Buy THIS Instead - RTX 2070 Review

  • Published on Oct 18, 2018
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    It’s been almost a month after Nvidia dropped RTX… In more ways than one. Today, the least expensive RTX-capable cards are out. Did they learn from their mistakes?
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Comments • 6 214

  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips  9 months ago +3711

    CORRECTION: The V-Ray chart shows the GTX 1070 mislabeled as the GTX 1080 and vice-versa. Sorry about that. Just mentally flip them around and you're good.

    • Xtreme Performance
      Xtreme Performance 4 months ago

      These Founder prices are fucking bull shit your paying more for less its like wtf....aftermarket boards usually have higher clocks, better temps and overall better choice for your build fuck you Nvidia for fucking everything up

    • Broken Games
      Broken Games 4 months ago

      nvidia is a scam business, and Linus, you know it.

    • ugod987
      ugod987 5 months ago

      Socks and Sandals are Cool.

    • D J
      D J 5 months ago

      You seem to make a lot of mistakes

  • Gregory Grieves
    Gregory Grieves Day ago +1

    Can I brag?! Well, I'm going to anyways! I just bought a used but mint Aorus xtreme edition GTX 1080 from my buddy who thought two 1080's would improve his gaming!!!! It didn't because of the games he plays. I am so excited to put this badass in my PC!

  • Foued Bendaya
    Foued Bendaya 2 days ago

    affordable you say ?

  • akaZimba
    akaZimba 2 days ago +1

    I'm still mad I never got an 1180ti

  • Christopher Payne
    Christopher Payne 3 days ago

    My ibuypower pc I just got had a rtx 2070 and i'm very happy with it - blows away what I had before so I can't complain to be honest as it does everything I want perfectly for me. Wouldn't have spent that much money for the card by itself though it coming as part of a complete tower system it was fantastic value for what I got with the system (16 gigs RAM, 1 tb SSD, Ryzen 7 2700x etc ...).

  • Tessaryen
    Tessaryen 5 days ago

    Gimme those sandals I wanna give them to my dog

  • asdfgh123
    asdfgh123 8 days ago

    I started from nvidia 210.

  • HeathenHacks
    HeathenHacks 10 days ago

    Why did I watch this after buying one. wth is wrong with me?

  • MXJunky
    MXJunky 12 days ago

    The RTX2070 is way cheaper than the GTX1080!!

  • FableLC
    FableLC 13 days ago +2

    this video didnt age well lmao. got a open box rog strix 2070 for 409. 379 after rebate. HAVING A MICRO CENTER IS SO LUCKY

  • Rimett
    Rimett 14 days ago

    Just buy a 2060

  • dr. whet farts
    dr. whet farts 18 days ago

    Multi GPU is dead for gaming. DEAD. Crappy frametimes. Sad support. Lower minimums than a single card...

  • mjs1231
    mjs1231 18 days ago +1

    Ahahahahaha nvida just fkd all the early adopters ahahahahahahahahahah
    Wait..wait...the russians....lmfao

  • FreeMovies 567
    FreeMovies 567 19 days ago

    Bf5 is an rtx game

  • AniLaxsus
    AniLaxsus 19 days ago

    is this an Nvidia only thing ? i just want to know so that i buy only Amd Gpu's from now on

    • dr. whet farts
      dr. whet farts 18 days ago

      amd gpu sucks. no competition. this is why nvidia does like they want to right now..

  • S3NZE
    S3NZE 22 days ago

    yeah cause buying asus products will totaly not fuck your computer up. i've had my rog laptop for a year now and it keeps on crashing

  • Julian Beatty
    Julian Beatty 22 days ago

    TLDR. You can find a used gtx 1080ti on Ebay for ~520 dollars easily, and

  • Fortify 98
    Fortify 98 23 days ago

    Good video- non biased

  • TexasLawnChair
    TexasLawnChair 24 days ago

    Aaaaand the Strix card is among the cheapest on PC partpicker

  • xmodmodifier
    xmodmodifier 25 days ago

    Started from having a peasant pc, I can wait years for the 1080 to come down under 100$. Remember 8800 gtx? If your a scalper, this will be easier if you bring down the price sooner.

  • Owen Waring
    Owen Waring 26 days ago

    I'm getting the 2070 in a couple of weeks. Can't wait for it. I've currently got a 2060 and it's probably the best card I've had for a while.

  • Mike Apocalypse
    Mike Apocalypse 26 days ago

    why is the 1070 outperforming the 1080 in 2 of the productivity tests?

  • Crooz
    Crooz 26 days ago

    I got the Asus RTX 2070 Dual advanced recently, why the fuck would i gamble my hard end cash on a used and abused 1080ti?
    Warranty and newer tech is more important than a few FPS less.

  • Camille Saint-Saëns
    Camille Saint-Saëns 27 days ago

    I love my 1080 so much. Still running strong even in 2019 at ultra settings.

  • James Fenimore
    James Fenimore 27 days ago +2

    GTX 1080: $800
    RTX 1070: $500

    This video aged poorly.

  • doublegdog
    doublegdog 27 days ago

    I paid about 460 for my gigabyte rtx 2070. So far its a monster but i couldve gotten a comparable amd card for 300ish

  • m Cave
    m Cave 28 days ago

    affordable? oh

  • MrAsiris23
    MrAsiris23 28 days ago

    whats the difference between
    PNY GeForce RTX 2070 Blower - Graphics card - GF RTX 2070 - 8 GB GDDR6 - PCIe 3.0 x16 - DVI, HDMI, 2 x DisplayPort
    PNY GeForce RTX 2070 DirectX 12 VCG20708BLMPB 8GB GDDR6 PCI Express 3.0 Video Card ???

  • Tommy Lee
    Tommy Lee 29 days ago

    Well I got a $1800 Ibuypower gaming PC including asus rog strix rtx 2070 and intel i7 9700k for free! So I guess I should get my $0 worth right?

  • Psychotic Frog
    Psychotic Frog Month ago +3

    best thing is just to buy gtx 1080

  • Ace
    Ace Month ago

    Yay I can either buy 25 of these cards or repair my hairline!?

    Which one.

  • RaMPaGe-
    RaMPaGe- Month ago

    the 950 supports SLI

  • Takedown
    Takedown Month ago

    I'm upgrading from a ryzen 5 Apu........

  • AveDawg
    AveDawg Month ago +1

    will keep my 1080ti just a little longer

    • Daniel Martens
      Daniel Martens Month ago

      Well, soon the RTX cards are getting a price cut due to the SUPER RTX cards which may be coming out soon. Buying a regular RTX card will not destroy your bank account atleast as bad as now

  • Don Iceberg
    Don Iceberg Month ago

    I was going to buy one, now what

  • Pritam Sharma
    Pritam Sharma Month ago

    Upgrading from a GTX-1060 to a RTX-2070 hope that's a good idea. It was cheaper than GTX-1080 even today.

  • Joel Jay Cataylo
    Joel Jay Cataylo Month ago +188

    Wow you can get 2 2070 for a price of apple stand.

    • Some Random Guy
      Some Random Guy Month ago +9

      Joel Jay Cataylo this shows just how reasonable the apple stand cost

  • GHoSt
    GHoSt Month ago +1

    Just bought my Asus STRIX 2070 for $440 on sale 👌

  • james jose
    james jose Month ago +6

    Wow i am kore confused than I was before watching the video

  • 秋山克子
    秋山克子 Month ago +2

    Just bought this card recently, much better than my GTX-1060Ti. And it seems to be more powerful than the GTX 1080 and is cheaper as well.

    AVLRECORDS Month ago

    failga. amd failion ...

  • Jaime7188
    Jaime7188 Month ago +2

    I just bought a MSI RTX 2070 Gaming a few days ago. I'm more than happy with it, and is much better than my GTX 1070 founders edition

    • Jaime7188
      Jaime7188 Month ago

      @MACHINE_BUILDER I found that I couldn't run ray tracing without the game crashing. I don't think my CPU is up to par. The recommended CPU is a i7 4770k, and I only have a i5 7400. My motherboard only supports up to a i7 7700, so I guess that's my next upgrade

      MACHINE_BUILDER Month ago

      @Jaime7188 woah that sounds awesome! I might wait 2-3 weeks before buying it to see if prices drop with Nvidia's new RTX 'super' GPUs coming out... :)

    • Jaime7188
      Jaime7188 Month ago +1

      @MACHINE_BUILDER just tried out a new game. Shadow of the tomb raider on ultra settings, I'm getting 90-100 fps

    • Jaime7188
      Jaime7188 Month ago +1

      @MACHINE_BUILDER no problem, you'll definitely enjoy it. If you want to overclock it, download MSI afterburner and I'll tell you what settings I'm running

      MACHINE_BUILDER Month ago

      @Jaime7188 Oh okay I'm probably going to get mine from newegg. Thanks for telling me about it though :)

  • ihatenamehoggers
    ihatenamehoggers Month ago

    I'm locked into Nvidia because of gamestream which totally changed the way I consume my content not just games. Amd has released their own amd link but no native windows apps, no embedded apps and just general less adoption makes it a no go. But I pray their next generation cream Nvidia so I can upgrade on the cheap. Amd link with an open source multiplatform client like moonlight and I'm jumping ship the next second.

  • [HΞXA]
    [HΞXA] Month ago +1

    In our country 2070 costs 13 000 kč
    And the 1080 costs 18 000 kč

  • PC Maniac
    PC Maniac Month ago

    Can someone help me I want to buy gtx 1070 and dont know are thing that I fined for 200 euros legit I becouse its my first time buying some good graphich card

    • PC Maniac
      PC Maniac Month ago

      I didn't fined exect one but this looks good @mjlr

    • mjlr
      mjlr Month ago

      Post the link and I'll check it out for you, I highly doubt it's legit unfortunately. Though it can't hurt to look.

  • 47J17p29 X
    47J17p29 X Month ago

    RTX 2070 sounds impressive but can it run google?

    Bad GPU/RAM memory joke

  • Sonicxx
    Sonicxx Month ago

    Fuckin love linus' humor 😂😂😂

  • huz.
    huz. Month ago

    so basically you are paying extra for the features which you cant use? lol

    • Falcanfo
      Falcanfo Month ago

      Lol, this vid is old just so you know. Rtx is becoming a far better deal by the day

  • Lennert vertongen
    Lennert vertongen Month ago

    I'd go future proof for 60 bucks

  • Roger Baker
    Roger Baker Month ago

    How is my little Linie ?! My baby boy !

  • bakerbrdz
    bakerbrdz Month ago

    Running a 2700x with a MSI 2070, can’t complain. Love how big this card is, looks like a monster!

  • Goku
    Goku Month ago

    I don't know why but I feel like I want to break my screen after watched this video.....FACK!!!!

  • Asique Alam
    Asique Alam Month ago

    this guy is like a younger and hotter Todd Howard

  • Miran Ng
    Miran Ng Month ago +1

    Hmmm. Would a 2070 be able to run modern games at 1440p60 (thinking of a 27" new monitor too) while powering a 24" 1080p screen also?

    • Ashinori
      Ashinori Month ago

      Depends on the game. In AC Odyssey you'd get ~45-50 FPS, in The Witcher 3 ~75

  • Richard De Santiago

    Should I buy a Rtx 2080 oc white for 600$ ? Off Ebay brand new unopened

  • jetrpg22
    jetrpg22 Month ago

    I bought mine like ~2 months ago and 1080 were like $20-40 less .. not worth. Then again I got a zotac gaming 2070 for $500 from new egg and a free game which i knew was out of stock so -$60. $440 for a Zotac gaming 2070. Beat that.
    However, i NEVER see the previous tech really go that much on sale. Maybe via person to person sale sites.

  • rmblwgn
    rmblwgn Month ago +1

    My buddy just bought a used 1080(not a speck of dust on it, output covers still on, in original box) for $350. Ya Rtx was a waste of time and destroyed Nvidia's once go-to midrange.

  • saikat bagchi
    saikat bagchi Month ago +1

    I have 970 strix still playing games on optimal 50 or up fps in ultra and medium shadows. Should I upgrade to 2070 or wait for some time more ..

    • rmblwgn
      rmblwgn Month ago

      DO NOT BUY 2070! At $550 its a total joke. Xx70 series cards were always around $350. Wait a 2 months longer for amd 7nm and nvidia will be humbled and prices will go down. Gtx 1080 $375 on eBay

  • Owen Wellspring
    Owen Wellspring Month ago

    Wish i had waited a month as i got a strix 1080 literally just before the radeon vii and rtx 2070 came out

  • Amiral
    Amiral Month ago +40

    Rtx 2070 is cheaper in my country
    And gtx 1080 is overpriced

    • Falcanfo
      Falcanfo Month ago

      Same. Got 2070 over a 1080 a few weeks ago

  • Tommy Khev
    Tommy Khev Month ago

    I'm hoping y'all give me a good price or hook me up with your hand me downs.

  • MysteryManGaming
    MysteryManGaming Month ago

    I’m saving up for a PC soon how much should I spend?

  • Anton Ward
    Anton Ward Month ago


  • BurntBacon
    BurntBacon Month ago +2

    I can get a 2070 for cheaper than a 1080, so I might as well.

    • CruderCord7
      CruderCord7 Month ago

      BurntBacon the cheapest I see for 1080s (not used) is $700

    • BurntBacon
      BurntBacon Month ago

      @Jdidk Loma the cheapest I can get a 1080 is £480, I can get 2070s for about £450

    • Jdidk Loma
      Jdidk Loma Month ago

      BurntBacon i got my 1080 last week for $300... impossible to get a 2070 for that price. Best bang for your buck is probably the 1080ti right now as you can pick them up for ~500 and they’re 30-40% faster than the 1080

    THE16THPHANTOM Month ago +1

    or just dont buy the cards. you know for people who claim not to care about graphics you sure pend a lot on graphics hardware. just dont buy them i'm stuck with a two generations old GPU, waiting for AMD to give me something better i have given up on Nvidia. Nvidia too rich for my blood. even i had the money, i would just feel ashamed every time i looked at the GPU.

  • zweck4629
    zweck4629 Month ago

    I guess upgrading your GPU every 2 years is a thing of the past now, Nvidia pretty much just jumped up a pricebracket after such a long release cycle and AMD still cant keep up.
    If I cant snatch up a cheap used 1080 ti somewhere by chance I guess Ill just use my 980 ti from 2015 until 2021 or something.

  • Gunny
    Gunny Month ago

    and this part is the one that i go to the description to see the replacement of rtx 2070

  • Threelly AI
    Threelly AI Month ago

    Jungle conclusions....

  • Lee Walker
    Lee Walker Month ago +2

    im currently thinking of building a new computer as my ones getting on a bit and would like peoples thoughts on the part selection as i know a bit but not massive amounts about computer parts
    vengenace LPX ddr4 16 gb 3200 mhz msi rtx 2070 Armour (no OC) and an i7 9700k im from england so the rtx is actually cheaper then and 1080 ive been able to find

    • dbomba 03
      dbomba 03 Month ago

      That PC will be a beast. I have a MSI 2070 Armor paired with an i5 9600k and for my 144hz it's very good

  • srigyre
    srigyre Month ago

    If you can find a GTX1080. Damn Miners have bought them all. I have no choice but to buy a new 2070 vs a used 1080.

  • office mkffs
    office mkffs Month ago

    this is exactly why i bought a used asus strix gtx 1080ti and will never buy a 20 series card - roll on the 30 series , perhaps we will get somthing worth buying

  • AyeItsSmiley
    AyeItsSmiley Month ago

    My boy offered to throw down 200 on one for my birthday, trying figure out which one to get rn, I’m currently using a gtx 770. I’m leaning towards one of these.

  • TheMajoraSoda
    TheMajoraSoda Month ago

    I just bought a cyberpowerpc with a RTX 2070. I just want to know if it’s good to run any Sonic games in 4K and some games at a high frame rate.

    • TheMajoraSoda
      TheMajoraSoda Month ago

      Those r the specs

    • TheMajoraSoda
      TheMajoraSoda Month ago

      CABLE: None
      CARE1: Ultra Enhanced Packaging Solution - Protect Your Dream System During Transit [+19]
      CARE2: Cooler Master Mastergel Maker CPU-Thermal Compound Optimized for Thermal Dissipation [+10]
      CAS: Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-04 Mid-Tower Gaming Case w/USB 3.0 & Side Panel Window [-36] (Black/Yellow)
      CASUPGRADE: None
      CC: None
      CD: None
      COOLANT: None
      CPU: Intel® Core™ Processor i7-9700KF 3.60GHZ 12MB Intel Smart Cache LGA1151 [w/o Integrated Graphic] (Coffee Lake)
      CS_FAN: 3X 120mm Case Fans for your selected case [+9]
      ENGRAVING: None
      EVGA_POWER: None
      FA_HDD: None
      FAN: ENERMAX ETS-T40F-BK CPU Cooler w/ Black ENERMAX Twister PWM fans [-2]
      HDD: 240GB WD Green SSD + 2TB SATA III Hard Drive Combo [-50] (Combo Drive)
      HDD2: None
      HEADSET: None
      IUSB: Built-in USB 2.0 Ports
      KEYBOARD: None [-5]
      MEMORY: 16GB (8GBx2) DDR4/3000MHz Dual Channel Memory (ADATA XPG Z1)
      MICROPHONE: None
      MONITOR: None
      MOPAD: None
      MOTHERBOARD: ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming 4 -CB ATX w/ 802.11ac Wi-Fi, ARGB, USB 3.1, 2 PCIe x16, 3 PCIe x1, 6 SATA3, 2 M.2 SATA/PCIe [-4]
      MOUSE: None [-3]
      NETWORK: Onboard Gigabit LAN Network
      OS: Windows 10 Home (64-bit Edition)
      OVERCLOCK: No Overclocking
      POWERSUPPLY: 800 Watts - Standard 80 Plus Gold Certified Power Supply [-17]
      PRO_WIRING: None
      PROJECTOR: None
      SLI_BRIDGE: None
      SPEAKERS: None
      USBHD: None
      USBX: None
      VIDEO: GeForce® RTX 2070 8GB GDDR6 (Turing) [VR Ready] [+231] (Single Card)
      VIVE_HEADSET: None
      WNC: None
      WTV: None

    • EMK
      EMK Month ago

      You should be good. Just make sure it has a good amount of VRAM and one of the new 8th gen Intel CPUs

  • Henry Garrett
    Henry Garrett Month ago

    It’s really cool of you guys to put the seizure warning in the video. Good job.

  • Anish Khurram
    Anish Khurram Month ago

    Rtx in really rexpensive

  • JMA s
    JMA s Month ago +4

    linus you cant buy the 1080 ti anymore i cant find it sp you cant really compare theme

  • Flavaofthemonth
    Flavaofthemonth Month ago +3

    RTX is a ripoff. wait for more support and realistic pricing

  • Veracious
    Veracious 2 months ago

    Linus is holding his dildo blacked out in the thumbnail.

  • Arvind Andrew Das
    Arvind Andrew Das 2 months ago

    The dislike is for the rtx 2070 and not the production team

  • Maximus Indroducent
    Maximus Indroducent 2 months ago +1

    For the price it’s similar to the 1080 ti this is amazingggg

  • Michael Jacobs
    Michael Jacobs 2 months ago

    Apparently at this point in time RTX is only supported by 3 games.

  • Michael Jacobs
    Michael Jacobs 2 months ago

    Can someone tell me why reviewers put csgo on the game list? Since source engine games can run on a toaster.

  • Jacob Edwards
    Jacob Edwards 2 months ago

    Why are we still referring to these units as cards? Call it a graphics engine block..

  • Law 212
    Law 212 2 months ago

    I love my 1080 ti

  • Killerash13
    Killerash13 2 months ago

    Hope next gen nvidia will be reasonable price with amd pushing them and not trying to catch their 2 years old gpu. I will try to skip 2000 series

  • john dow
    john dow 2 months ago

    I'm trying to find you're video on ASUS sabortooth 990fx motherboard and thr amd fx 9590 8 core cpu.

  • athebeast 17
    athebeast 17 2 months ago

    Is there ever going to be a water cooled 2070. I want one but I don’t know how to put the water block on it

  • Robert Capouellez
    Robert Capouellez 2 months ago

    unless buying on ebay, GTX 1080 cards are still around $800-$1,200

  • phoenix gamble
    phoenix gamble 2 months ago

    Im using the rtx 2070 for my i5 $1300 PC build, should i stay, downgrade, or upgrade the gpu

  • M1A1 Abrams 3rd Generation MBT

    When you have no idea what's going on but you still watch

  • Jaden Rumpf
    Jaden Rumpf 2 months ago


  • Jimmy Huang
    Jimmy Huang 2 months ago


  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 2 months ago +1

    No 1070Ti in Scores? 1070ti is the better buy used.

  • Frank HEUSER
    Frank HEUSER 2 months ago

    To quote Linus : "f u nvidia"

  • The ShadowsWhsiper
    The ShadowsWhsiper 2 months ago +1

    Forget about the 2070 or a 1080ti, just get a Radeon VII and it’s basically comparable to the 1080ti for a hundred bucks cheeper

    • John E
      John E 2 months ago

      Linus is an nvidia fanboy

  • Ghosthand
    Ghosthand 2 months ago

    You need a update to this video. Right now I looked up the pricing at PCPartPicker on the GTX1080 and the cheapest I could find is the garbage PNY cards and there was still 4 low end RTX 2070 cards from Asus, EVGA, and Gigabyte that were cheaper!

    As far as RTX, I don't have tons of cash sitting around or walls of parts so when I build a new system I try to look forward several years and anticipate what will be viable in the future. Nvidia seems to be dumping a lot of money into RTX and I don't want to be sitting around in 3 years wishing I have spend a few bucks more for a RTX card.

  • ZzCrYptONzZ 007
    ZzCrYptONzZ 007 2 months ago

    I am groot

  • Qussai
    Qussai 2 months ago

    Guys in my country zotac 2070 amp extreme is 550 USD and regular zotac 2060 is 450 USD, what am I suppose to choose for 1080p monitor and i5 9600k?

  • Lucca Jung
    Lucca Jung 2 months ago

    Somehow the GTX 1070ti is more expensive than RTX 2070 in Korea.

  • M3G4K1LL3R
    M3G4K1LL3R 2 months ago

    Fuck this i dont even have a gpu.