The Final Night at Haunted Queen Mary Ship (w/ KianAndJc)

  • Published on Mar 24, 2019
  • Kian and Jc video:
    Sam and Colby return to do an overnight at the haunted Queen Mary ghost ship with Kian Lawley and Jc Caylen. This will be the final night...
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 66 664

  • Sam and Colby
    Sam and Colby  5 months ago +18010

    300,000 LIKES for another Collab with Kian and Jc! but we are never coming back to the Queen Mary. For real this time haha

    • Oí
       Month ago

      Go back

    • Michael Parker
      Michael Parker Month ago

      Love your creepy videos 😍

    • Squishy Gaming
      Squishy Gaming Month ago

      Sam and Colby don't bother they were being rude

    • Olivia Ballmer
      Olivia Ballmer Month ago +1

      Do you guys realize how many orbs are flying around you guys after the camera falls

    • Gacha_ Puppy
      Gacha_ Puppy 2 months ago

      I love you guys so so sooo much!🤗💙🖤

  • Karly Peterson
    Karly Peterson Hour ago

    25:00-25:05... What the hell was that?! A person or a spirit down then hall to the right?

  • Faith Rothgeb
    Faith Rothgeb 5 hours ago

    ⚠️The crack was there before the noise ⚠️

  • Alfonso Cisneros
    Alfonso Cisneros 5 hours ago

    25:01 through 25:04 the is a girl end the end you could see a girls face

    51 COLD BLOOD 6 hours ago

    30:23 there is like a bubble in the air on the right side

  • gone rogue
    gone rogue 6 hours ago

    After the knock Colby wasn’t playin around and kian made me angry

  • Queen Rose
    Queen Rose 19 hours ago

    I've never seen Colby so scared.. 😭💔

  • Heidi Gorman
    Heidi Gorman 23 hours ago

    Either you had bugs/dust flying around or there were many orbs flying around you guys after the camera incident.

  • Hope Noelle
    Hope Noelle Day ago

    kian needs to find his fucking chill holy hell

  • Lexi Keegan
    Lexi Keegan Day ago

    At 30:23 did anyone else see an orb of light move from the room they were in to the next room??????

  • Jessica Rivera
    Jessica Rivera Day ago

    Kian was scared and tried to blame Colby... Which means...... He was scared shitless

  • Audrey Pidgeon
    Audrey Pidgeon Day ago

    that was shane dawsons room OMG

  • chewy
    chewy Day ago +1

    colby was scared as shit and didnt even want to knock and they accuse him of knocking ok

  • Stacey Rosado
    Stacey Rosado Day ago

    It’s the little girl In the next room god so stupid!!

  • Remenaj Tayo
    Remenaj Tayo Day ago

    I think i just saw an Orb or something in 30:22 in the up right side

  • Rebekah Shaw
    Rebekah Shaw Day ago

    It was not him. Don't you start blaming Colby!!!! You can't just throw that on him because he was the one person that really REALLY didn't want to do it.

  • Turboerikd
    Turboerikd 2 days ago

    The fat dude and the Jake look alike were some pussys 😂

  • Sharazai Rivera
    Sharazai Rivera 2 days ago

    In the vide when coby was getting acused for knoking i seen a yello orb going int the other room

  • Will Brownlee
    Will Brownlee 2 days ago

    There’s no creek “bang

  • Jordan Howard
    Jordan Howard 2 days ago

    Do Americans really not know who Queen Elizabeth is?

  • painfully xanny
    painfully xanny 2 days ago

    sam, stop pressuring everyone to do something. you give colby anxiety, corey gets pressured, and K&J are getting convinced to do something they don’t wanna do.

  • Seven leorg
    Seven leorg 2 days ago

    around 46:40 timing you can see what seems like dust but it HAS to be orbs they're to perfectly circled t be dust Anybody else see them??

  • Samurai SHOGUN
    Samurai SHOGUN 2 days ago

    I think You guys Should not involved In Scary Thing because thats might Bad Thing Gonna happen

  • A_Random_Potato
    A_Random_Potato 2 days ago +1

    when they started filming with a phone I was just..... the orbs were having fun.

  • Mandi Ehn
    Mandi Ehn 3 days ago

    48:51 This is my second time watching this over and I'm now just noticing some orbs flying around after the camera broke and he put the phone down just record at the ceiling...I know some of them were dust but there was a few that flew by the phone and stopped it's direction and went back the way it came...and then right after you guys heard a sound...creeped me out

  • captainsnaily 21
    captainsnaily 21 3 days ago +1

    25:00 girl peaking

  • JakobiePuff
    JakobiePuff 3 days ago

    at 39:10 i heard all the knocking

  • _Mary_ ¿
    _Mary_ ¿ 3 days ago

    So when I went to queen mary I looked at the light u guys were looking at and it never flickered.

    Btw um the queen mary ship is very haunted, I saw a face in one of the windows and with a huge grin it looked like if it were looking at me.

  • Bangtanismysavior
    Bangtanismysavior 3 days ago

    The way Sam said “it worked...again” he sounded so proud and excited....seems a little sketch to me🙌🏼🙌🏼 ✝️

  • ily haechan
    ily haechan 3 days ago +7

    I just realized that this video is almost a hour and I’m already at 43:48

  • ily haechan
    ily haechan 3 days ago +1

    Like when Sam was like saying why is everything creaking
    Ppl could be walking on the floor on top of you....

  • corazon bungay
    corazon bungay 3 days ago

    you seen the girl right on the corner?

    LYG_THEO 3 days ago

    Sam:I hate my life
    Me:Me too Sam

  • Y38GEN
    Y38GEN 3 days ago +2

    46:47 so many orbs wtf

  • A&D Forever
    A&D Forever 3 days ago +1

    The amount of orbs at the end 😱

  • gymnast Jazz
    gymnast Jazz 3 days ago +2

    anyone else see the woman in white at 23:16 at the left as Colby was talking about her

  • Gacha_Corgi
    Gacha_Corgi 3 days ago +1


    • Winter Wolfy
      Winter Wolfy 3 days ago

      Maddie Playz me too I was thinking that but there was also a little boy and his sister. Maybe it was one of them

  • Jordanna Brandon
    Jordanna Brandon 3 days ago +2

    Watching them all fight kinda scares me:/

  • Alex Oien
    Alex Oien 3 days ago

    3024 an orb flys right in front of Colby

  • Rheyn Paterson
    Rheyn Paterson 4 days ago +3

    33:26 look closely in the background but don’t pause the video

  • Katie Croghan
    Katie Croghan 4 days ago +3

    13:26 they hear a noise and then an orb goes up and in-between them.

  • Kylee F
    Kylee F 4 days ago +1

    I know this was forever ago but did anyone else see all the orbs flying around once they started filming with the iphone that was crazy

  • Laura Galvis
    Laura Galvis 4 days ago +1

    26:34 pan to Kian and JC made me pee myself😂

  • painfully xanny
    painfully xanny 4 days ago +1

    Back In The Boat,

    Ghost: *look, ima scare the jesus out of them, and knock down their camera.*

    Ghost: *oH sHiT! iT bRoKe! atleast I aint on film anymore >:(*

    Edit: -not my own comment, inspired.

  • painfully xanny
    painfully xanny 4 days ago +6

    Colby & Sam: *asking for a knock*
    Colby: *leaning on door because is tired*
    Fans: *-getting knives and guns and about to kill Kian & JC because they made our boys sad-*

  • Gᗩᑕᕼᗩ ᗪOᑌᑎᑌT

    If Colby would have knocked on the door his arm would have moved but his arm didn't move so Kian and Jc need to stop assuming
    Edit: And Colby's hand was next to the vent so how would Colby knock on the door

  • Winter Wolfy
    Winter Wolfy 4 days ago +2

    What if some noises you guys heard was a cockroach that fell on the floor and made a *Thump* lol just saying

  • Kal Lane
    Kal Lane 4 days ago

    Fav part : 27:25

  • Afro Black
    Afro Black 4 days ago +1


  • Maddison Pezan
    Maddison Pezan 4 days ago +1

    Wow you guys are really fighting omg

  • Maddison Pezan
    Maddison Pezan 4 days ago +1

    Colby didn’t do it

  • Manfred Zelis
    Manfred Zelis 4 days ago +2

    30:22 there fly's a orange orb

  • Claire Grande
    Claire Grande 4 days ago +1

    if y’all didn’t know Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth we’re sisters & Queen Mary was like the crazy , murderous sister. (not sure if correct . reply if not)

  • Oof -Mongolia
    Oof -Mongolia 4 days ago +1

    The knock came from Inside the room 100% Colby’s hand was at the metal vent it would have made a metal sound and that was a sound of knocking wood 🙂😀😅

  • meagan anndrews
    meagan anndrews 4 days ago +1

    Fuck off Colby guys he didn't knock

  • Columbia FN
    Columbia FN 4 days ago +2

    At 47:00 mins did anyone else notice the beam of light/orb flying around the room happened at 46:40 as well.

  • meagan anndrews
    meagan anndrews 4 days ago +1

    Holy shit what was that

  • Kiley Dion
    Kiley Dion 4 days ago +1

    At 30:16 watch the hall way and there is an orb floating towards the right of the screen than down

  • XSasha GatchaX
    XSasha GatchaX 4 days ago +2

    I was the one behind the wall and second i go to bed at 1