends up winnowing down the base of the Democratic Party to comprise only Grievance Studies majors. It makes me want to cry

    • Brent Razz
      Brent Razz Day ago

      I don't think JJ said do what you want that's a bit over-the-top I think I think that Johnson just did whatever the hell he wanted and Disney was like okay.

    • Heroic Defeat
      Heroic Defeat Day ago

      Just hum it like Peter griffin.

    • chemicalsam
      chemicalsam 2 days ago

      Vito Star Wars fans are truly pathetic

  • shure46
    shure46 6 minutes ago

    it's time for a completely new series , start from scratch , make it real , make it with a great new storyline , and for cryin out loud , get rid of the stupid campy jokes ..... The best humor is in context of reality , not idiots cracking 3rd grade jokes while they think they are about to die or in the middle of some huge battle ..... it's just stupid hollywood nonsense

  • shure46
    shure46 13 minutes ago

    Star Wars has sucked for a long time ..... about as long as SNL has sucked .... Libtard propagandized nonsense nowdays .... Silly adolescent stories , with typical "females are tougher than males" brainmuck ...... and the constant "whoaaaaaaaaaaaa scenes" of human bodies enduring punishment that would kill any normal person , and they don't even get bruised , or 100 guys shooting laser cannons at you and they all miss ..... Movies are just popcorn brain muck nowdays .... and true they have been that way in the past , but it's ridiculous nowdays ..... That stuff bores me to tears ...... I guess it would help if the story and dialogue were better , but it's always a goofy plot , and 3rd grade dialogue ..... Every other scene has people screaming "whoaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!"

  • JustJ
    JustJ 37 minutes ago

    Still made a billion dollars though

  • dirtyvarmint
    dirtyvarmint 2 hours ago

    I think what you suggested about Phasma and Finn battling it out over the course of the trilogy was good but instead of defeating her in the end, I think Finn should have fallen in love with her. During their rivalry she inspired him to become a powerful warrior (which was her duty to begin with). But Finn suspects she is battling him on purpose and testing him and provoking him, not because he is her enemy but because she secretly loves him. She secretly admires his freedom and integrity and his fearlessness. She wants him to win. Her passion is in major conflict with her duty. So he calls her out on it at the end of an epic melee battle Which is where they fall in love and Phasma becomes a good guy and they live happily ever after. and they sell Phasma toys until the end of time.

  • M.r. Moon
    M.r. Moon 2 hours ago

    They milked that thing(Star Wars) until now it's just a skinny sick cow.

  • Hank Johnson
    Hank Johnson 2 hours ago

    What about the ship running out of fuel? That's fucking STUPID.

  • Artur H
    Artur H 3 hours ago

    Too late but they should have better writer like Game of Thrones has.

  • Elias Cervantez
    Elias Cervantez 3 hours ago

    Thank you saved me from wasting my money and renting this movie

  • Marmocet
    Marmocet 3 hours ago

    If I were a Disney executive, I'd fire the Star Wars "creative" team, find a way to make it clear to fans that what I'll generously call the story arc laid out in episodes VII and VIII took place in some parallel universe, was non-canon and was being abandoned, and then I'd make some phone calls to find the guy who wrote the story for the game Knights of the Old Republic II and pay him whatever asked me to pay him to turn that story into a screenplay. Then we would let the healing process begin and hope that it hadn't begun too late to keep the franchise alive.

  • Marmocet
    Marmocet 4 hours ago

    I saw The Force Awakens at the cinema. I spent the first ~45 minutes or so feeling angry because I had hoped to see a good sci-fi space opera and instead realized what I was watching was intersectional feminist/social justice morality play propaganda disguised as a bad rewrite of A New Hope. After that, I spent the rest of the movie feeling bored. I literally nodded off for a moment at one point and actually considered going home before the movie ended. I haven't bothered going to see any of the Star Wars movies that followed. I only look forward to seeing them being ridiculed in video reviews like this.

  • Ricardo Gonzalez
    Ricardo Gonzalez 5 hours ago

    Ok, think before you all continue hating. They can still save this movie and allow it and the prequels make since. The film makers would have to of walked on egg shells to do it though. They need Snoke back for one thing. Making Anakin a product of Snoke tampering with the force should be another. And they can make his revelation of being Plaigues make since to the characters in the film be having it revealed to ghost Anakin and the others (ghosts). Then have so kind of twist where Snoke brings Palpatines evil spirit back for some crazy trippy epic show down to decide the date of the force, characters and the Galaxy far far away once and for all.

  • This Guy
    This Guy 5 hours ago

    This was probably the only movie I regret going to see in the theater. I seen all three of the prequels on the big screen and although Phantom Menace was not as good as it could be and Jar Jar got a little annoying I left being exited what the next movie would bring. Then when I seen ROTS and that space battle at the beginning I nearly creamed my pants I had chills going through my whole body as a matter of fact I think I seen that movie 3 times on the big screen. When I seen this huge pile of steaming failure called The Last Jedi I left the theater saying what the fk just happened to my eyes I couldn't unsee it but I sure as heck can never watch it again which I have not its been on Netflix forever now and I still cannot bring myself to watch it again. They took Star Wars took a huge poo on it threw it in the trash took it out put it in the sewers and then had everyone watch it.

  • Lalo Amigo
    Lalo Amigo 5 hours ago

    LMAO. Gawd you're a whiner.

  • Simple
    Simple 6 hours ago

    No, hyperspace is going really fast, thats why there a hyperspace roots. Its bean broken for a while

  • Simple
    Simple 6 hours ago

    Yea they did it in Starwars LEGENDS not cannon

  • DJ A-JUICE Power Source Pro.

    Nice that was funny..lol

  • William Barnett-Lewis
    William Barnett-Lewis 7 hours ago

    Grow up and you'll understand snowflake.

  • XmonstermanX Gaming Connaisseur

    He doesn’t say “Luke, I am your father.”

  • Oreo Gamer
    Oreo Gamer 7 hours ago

    Phasma better come back, she was probably the only character that was good and I liked

  • Tomato Head
    Tomato Head 8 hours ago

    Come on man it’s good, I loved the graphics and cinematic tendencies although I do agree that the plot is extremely flawed but it will redeem itself and the cast is great and the characters are good

  • JosephTheCastle
    JosephTheCastle 8 hours ago

    The 2nd worst thing of the sequels specifically TLJ is that "Subverts expectations" , The 1st one are the characters.

  • -IvOutBreak -
    -IvOutBreak - 9 hours ago

    I liked it?

  • Clarke Gorren
    Clarke Gorren 10 hours ago

    Didn't even watch this just saying.. wrong. Didnt subscribe either. No offense but the title alone exhausts any desire to hear your opinion.

  • Chewie Fan
    Chewie Fan 10 hours ago

    You're wrong! The Last Jedi is amazing because Chewie appears!

  • Lazy ninja
    Lazy ninja 11 hours ago +1

    i actually liked this movies because i'm not a 30 year old nerd who still lives at home

  • Francisco Cabañas Gac
    Francisco Cabañas Gac 11 hours ago

    Oh my god, this video is so annoying, it reminds me of antifeminist and alt-right youtubers saying bad words and showing upseting images like they were paid to. And you complain about the Han Solo film in another video? Dude, toxic Star Wars fans are just the worst

  • Aaron Page
    Aaron Page 11 hours ago

    I really want to say you're wrong, really. I've got this whole speech invented in my head
    but gotcha
    this movie is full of plot problems and bad character developments I think you're a bit too lenient

  • M3rtyville
    M3rtyville 12 hours ago

    I feel the same about modern Dragon Ball

  • fromgentorev
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  • Ronny B. Kvam
    Ronny B. Kvam 12 hours ago

    $517.1 million - only $15 million behind “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.” On the worldwide chart, it's now 24th with $1.04 billion. Cinematic Failure? I think not. A great movie... No, but not a failure by a long shot. Sorry.

  • Tyler Ruckh
    Tyler Ruckh 12 hours ago

    Dude great vid keep it up

  • TheCatLover Lord
    TheCatLover Lord 13 hours ago

    I always knew the majority of the people have horrible tastes but man, you and almost everyone in the comments don’t know what they’re losing

  • Zachary Trudell
    Zachary Trudell 13 hours ago

    Here's the video summed up:

    Rian Johnson is a fucking idiot.

  • bigsmilie07
    bigsmilie07 13 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂😂 the gotcha moments could be a video by itself

  • Erik Van Buren
    Erik Van Buren 14 hours ago

    Amazingly spot on!!

  • mrkrabappleson
    mrkrabappleson 14 hours ago

    SJW's have ruined every movie these days. Always the kick-ass female character. Always the black male teaming up (or hooking up with) the white female. It's so predictable. It's not believable. It totally gets in the way of the story and actually BECOMES the story.
    The leftwing agenda infects and ruins everything it touches.

  • Mastex HX
    Mastex HX 14 hours ago

    Rip star wars

  • CMDR The_Dank_Astero
    CMDR The_Dank_Astero 15 hours ago

    There's always Warhammer 40000. FOR THE EMPEROR!

  • PazuzuStalker
    PazuzuStalker 15 hours ago

    Haha! -I need that d...

  • Leto77
    Leto77 15 hours ago

    ALSO, C3PO was the one who discovered that there was an escape route for the rebels at the very end, literally the only thing that saved them from total annihilation, and while hes explaining, Po is like, "yeah yeah, we got it. Shut the Fuck up C3PO. God youre so annoying." it really bothers me how they treated him. youd think after all these years, 9 movies, that he could get just the slightest bit of respect and appreciation, or maybe a thank you. one thank you for single handedly saving the tattered remains of the entirety of the rebel alliance. theyre always like, "r2 d2, youre my best friend. how are you doing little buddy. ive missed you so much. youre so funny. i love you." but with 3PO, theyre just like, "OH THIS ASSHOLE AGAIN!" "fuck off!" ... hes not Jar Jar. he shouldnt be treated like Jar Jar. He helped save the galaxy, and hes saved every one of their lives a couple times throughout the series.

  • Brian Orr
    Brian Orr 15 hours ago +1

    Ooof~ #9 was the hardest hitting for me. The reality that they destroyed Luke's character and him mocking Kylo Ren, not lifting him up and encouraging him to return to the Light side, was rough. I'm not paying to see Episode IX :\

  • Leto77
    Leto77 16 hours ago

    it really bothers me that they just ran out of gas, and that was the premise for the entire story. i had assumed that space ships capable of folding space time had also figured out free energy. but i guess im the idiot. ofcourse, they still use gas. and they forgot to fill up before they left their rebel base, so one hyperspace jump and they were on Empty.

  • charvelgtrs
    charvelgtrs 17 hours ago

    Kylo Ren is the only thing positive about this new trilogy. He's the only character who's been well written.

  • Ben Palladino
    Ben Palladino 18 hours ago

    This is the best review for anything I've ever seen

  • Denni Brosche
    Denni Brosche 19 hours ago

    I like EPVII but VIII shows why its not good to give a trilogie to more than one director.
    Hope J.J give us a awsome IX.

  • The Resurrection
    The Resurrection 20 hours ago +1

    Oh god plz watch the video by pop culture detective on the last jedi. There is a good side of it too.

    • Desmond Jefferson
      Desmond Jefferson 13 hours ago

      no, no there is no good side to this writing and directing. Did you at least listen to this video at all?????

  • Jr Woodson
    Jr Woodson 20 hours ago

    Your racist

  • UnitedWeStandBook
    UnitedWeStandBook 20 hours ago +1

    I always rewatch this from time to time, perfect review.

  • henkjanwolvega
    henkjanwolvega 20 hours ago

    I loved this review so much , thank you for this!

  • Jamie
    Jamie 20 hours ago

    This nails everything on the head on why it was so awful.

  • Ball of grime
    Ball of grime 21 hour ago

    Subverting exceptions is what makes jokes funny. This wasn't supposed to be a joke.

  • Paulo Cunha Martins
    Paulo Cunha Martins 22 hours ago

    GOTCHA! 😂😂🤣

  • Brian Hopkins
    Brian Hopkins Day ago +1

    You don’t have to pay them for their garbage.....just wait a couple of months and you can see it for free. I will not give disney any of my money no matter what it is......screw them

  • Dennis
    Dennis Day ago +2

    I agree with 99% of what you said. But I don't feel that should take another year to write a better script, they should release 1 movie per year using the existing stories from the novels. Is there any rational as to why they decided against this???

  • Channel Channel
    Channel Channel Day ago +1

    This movie seems like a shithole

  • Ashveer Ghuttora
    Ashveer Ghuttora Day ago +2

    This story was such a waste! terrible film!

  • Ava Battles
    Ava Battles Day ago

    (Jar jar)meesa think this movie is a piece of trash

  • Ava Battles
    Ava Battles Day ago

    5 hours of jar jar binks is better

  • Ava Battles
    Ava Battles Day ago

    Whosoever heard of Turkish star wars (actual movie look it up)that is better than this

  • Emmet Bryan
    Emmet Bryan Day ago

    13:12 Stfu

  • Frank Sánchez
    Frank Sánchez Day ago +1

    Is so hard to take a fan favorite saga and just give people what they want?

  • flerper derper
    flerper derper Day ago

    Basically you wanted predictability and you didn't get it.
    Your critiques are as incoherent as you make the film out to be. It was a mediocre movie, but god damn, your criticisms are as empty as Rey's backstory.

  • wannabecarguy
    wannabecarguy Day ago

    I Saw the purple hair and thought. The sjws ruin everything.

  • Dragonage2ftw
    Dragonage2ftw Day ago +1

    Also, hold up.
    Do you honestly think Hamill hated this film?

  • Vezexis
    Vezexis Day ago

    If you have children I hope they are the Luke to your Vader.

  • Vezexis
    Vezexis Day ago

    But also fuck you. Not literally, but figuratively because you do not deserve to procreate.

  • Chinese Jedi
    Chinese Jedi Day ago +2

    At the beginning I kinda liked the movie, every time you said gotcha I slowly began to hate the movie until now I feel like a retard for liking it

  • Vezexis
    Vezexis Day ago

    Sorry we have brains Ruin Johnson... I dint't mean to disturb your chronology...

  • César Augusto Martínez Delgado

    This movie is the biggest piece of SHIT! I hate it!

  • Vezexis
    Vezexis Day ago

    That is NOT possible

  • Vezexis
    Vezexis Day ago

    Why, why would you take an established franchise and hand it to a man baby: but also expect it to be palatable

  • Vezexis
    Vezexis Day ago

    I cannot believe a Dawson's Creek writer got linked to Looper and because Hayden Christensen was in Looper he got linked to Star Wars... Insert Jackie Chan meme

  • SVisionary
    SVisionary Day ago

    Disney IS the one that is toxic. Not the other way around. They can f'ing blow me.

  • Yann Lars
    Yann Lars Day ago

    Wow. They really trashed Star Wars. I'm glad I didn't watch any of these new movies.

  • Ethr Sag
    Ethr Sag Day ago +1

    *Blank stare*
    Yes Lord Governor?
    Perform the Emperor’s mercy upon this suffering beast
    Yes my lord
    *Loud sounds of a bolter racking echo throughout the room*

  • ForThePeopleShow

    Bravo!! You nail it my man thanks for telling the truth in such an awesome way.

  • straden79
    straden79 Day ago +1

    im glad that im not the only guy who felt the same way. i grew up watching star wars origin triology. i always dreamed of the sequel, now I get this pure garbage, wanna be marvel hero movies (where half of them are bad too anyway)

  • roy arrowood
    roy arrowood Day ago

    What do you think of the bad on purpose theory?

  • The Secret
    The Secret Day ago

    I didnt think it was that bad

  • dumpster Charlie

    the only scenes i was interested in was the rey and kylo scenes because their dynamic is interesting to me, everything i thought was unimportant and i didnt care

  • Hemianopsia Global


  • dumpster Charlie
    dumpster Charlie Day ago +1

    as a girl, i agree with all the woman stuff in the movie, it feels like im watching some feminist psa

  • Mal'sSerenity
    Mal'sSerenity Day ago +2

    They should have adapted the Thrawn Trilogy instead of this crap. Seeing Grand Admiral Thrawn and Mara Jade (a strong female character done right who Disney decanonized) appear on the big screen would have been awesome. Instead we get Mary Sue protagonist and emo Darth Vader wannabee.

  • stinky wizzleteats

    The prequels were always better

  • Steven003
    Steven003 Day ago

    Star Wars died!

  • Eric
    Eric Day ago

    man, they ruined star wars.

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C Day ago

    Geez thanks, it's perfectly what 8yo+ people with a brain think

  • Regular Sean
    Regular Sean Day ago +1

    You just earned yourself another sub.

  • Wouter H
    Wouter H Day ago

    I've only watched this because it's been 'suggested' (thrown in my face) for the past 6 months. Get the fucking hint yutube, if I haven't clicked on it after half a year, why do I have to select 'not interested' to make it clear to you I am NOT!
    This movie was better then George Lucas' 3 newest movies combined, haters always will deny this, what-fuckin-ever

  • Daniel Aitchison

    You need 20:27 hours to cover the bad.

  • Mike Gibson
    Mike Gibson Day ago

    Why Vito is a failure in life more like. Damn you alt-right losers are so pathetic.

  • nvr mnd
    nvr mnd Day ago

    I haven't seen it. But jesus titty fckn christ nobody cries more or whines louder than this edgy anti pc crowd. You bitches are worse than the feminists and sjws you pussies are oppressed by

  • Suriya Phromnopavong

    nobody hates Star Wars more than Star Wars fans.

  • Nicholas Giles
    Nicholas Giles Day ago +1

    Because clearly no other Jedi hermitted themselves on a isolated planet before.. the Luke arch was good. Just needed a different ending. Eg. 'how it should have ended'. (The franchise you tube videos). But yes. Ep8 is terrible. Ep7 was pretty bad. However, Rogue One was epic!

  • Dragonage2ftw
    Dragonage2ftw Day ago

    Guess 4.9 million people had nothing better to do.

  • SantaFire `
    SantaFire ` Day ago +1

    A lot of mass moving at way faster than light speed (you can travel the galaxy in a couple of months man, what) would be absurdly beyond a nuclear bomb in terms of kinetic potential.
    Basically there was no need to build the death star or anything. The ultimate weapon is a single hyperdrive fighter being auto piloted into a planet and vaporizing its atmosphere and much more.
    Ryan didn't set up any of his fancy scenes to work within the logic of the setting, he just did them and you either accept it or you mock him endlessly for giving creative license a new basement for lazy lows.

  • Mateo
    Mateo Day ago

    Hit the rewind button

  • youhou2000youhou

    I prey that we will all diligently boycott ep9 to ensure the message is clear.