Top 5 Best Sandra Bullock Performances

  • Published on Jun 26, 2018
  • Aiyanna, Heather and Walter give you their Top 5 favorite Sandra Bullock Performances. Did your favorite performances make the list?
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Comments • 203

  • Ethan Baker
    Ethan Baker 2 months ago

    A fortnite dance at the end... wow. Good job Channel Awesome, cashing in on a shitty game for popularity.

  • Manuel David Rendon Acevedo

    I really liked Gravity, I thought the special effects were remarkable, and Sandra's performance was excellent in the movie, really carried on the movie showcasing the tension of getting lost in space, very endearing, and Blind Side is just fantastic, that is indeed my favorite Sandra Bullock movie

  • whutzat
    whutzat 10 months ago +1

    The Net and 28 Days are her best performances. Even though Speed was a great film, she was kinda cringy in it.

  • GLJohn Stewart
    GLJohn Stewart 11 months ago

    I thought she was good in Demolition Man

  • sfighter00
    sfighter00 11 months ago

    Great list, to be honest I avoided watching it until now thinking your were gonna spoil the ending of "Gravity", since I've never seen it. I don't think I've seen many of Sandra Bullock's movies, but I did grow up with "Demolition Man", "The Net", and "Speed".

  • Rainy Chain
    Rainy Chain 11 months ago

    who the arse is that (O,O) get off the set- oh its get off the set

  • portland 182
    portland 182 11 months ago

    Murder by Numbers, The Heat, 28 Days, Miss Congeniality, Gravity

  • Anthony Barratt
    Anthony Barratt 11 months ago

    I would do a top 5 best and worst on Hallie berry

  • chakattailswisher
    chakattailswisher 11 months ago

    Is it weird that the only thing I took away from this video is the question of: Why does that one girl have her shirt tied at the bottom?

  • AmronFortis
    AmronFortis 11 months ago +2

    You included "While You We're Sleeping" but not "The Net'?
    Boo... Lol but otherwise the list was good. Good job

  • sailordarkjupiter
    sailordarkjupiter 11 months ago +1

    the intro and outro was so cringe :(

  • Michael Gorzula
    Michael Gorzula 11 months ago

    Thank you. Also fuck Disco Inferno .

  • Trillo 333
    Trillo 333 11 months ago +1

    Okay, I am SO lost by the opening and closing,
    but the countdown was great!

  • Striljr
    Striljr 11 months ago

    do a top 5 for Julia Roberts, Kate Winslet, Melissa McCarthy, and Sigourney Weaver

  • Nicholas Payne
    Nicholas Payne 11 months ago

    Loving Heather's TARDIS t-shirt

  • Jade Prescott
    Jade Prescott 11 months ago

    I don't usually like chick flicks/rom-coms much but I LOVE While You Were Sleeping, the story gives me warm fuzzies and all the characters are precious, adorable, and lovable.
    I have to admit, not a fan of the intro, anytime there is whining about "not enough female leads, blablabla" I am in danger of checking out, plus the examples given of "great female lead movies" were garbage.
    That all said, Aiyanna's new haircut is cute! Looks nice and light for summer!

  • Scott J. Smith
    Scott J. Smith 11 months ago

    What? No Demolition Man? I'm done.

  • Omorocca
    Omorocca 11 months ago

    "Walter, what actress would you make a Top 5 of?"
    And he doesn't get to be in the Top 5. That could easily have been made by all three of them. There's plenty of space on the screen for the ladies to have their share without having to erase Walter... unless he wants to leave, then just be clear about it? I don't know I'm just a TheXvid commenter.

  • Kitty Grimm
    Kitty Grimm 11 months ago

    Practical Magic is still a fav of mine.

  • Matthew Micelli
    Matthew Micelli 11 months ago


  • Simon Bergeron
    Simon Bergeron 11 months ago +2

    Mentioning three franchises in trouble within the first 4 minutes of the video :/ Ghostbusters, Star Wars AND Ocean... Not to say it's a bit of a bad writing choice but maybe mentioning older yet better examples could have gone much better (Linda Hamilton in Terminator, Sigourney Weaver in Alien, the Bride in Kill Bill, etc.).

  • r2puppet
    r2puppet Year ago

    What happened to the theme song intro???

  • Brady Postma
    Brady Postma Year ago +2

    I love Sandra Bullock. She is so likable and interesting in everything she's been in, even if the film itself is awful. Even Speed 2, which is otherwise completely awful.

  • Marco Ludema
    Marco Ludema Year ago

    Do a Doctor Who list, please!

  • Mario T
    Mario T Year ago +1

    Top 5 Best and Worst of either Jamie Foxx or Liam Neeson.

  • garfreeek
    garfreeek Year ago +1

    Oh yea, I love Sandra!
    Don't get the whole `broskies drinking beer, watching football and hating comedies` approach of the opening.

  • ivanakum61
    ivanakum61 Year ago

    Where's "Demolition Man" and "The Heat"? Love Walter's Caine's impression

  • Justin Carawan
    Justin Carawan Year ago

    I get that you're just looking for excuses to do Top 5 videos, but how is any of this supposed to fight a dino-human monster from another dimension?

  • christina bommarito
    christina bommarito Year ago +1

    Hey, I know that reference at the end, Practical Magic. I've got to say though I love Miss Congeniality, I still quote it and watch it all the time.

  • nathan600r
    nathan600r Year ago

    So he did a countdown on the worst mystique before someone like Sandra

  • vamphunterdlover
    vamphunterdlover Year ago

    Practical magic was good too. Hope that movie doesn't get on the worst list...

  • Quinton womack
    Quinton womack Year ago

    Can the nostalgia critic review it was my best birthday ever charlie Brown

  • blackusagi92
    blackusagi92 Year ago

    What a shitty SJW intro

  • Lost Age Comics
    Lost Age Comics Year ago

    I'm cognizant she has makeup and botox, but it can't account for all that milfiness.

  • M.D. Webster
    M.D. Webster Year ago +1

    That intro...

    Don’t ever do anything like that again. Calling something that is really unfair especially when it comes to gender.
    I’m sure you’ll get to something like Meg Ryan, Anne Hathaway, Angela Huston and Sygorny Weaver (Sorry for the Spelling) or some old sweet hearts like Julie Andrews, Angela Lansbarry and Andrea Hepbern. But don’t call out something unfair like that again. Why? Because it makes the girls more like jerks on a man like Walter. That is so wrong. (I am looking at you, Sony for what you did for marketing Ghostbusters: Answer the Call (2016)).

  • TimeTravelPony
    TimeTravelPony Year ago +1

    I don’t get the ending.

  • James McMahan
    James McMahan Year ago +3

    Speed and Miss Congeniality are top for me. I know Blindside and Gravity are better performances, but I don't enjoy those films as much.

  • Not your average Bear

    Miss Congeniality BETTER be on this frickin list or I will DIE!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Anym
    Anym Year ago +21

    Holy shit that sjw intro 😂. Ghostbusters WAS a bust btw

  • De Brickashaw
    De Brickashaw Year ago +4

    I preferred it when these was done and preformed only by Walter

  • Star Scorpia
    Star Scorpia Year ago +3

    Gravity was a boring movie, it essentially was an hour of uninteresting nothingness.

  • Mr. Big Gay
    Mr. Big Gay Year ago

    Oh hey there Jimbo. Did you know that an amendment giving women 100% equal rights was shot down in 1977 due to women worrying they might get drafted into the military? Now ain’t that just quackin crazy?

  • Joshua Critchfield

    Very cool, love choices.

  • Ana Luiza Lobo
    Ana Luiza Lobo Year ago

    I was with you until Gravity....meh, didn't like it. But I loved the Practical Magic reference even though i think this means it will be featured in the worst Sandra Bullock movies list? :(

  • Anthony Rossiter-Walkes

    I'm still hoping that the intro was ironic.
    Pretty politically driven. It's a no from me.

  • Quante Brinson
    Quante Brinson Year ago

    I wanna smash the girl with the glasses

  • Pizza Eating Azumarill

    aw man my favorite movie with her is the heat

  • IamBradBos
    IamBradBos Year ago +1

    She has good performances? Lol

  • Hailey Roberts
    Hailey Roberts Year ago

    Practical magic was AMAZING!

  • Brad Emge
    Brad Emge Year ago

    What about Crash? In just a handful of scenes, Bullock gave a powerhouse performance she has yet to top.

  • picvegita
    picvegita Year ago +3

    You ladies always make me smile (Walter you are the dude! and keep up the great work!) never let the haters pull you down. Thank you and please keep the good stuff coming!

  • Jorge Vercetti
    Jorge Vercetti Year ago +16

    Welp, what seemed like parody turns out to be lame SJW pleading. Topic would have been great without the corny forced pandering. You finally lost me Channel Awesome. Hope you learn from the critques.

  • Christopher Doxtator

    honorable mention
    Love Potion no.9

  • Ari
    Ari Year ago +3

    "28 Days" is my favorite Sandra Bullock movie, it's one of her best even if lesser known

  • Sheriff Bigby Wolf
    Sheriff Bigby Wolf Year ago +5

    What the hell is Gravity even doing on this list? That movie was a garbage fire.
    And she was the worst of the two actors even in the film!

    • Manuel David Rendon Acevedo
      Manuel David Rendon Acevedo 10 months ago

      All Might, The True Symbol of Peace Why do you think that Gravity was not well-written?

    • Sheriff Bigby Wolf
      Sheriff Bigby Wolf 10 months ago

      The FirstBourne There’s a fine difference between ‘artistic stuff’ and ‘needless bullshit’. Most of Gravity falls into the latter two.
      Take out the effects, and you’re left with a poorly written story with a poorly acted cast.
      It doesn’t help them that Interstellar came out a few years later, a film that makes just as many artistic statements, yet also has characters, a plot, and heart that doesn’t feel forced as hell.

    • Sheriff Bigby Wolf
      Sheriff Bigby Wolf 10 months ago

      sal Bryant As did Crash. And who the fuck remembers that movie fondly?
      In fact, a ton of movies that have won awards are looked back upon as being underwhelming. Whether or not something won awards means nothing

    • The FirstBourne
      The FirstBourne 11 months ago

      +sal Bryant I mean...I loved the movie, personally, but for artistic stuff. Are you sure people aren't just hating on Bullock because they didn't like some artistic stuff done in Gravity?

    • sal Bryant
      sal Bryant Year ago +1

      Hairdresser Octopus won tons of awards and nominations

      Yeah, she and the movie was bad

  • Sparten 117
    Sparten 117 Year ago

    Stupid SJW intro

  • Agent Vicky G.R.T.
    Agent Vicky G.R.T. Year ago +2

    CRITIC, Pretty pwease review the movie coraline

    • The FirstBourne
      The FirstBourne 11 months ago

      +Sardonyx lover I thought it was a good movie, though. I haven't seen it, but it seems like it would be a good enough movie for the critic not to review. He has shown appreciation for it.

  • Aaron Wilder
    Aaron Wilder Year ago +3

    oh HELL yeah, Gravity was awesome!!!!!

  • That Guy From That Thing


  • Smoothy315
    Smoothy315 Year ago +3

    No one ever seems to remember her performance in Crash. This was the best she's done aside from The Blind Side and While You Were Sleeping. It's completely out of her comfort zone and gripping.

    • Jomama05
      Jomama05 Year ago

      Crash was an awful film and no one in that film even resembles a human.

  • TheCreepypro
    TheCreepypro Year ago +2

    I love Sandra Bullock so much and couldn't agree with this top 5 more great job guys

  • Helgali
    Helgali Year ago +3

    Please, of all actresses you could have picked you chose Sandra Bullock??? I mean........... Why not Maggie Smith or something.
    (I LIKE Sandra. But what about Darryl Hannah? Or Cher? Or Grace Kelly? Or.. ?)

  • Amoré Johnson
    Amoré Johnson Year ago

    Practical magic ending🤣

  • Benjamin Burke
    Benjamin Burke Year ago

    Want some suggestions for female top 5s? Goldie Hawn, Angelina Jolie, Amy Adams, Jane Fonda, Nicole Kidman, Sigourney Weaver

  • Catherine Thurmond
    Catherine Thurmond Year ago +12

    My favorite is Sally Owens(Practical Magic) also Siddalee Walker (Devine Secrets of the Yaya Sisterhood) and maybe Huxley(Demolition Man).

    • Hailey Roberts
      Hailey Roberts Year ago +1

      Catherine Thurmond
      I love those two movies. Sad that the first and last seem to be on the worst list.

  • Curtis Plights
    Curtis Plights Year ago

    Is the nostalgia critic ready for another mama mia movie?

  • Toku Nation
    Toku Nation Year ago

    I hope there's a Top 5 Best/Worst Jack Black or Ben Stiller Performances

  • I justpropaned
    I justpropaned Year ago +6

    Eww why did they speak of the abomination known as the “new ghostbusters” like it’s a good chick flick.

  • Ariel fangirl Mendez

    You know I really like her in demolition man as female buttkicking cop.

  • Callan Sarro
    Callan Sarro Year ago

    Can you review Shin Godzilla please.

  • Tuvya Maeir
    Tuvya Maeir Year ago

    And yet I'm still the one responsible for the Jim Carrey episode...IDK how I feel about this.

  • Jonathan Teter
    Jonathan Teter Year ago +17

    I loved Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality and The Blind Side but I am sorry I hated Gravity and in my opinion it did not deserve to be the number one pick!!!!!! Plus, I have never seen While You Were Sleeping or Speed because the one is a love story and I don't like love stories and the other is an action movie and I don't like any kind of action movies. Also, the ending was confusing and made no sense.

    • Manuel David Rendon Acevedo
      Manuel David Rendon Acevedo 10 months ago

      skywalkerscout I thought Gravity was really good, don't see the problems, though its fine, all tastes are subjective

    • whutzat
      whutzat 10 months ago +1

      I think Clooney stole Gravity...and I utterly LOATHE Clooney.

    • My Name Is Dip Shit
      My Name Is Dip Shit 10 months ago

      Well obviously you and Jonathan don't know a fantastic movie.

    • Luke Shrader
      Luke Shrader Year ago

      Funny, I've never seen Miss Congeniality or Blind Side, but I've seen Speed and I slept through While You Were Sleeping once... which totally counts. Gravity was a bit of a snooze fest but the movie was really good if you like really thoughtful, slower movies. Plus her performance in it probably deserves the number as while the movie might not be for everyone, Bullocks performance in it is her most impressive on a technical scale at least.

    • TheDarkNeos
      TheDarkNeos Year ago

      Jonathan Teter You should give action movies more of a chance otherwise you are limiting yourself in movies you can watch.

  • irishmusiclover100

    I love Walter’s Michael Caine impression! I always get stitches in my sides from laughing so much!

  • Skoringo
    Skoringo Year ago +33

    You know. For Walter's show there's been a surprising lack of Walter

    • Stephen Shepherd Official
      Stephen Shepherd Official 11 months ago +4

      I had a different theory. Walter seems to be doing more and more on the channel as a whole (behind-the-scenes and on camera). It wouldn't surprise me if he were preparing to be bumped up to some sort of Nostalgia Critic type character/figure with even more prominence on the channel. Perhaps one of the Walker brothers is even ready to take a step back.

    • Jonathan Nadeau
      Jonathan Nadeau Year ago +3

      If that's true that unfortunate. Top 5 is one of my favorite series on this channel and Walter is the main reason why for me. If he is planning on moving on that will suck.

    • Dark Star
      Dark Star Year ago +2

      I said in a previous video that he seems to be taking a smaller part in these lists now.
      Wouldnt be susprised if he is winding down his work on the channel, and the others are going to take over... for better AND worse...

    • Jonathan Nadeau
      Jonathan Nadeau Year ago +12

      I agree. I miss the days when it was just Walter hosting this show.

  • Dynamic Revolution

    8:35-9:49 I'm confused. Where was that last scene all about? Was it a reference to one of her films?

  • Alfred Williams
    Alfred Williams Year ago


  • revilo304
    revilo304 Year ago

    Really, she’s terrible

  • missemeriin
    missemeriin Year ago +4

    Why do these comments complain about “SJW” shit so much? You know Doug has mocked you with the meninists right?

    • humb1s3rvant
      humb1s3rvant Year ago +2

      Odin's Playground you may be right in a sense, but most of us just don't like a vast minority jamming their bullshit down our throats when we are just trying to live a normal life without bullshit...especially injecting it into the political arena where it affects people negatively...Americans are all about individuality...sadly, some people will encroach and impede until they get what they want like little children, and that is where we draw lines to say "keep your opinions and lifestyles to yourself" I guarantee the majority of us are watching and thinking wtf???

    • Odin's Playground
      Odin's Playground Year ago +3

      MT Bil og Motorsport 100% agreement with you. It's a very typical American mentality of "If you're not with us, you're with the enemy". There is no in between. There is no gradient or spectre. It's just black and white. I think this is the root of the political problems in the US, the unwillingness to ever reach a conclusion together, to be open for new thoughts and ideas, to see things from other perspectives and creating different views that doesn't just follow either political group or movement.

    • MT Bil og Motorsport
      MT Bil og Motorsport Year ago +2

      As an european it seems like you have you americans has the mentality of "if you're not with us, you are against us". I have sighed at some virtue signaling jokes at CA the last months but I don't find the intro SJW.
      Also, do you believe everyone who oppose SJW ideology is menenist and against the tought of equality?

  • Ken Christiansen
    Ken Christiansen Year ago +14

    If the performances of Ghostbusters 2016 and oceans 8 is what you call good, we have very different opinions. Although I will admit that I think it was the directing and story that hurt them. The actresses did a decent job, but when the movie is shite what else can you do.

    • Luke Shrader
      Luke Shrader 11 months ago

      Ken Christiansen I meant Oceans 8. My brain is just wired to 11 because that's what I remember and I don't usually like or even watch remakes. Like I said, it seemed like a lot of people liked it. Particularly the more elderly crowd that usually don't care about what gender the lead(s) are. Of course, the movie certainly never caused any rushes of people going to see it but still.

    • RPG Is Life
      RPG Is Life 11 months ago +1

      Ken Christiansen People only say that they're good because they have female leads, and a great deal of the time, those female leads are idiots, but since they're female, they're good.
      Top 5 is obviously parodying that particular fact.

    • Ken Christiansen
      Ken Christiansen Year ago

      skywalkerscout they are not talking about oceans 11, but oceans 8. The current boring all female remake.

    • Luke Shrader
      Luke Shrader Year ago

      Honestly, I'm kinda shocked at how many people apparently didn't like Ocean's 11 according to the comment section here. I work at a movie theater and nearly everybody who saw Ocean's 11 there liked it, and trust me I talk to a lot of people about how they liked their movie. The comment section on this video is the first and so far only place where I've heard anybody talk shit about it. Of course I never saw it myself as I refuse to watch almost any remake nowadays.

    • Ken Christiansen
      Ken Christiansen Year ago +2

      Undertaker9711 that someone thought that oceans 8 was good was the joke? The movies have fans, just over all not great.

  • Kenneth Wright
    Kenneth Wright Year ago +4

    No Demolition Man and no Practical Magic? Seriously?

  • KING-ORTON Chris Orton

    In this review then mentioned the movie Speed that's exactly what you'd have to be on to watch a Sandra Bullock movie

  • Red 7 standing by

    Wasn’t today supposed to be the fox kids special

  • Boss Kelly
    Boss Kelly Year ago +7

    Aiyanna is hot!

  • MrMomobot
    MrMomobot Year ago +4

    The thumbnail almost looked like something from Alien so I was curious because.. the last time I checked Sandra Bullock was not in any of the movies.. XD
    But no.. it was just Gravity.. ewww... lets just say... I disliked that one quite a bit.....
    I did however love The Blind Side. very good one. I'm pretty sure there are some other movies we like with her in it. I just can't name them all..

  • Sean Kelly
    Sean Kelly Year ago +6

    Do a TOP 5 AFTER CREDITS in movies (Not just comic book movies).

  • Thomas Nethery
    Thomas Nethery Year ago +14

    Do Meryl Streep next

  • ANT 237
    ANT 237 Year ago


  • ANT 237
    ANT 237 Year ago

    Practical magic much at the end

  • ANT 237
    ANT 237 Year ago +1

    I completely LOVE Ayana’s shirt(sorry for the misspell)

  • unfabgirl
    unfabgirl Year ago +1

    God, I hate the Blind Side. Not because of the movie itself, no. Sandra Bullock was lovely in it. However, when it came out, everybody and their mother thought it was the greatest movie ever made. And they played it to DEATH! I was in high school, so any time we had a sub or no lesson plan or just a random movie day, guess what movie we watched? Every time, it was the Blind Side. Then, after I finished high school, it started getting played on tv and my family, my dormmate, and my friends all loved to watch any time it was on tv. So, I have a hatred of a movie I have never seen all the way through. The rest of the list was good, though. though I was sad Demolition Man wasn't on there.

  • Bashcrash 914
    Bashcrash 914 Year ago +11

    Stopped watching at 1:12

  • dmartini1487
    dmartini1487 Year ago +54

    That intro was cringe

    • RPG Is Life
      RPG Is Life 11 months ago

      L Franco Hard to argue with that.

    • RPG Is Life
      RPG Is Life 11 months ago

      Odin's Playground Then stop watching them.
      Oh, I'm sorry, that would be the mature thing to do and this is TheXvid, where everyone watches videos that they hate just to complain about how much they hate them.

    • Odin's Playground
      Odin's Playground Year ago +5

      This list series has become a home of cringe now.

  • Zedan Borrie
    Zedan Borrie Year ago

    Why tf does Walter still have his own show..?

  • Odin's Playground
    Odin's Playground Year ago +75

    Urgh that horrible and smug SJW intro. Nothing wrong with the listing / topic itself, but if you’re gonna be that smug about it, it makes me puke. Alien, with a strong female lead, is my favorite movie of all time. The difference is that it’s just incidental and fits the story. It’s not politically driven and not forced. It’s not about social justice or any bullshit like that. The more people force it the more others dislikes it

    • Lee Richardson
      Lee Richardson 11 months ago +1

      Absolutely spot on friend, well said :)

    • RPG Is Life
      RPG Is Life 11 months ago

      Odin's Playground I think it's like what Nostalgia Critic did with TMZ, showing just how ridiculous it really is, and it is.

    • humb1s3rvant
      humb1s3rvant Year ago +1

      Ranma the only thing I see is that the movies, tv shows, etc are politicized...all the previous commenters are astute in "what about" all the other strong female characters??? Wonder woman has been a character in media for decades! There are a shit ton of movies with awesome female leads...people have been appreciating that for a long time! Now, for some reason there's not enough recognition for it...I remember when porn was viewed as women's empowerment, now they claim it as businesswomen...and this video conveniently leaves out the last line of SB in speed "I guess we'll have to base it on sex, then!" Women inherently possess sex appeal...they should own it, not act like they're disadvantaged for having it...anyone can look good while making a shit movie, like Mila Kunis in Jupiter Rising...just because a woman is more recognizable or attractive doesn't make her work worthy of's a fair game no matter how much people bitch about being marginalized...the purpose of entertainment is to entertain, not give some goddamn political message about how society and relationships function...ffs

    • Ranma
      Ranma Year ago +2

      The Bride from Kill Bill was also a politically driven as well. Much of the film revolves around how there is a power dynamic between the females and their male masters and how in the end the only thing the bride wanted was to be a mother and that is what brought her happiness. However again this is played subtly. Sarah Connor could arguably be another political tool because her role in the movies is simply to give birth in order to have a male savior, but she is in defiance of that. The last two are arguably not politically motivated, although Wonder Woman could arguably be cynically motivated (there was demand for a good female superhero movie and this fulfills that desire). There aren't many films that are void of political messages, just because you don't see them doesn't mean they aren't there. And when they are there it doesn't mean they are bad. A bad film is not subtle though IMHO.

    • Darragh Hynes
      Darragh Hynes Year ago +4

      Odin's Playground And it's not just Ripley from Alien. What about Sarah Connor in Terminator and Terminator 2? The Bride from Kill Bill? Imperator Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury Road? Wonder Woman from the 2017 film?

  • Krista Vaillancourt
    Krista Vaillancourt Year ago +1

    My favourite isn't even on your list. 28 days.

  • DuskoDugousko
    DuskoDugousko Year ago

    Finally a good top 5 episode. No more super mario & power rangers bs plz

  • Aldrin Flores
    Aldrin Flores Year ago

    I am wondering what going to happen next week

  • Krista Vaillancourt

    I'm down

  • Not Trustworthy
    Not Trustworthy Year ago

    Speed, While You Were Sleeping, Gravity!! I really like Sandra Bullock.

  • ZACH The Amazing
    ZACH The Amazing Year ago +1

    WTH was this ending