• Published on Feb 18, 2019
    We usually use aluminum foil for oven baking or to store food in the refrigerator. But foil is a versatile item that could be used to do surprising things around the house.
    - Clean your hot glue gun from glue using a ball of foil
    - Make inexpensive cookie cutters
    - If you need to seal the plastic bag with the food inside, place a thin strip of foil over the bag’s opening and iron
    - Clean your silver jewelry using aluminum foil. Wrap your jewelry in foil and place into a glass of water. Add salt and leave overnight. One more cool trick is to clean chrome-plated surfaces using ball out of foil. Boil water in a pan and out a ball of foil in the water, add baking soda.
    - If you don’t have AA batteries, and only have AAA batteries lying around, try our cool solution. Place a small bit of foil the positive ends before inserting them into your equipment.
    - Use a ball of aluminum foil to clean grill rack
    - If you have a pair of dull scissors, aluminum foil is to the rescue again. Make several cuts through a piece of foil
    - If you are tired of stubborn creases, we are ready to share a genius lifehack with you. Place the aluminum foil underneath your t-shirt and iron
    - Keep bananas fresh for a long time by wrapping the stems in foil
    - If your bread is dry, wrap it in aluminum foil and bake in the oven for 3 minutes. Now your bread is fresh again
    - Campfire baked potatoes are very tasty. Double wrap a potato in aluminum foil and put in coals. Allow cooking until potatoes become soft
    - Also, you can replace a pan with aluminum foil to fry eggs while camping
    Share these aluminum foil hacks with your friends!

    00:47 Handmade cookie cutters
    02:03 Clean your jewelry
    04:20 Quick way to sharpen scissors
    04:53 Iron trick with foil
    05:50 Camping tricks with foil

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  • 5-Minute Crafts
    5-Minute Crafts  Month ago +17

    Need to get some foil ASAP! Want to try this 5:53 👍
    More cooking life hacks thexvid.com/video/YkksHqoIWI0/video.html

    • Riley M
      Riley M 26 days ago

      Hey, your videos are the best! I am like your #1 fan, but can you guys stop putting, “soda” when it’s BAKING soda. It makes all the difference. Thanks!!❤️❤️

    • Nigar Fatima
      Nigar Fatima Month ago

      5-Minute Crafts

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      Ali Dolaş Month ago +1

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  • Priyanka Patra
    Priyanka Patra 20 days ago

    Awesome hacks

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    3:59 duration

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    Tricky Akshay 24 days ago

    The Cookies😂😂😂

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    JJGoMoo 27 days ago

    i tried the battery and foil and IT WORKED THANK'S

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  • Albert Cotamco
    Albert Cotamco Month ago

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    1:17 that’s nasty..

  • Charlotte Buckley
    Charlotte Buckley Month ago

    Hey, ummm, the battery in foil to heat you up may explode. Just saying. I tried it twice and one exploded and went on fire. Do not try at home ( or anywhere else for that matter)

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  • Светлана Виноградова

    on life hack with the imprisonment of scissors can be seen that you just cut into pieces, and just hold your hand !!!!!

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  • Светлана Виноградова

    I'm sorry , but 1 lifehack you can see that you replaced the gun !!!! you can see the different rods !

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      Crazy_ Rabbit 25 days ago

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    This channel is the worst diy channel on TheXvid if you want life hacks go to channels with real people talking

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