Kevin Richardson Explains Why He Falsely Confessed To The Central Park Jogger Case at 14 Years Old

  • Published on Jul 16, 2019
  • Kevin Richardson is opening up. Kevin, who was wrongfully accused and arrested in the Central Park Jogger case at 14, stopped by Access Live to open up about his real-life story of injustice that is being portrayed in the new Netflix show "When They See Us." The now-activist shares the do's and don'ts of interrogation and he reveals why he confessed to a crime that he didn't do. Plus, attorney Vanessa Potkin details what to do if your wrongfully accused.
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  • Dan 123
    Dan 123 11 days ago

    He didn't falsely confess, he confessed, and now is lying, pretty simple, they did it, then they pretended they didn't in order to be freed and get money from the State, which they did.

    • Rebelecca A
      Rebelecca A 2 days ago +1

      And you said they did it to get money from the state? Yes, someone went to jail for fun to get raped and beaten up every day to get money from the state. You see how dumb you sound? They were literally you understand how bad being registered as a sex offender is. You can’t even get a job. If that guy didn’t confess, these men would’ve never had a future. So everything your saying is bs.

    • Rebelecca A
      Rebelecca A 2 days ago +1

      are you dumb? Nobodies confessions matched, the dna didn’t match, there was no evidence. Where did they even decide it was 5 people? Do you know how often people are falsely convicted of crimes? Especially teenagers because most of us don’t know what else to do. And even if he didn’t confess he would’ve went through the same shit just like Kalief Browder. Confessions don’t mean shit. By your logic, a serial killer can lie and say he didn’t do it and then they should let him free even if his dna matches. That’s why people like Ted Bundy were able to become serial killers.

    • goldenleopard97
      goldenleopard97 3 days ago +3

      How dumb are you? Have you ever heard of DNA? Typical crackkker.

    • Jack P
      Jack P 9 days ago +2

      Dan 123 I actually don't have the energy for you. I know their innocent, 99% of he world know their innocent. If that's not enough to make you think that you're actually in the wrong then nothing I say will make you think nor will you listen. Fuck you sir, have a shitty life.

    • Dan 123
      Dan 123 9 days ago

      @Jack P "They test her hair and blood", duh, if they test her hair and blood of course it wouldn't match their DNA, you don't know what you're talking about, now you're just making stuff up, there are mentions of semen testing in her cervix, I read everything on this case there is to read, from 1989 to today, they never mention testing of under her nails or anything like that, hair, squat, you're lying to support criminals, it makes me sick, fuck you.

  • G4aim Anin
    G4aim Anin 25 days ago +11

    DNA don’t Lie!!!!!!!

  • Joy Hasan
    Joy Hasan 29 days ago +1

    They did it

    • sash c
      sash c 10 hours ago

      @Fatima Ali That motherfucker is not confused he is racist he is on ever cp5 vid no life troll

    • Fatima Ali
      Fatima Ali 2 days ago

      Dan 123 they found semen and it matched Matias Reyes the actual rapist , you are one confused human.

    • Dan 123
      Dan 123 2 days ago

      @Rebelecca A Today there would be, it was 1989, they looked for semen inside her cervix, as per their own confessions, there was no semen in her cervix since they didn't ejaculate inside her. Nowadays they look for hair, skin cells under nails, etc. They would've found lots of DNA.

    • Rebelecca A
      Rebelecca A 2 days ago

      Joy Hasan believe all women? The women never said they did it. It was the fucking detectives. Y’all say believe all women but allowed Brett Kavanaugh to be a Supreme Court Justice. What kind of bs

    • Rebelecca A
      Rebelecca A 2 days ago

      Then why was there no dna evidence?