Titanic 2 - The Return of Jack (2020 Movie Trailer) Parody

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
  • Titanic 2 - Jack Returns. Brand new trailer!
    Rose (Kate Winslet) tries to adjust to a normal life after losing Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) on Titanic. But strange reports start to surface of a mysterious body washing up on shore.
    Jack must make an important decision. Will he risk it all and return to Rose?
    Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack Dawson. Kate Winslet as Rose Dewitt Bukater. Kathy Bates as Molly Brown.
    Yes, this trailer is fake. It's a parody trailer (sometimes called a fan trailer or concept trailer). It's been created by editing together existing footage to create a new, original narrative.
    These types of videos are often misunderstood. They take existing content, and through the use of editing, voice artists, special effects and music a new stand work is created.
    This is my third attempt at a Titanic 2 trailer. My previous two videos were Titanic 2: Jacks Back and Titanic 2: Never Forget. This third attempt is my version of the "happy ending". My previous two videos were a lot darker.
    Thanks the following voice artists for lending their talents to this video. Check them out on Fiverr.
    nmessina1490, Vobarb, sturoyce and calanrobinson
    If you enjoyed this trailer then check out some of my other work including Harry Potter and the Demon Child, Home Alone Christmas Reunion, The Nanny Returns, Lion King Reborn, Monsters Inc 2: Return of Boo and many many more!
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  • VJ4rawr2
    VJ4rawr2  Month ago +330

    Want even more Titanic? I've just released a new trailer with a totally different plot. It's called Titanic 2 - Jack's Back (Reboot). Check it out here!

    Thanks guys!

    • harald søvik
      harald søvik 14 hours ago

      So, suddenly it was the 70s right after Titanic? 😂

    • Black LisabcdefghijkL
      Black LisabcdefghijkL 18 days ago +2

      @The brothers bah...yeah I know😑😂

    • The brothers
      The brothers 19 days ago +1

      @Black LisabcdefghijkL bro this i just a parody

  • Susie Hilton
    Susie Hilton 2 hours ago


  • Юлия Мелехова

    Спасибо что не в 3D

  • Robert Stark
    Robert Stark 3 hours ago

    Jack came back and became the wolf of wall street

  • Mirmohsum Ibrahimov
    Mirmohsum Ibrahimov 6 hours ago

    1:01 fake

  • Mir Ishfaq
    Mir Ishfaq 7 hours ago

    Titanic 3- The return of RMS Ship

  • Aldo C.-
    Aldo C.- 7 hours ago

    Jack came back very fashion to shore 😄😄😄😄

  • Hashim Jaroshah
    Hashim Jaroshah 12 hours ago

    Nice try

  • NizoEverDie
    NizoEverDie 13 hours ago

    Fack jack

  • Slavik Riov
    Slavik Riov 20 hours ago

    😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • Andrew Hill
    Andrew Hill 21 hour ago

    Damn almost twins

  • Dicle
    Dicle 22 hours ago


  • 13
    13 23 hours ago

    Fake trailer all the clips comes from others movies

  • Yimabell Naranjo

    Soy ese comentario que buscabas en español

  • jhow Oliver
    jhow Oliver Day ago

    go fuck yourself

  • JimLoogMusic
    JimLoogMusic Day ago

    1:00 scene from Leo’s movie “the beach”

  • XzWarrior _GamingzX

    Wish this was real

  • nadie jamas
    nadie jamas Day ago

    The revenant : polars bear rape

  • Abhiraj trivedi
    Abhiraj trivedi Day ago

    Funniest part 1:01

  • SAINT. S
    SAINT. S Day ago

    Chupenme la pija

  • Itay Melnik
    Itay Melnik Day ago

    Who the heck knows that there’s number 2

  • Chantelle Mills
    Chantelle Mills Day ago

    This is sooo fake because I’m titanic 1 rose is old and I have seen the real trailer

  • ??
    ?? Day ago

    this is so real.

  • Klodianna Prifti
    Klodianna Prifti Day ago +1

    The best fake ever i see in my life

  • Justin Franklin
    Justin Franklin Day ago


  • Ammir Cohen
    Ammir Cohen Day ago

    Es inútil si se murió i se fue asta el fondo del mar

  • Tamás Nagy
    Tamás Nagy Day ago

    Cant stop laughing! Genius!

  • Ciera Nichole
    Ciera Nichole Day ago

    i want so badly for this to be a thing

  • GeraldT Freehoffer

    What the heck man , when jack sank into the abyss he was already suffering from extreme hypo thermia, purple chattering lips, a human popsicle. A polar Bear couldn't have survived that far from land. I guess hollywood just dosent have any real screen writers anymore. 💩

  • Jeisson Rodriguez

    Te amo rouse..! ❤

  • Muhammed Ahmed Abay
    Muhammed Ahmed Abay 2 days ago


  • Michal Jasul
    Michal Jasul 2 days ago

    Yay finaly

  • Mirza Kashan
    Mirza Kashan 2 days ago

    i wish it would be real..

  • SaucyBegger25
    SaucyBegger25 2 days ago

    its better than the first one and its only 3 minutes long! just goes to show, length isn't everything ;)

  • maria tagaraki
    maria tagaraki 2 days ago +1

    This is very very happy!👍👍❤️❤️❤️

  • Stàr-Star gacha Go’tcha

    So fake

  • André Botha
    André Botha 2 days ago

    Imagine this was real

  • Panda Tato
    Panda Tato 2 days ago

    I thought he was going to freeze and he was going to be found. Then he would wake up 70 years later.

  • PleaseSubscribe I'mLonely

    Seems legit

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith 2 days ago

    "There wasn't enough room on the door for both of you."
    Bullshit there wasn't!

    ZULFAN EFENDI03 3 days ago


  • Uriel Ray
    Uriel Ray 3 days ago

    it says "parody" u illiterate folks

  • {Addy_ YT}
    {Addy_ YT} 3 days ago

    my bff thought this was real XD

  • Melissa Skolly
    Melissa Skolly 3 days ago

    Oh dang this wasn’t real?

  • شاهین رسولی


  • Ainara y santi
    Ainara y santi 3 days ago

    El ingles

  • Ainara y santi
    Ainara y santi 3 days ago

    Lik si no entiendes nada en español

  • c. Cortez
    c. Cortez 3 days ago

    Que mierda es esta le quitan la gracia están crazy

  • Kooler M
    Kooler M 3 days ago

    Boy.....Talk.About a.STINKER!

  • Severus Snap
    Severus Snap 3 days ago

    Absolutely Jack turns into Jack Sparrow!

  • Milena Barbalata
    Milena Barbalata 3 days ago


  • Nana poku vacel
    Nana poku vacel 3 days ago

    How can jack survive under that cold temperature it’s impossible

  • Sam
    Sam 3 days ago

    Do you she’s a pornstar ?

  • Nidhi Dutta
    Nidhi Dutta 3 days ago

    Y'all know this is a real movie with a different plot

  • Katie Goodridge
    Katie Goodridge 4 days ago

    Umm rose wouldn’t of been that young because in the real titanic rose is like 80 at the end

  • Bijoy Islam
    Bijoy Islam 4 days ago

    Fake is better than real one

  • ελενη Πετράκη

    Is that fake or not?

    • Master Mirror Sung
      Master Mirror Sung 2 days ago

      Come on, the thumbnail is a dead giveaway... The thumbnail is freakiing hilarious..

  • Cielo Garcia
    Cielo Garcia 4 days ago +1

    *Tu bien agustin en yutu y te aperece el video del titanic 2*
    But te das cuenta q dice *"parodia"*

  • Malborg
    Malborg 4 days ago +11

    That “nice” grandma in the start i can never see as nice” after watching American Horror, Story

    • JJand Blue
      JJand Blue Day ago

      Yeah we all know she is an evil bitch or should I say witch

  • megalexantros
    megalexantros 4 days ago

    If this was real, it basically spoiled the entire movie..