Buy THIS Instead - RTX 2070 Review

  • Published on Oct 18, 2018
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    It’s been almost a month after Nvidia dropped RTX… In more ways than one. Today, the least expensive RTX-capable cards are out. Did they learn from their mistakes?
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Comments • 5 909

  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips  5 months ago +3400

    CORRECTION: The V-Ray chart shows the GTX 1070 mislabeled as the GTX 1080 and vice-versa. Sorry about that. Just mentally flip them around and you're good.

    • Xtreme Performance
      Xtreme Performance 10 days ago

      These Founder prices are fucking bull shit your paying more for less its like wtf....aftermarket boards usually have higher clocks, better temps and overall better choice for your build fuck you Nvidia for fucking everything up

    • Broken Games
      Broken Games 23 days ago

      nvidia is a scam business, and Linus, you know it.

    • ugod987
      ugod987 Month ago

      Socks and Sandals are Cool.

    • D J
      D J Month ago

      You seem to make a lot of mistakes

    • Raged Ape evo
      Raged Ape evo 2 months ago

      Cards are too expensive now, someone needs to put a stop to it.

  • David Cheishvili

    Fast forward couple of months and 1080-s start from 700$+ as of March 2019. How can you explain this?

  • Brandon H
    Brandon H 3 days ago

    I'm stuck between an RTX 2060 and 2070. Help. Please.

    • HanLin Alghamdi
      HanLin Alghamdi 3 days ago

      Save and get 2080 if you are planing to play in 4k

    • Sanal Singh
      Sanal Singh 3 days ago

      If you want future proof gpu, you need atleast 2070

  • Be Yourself
    Be Yourself 3 days ago +1

    In 2070 I'll be 66.

  • J M
    J M 5 days ago

    1080 all day long over the rtx 2070 that sux and that have memory problems, the hole rtx series have that problem, they are not stabel, sry if u dont understand me, my english really sux :-( DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THE RTX SERIES bye a used gtx 1080 instead, then u will have no problem at all, and save to go.

  • societywithin
    societywithin 5 days ago +1

    right now the rtx2070 costs me around 500, the vega 64 around 390 and i can't even get my hands on a 1080. what should i opt for?

    • Joe Burr
      Joe Burr 4 days ago

      societywithin eBay bro

  • zymphad
    zymphad 6 days ago +3

    I dunno where you are getting your prices, the 1080 are still holding steady around $800 on NewEgg

    • Attalic
      Attalic 2 days ago +1

      Now 1080, please fucking drop to $2

  • Mr. DEKEL
    Mr. DEKEL 6 days ago

    Is the rtx 2070 will be good with i5 6400?

  • Chay Warburton
    Chay Warburton 6 days ago

    Aww only refurbished and used 1080's cost 499+.. Most new are $750-800+ -,-

  • Gustavo Lcr
    Gustavo Lcr 8 days ago

    I thought about buying one of these. But many, many people are reporting artifacts and sudden deaths on this card. F*** I dont know what should I buy.

  • Thelonius
    Thelonius 8 days ago

    I went with a 2070 over the 1080 or the 1080 ti. I paid 489 for my card which is what the older ones are/were going for. Upgraded from a 970. Im very happy with it so far. Some games, such as DMC V, even run at 60 fps on 2160.

  • A340/330
    A340/330 8 days ago

    You look like Phil Collen , the lead guitarist of def leppard. :)

  • Sean Wilson
    Sean Wilson 9 days ago

    I'm really happy with my MSI Ventus RTX 2070 paired with an AMD 2070x. Plays most games on ultra, straight out of the box, while hitting around 70 celcius.

  • KinglyGalaxy
    KinglyGalaxy 9 days ago

    I've had a RTX 2070 for around two months and haven't even used RTX yet because I have no games that support it. The performance is ok when I have it paired with a i5 8600k. But now I want to switch to a 1080 ti, and sell my 2070.

  • Sam Lim
    Sam Lim 10 days ago

    Did you suggest a used mining card on ebay as a cheaper option? What in the world are you thinking?
    you just made entire your opinion useless. no one should buy used mining card ever for their gaming. I do have few mining card that I used for 3 month. 2 out 4 card is already having glitching issue and fan is not really working. Mining card is on 100% load for 24/7 without proper cooling system and usually stored at room with 20 other rigs (mining rig storage or room is steaming hot). If you are a actual tech guy, You should never ever recommend ebay mining used card. Trust me more then a half of used card on ebay is mining card.

  • GamerVsLife
    GamerVsLife 10 days ago

    The real question is where is the rgb?!?!?!?

  • Felix von Mentzer
    Felix von Mentzer 10 days ago +13

    your "its called a hook, and this is a sponsor" gave you a sub, smooth. also nice video :P

  • jack Sheppard
    jack Sheppard 11 days ago

    the 2070 is actually cheaper now on amazon than the 1080

  • Jack pirce
    Jack pirce 11 days ago all in all your better off sticking with a 1080 or 1080ti for the next 2 yrs then or a 1070 1070ti :)

    • jack Sheppard
      jack Sheppard 11 days ago

      the 2070 is actually cheaper now on amazon than the 1080

  • Peter Vaňušanik
    Peter Vaňušanik 12 days ago +1

    yeah I am not buying used video card

    • Tulder
      Tulder 9 days ago

      Ur dum. Don't buy from miners and your good. People usually don't try to sell broken stuff unless they say.

  • zMissExpert #
    zMissExpert # 13 days ago

    A GTX 1080 is in my country 40€ more expensive. A RTX 2070 has more power so I will buy a RTX 2070. There is also a new 1080 gaming x for 1500€ and a 1080 Ti gaming x for 2000€

  • Justin Tweed
    Justin Tweed 13 days ago

    Just go to hard stats on all cards in there so you can compare them. 2070 is actually top 10 cards

  • Cor8 G
    Cor8 G 14 days ago +1

    I Love my RTX 2070 .would highly recommend it!

    • Cor8 G
      Cor8 G 13 days ago

      +Sam you going to enjoy it

    • Sam
      Sam 13 days ago +1

      Cor8 G I’m getting mine soon. So excited.

  • Lonely teenager
    Lonely teenager 14 days ago

    0:49 to skip the sponsor.

  • james palmer
    james palmer 14 days ago +2

    DO A FALLOW UP ON THIS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UP VOTE is it worth it now please so this linus, been here for almost 10 years you helped me overclock my 6950 and then turn it into a 6970 witht that bios mod love yours vids and happy for you for getting this far wish i lived in Canada would love to work for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matt Zelda
    Matt Zelda 15 days ago

    If you are a developer, this is not a bad purchase, because it allows you to do raytracing which is a phenomenal improvement than adding in your own light sources because it allows for more dynamic lighting that looks nearly on par with what we can do for static environments, and is far easier to do.
    However... For consumers and gamers, I wouldn't recommend this. It's not extremely expensive (in my opinion, I have bought more expensive GPUs in the past), but I would still rather pay for a GTX 1080 / TI at the moment (4 months after this video came out) since not much has been done with Raytracing yet. I am sure that eventually, when raytracing is a standard in things such as Unreal Engine then the RTX branch of GPUs would be a better move.

  • Distinguished Hacker
    Distinguished Hacker 15 days ago +1

    No vulkan.....

  • Kick Ass
    Kick Ass 15 days ago

    Please help me To choose Please!!!!!
    (ASUS GeForce RTX 2070 Overclocked) OR (ASUS GeForce RTX 2070 Advanced) which one?

  • PositroniX
    PositroniX 16 days ago


  • ThePeoplesChamp
    ThePeoplesChamp 16 days ago

    It's not affordable in the slightest. It's fucking $550 USD in Australia.

  • Ahnimations
    Ahnimations 17 days ago +1

    A GTX 1080 in March 2019 costs about $800

    • Shillelagh
      Shillelagh 13 days ago

      How... I got an external 1080 for 700, they sell those for 500 now!

  • mjs1231
    mjs1231 17 days ago

    F nvidia and f apple. Both are mega scams. I ll check again in a few years.

  • mjs1231
    mjs1231 17 days ago +4

    Still rockin gtx 970. I wont touch any of these new models. Its all artificial scarcity.

  • Michael Juliano
    Michael Juliano 18 days ago

    I bought a used EVGA 980 ti Classified on ebay for $300 a couple years ago, and I’ve been extremely pleased. After that, I have a hard time justifying spending that much on a new card of any kind because the performance of my card is close enough that the performance advantage of a new card is simply not worth the dollars. I need a nicer monitor before I could really see a difference anyway since my monitor is 1080p@60Hz and all of the games I actually play render at frame rates higher than 60 with max settings.

  • Goofball Gaming
    Goofball Gaming 18 days ago

    I havent touched AMD since a owning 2 x 4870's on a x58 chipset, Nvidia have lost the plot on this series i will be going AMD this time

  • Rodwell Mark
    Rodwell Mark 18 days ago +7

    And this part is called a sponsor..........your timing was great LOOOL

  • Burger Birger
    Burger Birger 19 days ago

    And it's time for a comnercial, again.

  • HeyNowLookHere
    HeyNowLookHere 20 days ago

    Nvidia is greedy cunts

  • Dyvad
    Dyvad 20 days ago

    Should I buy 2060 or 2070?

    • jorge blast
      jorge blast 18 days ago

      2070, 2060 its garbage! even cant run last games in high...

  • Kick Ass
    Kick Ass 22 days ago

    MSI GeForce RTX 2070 Gaming Z 8GB DDR6 PCI-Express. Please Reply! How about it?

  • C.G.B Spender
    C.G.B Spender 22 days ago

    nvidia suck that sit

  • a625 c625
    a625 c625 22 days ago

    anthony needs a day off

  • Luke Snow
    Luke Snow 23 days ago

    a teleprompter goes over the camera lens right?? so why are you always looking off the side? are yall still not using it right

  • Lub Dub
    Lub Dub 23 days ago

    Still weird that people are buying the gtx 1050ti instead of the rx570 when the rx570 is more powerful and cheaper

  • Mig Ram
    Mig Ram 24 days ago

    I just want to play Cyberpunk 2077 in 1440p max settings. Can the RTX2070 handle it? CDPR required GTX1080ti for it tho. 😵

  • OneWeirdFunkieCookie
    OneWeirdFunkieCookie 24 days ago

    honestly wish i had a better gaming pc ;/

  • iTz Freezy
    iTz Freezy 24 days ago

    What is your thoughts now that 1080 tis are more expensive then 2070s and 2080s?

  • omfgdyke
    omfgdyke 25 days ago

    i know this video is old but literally where are u getting these prices??? cuz clearly prices have gone way up for 1080s since this video was made only 4 months ago.

    • err0r0b0
      err0r0b0 23 days ago +1

      1080ti cost so much, because RTX cards just aren't up to their predecessor. 1080ti also aren't being manufactured anymore, so it's a supply aand demand issue. First the crypto craze screwed us over now it's the mediocrity of the RTX..

  • Ist mir Egal
    Ist mir Egal 26 days ago

    This is what i found (28.02.2019)

    - ZOTAC GAMING RTX 2070 Blower 8GB GDDR6 - 3x DisplayPort/1x HDMI/1x DVI
    Price: 485 Euro

    -8GB Sapphire Radeon RX Vega 64 Nitro+ Aktiv PCIe 3.0 x16
    Price: 439 Euro

    The Vega 64 does better in most games in 1080p and is about the same as the GTX 2070 in 4k.

    At the moment the Vega 64 is the GC to go
    EDIT: Benchmarks are not really games so if you work with your GC instead of playing, then the GTX 2070 maybe better.

  • Justin Clancy
    Justin Clancy 27 days ago +2

    I don’t think I’ve watched a sponsor on this show in years every time it comes on I just fast forward it haha

  • colinhristow
    colinhristow 27 days ago

    I just want to point out any time I go on ebay and look at the prices of these older graphics cards they are selling for more than what they were brand new. I have never seen a 1080 TI selling for $400 US...... If anyone sees this please message me lol

  • Tactical Tez
    Tactical Tez 27 days ago

    Four months later and I've taken the dive. Ordered a RTX 2070 to upgrade from my GTX 1060 6GB. £475 but was able to get it V.A.T free, so £395. Otherwise I wouldn't be buying it!

  • Jase Stanton
    Jase Stanton 27 days ago

    Anyone else just want to yell at him: “STOP SLINGING AROUND THAT 500$ PIECE OF HEAVEN!!!”

  • King
    King 27 days ago

    I’m gonna stream soon and deciding to get an i7-9700k, rtx 2070, 16gb Ram. Will this be enough for games with good quality for both me and my viewers? Or will I need a 2080

  • Daniel M.
    Daniel M. 28 days ago

    GTX 950 had sli tho

    INDIVELOPE 28 days ago

    Raytracing though. Not true raytracing but still..
    Raytracing though.

  • PsyKotic
    PsyKotic 28 days ago

    Hahaha $600 for a new card. Built my gaming PC nearly 10 years ago. Gigabyte P55A-UD7 i7-860 and an MSI sapphire 5770. Pretty sure I spent that 600 on those 3 products. So I want to upgrade... where to start.

  • BreakerSneaker official

    UGH AMD. its like fortnite=AMD. Apex legends and pubg= NVIDIA

  • FrnchFriez
    FrnchFriez 28 days ago

    Idk, im on the fence lol. How is getting something that is so outrageous in pricing (pc) better than getting a console which at the very least can run 4k at 30 fps for what seems like a lot cheaper than pc can. The GPU itself seems to be almost as expensive as a console.

  • Alex Jones
    Alex Jones 29 days ago +2

    You need to make another correction. On your chart showing the discontinuation of SLI, you show the GTX 950 as not having SLI; it does.

  • Dipayan Mondal
    Dipayan Mondal 29 days ago

    18 October is my birthday

  • Sara Grimaldi
    Sara Grimaldi 29 days ago

    1080 ti and 1080 are as expensive as 2070 and 2080... but a 1080 TI is still much faster than a 2070, at the cost of few hundreds more. Although if your budget is sub 400 you can't get anything these days, beside a 2070 probably

  • MTV.Jake
    MTV.Jake 29 days ago

    So would it be worth it for me to upgrade from a 1060 6GB to this?

  • Jennylyn Gross
    Jennylyn Gross Month ago

    This is sooo cool my son would love it

  • PNXD بان اكس دي

    Hes usch a freakin hard core WTF

  • realmoses1
    realmoses1 Month ago

    AMD should rebrand their video cards as ATI

  • AustinPetDetective
    AustinPetDetective Month ago

    Take those stupid things out of your ears, makes you look like a fool ?.

  • blue03r6
    blue03r6 Month ago

    consumers control prices. just stop buying the stuff. they'll be forced to lower prices.

  • dhdoctors
    dhdoctors Month ago

    Wow I still run a 1060 6 gb, most games on ultra. $260 three years ago.

  • Tastyooom
    Tastyooom Month ago

    04:48 Worth it ?? Linus respond 😉😉😉

  • Dippin' Dave
    Dippin' Dave Month ago

    Linus grow up, these devices last a long ass time. You have people still out there with GTX 660s in their machines. With that type of sustainability, it’s about time the manufacturers reap the rewards of creating a product that lasts.

  • David Boston
    David Boston Month ago

    What would you rather pay more for a 2080it or an iPhoneX ? If Apple can ask for and get $1000 for an iPhone why not a "top end" video card - it seems the sky is the limit here ?!? Build it & they'll come vs an Idiot is born every minute vs a fool and his money are soon separated !!!

  • J2 digital
    J2 digital Month ago

    So is the idea to just buy the 1080ti instead?

  • Rné S.
    Rné S. Month ago

    Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070 Gaming OC or EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 XC Gaming?

  • Kessra
    Kessra Month ago

    Is this Micron GDDR6 "eventual" issue only affecting 2080 RTX (TI)s? or also 2070?

  • Lyle
    Lyle Month ago

    what a beefy graphics card nice :D

  • Unfiltered Truth
    Unfiltered Truth Month ago

    NOOOOO Linus, when the RTX 2060 was released it made the RTX 2070 a real bad value so if you're buying BRAND NEW(not used) the RTX 2060 at the moment is the best value.

  • Imran Miya
    Imran Miya Month ago +2

    That moment when Linus asks you a question and you roll your eyes because you know it's time for a sponsor.......

  • Jack Chartres
    Jack Chartres Month ago

    man that card is huge

  • fsgRex
    fsgRex Month ago

    gtx 1080ti or rtx 2070?

  • Kazla
    Kazla Month ago

    The biggest issue when you compared prices is every time you only showed used GTX prices.
    I just bought a EVGA 2070 Ultra for $569 brand new, a comparable new 1080 would be pushing $800.
    There's your real answer on why you should get a 2070.
    Even if ray tracing doesn't become a thing, you're still getting a new card that's slightly better than a 1080 for around the price of a new 1070ti.

  • BuyOneGetOne
    BuyOneGetOne Month ago

    What the heck is he talking about cheap 1080 it’s ???? They are still like $1300

  • Jonny Rico
    Jonny Rico Month ago

    Do you just slag everything off in every video? Its so fucking boring. Be more positive ffs

  • Pigeon
    Pigeon Month ago

    2:45 Why does the RTX 2070's 56 fps bar in directx 12, look like it's longer than the RX Vega 64's 56 fps bar?

  • ManKillingLlama
    ManKillingLlama Month ago

    1060 ftw

  • chinchin 1
    chinchin 1 Month ago +1

    PC (left no money to buy food) master race

  • EggyRepublic
    EggyRepublic Month ago

    RTX 1030, 6 RT cores, solid 20 fps on low.

  • BLiNK TV
    BLiNK TV Month ago

    Nobody even use 1080 anymore why use that and not use 1080Ti cards

  • Cross X
    Cross X Month ago

    Fuck this shit going amd
    Edit not to mention that ive seen alot of people with broken or useless 2000 series cards already and its going around I dont want a half baked card that is brand new

  • 0
    0 Month ago

    If these testers had to actually buy each card themselves, they'd be pissed at Nvidia, too.

  • signor don
    signor don Month ago

    shouldnt it be prized as the 1070?why is it prized higher than 80 with the 70label?

  • Zhiyao Gu
    Zhiyao Gu Month ago

    Those morons should totally stop using the graphics cards to mine cryptocurrency, the proof of work creates nothing valuable for the society but just a huge electrical bill and makes graphics cards more and more expensive.

  • Vinnie Mac
    Vinnie Mac Month ago

    My first build ($2k) and I can't decide on a graphics card. The 2070 seems like the best price relating to it's competition, BUT.. damn near all the reviews are bad! I'd love a 1080ti but they're too damn expensive. I'm stuck

    • Hauntedfen
      Hauntedfen 29 days ago +1

      On the Nvidia side: The 2070 is a great card, among the best available. Keep in mind drivers already brought improvements and will continue to do so while the pascal cards are left behind. What resolution do you want to game at and what refresh rate, and how often would you like to upgrade are the questions that can help. 2060/1660ti may be the best choice for 1080p 60 right now, the 2070 is solid for 1440p and crushes 1080p (dont skimp on the cpu). It also provides a slightly better future proofing with the 2 GB extra vram. The 2080 and ti variant are kings for 1440p and up but at a premium. The 2070 sits in the bastard territory, however it's not always a bad thing if you aim to keep the card a little longer. A 2060 might start showing trouble in 2 years while the 100-150 extra of the 2070 gives you an extra year or two. Buying the best you can afford at the time you need/want it isn't unreasonnable logic either (AMD cards are pretty decent value too for 1080p saving some money for an upgrade next gen around summer 2020)

  • Jakob Kendo
    Jakob Kendo Month ago

    bruh the face he made when he said "and this part is called a sponsor"

  • NWC
    NWC Month ago

    I’ll stick to used I got a 1070 8gb for $230 more in a realistic price range, and way better than my 1060 and rx580

  • DarkShogun16
    DarkShogun16 Month ago +2

    Considering a vega 64 since they sell for 350-399 normally now for 1080 + performance

    • Oso 11
      Oso 11 Month ago

      i wish the vega cards were cheaper here. they are rtx2080 priced here sadly

  • xRobotNinja
    xRobotNinja Month ago

    Still thinking about upgrading from 1070 to 2080, now I'm wondering if I should just buy another ps4 for my room. It's just way too fucking expensive for such poor PC optimization.

  • Destroyer Grey Productions

    *Did anyone test this video to see if they would have a Seizure?!*

  • Geran Simpson
    Geran Simpson Month ago

    Dumb video. Incremental products aren't created for consumers to custom-build their computers looking for the best deal on components. They are there so manufacturers can put them in what they are selling at different price points. Like a lot of LTT videos, this one misses the point completely and compares apples to oranges.

  • Seb Leaf
    Seb Leaf Month ago