Vashtie Explains What's Wrong With Today's Hypebeasts | Full Size Run

  • Published on Mar 14, 2019
  • Full Size Run is Sole Collector's weekly sneaker talk and debate show featuring co-hosts Brendan Dunne, Matt Welty, and Trinidad James, and this week they're joined by Vashtie Kola to talk about how she became the first woman to get her own Jordan collaboration, what she thinks of hypebeasts in SoHo these days, and her take on women in the footwear industry. Subscribe to Sole Collector's TheXvid channel at
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Comments • 312

  • michelle odinyayeva

    Vashtie should be a permanent host

  • sennsir_
    sennsir_ 2 months ago +1

    DAD with the 💲on his head! 💯🤟🏾😎

  • Yémi Latelatekuro
    Yémi Latelatekuro 2 months ago

    Now that was a skit!!

  • Cars an Cameras
    Cars an Cameras 2 months ago

    Can someone tell Trinidad to stop calling her Vag >[Vadge]

  • Cars an Cameras
    Cars an Cameras 2 months ago

    Bring Welty's pipe back!! C'mon people we gonna protest til Welty's pipe comes home homeward bound style

  • Lamont Antwan
    Lamont Antwan 2 months ago +1

    Vashtie been fly way before the capsule... A+

  • Arteest1
    Arteest1 2 months ago +1

    Best show on Complex TheXvid channel.

  • teermusk
    teermusk 2 months ago

    Vash get at me Lil mama

  • J Hardy
    J Hardy 2 months ago

    Homeboy in the green looks like he lives inside a tree

  • Bass
    Bass 2 months ago +1

    A room full of hypebeasts and hipsters explaining whats wrong with hypebeasts, sounds about right

  • Inuheishi
    Inuheishi 2 months ago

    I feel like this show is average but the editing makes it exciting.

  • Iisak Harilo
    Iisak Harilo 2 months ago

    Dad did take the worst take

  • Daniel Lord-Vera
    Daniel Lord-Vera 2 months ago

    To me hypebeast style is trash everyone just buys because of hype and don't know how to style it with other brands that aren't considered hypebeast that's why I don't vibe with it.

  • The Elite Gamer
    The Elite Gamer 2 months ago

    Go Sneaker Shopping with Keele and Peele

  • Jay Valko
    Jay Valko 2 months ago

    I really fvckin hate Welty

  • Grey Craig
    Grey Craig 2 months ago

    what is that silver shit lmaooo

  • Clayton
    Clayton 2 months ago

    7:35 that was slick👀👀

    • teermusk
      teermusk 2 months ago

      I want all that cake lol

    NO FUCKS GIVEN 2 months ago

    Aye it would be nice to see tianna Taylor on here her Reebok’s was lit

    RIDZUAN ROSLAN 2 months ago

    Trinidad need to be on next show worst take

    RIDZUAN ROSLAN 2 months ago

    Dad said Jordan 1 not Air Force 1 bro

  • kunoichikayitesi
    kunoichikayitesi 2 months ago

    she dated Pharrell a while back, been in love with her ever since

  • tawanda mwase
    tawanda mwase 2 months ago


  • Owen Redmond
    Owen Redmond 2 months ago

    y was dad low-key tryna bun this girl

  • Warren James
    Warren James 2 months ago

    I literally busted out laughing at the Brendan's 'Fear of God' pun. 18:02 🤣🤣🤣

  • apetheape9
    apetheape9 2 months ago +1

    This show is so good, should be bigger than it is

  • Kevin Khan
    Kevin Khan 2 months ago

    Hands down my favorite show not only on TheXvid but overall right now Watch this and then sneaker shopping everyFriday night to de stress. Shoutout from Trinidad for having two Trinidadians on. Vashtie is a zesser for sure.

  • eJay
    eJay 2 months ago

    i love welty but someone tell him to stop wearing fits that hurt my eyes lmao

  • Matthew Menotti
    Matthew Menotti 2 months ago

    a hypebeast is just someone that wears designer

  • hundo bundo
    hundo bundo 2 months ago

    Those team Jordans 😬

  • k.o.b.e999
    k.o.b.e999 2 months ago

    *motherfukcers aint never spoken more truth then the intro*

  • 2 PAC
    2 PAC 2 months ago

    I dont like 97s only 90s 95s and tns but those aquas🔥🔥🔥 🔥

  • 2 PAC
    2 PAC 2 months ago

    bruh trinidads braids are🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Jermaine Matthews
    Jermaine Matthews 2 months ago

    Honestly, each segment and questions had a great transition.Its been a long time since its flowed well.

  • SXRRXCH 00
    SXRRXCH 00 2 months ago

    Vashtie low key shading Billie Eilish with the Tom boy inauthentic reference

  • Lawrence McKoy
    Lawrence McKoy 2 months ago

    Trinidad’s jewelry would go so hard if he didn’t wear it all at once he has some beautiful pieces

  • Lawrence McKoy
    Lawrence McKoy 2 months ago

    She is beautiful 🖤

  • Raf Torres
    Raf Torres 2 months ago

    "The stupid problem trying to explain the problem" should be the title of this video

  • Molebatsi Modisenyane
    Molebatsi Modisenyane 2 months ago

    Vashtie is so beautiful!!!

  • dreamqueen317
    dreamqueen317 2 months ago

    trinidad, stop callin white people n*gga fool! have some class

  • dreamqueen317
    dreamqueen317 2 months ago

    welty dresses like he's from the dmv or dundulk in bmore

  • Craig Banks
    Craig Banks 2 months ago

    Thank you for doing the sneaker cam!

  • Brandon Qiu
    Brandon Qiu 2 months ago

    Make Trinidad the worst take!!! he just called AF1 high's, AJ1's!

    LIVEWIREKICKZ TM 2 months ago

    Those Jordan Big Fund are lowkey nice Lol I had a pair in 2008.

  • HeyOzzy!
    HeyOzzy! 2 months ago

    I’m learning a lot from this episode 😲

  • Cole Edwards
    Cole Edwards 2 months ago

    Worst take is Brendan trying to finesse Trinidad getting the worst take

    KIПG ΉЦППΛ 2 months ago +1

    these people have no sauce

  • Courtney Washington
    Courtney Washington 2 months ago +1

    I'm a woman and I watch! 💁🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️

  • Hector Baez
    Hector Baez 2 months ago

    Keep making Videos Guys, shoutouts to Trinidad Jame$ for being the realest dad in the world. An also Fuck You Welty, mustache man keep telling old ladies to go fuck themselves i love it.

  • Hector Baez
    Hector Baez 2 months ago

    Welty gets worst take for messing up on his question referring to women as girls.

  • Hector Baez
    Hector Baez 2 months ago +1

    Fuck You Welty for hating on Connecticut. You look like you lived in Greenwich, CT yourself.

  • lee4pres
    lee4pres 2 months ago


  • Gino Aekins
    Gino Aekins 2 months ago

    So she goes to a sneaker show with dirty sneakers on (Time stamp 1:52) and nobody blazed the shoe laces off this pretty bitch ONLY because she fine as hell lmao TRINIDAD JAMES hold this L for having on cleaner women's shoes than the woman your interviewing.

    AIRJUANTV 2 months ago

    Trinidad James rocking the Captain Marvel inspired cardigan.

  • poeticalvision
    poeticalvision 2 months ago

    yeah the sneaker cam is nice

  • Shane Matthews
    Shane Matthews 2 months ago

    editor gets worse take for disrespecting tha don kanye west

  • Dom
    Dom 2 months ago +2

    Keep up the great work, I looove the skits, Brendan’s mustache, dads unlimited drip, and the amazing editing. Welty.... get over yourself

  • Christiana
    Christiana 2 months ago +2

    I'm here because of Vashtie.. that's it.

  • Jack Sokol
    Jack Sokol 2 months ago

    Her names vashtie? Wheres achashverosh???

  • Conundrum Records
    Conundrum Records 2 months ago

    Vashtie is the best

  • A_lot
    A_lot 2 months ago

    This girl knows fucking EVERYONE

  • Stephan Jacobs
    Stephan Jacobs 2 months ago

    cringy editing and very distracting from the discussion .. I'd go watch superdeluxe or muchdank if I wanted this shit

  • Elfhemio
    Elfhemio 2 months ago

    The worst take was Brendan’s trainers
    Nah fuck it its still brendan but for the fear or god shit.

  • Josh Doughty
    Josh Doughty 2 months ago +1

    God bless the dad 🙏🏻

  • Blockhustla Hoodlumbleeda

    the fsr is great awesome entertainment n about the stache on Dunne needs its own sponsor and for welty aka detective spezial fits make Trinidad james look like the hypebeast gawd he is ....... aye james put them boys on all gold everything remix

  • Tommy Canlas
    Tommy Canlas 2 months ago

    Why is everyone always afraid to say something bad about Trinidad. He’s a great host and he made this show what it is but let’s be real his fits are garbola sauce.

  • Zak Mudrow
    Zak Mudrow 2 months ago

    Sneaker Cam...about time! Every episode up till now I have had to pause and squint to see what I think you guys are wearing.

  • speedscorpio
    speedscorpio 2 months ago

    Correction: Trinidad is wearing a "shalwar kameez" with DJ Clark Kent in the photo. He also wore a pink one in Dubai. It is Pakistan's national dress, not Indian as mentioned by Vashtie. Props to Trinidad for wearing it - love the show, and Welty's annoyed facial expressions. Fan.

  • Romain Anderson
    Romain Anderson 2 months ago

    She has that elementary first crush look

  • Crisscross 11
    Crisscross 11 2 months ago

    Guys help me

  • Jacob Rodriguez
    Jacob Rodriguez 2 months ago

    Sneaker cam was a great 💡! I spent a good time pausing and rewinding to see what you guys are wearing. Great show guys!

  • Daniel Martínez
    Daniel Martínez 2 months ago

    That sneakers presentation at the beginning is fire !!!!

  • Black Peace
    Black Peace 2 months ago

    I always give thumbs down to shows that market products to Black people and offer no opportunity to market products produced by them themselves.

  • Black Peace
    Black Peace 2 months ago

    1) Why is it cool for him to call that White Guy the N Word. 2)How many sneakers MANUFACTURED by Blacks are on this show that is marketing sneakers to the Black Community like Mindless cud chewing consumers who produce nothing? The New BLACKS have arrived Bitches.

  • Vinícius Sula
    Vinícius Sula 2 months ago +15

    Man this is probably the best format on the show until now, everyone was on point and the show felt more natural than ever guys. Keep it going.

  • Jay Kim
    Jay Kim 2 months ago

    Brendan Dunne won the sneaker cam today

  • Braeden Schulz
    Braeden Schulz 2 months ago

    I feel like everyone’s way to nit picky like that shit about people being friends and shot and how it’s not authentic,
    I don’t see the vision

  • Anthony Whitehead
    Anthony Whitehead 2 months ago

    This show is too funny!!!

  • DruskiiSkyWalkerTV
    DruskiiSkyWalkerTV 2 months ago +1

    Sneakercam goin Brazy! I love it Soufside!

  • T Rowell
    T Rowell 2 months ago

    I fucks with this show heavy. Def the best sneaker show on TheXvid. Made me fall in love with sneakers again after leaving sneakers alone for 7 years

  • cj law
    cj law 2 months ago

    Worst take = “Fear of God”

  • GlizzyWorldPeace
    GlizzyWorldPeace 2 months ago

    Lit def get more people from the culture, dont ever bring Rich bitchass back keep em on the whack ass biting BET sneaker show FOH headass boy, keep welty on the show I watch it just to hear that man get roasted about them whack ass spezials!!!

  • Jordan Clemons
    Jordan Clemons 2 months ago +17

    Vashtie so damn fine. Im about to go to Twitter to let her know

  • Mr. Smiley
    Mr. Smiley 2 months ago

    Trinidad with the I already lost my Gucci socks 😂😂😂

  • Tsew Keelem
    Tsew Keelem 2 months ago

    So there is a right way to be a hypebeast?

  • SavTheGenius
    SavTheGenius 2 months ago

    Vashtie 😻😻😻

  • Jackruby22
    Jackruby22 2 months ago

    Skip to 9:33 to hear Vashtie speak on hypebeast.

  • domoxo
    domoxo 2 months ago +1

    Not really a sneakerhead but I watch for the dad jokes and 🔥editing.

    • J M
      J M 2 months ago

      The editing is terrible. It’s way too much

  • Devin Casila
    Devin Casila 2 months ago

    DAMN SHE'S 37

  • cody ross
    cody ross 2 months ago

    Trinidad has dollar signs braided into his hair drip is stupid in Boosie voice

  • mikeysyke
    mikeysyke 2 months ago

    The lyrics of the theme song don’t make sense, wanting every colour DOES NOT EQUAL A FULL SIZE RUN!

  • Rory M
    Rory M 2 months ago

    Those new FOGs look like icepops mm taste of orange

  • O Q
    O Q 2 months ago

    you pussies look nervous 😂

  • Chrismas 3000
    Chrismas 3000 2 months ago

    Vashtie constantly trying to flex kills my boner

  • O Q
    O Q 2 months ago

    trinidad gets worst take this week because he hasnt in a while! lol

  • Обычная Жизнь

    Brendon’s mustache are getting the worst take because of that water spit

  • Johnny Dark
    Johnny Dark 2 months ago

    If You Watch This Video Lifes Will Change

  • hi this is a comment
    hi this is a comment 2 months ago

    The thing that is wrong is hypebeasts themselves.

  • D Heater
    D Heater 2 months ago

    She cute asf

  • filoflin
    filoflin 2 months ago +2

    the editing is super fn annoying

  • Dante Threatt
    Dante Threatt 2 months ago

    So i dont gave a damn about fashion, i wear Supra Skytops everyday(i dont skate). I copped a pair of metallic 5s and pawned them a week later. That all being said I love this show. Its just entertaining.