Why Star Wars: The Last Jedi is a Complete Cinematic Failure

  • Published on May 22, 2018
  • Disney made me delete the ending of this video because I used the Star Wars theme. Here's the ending with new music: thexvid.com/video/HyIvGmSsF8M/video.html
    Star Wars: The Last Jedi, what a truly incredible trainwreck. Rian Johnson's complete inability to craft anything even resembling meaningful (or coherent) plotline is truly remarkable to behold. Six months out from this farce, let's take a closer look at everything that went wrong.
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    Music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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  • Simon Oláh
    Simon Oláh Hour ago

    now I am going to subscribe with notifications. But gotcha! Not gonna! (btw, tottally agree about the movie. A terrible one)

  • BL Guerrilla Entertainment

    One time Rian gave his wife a gift for Valentine's Day.
    She opened it and there was nothing inside because he wanted to *SUBVERT HER EXPECTATIONS.*

  • Myodelta Fitness
    Myodelta Fitness 2 hours ago

    This review was better than the movie.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 hours ago +1

    *Virgin Fan Boys hating girls again... HA!*

  • Deth Rugg
    Deth Rugg 3 hours ago

    Because Disney should’ve hired George Lucas to direct...oh and stick to the original story line...instead we got a bad Star Wars movie

  • Pain_Is_Good
    Pain_Is_Good 3 hours ago

    I thought Kermit the Frog did a great job!

  • Daffy Yoshido
    Daffy Yoshido 3 hours ago

    Wow, you have a really negative way at looking at..well seems everything.
    Did you know: "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" is the eighth-biggest worldwide film opening since 2002 ($450,821,889).
    Therefore, your video means nothing.

  • Mark Hutsell
    Mark Hutsell 4 hours ago

    *[rant]* This is what happens when marketing majors take over a company, any company in any kind of industry. When the creators leave and the MBAs take over, the original idea becomes irrelevant, secondary to a platform to sell advert space or subscriptions.
    To make money for money's sake is all they know how to do and don't know how to do anything else-other than hire passionless people only in it for the money. (Btw, this is something to keep in mind if you're getting involved in a startup. But, I digress.) *[/rant]*

  • Murvin Marvin
    Murvin Marvin 4 hours ago

    and is the originial trilogy just perfect? such fucking whining

  • A M
    A M 4 hours ago

    Stop wasting your money. You are just giving them more money to do crap like this. They are $h1tty writers and there is no coherence in any of this.

  • Christopher Roman
    Christopher Roman 4 hours ago

    Utterly unwatchable; such bad writing and directed. Epic failure and literally ruined the potential of the new trilogy

  • Eimars Edge
    Eimars Edge 5 hours ago

    Hyperspace into the death star .

  • Mr. Twilight
    Mr. Twilight 6 hours ago

    This is the most bullshit video I’ve ever seen.from the title to the end. So sad that it has 6 million views.

  • GamingTV
    GamingTV 6 hours ago

    you still pull scenes from actual DVDs? that's pretty olds school of you

  • zarcon85
    zarcon85 7 hours ago

    #9...out of all the catastrophic failures of TFA and TLJ this is the most pointless one. i agree. now we're supposed to go to see lando die, so the "circle is complete" for disney...lol...did u realize all disney did so far is killing off simply EVERYTHING about the original concept? that the wole THING IS ABOUT KILLING OFF SW...and it's ORIGINAL MESSAGE...? TO LIVE AND DIE IN DISNEY...disneys NWO...lol!

  • Ti Richardson
    Ti Richardson 7 hours ago

    Mark Hammil WAS Star Wars, and they shat on him. SCREW DISNEY!!

  • Sci Fry
    Sci Fry 7 hours ago

    This movie was the worst

  • Bee Pee
    Bee Pee 9 hours ago

    Whilst it can't fix the plotting, The Last Knight fanedit cututs out all the shit and makes it an enjoyable, mindless watch.

  • R Hammond
    R Hammond 10 hours ago

    Maybe they could recruit some WWE wrestler to be a bad guy for them.

  • Dave Curtis
    Dave Curtis 10 hours ago

    This movie is objectively terrible, good video, I agree with all your points and more

  • MrTipso Gaming
    MrTipso Gaming 10 hours ago

    What's up with the Asian char is always Chinese? Asian is not only have Chinese.

  • Drunken Game
    Drunken Game 10 hours ago

    “Fight scene when Finn had a fight with a random guy with a light saber”

    Well Finn is also a random guy to me

  • martantoine
    martantoine 11 hours ago


  • Jamie B
    Jamie B 11 hours ago +2

    TBF I have a feeling if Rose was more attractive and fit the ideal looking Asian women in which Westerners prefer (small, cute and petite with a childish face) , I doubt her character would have received as much criticism. I mean her character was pretty shitty but some of the focus seemed to be on how she looked. So Imagine a bunch of women complaining how a character wasn't handsome enough or looked ugly/too skinny instead of being tall muscular and handsome, they would kinda look like bitches imo.

  • Cr usty
    Cr usty 12 hours ago

    This whole feminist bullshit made me not spend a single cent on movies anymore.

  • Warhamsterxxx
    Warhamsterxxx 12 hours ago

    Watched this again. How do they think they're going to dig this franchise out of the ditch now?

  • welcome to the machines

    kermit the frog and his two dads!!! that was freaking funny. I also agree, this movie sucked! It sucked worse than the solo movie, and i didn't think that could be possible. Id rather watch an entire star wars movie with nothing but jar jar characters than this one. It was so shitty that i just cant see myself buying it and solo to complete my collection. Lucas fucked up by letting Disney handle the franchise! To be honest, i hope the new star wars movie coming out is the last one.

  • calabiyou
    calabiyou 13 hours ago

    I wish Admiral Ackbar had had a bigger more interesting part to expand his mythology. What a wasted opportunity

  • dandansfu
    dandansfu 14 hours ago

    while your take on fin story is better but very cliche as well so not sure if its much better

    drTERRRORRR 14 hours ago

    There's so much truth in this single video.

  • david bynum
    david bynum 14 hours ago

    Don’t get me wrong, this movie is trash, but in the Star Wars universe, I always thought hyperspeed was just going really fast,cause doesn’t Han have to plot a path in a new hope so they don’t run into planets? Correct me if I’m wromg

  • Ken Hill
    Ken Hill 15 hours ago

    You explained a lot of my frustration with this movie. I thought it left a lot to be desired, I just couldn't quite put my fingers on all that was wrong with it. One thing I thought you would mention though is, WHY ARE THE BOMBERS SO SLOW?? They flew X-wings at the Death Star and then they've got these "bombers" chugging along at 5 mph?!?! If Poe knew this, why would he have led this attack, knowing most of them would be destroyed by Tie Fighters?!?! That Rian (Ryan?) guy should have been fired and replaced by someone oh, I don't know, maybe Lawrence Kasdan, you know the guy that directed Empire, Return of the Jedi, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and The Force Awakens! Maybe that guy?!?! I bet he wouldn't have let Luke be a total Asshole. And to his daughter no less!! Anyone who thinks Rey is Obi-Wan's long-lost granddaughter is sorely mistaken. Think about it, Rey picks up whose lightsaber and sees all these visions? Luke's! She hugs Leia so hard like she's what? Her Aunt! Rey was perfectly at home on a desert planet. Do we know anybody who grew up on a desert planet so it makes sense he would land there for a while while wandering about the galaxy? Why yes, it's still Luke!! I don't know what's coming out this Christmas, but I hope it's better than what we've been getting!

  • Fellow Citizen
    Fellow Citizen 15 hours ago


  • southpawlibra nine
    southpawlibra nine 16 hours ago

    Rian has a punchable face

  • Doby Pilgrim
    Doby Pilgrim 16 hours ago

    There are three Star Wars movies. The original three.
    The rest are craptastic money grabs. And yes I'm looking at you Lucas. Not just Disney. Disney didn't create Jar-Jar Binks.

  • DrMarv
    DrMarv 16 hours ago

    This movie completely sucks, and I agree with everything you say, but you're wrong about hyperspace. From Episode IV:
    Ben Kenobi: How long before you make the jump to lightspeed?
    Han Solo: It'll take a few moments to get the coordinates from the navicomputer.
    Luke Skywalker: [frantic] Are you kidding? At the rate they're gaining-
    Han Solo: Traveling through hyperspace ain't like dusting crops, boy! Without precise calculations we could fly right through a star or bounce too close to a supernova and that'd end your trip real quick, wouldn't it?

  • Roy Otterdijk
    Roy Otterdijk 16 hours ago

    when i first watched this movie i was like. huh. pretty nice movie.. clearly i wasnt paying attention. (also didnt watch the originals and can barely remember the prequesl, i just know clips form youtube) it wasnt till i saw the complaints that i was like.. oh yea.. they really spend 0 effort in this. and even in this video i learned more mistakes.

  • The Great One
    The Great One 17 hours ago

    Rose is a traitor to the resistance. She pretended to love Fin then when fin was about yo take out the first order army Rose stopped him in order to save the first order and for him to get captured by them walkers.

  • José Duarte
    José Duarte 18 hours ago

    "I'll probably keep going to see these movies, because it's interesting to see how..." Hollywood wastes money to dupe people and encourage more wasteful duping. Spend your money on a local arts program for seniors and disabled folk, to enrich their souls and yours. Devote your time to a senior /disabled persons' center.

  • Greg Duffy
    Greg Duffy 18 hours ago

    Vito you nailed it on exactly why The last jeteye was such a abomination. How a movie studio can take such a epic & loved movie series like Star Wars and destroy it is beyond comprehension. These SJW writers, directors & producers should never be allowed to work in the movie industry again.

  • bigsbigeye
    bigsbigeye 18 hours ago

    Yes hyperspace is pretty much a different dimension but she hadn't entered that dimension yet also at the battering ram scene she saves him because a melting piece of metal won't do anything to it

  • nil bogg
    nil bogg 18 hours ago

    Why doesn't anyone get it? Odds are Abrhams HAD an overarching story. But when TFA made a shitzillion dollars he, or Disney, got GREEDY and didn't meet his PRICE. So he said "screw you guys, my ideas go with me". Enter the shit sandwich of Rian Johnson.

  • Freya the Wanderer
    Freya the Wanderer 19 hours ago

    There is a special place in Hell for those who f---ed up the Star Wars universe and churned out this garbage.

  • Patrick McLeod
    Patrick McLeod 19 hours ago

    **"Blindly trust your superiors, and don't complain or ask questions". Sounds like the INEVITABLE Marxist dictators in a totalitarian, communist/socialist country. Oh, and it sounds like the democrats and their blindly loyal "progressive" activist journalists throughout the western "news" media! Coincidence? Probably not..... **

  • Vlql Vlql
    Vlql Vlql 19 hours ago

    Yup.. leftist hollywood... a black dude with some white meat

  • Graham Merritt
    Graham Merritt 19 hours ago

    This is the best thing I've ever seen

  • Tien Bui
    Tien Bui 19 hours ago

    Jar jar came out and said u see wish u had me back huh

  • drakke125
    drakke125 19 hours ago

    11:50 There's a reason why men tend to be better than women when it comes to physics in theory and in real life situations....and people won't like that fact.

  • Robin Meade
    Robin Meade 20 hours ago

    I demand official response from Rian Johnson to this video summary. Until then gigantic FUCK YOU Rian!!

  • Bone Stock Garage
    Bone Stock Garage 20 hours ago +1

    The opening cell service joke, the lightsaber toss, and Leia floating through space...hurt the movie for me early on. The Rose character was terrible, the story wasn’t solid, and by the time of the throne room fight...I lost interest. By the time Luke was a ghost and died, and Rey could pickup tons of rocks I wasn’t surprised anymore. The nerd in me hated the hyperspace destruction, watching a ATST RUNNING, and the rebellion be composed of a couple dozen people. I can write a better story everyday for a year that beats TLJ.

  • NaeMuckle
    NaeMuckle 20 hours ago

    Its not often i leave the cinema wanting to punch something.

  • Jose Bualuay
    Jose Bualuay 20 hours ago

    The real reason is simple:

  • AR GamingRiver
    AR GamingRiver 20 hours ago

    honestly it would have been better if a bunch of rebel soldiers did a death charge to by time for the others to run. I know they did in the shitty vehicles but i mean like a charge of like 300 guys charging world war 1 style to a crazy amount of storm troopers

  • ravenslaves
    ravenslaves 21 hour ago +1

    I _expected_ a good movie.
    They _Subverted my expectation_ .

  • Stefzilla420
    Stefzilla420 21 hour ago

    These movies were so horrific that disney delayed several planned films. Sadly eventually movies like justice league , xmen, avengers and Star Wars will be the same mess and characters will mean nothing

  • Jared McDaniel
    Jared McDaniel 21 hour ago

    This video is amazing!

  • drakke125
    drakke125 21 hour ago

    asian girl cockblocks the black character i wanted to die who is finally redeeming his shitty cowardice

  • Nathan Podoyak
    Nathan Podoyak 22 hours ago

    Please write these movies

  • keasyman
    keasyman 22 hours ago

    "The narrative only makes sense if you're the type of kid who had to wear a helmet to gym class." Says nothing except that the *AHEM* 'narrator' of this video is deeply opinionated without explanation other than...disagree then you're a spastic. That's what he was saying isn't it. At least have the balls to be outright with it. Oh, look at me I'm a critic, so is everyone fucking else but I'm THEE critic, confined to TheXvid and relying on the visuals of the very movie I'm slagging off to make my critique interesting beyond my boring diatribe.

  • NobleSounD
    NobleSounD 23 hours ago

    They fucked up the whole history of Star Wars, what a shame

  • Dave Walker
    Dave Walker 23 hours ago

    You know how you ruin something like Starwars? You disregard anything that made it good and use the franchise as a vehicle to deliver SJW philosophy.

  • Christopher Lovett
    Christopher Lovett 23 hours ago

    I swear when rose crashed into Finn there is an Asian driver joke somewhere in there

  • Evan Weiner
    Evan Weiner 23 hours ago

    I’m pretending TFA and TLJ nvr happended. Omg everything said was 100% dead on.

  • Russian Bot aka CNN's Anonymous sources

    These movies made me hope the empire wins...

  • awareness007
    awareness007 Day ago

    Disney's like "Gotcha!!!...money, that is...".

  • Paul Albert
    Paul Albert Day ago

    The $$$ keeps rolling in no matter how terrible

  • Monte Wolf
    Monte Wolf Day ago

    They focused on being PC and didn't make a movie but political agenda.

  • Sam Fisher
    Sam Fisher Day ago

    rian fucking johnson should DIE.

  • austinbeige
    austinbeige Day ago

    How could Disney get it so wrong? I'm not even going to bother with the next one.

  • The Brown Mountain Lights

    Amazing. Every word of what you just said, is wrong.

  • King Vince
    King Vince Day ago

    I cant believe people actually defend this fucking shit. That Chinese lady rams her ship into finn, gives a speech about how they have to protect the things they love, and then unironically kiss as the fucking rebel base blows up. Are you fucking kidding me you idiots? This is the shit you're defending?

  • Cleopatra7Philopator

    I Admire Leia(RIP Carrie) and Padme, I like Rey, I like Mon Mothma, and I'm Sorry, I even Like Rose. However, I care More about the fate of Phasma, than that Holdo's atoms are Somehow scattered across space. Every minute diverges from what I Expect from Years of Star Wars. I Miss my Old Heroes.
    Luke should have turned like Obi-wan(RIP Guinness), confident and humorous, not cynical and crotchety. It would follow the Style of Foreshadowing and History Repeats that go through it all.
    When I saw the Casino scene, I said "That's for the Video Game." So much is Useless, and Nothing inspires that "Jedi IS a Religion!" feeling. No Boba Fets, No Emperor, No Grievous, CERTAINLY No Vader! Just Darth Pissy throwing fits when things go wrong! He wants to be Vader? Vader turned Quietly away and everyone Cringed at what he Might do!
    I AM looking forward to the Last film, like putting an Old Dog in Pain to sleep.

  • Jason McChristian

    This is the greatest review of The Last Jedi I have ever seen.

  • Think before You speak

    Which is a better spoof of Star Wars? Spaceballs or The Last Jedi?

  • Think before You speak

    I’m not going to the next Star Wars film expecting a real Star Wars movie. I’m going expecting a comedy film. A spoof of an actual Star Wars film. I don’t have anger anymore. At this point it’s laughably bad.

  • helicopters in the sewer

    Disney = a fascism that destroys all that is good. Only a Trekkie would hate Star Wars enough to destroy it from within.
    And you talked about someone who's a feminist in a way that doesn't totally worship them!!! I'm so angry!!!!! You're a horrible person, and I'm going to hurl worst possible insults at you that no self-respecting person would wish on their enemy bcuz I hate myself and no one likes me, and stuff!!!!!
    Because of the simple fact that Disney owns Star Wars, it is now guaranteed that no matter how many thousands of Star Wars movies Disney's movie factory shits out, there will never be another Star Wars movie that is even remotely good.

  • Chris Weatherly
    Chris Weatherly Day ago

    Almost impossible to make a worse movie

  • FaZe Noah
    FaZe Noah Day ago

    Force awakens was decent

  • Schazmen Rassir
    Schazmen Rassir Day ago

    Farewell, Star Wars. You will be missed.

  • Pär Gustafsson
    Pär Gustafsson Day ago

    Vito, you are just stupid, thats it..
    Piss off!! =)

  • Pär Gustafsson
    Pär Gustafsson Day ago

    Its a failure because stupid people believe that Luke Skywalker is dead..
    They havent seen Star Wars before..

  • Karl Parry
    Karl Parry Day ago

    it was awesome!

  • Jay Rachlen
    Jay Rachlen Day ago

    1.3 billion worldwide box office, Complete cinematic failure?

  • Bryan with a y
    Bryan with a y Day ago

    I loved this movie

  • Billy Bill
    Billy Bill Day ago

    Great critique, agree 100%

  • Phil Hofman
    Phil Hofman Day ago

    The whole Fin and Rose part added nothing to the story line. You literally could have made the movie with them and it would have been the same movie.

  • Lenny Albert
    Lenny Albert Day ago

    Even SJW’s have to pretend it wasn’t bad. Pathetic movie especially for such a wonderful Syfy universe.

  • Duke Craig
    Duke Craig Day ago

    "I'll probably keep going to see these movies", well then don't bitch about what's happened to them, as long as people keep going they'll just keep doing it.

  • Otto Heinrich
    Otto Heinrich Day ago

    I hope the only next gotcha will be, that the next movie will be good, in contrary to all my expectations for it

  • Mike Witte
    Mike Witte Day ago

    Rose and her sister should have been the same person. Holdo should have been Ackbar.

  • H Xen
    H Xen Day ago +1

    "...a gang of idiot children!" LOL love that line. Sounds like the perfect descriptor for Congress. 0:20

  • saigonsnaps
    saigonsnaps Day ago


  • c carville
    c carville Day ago

    It's a shit movie, but maybe it's time to accept you're in your 30s and being a manchild is pathetic.

  • Philly
    Philly Day ago

    Bruh the intro of the movie tells you it’s going to be shit with the bombing run the fucking bombs fall down like if space had gravity and holy shit the Finn mission had no point at all

  • UltimateBargains


  • Addison Marks
    Addison Marks Day ago

    God you are so right!

  • jigga boo Jones
    jigga boo Jones Day ago

    Whites only hate the new starwars movies is cause blacks are in it

  • B1-38474 advanced battle droid

    you think your getting a good movie but GOTCHA lots terrible

  • Olav Langli
    Olav Langli Day ago

    Women and the males they have destroyed HAS RUINED HOLLYWOOD

  • juan arballo
    juan arballo Day ago

    Ye boi