Joe Rogan is HORRIFIED by Parasites in Human Eye!

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • Taken from JRE #1395 w/Glenn Villeneuve:

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  • Kindness Realunconditionallove

    This happens to humans in America. Eggs do survive for years. Tons of Bears all over. Parasites are not just overseas. It's very sad.

  • Edward Kanger
    Edward Kanger 18 days ago

    Joe's fear factor

  • Bernie R.
    Bernie R. 21 day ago

    I’m vegan now

  • Ojthemighty
    Ojthemighty 27 days ago

    3:56 the face you pull when you no longer feel safe in this world

  • Throttle aka Asperg

    You can't even touch bears. Holy shit

  • ozzy
    ozzy Month ago

    He reminds me of Shane from BuzzFeed unsolved.

    LLIP DER Month ago

    1000s of parasites that get in humans ,the meds for flukes just hit the market in 2019 ,we are all infested...

  • Miranda Turner
    Miranda Turner Month ago

    Would love to see statistics by google how many people looked up eye parasites before and after this podcast 😂

  • blaziinbarbiie
    blaziinbarbiie Month ago

    Told myself I wasnt gonna watch this one. Yet here I am.

  • Will F
    Will F Month ago

    Now my eye itches. I surely have an eye worm.

  • Ljubin Kirkov
    Ljubin Kirkov Month ago

    The parasite that gets in your eye is called Loa Loa and you can get it from fly bites.
    The parasite that gets in your brain is the pork tapeworm.
    Getting a worm (ascaris) from bear meat might give you bowel or lung problems.

  • Clovud
    Clovud Month ago

    This guy has no emotions

  • Bernard Linares
    Bernard Linares Month ago

    Quite interesting, although, the figure at 2:00 might be a cause of a roundworm call Loa loa, a filarial nematode from the Loa genus separate from Baylisascaris. These worms (parasite) are limited to central Africa, and transmitted by chreysops (deer-fly) and can migrate through the subcutaneous tissue (painless migration). They can be found in various places such as urine, spinal fluid, lungs, to name a few. And cause many complications like eye conjunctiva, as seen by their presence inside the eye (Why it's also known as African-eye-worm). You can be infected and not know it, slow symptoms, for a long, long, long time lol.

  • Paul Houston
    Paul Houston Month ago


  • Oscar S
    Oscar S Month ago

    Young Jamie with the savage thumbnails

  • Dakota Lowe
    Dakota Lowe Month ago

    That look on Joe's face at 3:57 tells it all. The eyes don't lie.. pun intended. 👍

  • rindel donnet
    rindel donnet Month ago

    Onions and garlic can kill parasites.

  • rindel donnet
    rindel donnet Month ago

    Where is the proof of this?

  • Miron Gaines
    Miron Gaines Month ago

    Rogan should look into how many meat eaters have parasites. It's more than youd think.

  • Wolfgang Reiter
    Wolfgang Reiter Month ago

    Joe "fUCK Parasites" Rogan

  • J M
    J M Month ago

    And this is why I only eat human meat

  • john beaver
    john beaver Month ago

    Only this guy and the tesla guy joe doesn't act like hes above

  • Mukuka Chilekwa
    Mukuka Chilekwa Month ago

    Joe "I have a friend who is.." Rogan

  • TooNice Media
    TooNice Media Month ago

    Why is Joe so freaked out... I mean he literally made people eat worms😂😂

  • Albert R.
    Albert R. Month ago

    How ironic is this??? The host of Fear Factor has a fear of worms LMFAO

  • THE New England Cultivator

    Right from Parasites into cooking Wolf Backstraps haha

  • waynard
    waynard Month ago

    Clicked on this to hopefully get that fucked up picture out of my recommends

  • Your Daddy
    Your Daddy Month ago

    Joe”fuck parasites man”rogan

    STEVENS TANGA Month ago +1

    Joe "i got a buddy of mine" Rogan

  • Ivan Nunez
    Ivan Nunez Month ago


  • Hobostarr180
    Hobostarr180 Month ago

    ....why needs eyes anyway?

  • Ben McMahon
    Ben McMahon Month ago

    The picture shown in the thumbnail is 1 worm, there’s a video it be removed on TheXvid, it’s immensely satisfying!

  • colten dixon
    colten dixon Month ago

    4:00 Joe remembering that time he skinned a bear then Rubbed his nose.

  • RegurgiNate 1984
    RegurgiNate 1984 Month ago

    Now my eyes are starting to itch and feel funny.

  • Carlos Arcilla
    Carlos Arcilla Month ago

    3:55 may be one of the funniest moments in all of Joe Rogan’s podcast episodes. the silence. the look. a meme.

  • Nathan DiFiore
    Nathan DiFiore Month ago

    I’m never hunting bear.

  • Julian
    Julian Month ago

    A lot of kids get it😳

  • ryanJ
    ryanJ Month ago

    the look of disgust on joe rogan’s face at 3:57 is the shit i live for

  • A N T I Everything
    A N T I Everything Month ago +1

    When you drive all the way to her crib and THEN, she tells you she’s on her period.

  • DaReoCharmer
    DaReoCharmer Month ago

    I'm trying to power through his episode but I'm getting sick of him saying caribou!

  • Julieanne Dunnington

    Great! Where I live there's more raccoons and bear than there are people! AHHH! gross!

  • Jordan Barnwell
    Jordan Barnwell Month ago

    There is no fricken way the government hasnt weaponized those worms

  • Nuka Cola
    Nuka Cola Month ago

    Fuck that shit

  • Cochise Hart
    Cochise Hart Month ago

    Alien Prometheus Worms

  • Todd Sanders
    Todd Sanders Month ago

    Who took the bong rip at 2:20? 😂😂

  • Dani kalz
    Dani kalz Month ago

    You should definitely check out the worm removal videos

  • Farhan Shaikh
    Farhan Shaikh Month ago

    3.57 lolol That face

  • Jose EstaBom
    Jose EstaBom Month ago


  • PhiloBedo
    PhiloBedo Month ago +1

    3:57 Joe "shit how many skins have I handled?" Rogan

  • Ivan Bryan
    Ivan Bryan Month ago

    All carnivorous animals including humans depend on parasites to survive.

  • Eddie Moreno
    Eddie Moreno Month ago


  • livelife2015
    livelife2015 Month ago

    They you go Joe keep on fucking with those bears.

  • glenngogogo
    glenngogogo Month ago

    Great interview though..

  • Terror Flow
    Terror Flow Month ago

    And now every little tingle in my skin is a parasite under it.....

  • 3effa
    3effa Month ago

    These are the sort of things that need to go extinct with no remorse. Disgusting

  • yaggle fraggle
    yaggle fraggle Month ago

    4:15 his eyes

  • Mark Mathews
    Mark Mathews Month ago

    That's why I don't eat sushi

  • Amelia
    Amelia Month ago


  • BossInAZ EnT.
    BossInAZ EnT. Month ago

    That thumbnail looks like some crazy “Tribal Eye Tattoo”

  • Anox YT
    Anox YT Month ago

    That picture is exactly the picture in my biology book.