The Final Night at Haunted Queen Mary Ship (w/ KianAndJc)

  • Published on Mar 24, 2019
  • Kian and Jc video:
    Sam and Colby return to do an overnight at the haunted Queen Mary ghost ship with Kian Lawley and Jc Caylen. This will be the final night...
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 64 028

  • Sam and Colby
    Sam and Colby  Month ago +16063

    300,000 LIKES for another Collab with Kian and Jc! but we are never coming back to the Queen Mary. For real this time haha

    • Royal King JoeyDaniel
      Royal King JoeyDaniel 5 days ago

      in the part with the night vision cam where they were all sitting down and talking trying to reach someone i herd a semi long low kina high howl at 38:11 but it was quiet so i turned my sound all the way up

    • Nicol Zunno
      Nicol Zunno Month ago

      Love you Guys, Please dont put your Lives In danger Just for Us. We love you for who you are not for you trying to give up your souls for us 💙💙💜👻

    • Gabby Grosvenor
      Gabby Grosvenor Month ago


    • Gaming with giraffie Not active
      Gaming with giraffie Not active Month ago

      Ly you guys and I’m able to tell you that cause I got here just before 500❤️ oh and I have a suggestion, your guys should re name your Chanel “Solby”

      BTS BANGTAN BOYS FOR LIFE Month ago +1

      Sam and Colby Dear Sam and Colby if you keep watching the light behind you at 16:11 looks like the little girl is walking back and forth at the door

  • ye boi tim
    ye boi tim 41 minute ago

    28:20 black human figuar

  • BabyGurlXGrier
    BabyGurlXGrier 2 hours ago

    Please Colby don't let them use your energy to make themselves present. If they use your energy you get weak and they can possess you easier. Everyone's saying that Sam was possessed in this video and if the spirit used your energy it could be Sams. That's also why Sam was not like himself.

  • Ray Sumber
    Ray Sumber 3 hours ago

    As entertaining as this was, I am very skeptical about these types of videos.

  • JJ Icarus
    JJ Icarus 4 hours ago

    *Why is nobody talking about the fact that there are SO many orbs on the phone camera video??*

  • Cecilia Andersson
    Cecilia Andersson 5 hours ago

    30:22 a orb hovering to the hugh bed

  • Shauna Bowen
    Shauna Bowen 5 hours ago

    Been watching all videos again, at 30:20 there is a orb on the right hand side when you are all talking about “called out”

  • Robloxspelaren 23
    Robloxspelaren 23 6 hours ago

    Guys 15:23 there is a white thing between the opening to the big thing behind them like its super small like If you see it

  • Zar
    Zar 6 hours ago

    27:17 he was actually crying his eyes were red

  • Shanell O'Neill
    Shanell O'Neill 6 hours ago

    what i noticed was when they were sitting on the floor with the night vision on there is a dimond that pops up every nown and then any one else find that creepy

  • Gbghf
    Gbghf 7 hours ago

    actually there was three queens that were involved with the queen mart that ik of theres queen mary queen elizabeth and queen veronica

  • Josie
    Josie 9 hours ago

    Just watching the very beginning and it’s chaos lol

  • Haleigh Brown
    Haleigh Brown 10 hours ago +1

    44:43 - 44:54 there is an orb right behind Colby's head

  • Zakk Lamb-Tjahjono
    Zakk Lamb-Tjahjono 10 hours ago

    25:03 end of the hallway

  • xd_mclmao
    xd_mclmao 11 hours ago

    50:14 Sam haunted eyes

  • Riley Burton
    Riley Burton 11 hours ago

    by 28 minuets in this becomes the most scripted thing ive ever seen

  • A T
    A T 12 hours ago

    I swear sam's going crazy or getting possessed..

  • Kittycat 122601
    Kittycat 122601 12 hours ago

    Not to be mean or anything but I kind of hate Kian and Jc they make the video worst

  • Ella Williams
    Ella Williams 12 hours ago

    You guys are staying in the room that Shane was in 😂😂😂

  • A T
    A T 12 hours ago

    stay at b340 again

  • jonathan flores
    jonathan flores 12 hours ago +2

    Everyone go to 41:02 wear headphones earphones put full volume you can hear woman crying

  • Jasmine Guerrero
    Jasmine Guerrero 13 hours ago +1

    At the end of the hallway at 25:03 it looked like something was peeking. Idk if it was and actual person or something else..

  • ilooklikeshrek _YT
    ilooklikeshrek _YT 13 hours ago

    Go back to 41:27 there is nocking

  • Saliha Saeed
    Saliha Saeed 13 hours ago

    Kian is like Jake and Jc is like Corey in this situation lmao

  • Too Kool Cruz
    Too Kool Cruz 13 hours ago +1

    While I’m watching this i was drinking water and I saw blood on it

  • Goddess XO
    Goddess XO 14 hours ago

    Sam is way too excited to talk to demons
    “Alright class welcome to show and tell, who would like to go first”
    *sam unzips his backpack and whips out an Ouija board*

  • Chelsea Newton
    Chelsea Newton 14 hours ago

    While i was watching this my pants on my hangers where moving back and forth actually

  • i love anime
    i love anime 14 hours ago

    Colby:shes sitting by herself laughing
    Me:she could be watching memes

  • Marcela Cruz Duran
    Marcela Cruz Duran 14 hours ago

    the vid is like an 1hr long i swear it felt like 12 mins!!! anyone agree?👍😕😲😵😶

  • i love anime
    i love anime 15 hours ago

    Jc:why'd you say demon it could be an angle
    Sam:ignores jc

  • Alyssa Zane
    Alyssa Zane 15 hours ago

    Not gonna lie, Jc at 22:16 laughing at the little kid saying "hehe look we got a little ghost hunter with us" is the cutest thing ever.
    also, what was at 33:37 ??

  • EverydayJ Cash
    EverydayJ Cash 15 hours ago


  • Priyanjali Chowdhury
    Priyanjali Chowdhury 16 hours ago

    someone is standing behind the couch through the crack

  • Samantha Howren
    Samantha Howren 16 hours ago

    Sam looks like my older brother and he sounds the same and acts the same.

  • Cartoon Girl
    Cartoon Girl 16 hours ago

    It's bad when Colby does want to go back

  • Ushavkov
    Ushavkov 17 hours ago

    47:13 there were a lot of orbs

  • Alison Barnes
    Alison Barnes 17 hours ago

    8:32 made me laugh out loud now ppl are looking at me like I need help 😂💀

  • May Paterson
    May Paterson 17 hours ago

    i'm a massive sam and colby fan ever since vine but sam, don't make colby ask for spirits if he doesn't want to, he was clearly uncomfortable and looked like he was about to cry, we don't want you to be in danger so stay safe. seriously.

  • EllaIsAwsome 2009
    EllaIsAwsome 2009 18 hours ago +1

    Think about it, the faucet, the shower is all related to water! And in the ballroom the little girl drowned in water! So look at what we have figured out! The little girl is who is haunted the room and she wants something from you or REVENGE on the person who owns the ship! 😎 Now great detective skills! The answer is the little girl! Am I the only one who thinks like this!?!

  • Shawna Lowery
    Shawna Lowery 18 hours ago

    When Sam got the ouija board out it kinda seemed scripted idk though 🤷‍♀️

  • Anna Paulson
    Anna Paulson 18 hours ago

    the crack in the door thing, showed somebody or people walking by a lot.

  • S҉u҉b҉y҉D҉u҉b҉y҉ MEmo

    Please live

  • Lauren-Anne Kirk
    Lauren-Anne Kirk 19 hours ago

    I know you guys want to applease your subscribers but you shouldn't do anything that can endanger your life just for our amusement

  • Sumthiin Wiicked
    Sumthiin Wiicked 19 hours ago


  • TheRealFaker
    TheRealFaker 20 hours ago

    This was published on my brothers birthday

  • Aesthetic Summer Vloggs

    When I saw them arguing in the beginning stuff, I thought they were going to turn on each other.😐

  • AJ Jeslee
    AJ Jeslee Day ago

    They don't even realize in the iPhone video that they've captured a lot of orbs' activities.
    It's not bugs, because they would've reacted to the insects.
    Movement are errectic and directional & it's transparent whiteness.
    They really donked up on hat one.

  • Iza
    Iza Day ago

    Well that's scary as fuck , if i was u guys i will beat the shit out of who is knocking u are 4 he is 1 , or if it's a ghost i would take the fucking fan and clean the ghost out

  • Demolia.
    Demolia. Day ago

    Am I the only one who wonders whether the thuds were other people knocking or something because they were so loud in the middle of the night? :D Like, when neighbours get angry because you are being too loud.

  • Rubydarksoul
    Rubydarksoul Day ago +1

    Ghost can results to white orbs flying around, and you got lots of them flying around.

  • Love Leigh Angel Bustamonte

    When Sam sees the flash of light over Colbys face, it sounds like a click from a camera. Like someone took a picture of Colby.

  • Samantha Sanchez

    21:23 did anyone here the little kid laugh or am I going crazy

  • Ashley Jane
    Ashley Jane Day ago

    I guess I'll just have to live in a haunted abandoned house just so I could meet them.

  • Catlin Johnsen
    Catlin Johnsen Day ago

    I swear I keep hearing a girl humming ever since you guys sat down with the black light. I swear, idk if it’s humming or something it sounds melo toned. Could be the air conditioning. But Idk if anyone else hears it

  • Sup Boi
    Sup Boi Day ago

    46:50 their are a lot of orbs flying by or am I tripping

  • Not So Important 221

    At 47:47 so many spirital energy orbs are flying by to come say hello to the camera.

  • jorja hernandez
    jorja hernandez Day ago +16

    anyone else notice the shadow in the crack shift at 15:30 almost like someone was looking thru the crack it keeps happening too

  • Rico S
    Rico S Day ago

    28:20 if you pause and look closely when Sam pans back down the hall quickly it looks like a shadow person standing at the other end of the hall.

  • Fatima Channel
    Fatima Channel Day ago

    Lol I’m so Kian throughout this whole video

  • Lenny Dahlberg
    Lenny Dahlberg Day ago

    Why did u guys do the night vision,,, it didn't help

  • Sommer Dellaca
    Sommer Dellaca Day ago

    Omg omg I was so scared I dont even know why

  • Lenny Dahlberg
    Lenny Dahlberg Day ago

    28:15 why does it look like someone's stand there when Sam turns the camera around towards the room

  • datboiikev 69
    datboiikev 69 Day ago

    What if spirits loose they understanding of humans or spirits that were never humans want to learn about us so what if that’s why some who come in contact with one pass like what if they pass to the next life so they can explain it to other spirits that were never humans

  • jaden carr
    jaden carr Day ago

    Also look at thirsty demon it's a meme sho the ghosts that XD btw they are not spirits they are demons so like you know XD

  • Breezy _The Demon

    Did anyone see the orb to the right drift down at 30:22 ?

  • jaden carr
    jaden carr Day ago +1

    Hoi Sam I tell you what... it's a ship so it's like a really old ship and there's a lot of creaks in the ship soooooooo

  • Mekie da.wolfhlgirl

    One day I spent the night at my grandma's house and this one doll would just talk with no battery and nothing bulged in and it would talk until the sun came up.It would chuckle and fall.It made my Ant kicke it and it broke its head part so my Ant just threw it in the dumpster. This is a real thing that happened!😢

  • Russellmusic
    Russellmusic Day ago

    30:20 an orb goes down the hall behind Kian

  • Queen Blurryface

    them kids be lucky

  • Iconic man whore

    Uhhh don’t ever do a video with those two pussy’s again

  • Haven Shelton
    Haven Shelton Day ago


  • Monica Skaar
    Monica Skaar Day ago


  • Whizlol_
    Whizlol_ Day ago

    Pause it at 28:20 and you’ll see a person at the end of the hallway

  • Rodrigo Mendez
    Rodrigo Mendez Day ago

    Does anybody know that 30:21-30:24 there was an ghost orb

  • Chloe Dendy
    Chloe Dendy Day ago

    The crack in the mirror was there when you walked in

  • Jente Majoor
    Jente Majoor Day ago +1

    i think it's so funny that they're are litterally trying to talk to ghosts or something like "if there's enyone here with us make a sound"
    but when there actually IS a sound they'll be running to the other side of the boat and scream "i'm leaving bro, this is so fk scary"
    and then just go back and do it all over again.
    love them though

  • Fox_Rider
    Fox_Rider Day ago

    In the shows it be like we heard something let’s go explore more irl be like there not even sure what they heard freak tf out

  • Alison Rene
    Alison Rene Day ago +6

    16:18 anyone see the shadow in the crack of the door moving ??

  • Jay Blah
    Jay Blah Day ago

    Did you all see that orb at 48:51-48:53? It’s almost like it recognized the camera & darted away in the opposite direction!

  • Becky McComb
    Becky McComb Day ago

    There are so many orbs flying across the camera at the end, I've never seen anything like that before

  • Miss Mia
    Miss Mia Day ago

    Colby wouldn't know. He wouldn't do that

  • Santanah Shew
    Santanah Shew Day ago

    Bru what if they stayed at b3 40 again lol

  • Pika
    Pika Day ago

    14:09 → what the fuck i know about this bcz of Shame (yt)

  • Andrea Ross
    Andrea Ross Day ago

    Is anyone scrolling down in the comments because they think they see a “orb” or is it just me? (Orbs start at 47:48 idk if it is a orb tho)

  • JeyBi Kyu
    JeyBi Kyu Day ago

    hi sam and colby😁 big fan from philipines😊 i was hoping if you can explore philippines?😁

  • hb
    hb Day ago

    Also, is no one going to say something about the fact that sam face is the only one not clear in the night vision

  • hb
    hb Day ago

    This looks like a cool movie and sam is slowly getting possessed

  • Sian louise
    Sian louise Day ago

    After all them bangs and the camera falling the orbes are gling crazy

  • Samara
    Samara Day ago

    I don't know if you know this but your camera was blurry because there's ghost activity next to the person who's getting filmed. Your camera doesn't know what face to focus on so it just blur's it all

  • trinity dube
    trinity dube Day ago +4

    ghost: I’m just gonna *makes camera fall*
    ghost: oh no

  • trinity dube
    trinity dube Day ago

    no one:
    jesus christ no one:
    no one goddamn living or not loving soul:
    kian: let me drive da boat

  • Gamer_ Lily
    Gamer_ Lily Day ago

    White dots mean: that a spirits/dead person, is there where you are and it’s either a demon or an angel!

  • Gamer_ Lily
    Gamer_ Lily Day ago

    And then when the phone goes back down again I saw more white dots and it was a bunch of them!!!!

  • Gamer_ Lily
    Gamer_ Lily Day ago

    During while you guys where talking about it I saw a bunch of white dots going over the phone and that’s usually means that there is a spirit but more than one means that there is a bunch more spirits in that room your in! Stay safe!

  • Avasin Arslan
    Avasin Arslan 2 days ago

    You can hear a little girl laughing at 21:25

    THROW SHADE 2 days ago +4

    If you look long enough you can see a girl in white walking. The gurl appeared right as he said that in 23:22-23:23 in the background in the left

    • MezzyYT
      MezzyYT 21 hour ago +1

      That scared me sooo much

  • jean sycip
    jean sycip 2 days ago +1

    YOU should never ever let go off your hands when doing a saeonce because YOU are letting evil spirits in the circle YOU and the spirits that are outside of the circle. Are trying to distract YOU from the connection of the good spirits

  • Dylan Crapp
    Dylan Crapp 2 days ago

    When you were whispering I heard a spirt sigh

  • Kawaii Creator
    Kawaii Creator 2 days ago

    Damn they’re really into this shit😆

  • Dezirae Villalobos
    Dezirae Villalobos 2 days ago

    54:20 all of those little orbs mean there’s an Entity feeding off