Conor McGregor - Incredible Interview About Life | So Inspiring!

  • Published on Jul 2, 2019
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    Conor McGregor
    Interview by Tony Robbins
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    Conor McGregor - Incredible Interview About Life - One of the Greatest Speeches Ever
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  • Dane Chancey
    Dane Chancey 9 hours ago

    Law of attraction....... humble in victories and defeat.

  • Odwa Luthuli
    Odwa Luthuli Day ago

    "I don't claim I know it all but what I know I know well." -Conor McGregor

  • john rambo
    john rambo 2 days ago

    punch an old man in a bar ... throw a chair at a bus.....jump into other peoples fights

  • Jimmy Dinh
    Jimmy Dinh 3 days ago

    Tony Robbins as his life coach now? 🚀 #noLimitTeam

  • Christy Burton
    Christy Burton 3 days ago

    I’ve always been a fan and he’s proven time and time again to be one of the greatest to do it. Super inspired and motivated by mcgregor and his development throughout the years.

  • RobbieBobbiee
    RobbieBobbiee 3 days ago

    Seen this video when it came out. I listened to it almost every day. Came back today after his fight with Cowboy. Excited to see the future of 2020 and beyond for Conor. "Nothing external can break the internal".

    SET THE CONTROLS 4 days ago +1

    This is the Conor that made us Irish proud. Love to hear him talk like this, not with all the vitriol.

  • Que Tzalli
    Que Tzalli 4 days ago

    Does someone recognize the music playing around 10:00 in the background??

  • Ayush Dogra
    Ayush Dogra 4 days ago +1

    "Your lack of commitment is a damn insult on who believe in you"
    --just amazed by this man's thought 😍

  • ShinbrigTV
    ShinbrigTV 5 days ago

    "I don't claim to know it all, but what I do know I know damn well" I'm using that now.

  • Drag Racing and Car Stuff

    Powerful words; he backs them up

  • Jose Cardenas
    Jose Cardenas 6 days ago

    I deal with depression and anxiety and lack of self confidence but every time I hear this man speak I forgot all that and feel like I can do anything

  • keith oneal
    keith oneal 6 days ago


  • Chris Batson
    Chris Batson 7 days ago +1

    This come back will be his greatest challenge.

  • Crauniez
    Crauniez 9 days ago

    he’s not role model
    just a bully fighting two weight classes below his natural category avoiding insidious opponents who sold his life to Dana

  • LiveInternal
    LiveInternal 10 days ago

    When he said that about looking at the elite people on the job site and realizing he deserves more. It’s exactly why I’m quitting the Mine, the money isn’t worth it. I’m becoming a Police officer.

  • Cameron
    Cameron 12 days ago

    I could listen to him all day

  • devon ackerman
    devon ackerman 13 days ago

    I love seeing this side of him, he truly is absolutely a true legend. He is so very intelligent, of course talented and looked at as an asshole constantly. He is absolutely beyond miss-understood! He truly is the definition of a REAL MAN. He admits his faults and set backs and owns his shit, takes all this & fixes all he needs too. He talks shit only during press conferences and interviews and so on...because someone’s telling him he cannot do all he is saying. But, he turns off ALL HIS EMOTIONS when it comes too the fight. ( he was quoted saying this lol I didn’t come up with it 😂) I LOVE CONOR MCGREGOR!!!!!!!!

    IRISHPRIDE 211 13 days ago

    Americans are quick to give up on there people when they fail, or make mistakes. We Irish forever love our own and encourage each other to bounce back and chase our dreams, face situations head on move forward and keep pushing on. We are the fighting irish for a damn reason. ÈIRE 🇮🇪

  • Mani Singh
    Mani Singh 14 days ago

    #2020Jan18 #TheKingWillBeBackNotToTakePartButToTakeOverWhatWasHisTheWholeTime. #KoBaby #GodBlessHaters

  • Arbeem Hobbies
    Arbeem Hobbies 14 days ago

    He also know the SECRET.. LAW OF ATTRACTION. love that documentary

  • Alex Mattie
    Alex Mattie 15 days ago

    Connor is the man and he is self proven must respect my irish lephrocahn mad props to you you championship desire gives me desire and momentum to win...God Bless the Whole McGregor family you should be proud you inherited and made a true champion....

  • joyfulvulture
    joyfulvulture 16 days ago

    A motivional speech from someone who has motivations issues... lol
    Guys, he's probably reading most of this crap from a quotes book, like I've seen him do in an embedded video once, so go buy one if you want more "content".

    • DarkOasis -
      DarkOasis - 15 days ago

      Yeah , He reads books on the law of attraction. So what ?

  • 67iamsam
    67iamsam 16 days ago

    Ok I’m ready to go lay block I’m pumped.

  • Минтон Бaрри


    All CONTENT 17 days ago +1

    Wow... Salute sir... Love you sir... Motivater

  • anime addict
    anime addict 18 days ago

    What is the soundtrack in the beginning plz

  • Jessie Walker
    Jessie Walker 19 days ago +1

    For anyone to discredit this man because they burn with hatred for him, because he had a lapse in commitment and lost a fight people actually forget how legendary this man truly is, everything he has done that completely changed the world of mixed martial arts, this man at one point had the most powerful aura in the history of the sport, to doubt Conor or to try and actually say he isn’t a gifted martial artist is just nonsense, he is a epic individual and I cannot wait to see him return to form

  • Camp'n Outdoors
    Camp'n Outdoors 20 days ago

    Good grief! Conor is a joke off a man! Maybe put a little effort into not sexually harassing women or putting your hands on elderly men!!! It sure was fun watching Khabib stomp the living fuck out of you! Now Khabib is a REAL man that honest men can respect

    • Camp'n Outdoors
      Camp'n Outdoors 15 days ago

      @DarkOasis - Lol, your boy got the fuck stomped out of him by Khabib! I hear Conor can whip elderly men in the pub though 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • DarkOasis -
      DarkOasis - 15 days ago

      Haha , get that delusion out of you man .

  • skankhunt 42
    skankhunt 42 20 days ago +1

    Amazing i nearly cried

  • Duke Mickey Sr.
    Duke Mickey Sr. 21 day ago

    Conor, if i told you i love you its really only from a place of complete understanding.
    More of a *Thank You* with relieful awareness of confirmation.

  • Madarauchiha86
    Madarauchiha86 25 days ago

    No one can deny this man once was a hungry beast who earned his way to the top, im sure we were all once fans of this man but no one can also deny that this man let the fame and fortune get to him. Adversity tests a mans patience, and power tests a mans character.

  • Chicha
    Chicha 27 days ago


  • Daniel Blakeley
    Daniel Blakeley 27 days ago

    I punched a old man because he didn't want to try my whiskey

  • Terminator
    Terminator 27 days ago

    Conor have this mindset success hard work mindset, but Khabib mindset is different he don't always talk about success

  • Triple Six Rick
    Triple Six Rick 28 days ago

    "cont b tuufff in ya muddas baafroo"- coonor mucgrugah

  • omar armela
    omar armela 29 days ago

    In reality money reveals people. Once he got money he became arrogant and showed his racist immature persona. Punching old people in pubs? At the end of the day khabib humbled him literally bullied him😂

  • 박이랑
    박이랑 Month ago

    go to hell you racist bastard dickhead

    • DarkOasis -
      DarkOasis - Month ago +1

      How is Conor McGregor racist ?

  • julia k
    julia k Month ago

    I love Conor he is a true fighter. As I love Ireland and I love irishj people. I visited many times this country. The will power with humility can definitly move mountains.

  • JDT
    JDT Month ago

    Good luck conor hope you back to your best

  • dr br
    dr br Month ago

    who keeps saying "YEAH" every few seconds?
    sounds like mayweather jr. but its too deep... mayweather sr. maybe?

  • truth hurts
    truth hurts Month ago

    Connor is a one man army man true alpha male

  • truth hurts
    truth hurts Month ago +1

    He is so damn sexy I swear I'll never have any man's baby but his he'll yes...a lot of people wouldn't be shit with out mommy and daddy this man is self made

  • Ferno
    Ferno Month ago

    The Truth is Mcgregor is Greatest and the most Humble fighter.Nothing but respect

  • leanne16195
    leanne16195 Month ago +1

    When we fall it makes the climb that more exciting, camt wait to see you come back in january 18th

  • the RAT
    the RAT Month ago +3

    who came here after the announcement he fought cowboy at UFC 246

  • John Wick
    John Wick Month ago +2

    You cannot commient about something that you are not passionate about

  • John Wick
    John Wick Month ago

    The only reason why floyd won is because he ran like a little bitch he is

  • Huntsy
    Huntsy 2 months ago +2

    I owe McGregor my interest in the UFC, through him I’ve learned so much about MMA and have other favourite fighters not just in the ufc but in other promotions as well, he changed the game.

  • Stan3k
    Stan3k 2 months ago

    This video is unwatchable due to music, thumbs down, the echo makes the speach not clear plus music louder than voices, really bad

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith 2 months ago

    The life game is when you see the big boat the big car or that big house and fully know you can go to the bank and have all of those things Tomorrow that is when you know you made it. For everything else there’s master card

  • Robert Gill
    Robert Gill 2 months ago


  • scott cunningham
    scott cunningham 2 months ago

    This Irish man is the man today because of his wife his wife now look at him making mad money stupid amount of money inspiration from this guy is real💥💯

  • Young Simba
    Young Simba 2 months ago

    11:47 so true 😂😂😂

  • Paulo Vitor
    Paulo Vitor 2 months ago

    Conor is an inspiring human being

  • Lagr3n
    Lagr3n 2 months ago +2

    This is the Connor people cheered for, would be awesome to see him back with less bullshit show off behaviour, and more of his old mindset...

  • Salarjan
    Salarjan 2 months ago

    I am gonna whoop his ass

  • Jody January
    Jody January 2 months ago +1

    Sounds like he’s been on the bugle

  • Venkatesh chepuri
    Venkatesh chepuri 2 months ago

    Come back takeover again conor

  • Yasher
    Yasher 2 months ago +6

    “Never mind get a win. Never mind even getting a win in the UFC.”
    Now look at him.