The Job Interview Unscripted Reality TV

  • Published on Sep 21, 2015
  • “Whatever It Takes” is the no-whining, no-bitching ultimate interview experience. It follows Grant Cardone through his hiring process with a group of contestants. These job seekers, from recent graduates to seasoned sales professionals, are trying to prove that they have Whatever It Takes to join the Grant Cardone team! Will they break or will they prove themselves worthy?
    Each episode chronicles one intense day of challenges, broken down into easy-to-watch chapters, as Grant and his team work out each person’s strengths and weaknesses. True character and honest intent come out when pushed to the edge. Who will be the winner? Who will be eliminated first? Watch now to find out!
    Grant Cardone, New York Times best-selling author, multi-millionaire, and international business and sales expert, introduces his brand new reality show: “Whatever It Takes”.
    The WIT team:
    • Grant Cardone, CEO
    • Elena Cardone, Grant’s wife
    • Sheri Hamilton, “The Cleaner”, Chief Operating Officer
    • Jarrod Glandt, Vice President of Sales
    Sheri, “The Cleaner”, is the one committed to making the company run smoothly and with intensity. Elena, Grant’s wife, believes that everyone can succeed, but stands behind Grant and his decisions-the contestants also have to win her over to stand a chance. Jarrod, Grant’s right-hand-man, keeps a second set of eyes on all of the contestants.
    The Contestants:
    • Don “Mr. Enthusiasm” Mast
    • Eddie “Steady Eddie” Bordens
    • Elizaveta Serenkov
    • Geeza “The Hungarian” Varga
    • Janet “The Teacher” Cepero
    • Jonathon “Maple Syrup” Fishman
    • Luis “Big Boy” Ramirez
    • Natasha “The Hottie” Brooks
    Grant wants people who are intelligent, problem solving, skilled and committed to doing Whatever It Takes to get the job done. The only way to find out is to put people through a series of challenges to find their breaking point.
    The most anticipated web series starts now on Whatever It Takes Network!

    Whatever it Takes:

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Comments • 271

  • Bret Smith
    Bret Smith 10 days ago

    Garbage show with garbage people, and by people I mean Grant, and his "partners". They are a bunch of jokes.

  • Hesham Mohammed Ali
    Hesham Mohammed Ali 12 days ago +1

    I just got to know you just got a TV program. I have the Gulf buzzer and Africa is calling you my uncle

  • Hesham Mohammed Ali
    Hesham Mohammed Ali 12 days ago +1


  • kelvin akinde
    kelvin akinde 22 days ago

    Do all these winners still work for grant?

  • Greg Rubin
    Greg Rubin Month ago

    Eddie is a boss!

  • Jordan Powers
    Jordan Powers Month ago

    Why the Hell are some of these people on here?!?! Such as the Russian girl who doesnt know this is a sales job lmao!

  • Gary M
    Gary M Month ago +1

    So what do they sell?? Once they win

  • Chelsea F.C.
    Chelsea F.C. Month ago


  • Will Luttrell
    Will Luttrell 2 months ago

    Unscripted, sure... But, completely fake contestants. You're better than that, Grant. Come on now. Natasha has worked for you since 2013. You want a real employee, let me know.

  • Arif Koçer
    Arif Koçer 2 months ago

    This shows how avarage people are so weak and helpless as to be able to work unhappily under a boss who is oppressive and narcissistic. Disgusting.

  • Ty Ward
    Ty Ward 3 months ago

    11:31 “it’s high on minerals.” Bro you’re the one that’s high on those minerals

  • Home Business University

    “It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.”
    -Leonardo Da Vinci

  • Marcus Parker
    Marcus Parker 4 months ago

    The teacher is a cutie 👅

  • Jason Marquez
    Jason Marquez 4 months ago

    23:22 Jarod GO...... LOL 😂

  • keletso M
    keletso M 4 months ago +1

    So proud of natasha,I admire her drive even though she didn't win

  • Keilonda Collins
    Keilonda Collins 4 months ago

    I been on unscripted for 5 years

  • Patty R
    Patty R 5 months ago

    is this a home video?

  • Luke Powell
    Luke Powell 5 months ago

    Grant Cardone is a bully and his company needs to be investigated for serious crimes ranging from fraud to sexual harrasment

  • certainanchorshark
    certainanchorshark 5 months ago

    Eddie's an ultimate badass. True inspiration

  • John Tvrz
    John Tvrz 5 months ago

    Hilarious GC goes Hollywood...thats too bad.

  • Alex Munteanu
    Alex Munteanu 5 months ago

    If you sell the glass of water very well, at the end he will ask you why did you pick the water? And then you can sell yourself too.

  • dubstep1994
    dubstep1994 6 months ago +1

    46:30 Hire both man. Then if one fails later you still got one diamond.

  • dubstep1994
    dubstep1994 6 months ago

    39:00 as always the women use the female tactics to lure men into giving them money haha. Just because they look good. Lol then she sells her shoes.

  • Jeremy Garrett
    Jeremy Garrett 6 months ago

    Whatever it takes baby!

  • Jack Stiv
    Jack Stiv 6 months ago

    Wow I'm blown away by this show 10X better than The Apprentice. Way to go Grant!

  • Luka Kandare
    Luka Kandare 7 months ago

    If I had to sell this water, I would just stand up and leave. :D :D

  • JohnnyMortgage The Next Seahawks Runningback

    Great video!
    Eddie is the man!!
    I am exactly like that.

  • Travis Barnett
    Travis Barnett 7 months ago

    It is truly awesome what grant did to great a financially stable life. He also teaches others to do whatever it takes. Thank you grant for shining light on these contestants and showing us all a new perspective

  • jplayerfg
    jplayerfg 7 months ago +2

    Eddie is a BEAST

    THE GOAT 7 months ago

    This is cringe

  • Emerald Isle TV
    Emerald Isle TV 8 months ago

    I would like to know where the contestants are now?

  • Emerald Isle TV
    Emerald Isle TV 8 months ago

    Don was awful. Eddie was the best!

  • Lewis G.
    Lewis G. 8 months ago

    What the fuck is this? Cheap version of Navy Seal training?

  • Play2 Win
    Play2 Win 8 months ago

    Great show. What happened with Don at the raft sale test, didn't show that. He was the person who was quite hard to figure out for me. Great show, good job!

  • Rose Redmayne
    Rose Redmayne 8 months ago

    "Geza. You suck," LMAO

  • Mithrathmajan M
    Mithrathmajan M 9 months ago

    That glass of water comming with 2 molecule of hydrogen and 1 molecule of oxygen together called H20. Take it drink it and get healthy 😉

  • Ashten V.
    Ashten V. 9 months ago

    Said he didn’t wanna hire a Canadian bc there’s Americans that want jobs. How sad

  • Thomas Brown
    Thomas Brown 9 months ago

    OMG this Shit should have been on TV!!! In a world is moved by sales...nothing moves with out it!!! And to me as someone who has been selling since 8 yrs old Eddie exemplified the heart of the greatest sales people in the world!

  • Conah Dalton
    Conah Dalton 9 months ago

    What a Guy Eddie!!!

  • John M
    John M 9 months ago +1


  • slav801
    slav801 9 months ago

    So difficult, but such a great way to find amazing people!

    DEIMOSLOL 10 months ago

    29:00 unpaid labour? Lol

  • Brandon Lee
    Brandon Lee 10 months ago

    GC got in there and went to work! Hahaha that was awesome, I give him props for sticking to his word.

  • Let's Play
    Let's Play 10 months ago

    I'm 15 minutes in and I realized you have to sell yourself...I know I've heard this before but true... people are busy and you gotta cut to the chase

  • Master Hart
    Master Hart 10 months ago +4

    EDDIE , make America great again :D

  • Rebel& Hustle
    Rebel& Hustle 11 months ago

    Grant when do you have these I want to join bro

  • Chandramauli kumar
    Chandramauli kumar 11 months ago

    Love the way you Interwiew people Grant Sir. 😘

    SKATEandRUNESCAPE 11 months ago

    Maaan I was so happy for Eddie. What a badass

  • Ryan Melville
    Ryan Melville Year ago

    great show uncle G. keep up inspiring us

  • Matt P
    Matt P Year ago +1

    Shoutout to Elena Cardone's facial expressions.

    • Matt P
      Matt P Year ago


  • ION Sam
    ION Sam Year ago +3

    some of these people clearly don't want it. damn!!

  • ION Sam
    ION Sam Year ago

    plz anyone have information on how the application process work

  • Monique Villeneuve

    Where do we send the water pitch video 💖💸🛩💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼

  • Anmarie Uber
    Anmarie Uber Year ago +1

    Elena purple dress looks amazing on you!

  • Shadow Shinobi
    Shadow Shinobi Year ago

    He looked Hungary lol

  • Miguel Santana
    Miguel Santana Year ago +3

    Eddie is obsessed I love it.

  • Pavel Sokov
    Pavel Sokov Year ago

    Why does anybody pick the water to pitch, it blows my mind

  • Davey Jones
    Davey Jones Year ago

    Why is a Best sales person ready to take on a 50-70k job in marketing?! It’s because they aren’t worth their salt anymore.

  • Commando Master
    Commando Master Year ago +32

    Selling is incredibly HARD. Most people who into sales are people who don't have any college degree or have a useless degree and can't find a job so they go into sales. Usually they aren't the brightest people in the world. That's why there's a negative stigma around salesmen because most of them aren't good at selling. It's very rare to actually find a really good and successful salesman.

    • Magnetic Lifestyle
      Magnetic Lifestyle 6 months ago +2

      Selling isn't hard unless you aren't willing to get better at it by learning.

    • J.G Wells
      J.G Wells 11 months ago +7

      Salesmen are the masters of psychology.
      It takes much more than knowledge. It takes mental discipline and costumer relations.

  • Elix3r
    Elix3r Year ago


  • Jamar turner
    Jamar turner Year ago

    A&E ain’t want to pick this show up msnbc no one ?

  • Kyle Costinett
    Kyle Costinett Year ago

    My name is Mathew Stone Burkett, im on my friends youtube account and this is the most CRINGIEST thing i have EVER seen in my ENTIRE fucking life. If you think this is entertaining and cool you are weird af. This is your wake up call. Change your ways.

  • William Fagerheim

    Great show Mr. Cardone. you inspired me. i now know what kind of persons i need to hire to manage my future company. Thanks. hope you can inspire me more in the future.

  • Aqua Luxembourg
    Aqua Luxembourg Year ago

    Eddie deserves the job 100%. Where is he now?

  • Jay Slangen
    Jay Slangen Year ago

    @GrantCardone Honestly they all failed that water pitch with their 90's answer. Who the hell wants to sell 1 glass of water when you can sell to a whole market? I would sell it to you by creating a great water brand, targeting you (and countless others) through social media.Get your info through our data capture, etc... Then I'd try to sell you a membership plan to stock your offices with and even do a deal where you give one bottle to each potential home owner looking at properties w/ your own customized label. If the campaign was nailed then I not only sold it to you but most likely thousands of others.... and not just 1 measly glass. Now that's Grant Cardone style! (mic drop).

  • Raju Chand
    Raju Chand Year ago

    Wowow I am amazed it was unbelievable interview I mean.i thought like everyone is about to hire but challenge after challenge wowowooww woowowowowow this is rokingggg me GC and team

  • Monica Lyons
    Monica Lyons Year ago

    Hahah he said nobody even looked at the pictures on my phone😥😂😂😂😂 i aint going to lie i felt like he was going to burst in tears like a 5 yr old

  • Monica Lyons
    Monica Lyons Year ago

    😥I need the new seasons I love this show bro

  • john duran
    john duran Year ago

    I swear they get the most goofiest people!

  • Edgars Kebbe
    Edgars Kebbe Year ago

    Nice show and excellent idea how to recruit great people!

  • Lions Construction


  • GonzalO Mon
    GonzalO Mon Year ago

    Thank you, another great lesson in my life ,thank you Grant Cardone .

  • Liberty and Justice
    Liberty and Justice Year ago +2

    33:36 -- If it wasn't for "teachers" then many of us would likely be running our own businesses with our families, not working 9-5 jobs slaving for someone else and making only a set pay for the rest of our lives; the higher we get in that 9-5 job, the more we're taxed by the government. That's not what I'd consider to be "a good thing." Very few schools teach true financial education.
    You can boast when you teach kids to be their own boss and work for themselves, making money work for them, not them working for money.
    Hey teacher, go read: *Rich Dad Poor Dad* by Robert Kiyosaki. ;) o/

  • Cristian Mora
    Cristian Mora Year ago

    This was intense!! EDDIE YOURE THE FUCKING MAN!!!

  • pjp88029 klee
    pjp88029 klee Year ago

    Just stumbled upon this video and looked interesting, so, gave it a look-see.
    Very Enjoyable, watched entire show in one sitting (which is beyond rare to be able to hold my Video Attention for more than 8 minutes!).
    Agree with the choice of Eddie, 100%. My experiences have shown me that oftentimes, the better looking a person is, male or female, the less they use their brains and other talents, because they are so accustomed to getting what they want, simply by "dazzling" others with their good looks.
    Anyway, happily retired now, and don't have to put myself through anymore job interviews, Thank Goodness !
    I see that 2+ years later, as it is now December 2017; that Eddie is no longer with the Cardone organization; but it sounds like (per a comment by him below) that he has "blossomed into a beautiful orchid" by benefiting from Grant and Team's mentoring, as he stated for his reason to want to work there.

  • Lise Marie Rachelle
    Lise Marie Rachelle Year ago +13

    there shouldn't be hesitation here about Eddie and Natasha, because Eddie PROVED himself on the beach. you can tell he will do what ever it takes and then some.

  • Adam Jenkins
    Adam Jenkins Year ago +2

    Sounds like a crappy Company culture

  • Marcus Thomas
    Marcus Thomas Year ago

    I would like to show people how its done

  • Rob Sevilla
    Rob Sevilla Year ago +40

    Ha, the old sell a glass of water pitch, true story, back in the 90's in London, i was sales manager for a
    Photocopier dealer, anyway one of the sales guys was interviewing for a top closer to come on board, so he asked this guy to sell him the glass of water. The interviewee pulls out a lighter and sets my colleagues tie alight😂 never seen anyone beg so much for water😂.....he got the job too..

  • Thomas Uhre Pedersen

    I'd hate to work for this guy.. The applicants how don't have "whatever it takes" are the lucky ones..

  • flyingeagle357
    flyingeagle357 Year ago

    This is a pure exemple of how not to hire. Make people waste their time because you didn't qualify them properly. Did you really had to interview the russian girl to know that someone without working experience and struggling with english isn't going to be the best sales? Do you really think someone who has worked for the gov, such as a school teacher can be a sales person? Really? All this to get them off in the end...Bro just learn to read a cv....

  • Brian O'Hara
    Brian O'Hara Year ago

    I love watching assholes being assholes. Thumbs up!

  • Donald Furp
    Donald Furp Year ago

    What ever it takes...... Not

  • Fre
    Fre Year ago

    Can anyone tell me what exactly the Cardone firm sell? Is it real estate?

  • Monica Lyons
    Monica Lyons Year ago +1

    Elena is a sweetheart she has faith in everyone ❤️

  • Monica Lyons
    Monica Lyons Year ago +1

    I just found this show yesterday and I'm soooo lovin it ❤️❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯

  • Jake McGrae
    Jake McGrae Year ago

    my phone's back got scratched cuz someone reset the router at our house/office (of the safety supervisor and ship's Captain).
    my life is a disaster now. should i call Grant's business office in order to talk to him?

  • Arash Ghanbari
    Arash Ghanbari Year ago

    How is Natasha working for Grant then right now? She made it in the next year?

  • We Help And Lend You

    Love this !! I have what it takes!! I want in !! Contact me so I can Prove My Words ! Greetings From Iceland !!!

  • Marc Rigau
    Marc Rigau Year ago

    Why are you taking on shitty prospects? Pick better people! A 14 year old could outperform all these people.

  • Joseph Houlder
    Joseph Houlder Year ago

    I'm loving this show!!

  • Marke Hooker
    Marke Hooker Year ago

    Man.... I've watched 4 shows and now I have to watch them all

  • Winston Peterson
    Winston Peterson Year ago +6

    Eddie is a monster!!! Love him!

  • Michael Loans
    Michael Loans Year ago

    Hey Grant are we going to get more seasons of WIT ?!? - Really Awesome Content!

  • Lee Alex
    Lee Alex Year ago +1

    Eddie: I did both

  • Rawderson Amaral
    Rawderson Amaral Year ago

    I'll work for you for free!!!
    I am a GC and I'll do anything you want me to to do for Free
    I'll I want in return is for you to mentor me.

  • Marcus Samuel
    Marcus Samuel Year ago

    Not understand people what tricky with water offer Grant to them ,they choose water but not to rapresent themselves his value ,they choose to rapresent water end his value....That mean people see only water end his water,not to see they inside end offer themselves....This is tricky question with water end people all fall in a part with that question...End all of these people fall a down with tricky question...They confused cuz lack of self confidence.....People must configure out his mind when apear front of Grant ..Grant not eat people but people go affraid....

  • Brian Warner
    Brian Warner 2 years ago

    WHAT THE FUCK!? That is the problem with this country. This loser prefers only to hire women for the sex appeal. Then he calls a dog ugly woman a hottie and says she needs to turn around her life and a diamond in the rough? All she did was maybe his another car for all we know so far after the innitial interview. Silly shit. Maybe turns out she killed her ex with the car. L.O.L.

    • Brian Warner
      Brian Warner 2 years ago +1

      She sure did seem like she was a hood rat with no skills or even a want for the job if any job.

  • Claire The Muslim vlogs

    Holy crap I could do the glass of water exercise standing on my fucking head there's like 100 scenarios to sell water !!!

  • Fit freak
    Fit freak 2 years ago

    why not hire eddie and hottie, she definitely is hot

    • Abitamim Bharmal
      Abitamim Bharmal 11 months ago

      shes looks so fake its disgusting

    • Fit freak
      Fit freak 2 years ago

      grants sidekick nailed it ,women have the advantage in sales