Weekend Update: Angel Reacts to Good Holiday News - SNL

  • Published on Dec 16, 2018
  • Angel, Every Boxer's Girlfriend from Every Movie About Boxing Ever (Heidi Gardner), has some strong opinions about positive holiday headlines until her boxer boyfriend, Tommy (Matt Damon), interrupts with some big news.
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Comments • 434

  • Thisisthewater Andthisisthewell

    Angel is one of my new favorite characters

  • David Pumpkins Jr.
    David Pumpkins Jr. Month ago

    The logical progression of this sketch will be to next meet her sister, then her kids, Mikey, Nicky, Peppers, Keno and Gronk.

  • Jonathan Mendelsohn
    Jonathan Mendelsohn 3 months ago +1

    Matt Damon is something else. He left Harvard with one 3 unit elective to graduate, and, decided not to take the class, just so he can say he dropped out with a 4.0 average. What a dick.

  • Navin Raut
    Navin Raut 3 months ago +1

    Who else is binge watching Heidi?

  • Carla MSM
    Carla MSM 4 months ago

    Heidi is so talented.

  • Tinymoezzy
    Tinymoezzy 4 months ago

    And you go punch that guy until you kill him haha

  • kitykin
    kitykin 5 months ago

    Need more of these Angel sketches :D this is gold!

  • Fix it Force Morrissey
    Fix it Force Morrissey 7 months ago

    I wish I could say I could stand hearing this guy talk, or even look at him for .00000001 seconds. Dude looks and sounds like he took roofies

  • Byuu Chan
    Byuu Chan 7 months ago

    Her sister changed addresses XD
    Or it could be a different sister i guess

  • Chasing A Murderer
    Chasing A Murderer 7 months ago

    New cast plz

  • Isaac Alonzo
    Isaac Alonzo 7 months ago

    How does he know before you?

  • Kenneth B
    Kenneth B 7 months ago

    Why does all the tags for these say miley cyrus?

  • Kevin Ortega-Rojas
    Kevin Ortega-Rojas 7 months ago

    323 Donnie Wahlberg Way 😂😂😂

  • TheDesertkat
    TheDesertkat 8 months ago

    Sexy and funny, man that is deadly.

  • Kowasi
    Kowasi 8 months ago

    They remembered the first rule admirably…

  • Ewa Sliwowska
    Ewa Sliwowska 8 months ago

    Where is Pete?

  • Owl Payson
    Owl Payson 8 months ago


  • Over 40
    Over 40 8 months ago +2

    Tommy is Matt Damon?!

  • Zach M
    Zach M 8 months ago

    Jesus Christ that's Jason Bourne

  • David Pumpkins Jr.
    David Pumpkins Jr. 8 months ago +1

    I went to congratulate Angel on her pregnancy, but she wasn't home. I assume she was at her sister's.

  • dephxaz
    dephxaz 8 months ago

    I love SNL but this is CRAP!!!!!

  • Kate Pleiades
    Kate Pleiades 8 months ago

    Angel is a knockoff Fiona from Shameless

  • Death Drive
    Death Drive 8 months ago +2

    She is taking the kids to her sister's

  • Tait Tavolacci
    Tait Tavolacci 8 months ago +2


  • A
    A 8 months ago

    we need drunk girl at a party!

  • Super Centex
    Super Centex 8 months ago +1

    Love this character

  • Yolanda Edwards
    Yolanda Edwards 8 months ago +2

    Omg! This was hilarious! Loved Matt Damon’s accent.... I’m taking the kids to my Sistas too👏😆🤣👍

  • Junior Vafai
    Junior Vafai 9 months ago

    is that Eminem?

  • P.Z. Arnott
    P.Z. Arnott 9 months ago +2

    Tommy and Angel - a better love story than Twilight

  • James Page
    James Page 9 months ago

    Wtfe who cares

  • Diane _
    Diane _ 9 months ago +1

    This character is absolutely perfect.

  • IM_RAZKAL_B****
    IM_RAZKAL_B**** 9 months ago

    If you ever met and worked fir Tyler Perry before in some way....hes a Fuckin asshole....but he is a generous dude though ill give em that

  • Evan TYoung
    Evan TYoung 9 months ago +1

    One of the best update characters ever.

  • Heather Alfano
    Heather Alfano 9 months ago +2

    Her Boston accent is really inconsistent.... Then Matt Damon came in and my ears were saved

  • full gussa main
    full gussa main 9 months ago

    you hear me michael....

  • Emily Robinson
    Emily Robinson 9 months ago +2

    Sooooo.... Angel is basically Eliza (from Hamilton)

  • KevinLGittens
    KevinLGittens 9 months ago

    why would they name the kid Gronk? Do they know it isn't gonna have the angle?

  • Just0.0Jess
    Just0.0Jess 9 months ago

    Except for Rocky ADRIAN!!!!!

  • Trucker DeadPool
    Trucker DeadPool 9 months ago +1

    Funny thing about that I knew that my wife was pregnant before she did.

  • Hyacinth Miles
    Hyacinth Miles 9 months ago +1

    She's almost as versatile as Kristin Wiig. Really great edition to the cast

  • E Mum
    E Mum 9 months ago

    Has this guy ever seen Rocky? Adrian was nothing like this and she was the girlfriend turned wife in the most iconic boxing movie ever made.

  • Car Silk
    Car Silk 9 months ago +9

    Even in her white-trashiest role I think she’s so damn fine😍

  • Beautiful Lou
    Beautiful Lou 9 months ago +1

    love this character and idk why lol

  • SpltPersonaltyOF
    SpltPersonaltyOF 9 months ago +1

    "WE'RE GONNA NAME 'EM GRONK." Wow guys great name...

  • Jeffrey Salvador
    Jeffrey Salvador 9 months ago +1

    Where is she taking the kids to again ?

  • christopher hanna
    christopher hanna 9 months ago +2

    Matt Damon has never been funnier..... ever than on this snl.

  • prov city parks
    prov city parks 9 months ago +1


  • Marie Palmer
    Marie Palmer 9 months ago

    That was so good!

  • i Don’t even know which way the quiznos is

    I would have watched this all the way through but I had to go take the kids to my sistas

  • Angel La Canfora
    Angel La Canfora 9 months ago


  • Gezquester
    Gezquester 9 months ago +4

    Oh damn! Tommy showed up!!!! I love you Heidi!!!!!!!!

  • Kit E. Katz
    Kit E. Katz 9 months ago +1

    I just LOVE Angel!💖

  • Gregory Navarro
    Gregory Navarro 9 months ago


  • Ophelia 138
    Ophelia 138 9 months ago +1

    This is so true and so funny!!

  • A B
    A B 9 months ago +1

    I like her

  • Jimmy is Promo
    Jimmy is Promo 9 months ago

    I don't see how this is a boxers wife. I just see it as trailer park motha

  • Rose Pacult
    Rose Pacult 9 months ago +1

    Hilarious and good chemistry between the three!

  • michelle hancock
    michelle hancock 9 months ago

    This is my favourite recurring skit on weekend updates

  • Jahi Henderson
    Jahi Henderson 9 months ago +1

    Heidi got her last minute feels on Matt at the end lmao

  • Matt Peters
    Matt Peters 9 months ago

    Overdone. One punchline, they literally have ran out of any writing ideas. I loved the first one but holy shit balls. It wasn't bad but c'mon.