Secret Headliner Card Found in FIFA?

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    Secret Headliner Card Found in FIFA 20
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Comments • 80

  • Hungarian Gamer
    Hungarian Gamer 2 months ago +1059

    Maybe Kaka is a censored word because kaka in hungarian means shit

  • Luke Rimell
    Luke Rimell Month ago

    Agüero just got a new card, 92 rated so now a myth

  • FaZe Shoot
    FaZe Shoot Month ago

    Kaka in dutch means shit thats why its censored

  • xd Lahrzz
    xd Lahrzz Month ago

    Kaka means shit in Italian so it might be that

  • DRE
    DRE Month ago

    FIFA myths: qwerty is a censored word

  • Nausheen Waqas
    Nausheen Waqas Month ago

    Maybe it kaka is a censored because in French it means poo

  • ali dabdi
    ali dabdi Month ago

    Where is the secret headliner card bro ?

  • eman abouemara
    eman abouemara Month ago

    Kaka in Egypt is shit

  • jax novoa2625
    jax novoa2625 2 months ago

    Kaka means shit in greek.Thank me later

  • ItsBamBoy
    ItsBamBoy 2 months ago

    Kaka in hebrew means shit

  • DieRotenDullen
    DieRotenDullen 2 months ago

    In FIFA 18 Alban Lafont was also an other nation for a short time (burkina fasu)
    An his next year Fifa card was also french.
    So it isn't confirmed, that Boly is ivorian

  • ברק נבות
    ברק נבות 2 months ago +1

    The aguero one is true about de Jong either

  • יאיר אזולאי
    יאיר אזולאי 2 months ago

    Kaka is shit or poop in hebrew

  • Stan Van de Wouwer
    Stan Van de Wouwer 2 months ago

    Kaka is a dutch word for poop
    Yr welcome

  • Michael Tsang
    Michael Tsang 2 months ago

    Timo Werner has 7 different cards and more than 3 different rating

  • RA D
    RA D 2 months ago

    Done any icons swaps yet? Doubt it.

  • bobi nomieer 125
    bobi nomieer 125 2 months ago

    Kaka is shit in hebrew...

  • George Phillips
    George Phillips 2 months ago

    How do you take ya tea ?

  • Leonardo Rizzetto
    Leonardo Rizzetto 2 months ago

    Fifa myths: On the companion app Neymar is a 4 * skiller

  • Ville Suhonen
    Ville Suhonen 2 months ago

    Fifa Myth: Pukki is a gold non rare

  • Lena Hanssen
    Lena Hanssen 2 months ago +1

    Fifa myth boly changed his height from 6'3 in ultimate team but in carrer mode he is 6'5

  • Jordy goossens
    Jordy goossens 2 months ago

    Kaka is censored because in Flemish/Dutch it means Shit

  • 50k_ N1ghto
    50k_ N1ghto 2 months ago

    Fifa myth: There is no striker card with a higher passing stat than shooting stat

  • PSG_Blurzzi
    PSG_Blurzzi 2 months ago

    Kaka in Germany means like poop

  • Артём Верпаховский

    Kaka in Russian means shit

  • toxic sniper
    toxic sniper 2 months ago

    In Finnish kakka is shit

  • Itz KalinhoYT
    Itz KalinhoYT 2 months ago

    In a lot of languages Kaka means shit

  • Alessandro Bella
    Alessandro Bella 2 months ago

    Inter merda

  • Mei!
    Mei! 2 months ago +2

    Wouldnt Aguero have 7 since he's got the Red IF Card?

  • Morgan Shaw
    Morgan Shaw 2 months ago +2

    You can pack a player twice in one pack.
    check my twitter for proof @morgan_shaw99

  • Mohammed Kmalie
    Mohammed Kmalie 2 months ago

    Kaka in Arabic means shit but it's slang Arabic

  • Aris m
    Aris m 2 months ago

    Kaka is a cencord word because in greek kaka means SHIT

  • Stan Timmerman
    Stan Timmerman 2 months ago +1

    Fifa myth: the Dutch commentators still say there are 40 games in a Fut Champs weekend

  • Abdulrahman Merdad
    Abdulrahman Merdad 2 months ago +1

    Matt kaka in Arabic means sh*t maybe that’s why

  • 27erful
    27erful 2 months ago +1

    Aguero Scream is the rarest special Card on the transfermarket ( Without icons )

  • Ben McElvar
    Ben McElvar 2 months ago

    Kaká is censored because it means shit in Romanian

  • Rlannon 9
    Rlannon 9 2 months ago

    Where do u get those big cards

  • CKM
    CKM 2 months ago

    Idk if this has is the reason but I think Kaka is censored is because Kaka means Poop or **** in Amharic (Ethiopian Language)

  • Cheeky Chaps
    Cheeky Chaps 2 months ago

    Fifa myth:you can't get 45k from draft rewards for winning the draft

  • JimboJambo66
    JimboJambo66 2 months ago

    Fifa myth: loot is a censored word in fifa

  • waffleis Pepe
    waffleis Pepe 2 months ago

    Mane is the first African in a fifa toty

  • FunnyGEO Gamer F.G.G
    FunnyGEO Gamer F.G.G 2 months ago +1

    2:00 kaka is a censored word because in greek it means shit

  • [MD] Squashy
    [MD] Squashy 2 months ago +1

    It also means poo in New Zealand

  • aggel 2004
    aggel 2004 2 months ago

    Kaka in greek means shit soo yeah

  • Marius rogg
    Marius rogg 2 months ago

    Kaka means in German as much as shit in english

  • dAn1eL
    dAn1eL 2 months ago

    Fifa mith:Dinamo Bucharest from romania has the old stadium in fifa 20

  • Preda Filip
    Preda Filip 2 months ago

    FIFA MYTH:A coach can’t train himself in ultimate team

  • Preda Filip
    Preda Filip 2 months ago

    A coach can’t train himself in fifa 20 ultimate team

  • This name is not cool.
    This name is not cool. 2 months ago

    I have boly in my FUT 😀

  • J Hurych
    J Hurych 2 months ago

    In Czech it means he is shitting

  • azdren Shala
    azdren Shala 2 months ago

    FIFA MYTH:You can duplicate objective cards

  • FreeMarkas 2007
    FreeMarkas 2007 2 months ago

    FIFA MYTH: when you score with Aguero the crowd starts shouting his name.

  • Ygnace Guilliams
    Ygnace Guilliams 2 months ago

    Kaka means poop in dutch

  • Peta Delahunty
    Peta Delahunty 2 months ago

    Doherty and Boly perfect link will be insane

  • Anej Krajnc
    Anej Krajnc 2 months ago

    FIFA MYTH: Wilfried Zaha has his own chant in FIFA 20

  • Ameen Manaa
    Ameen Manaa 2 months ago

    Fifa myth :
    There is no CB player in history of FUT who has 4 star skills

  • kostaslap296
    kostaslap296 2 months ago

    Nketiah is in leeds united on futbin but in fifa he is in arsenal

  • ZuraRL _
    ZuraRL _ 2 months ago +1

    Fifa Myth: Daniel Wass is a CM in Ultimate Team but in Career mode is a RB

  • PlanB102
    PlanB102 2 months ago

    I knew the first one about the silver car myth. :)

  • Emílio Branco
    Emílio Branco 2 months ago +1

    FIFA Myth: Garrincha is the only icon that has the same pace in all of his cards

  • Bowesy
    Bowesy 2 months ago

    Salah has last years kit on in his headliners card dynamic image

  • DL Ivy
    DL Ivy 2 months ago

    You can pack 2 of the same player with a different rarity in a pack???

  • CodyFN
    CodyFN 2 months ago +1

    TOTY van dijk has the most 99 in game stats in Fifa

  • Edde Nos
    Edde Nos 2 months ago

    Neymar headliner is a gold card when you search on the market

  • erion lejthize
    erion lejthize 2 months ago +1

    kaka in albanian means shit this is why
    cuz I m from albania

  • Lumpcano G4ming
    Lumpcano G4ming 2 months ago

    The first myth happens with every EFL league

  • Ethan_ W_11
    Ethan_ W_11 2 months ago

    Fifa myth: EA got the kit on salahs headliner card wrong

  • Regan Cassidy
    Regan Cassidy 2 months ago

    FIFA MYTH:you cant face your own team in squad battles

  • amazingshahit 0209
    amazingshahit 0209 2 months ago

    When playing with vardy in kick off the commentary says james vardy

  • Ackezzinho AoC2
    Ackezzinho AoC2 2 months ago

    Kaka in Serbia meens shit

  • EZAblinG
    EZAblinG 2 months ago

    FIFA myth: 94 rated De bruyne with a hawk chem style at striker is the same as a toty de bruyne with basic chem style at striker

  • Jarvis Stockford
    Jarvis Stockford 2 months ago +1

    Fifa myth the icon swaps have been changed cause some card have less swaps cards required for example the pires was not six before

  • Ya boi Big penis
    Ya boi Big penis 2 months ago

    Matt, learn your flags 🤦‍♀️ it’s Republic of Ireland, not Ivory Coast.

  • aquatic hawk
    aquatic hawk 2 months ago

    Fifa myth- there is no non rare gold Manchester City player Fifa 20

  • Alif Azaman
    Alif Azaman 2 months ago

    Slick Flick is censored words in Fifa 20

  • --
    -- 2 months ago

    Rockin that Inter jersey, FORZA INTER!

  • reyesinho
    reyesinho 2 months ago

    FIFA MYTH: the commentator can’t say the same line twice.

  • Μιχαλης Κανελλοπουλος

    Kaka also means shit in greek

  • Barca Fan 99
    Barca Fan 99 2 months ago

    Kaka means on german poop

  • Ayykae
    Ayykae 2 months ago

    0:54 Tyler Burey is a footballer for Millwall