Freddie Officially Moves Into Her New Apartment • Moving Series: Part 4 • Ladylike

  • Published on Sep 14, 2019
  • "I'm freaking out a little bit."
    Melanie Kirk - Krik Renovations - (Services discounted)
    T.J. Maxx - (Products gifted)
    All Modern - Instagram: @allmodern - (Products gifted)
    Society6 - (Products gifted)
    Walls Need Love - (Products gifted)
    Article - - (May need to get link to product from them. Will update this thread) - (Products gifted)
    Brightech - - Lamp link: (Products gifted)
    Articture - (Products gifted)
    Noir Dining Chair
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Comments • 1 089

  • Miya Wilson
    Miya Wilson Day ago +1

    We love mountain cows.

  • Katrina Van Grouw
    Katrina Van Grouw 3 days ago +1

    The only room I liked was the bedroom, everything else had no personality at all.

  • Rita C
    Rita C 4 days ago

    can y'all do more cleaning/organizing videos? thanks

  • LaurensDesigns
    LaurensDesigns 4 days ago

    YOUR soo lucky to get sponsored for all this, would cost thousands!

  • Allison Craig
    Allison Craig 4 days ago

    Just so u know the chair that is called “noir dining chair” it means black dining chair (black-noir in French)

  • Andrew Allen
    Andrew Allen 5 days ago

    She got a whole new house for the price of nothing when she has enough money and some people don't even have somewhere to live

  • jillian
    jillian 7 days ago

    Can we have a moment of appreciation for CHANTEL'S BOOTY SHORTS 😁❤️ never thought I'd see that

  • jillian
    jillian 7 days ago


  • Alyssa Humbert
    Alyssa Humbert 8 days ago

    im gay for mel

  • Angel Torres
    Angel Torres 8 days ago +1

    I've been waiting for this episode for weeks!! Can't wait to see.

  • Christina Kercher
    Christina Kercher 9 days ago

    They still didn’t show the bookshelf!!!!!!!!

  • Meagan Snee
    Meagan Snee 10 days ago

    ok so basically hire people to do all the work for you and get all of your furnishings for free ???

  • powpaow
    powpaow 10 days ago

    dislike for leather xd

  • Lynsey Marron Camille
    Lynsey Marron Camille 11 days ago

    Beautiful little bungalow, I would love one so nice

  • Britney Lix
    Britney Lix 13 days ago +1

    drop a like if you would also have a dope apartment if it was paid for lol

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 13 days ago

    Freddie, I love your apartment and how you show the entire renovation. ♥️👍🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Kora Mason
    Kora Mason 14 days ago +2

    "it is also full leather" yeah killing animals is so fun result looks fancy in whatever room

    • Liis L
      Liis L 9 days ago

      @Meagan Snee it actually says faux leather in the video

    • Meagan Snee
      Meagan Snee 10 days ago

      @Liis L i heard "full leather" too

    • Kora Mason
      Kora Mason 11 days ago +1

      Liis L oh ok then

    • Liis L
      Liis L 11 days ago

      she said faux leather

  • My Love Milo
    My Love Milo 14 days ago

    The pink closet still haunts me

  • pg maxtwo
    pg maxtwo 14 days ago


  • Caileen Brennan
    Caileen Brennan 14 days ago +19

    This decor is constantly changing themes. I'm getting retirement home and baby nursery vibes with a splash of 80's vomit and a hint of attempted boho. Sorry for the harshness, but this video really bothered me.

  • Nishani
    Nishani 15 days ago +1

    i watched the whole series , very disappointed of the content. fake dramatic stress talk and no team work. paying people to do stuff and acting like a baby is not very ladylike.

  • Beth Williams
    Beth Williams 15 days ago

    I wonder how much of the donated stuff she actually got to keep and how much was packed up and sent back once the video was over.
    Didn’t love this series, felt way too much like an infomercial for all the companies.

  • Audrey Reid
    Audrey Reid 15 days ago +1

    omg i love how everything in her apartment she had buzzfeed pay for but like whatever

  • Desert Rose
    Desert Rose 16 days ago

    I just wanna know where Freddie got her gold table by her pink sectional??

  • Eline S
    Eline S 16 days ago +1

    I liked Freddie but in this she is a spoiled annoying diva. So stressed out, but she hasn't lifted a finger.
    'we applied the wallpaper' No you didn't. They applied it for you whole you were somewhere else gushing over your cowhide rug and beige black rug. Seriously girl, who do you think you are.

  • maureen hallissey
    maureen hallissey 17 days ago

    The bedroom is the best part

  • Ashutosh Mishra
    Ashutosh Mishra 17 days ago +1

    I love Freddie but this is an obnoxious and tone deaf video, giving off princess-in-a-castle vibes.

  • Mimi NewBean
    Mimi NewBean 17 days ago +5

    When your shower curtain is 35 dollars but you’re on a *budget* ...🥴

  • Afi Doodle
    Afi Doodle 19 days ago

    Ew this apartment is so gaudy. The prints, colors, the wallpaper too busy and no class

  • Karen Smith
    Karen Smith 19 days ago

    I love this seriers

  • pixieminx86
    pixieminx86 19 days ago +1

    Disappointed it doesn't end with "Apartment donated by BuzzFeed" 🙄

  • Rayne Hunt
    Rayne Hunt 19 days ago +1

    The only thing I have to say is
    Don’t make the guest bed a loft bed! What if you have older guests and they can’t climb up the ladder (or anyone who just can’t climb it)?!?!

  • Anita Balla Bach
    Anita Balla Bach 20 days ago

    How to get BuzzFeed to pay for your new apartment

  • YoungBlunt &Mizguided

    Why are y’all mad that Freddie Had some assistance with getting and moving her stuff, with these companies being on BuzzFeed they basically get to advertise, and we the audience get to see firsthand how these ppl work; this lets you know if it’s a company you would want to work with, or teaches you lessons that you could use in your own home. It’s like live action Pinterest. If you wanna know the cost, go directly to the companies websites. It’s not Freddie’s fault that y’all jobs don’t care about your moving🤷🏿‍♀️💁🏿‍♀️

  • kcali
    kcali 21 day ago

    The curtains and camel chairs in the dining room look so good. I also love those rattan chairs from Article.

  • Morgan Robertson
    Morgan Robertson 21 day ago


  • Taylor Bird
    Taylor Bird 22 days ago

    aw I love Freddie and am so happy for her!

  • Ērika Beča
    Ērika Beča 22 days ago

    I like how everyone who has a smeg fridge always say that they have a SMEG fridge, not just a fridge :D

  • Casandra David
    Casandra David 22 days ago +1

    The rug at the dinning area is giving me major anxiety

  • Connie Flint
    Connie Flint 22 days ago

    Congrats Freddy! The new place is def you.

  • Rachel Cunningham
    Rachel Cunningham 22 days ago

    "the more pink the better" I've never felt more understood in my life, Freddie!

  • Kari Linn
    Kari Linn 23 days ago +1

    Did she pay for anything?

  • Michi Contreras
    Michi Contreras 23 days ago +1

    Y'all coulda collaborated with Mr. Kate 😩

  • Quiana Mejia
    Quiana Mejia 23 days ago

    Makes me excited to get my own house or apartment once I turn 18 😭😍

  • Ashley Shaw
    Ashley Shaw 23 days ago

    This is amazing! I love the dining room!

  • BooksForever
    BooksForever 23 days ago +2

    This looks more like a teenagers dream apartment on a magazine cover than somewhere an actual adult would live. The whole place seems very... childish, what with the banana wallpaper and the pink couch and stuff. It’s great if that’s where Freddie wants to live, but it seems a bit weird, especially considering she doesn’t have kids.

    • kstreet
      kstreet 22 days ago +1

      The "gallery wall" looked so uninspiring, like a college student's budget DIY. Some of the (expensive, but she didn't spend a dime on it) furniture almost made it look modern and mature, but stuff like the granny valances and the child-like loft bed don't seem right in the home of a woman her age.

  • Hannah is
    Hannah is 23 days ago +2

    That voice just annoys me when it’s constant. I’m sorry 😣

  • Emkay Forest
    Emkay Forest 23 days ago

    i love u!

  • Tonia Amet
    Tonia Amet 23 days ago +1

    Am I the only one (idk, maybe it's a Californian thing) that noticed how every word at the end of Freddie sentences are dragged out? "This is my kitchennnn"

  • Aja Meadows
    Aja Meadows 23 days ago +1

    Literally 14:52 of pure unadulterated ADS. I'm so over their content.

  • kylee norfleet
    kylee norfleet 24 days ago

    Thank you so much for taking us on this journey with you!! When you were looking for apartments which sites did you go to? (I’m in Los Angeles but always it’s a struggle to find a place)

  • Mari Anna
    Mari Anna 24 days ago

    Why do scream in your mics 😫

  • Diamond Martini
    Diamond Martini 24 days ago

    Omg they use the same silly accent I do 😛

  • Rut H
    Rut H 24 days ago +1


  • TheGuac Borrito2
    TheGuac Borrito2 24 days ago +1

    in a year the fake leather chairs will start peeling 

  • Rachel 7954 h
    Rachel 7954 h 25 days ago

    Congratulations on your move and your place looks amazing........loving it

  • Molly Jackson
    Molly Jackson 25 days ago

    Hey guys I love this- and this is probably something you wouldn’t know but it’s actually illegal to call yourself an interior designer unless you have the education and are certified. This would be considered interior decorating.

  • Amanda
    Amanda 25 days ago

    No one in their right mind would turn down having this done for them, I get that. But I do miss when they made where they did more varied content

  • Bridie Macdonald
    Bridie Macdonald 25 days ago

    I love the living room so much - the carpet and pink couch is bomb.

  • Elysa Elmore
    Elysa Elmore 25 days ago +1

    Still mad she had them paint over the original casings...