Jake & Amy Feels (Vol 1) | Brooklyn Nine-Nine

  • Published on Sep 10, 2019
  • From Toit Buds to Toit Nups (Volume 1)
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    Welcome to the OFFICIAL Brooklyn Nine-Nine TheXvid channel. Here you'll find the best moments from Jake, Amy, Boyle, Terry, Holt, Gina and Rosa. Nine-Nine!!
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Comments • 316

  • PyroBomb
    PyroBomb 17 hours ago

    5:29 amy's head is pauzed or somethimg

  • Mas Muhamad Dzulfikar
    Mas Muhamad Dzulfikar 20 hours ago

    I don't know why they had to freeze frame Amy at 5:27 - 5:37

    • PyroBomb
      PyroBomb 17 hours ago

      Yeah bruh i just came here to see if people noticed it also🤣

    • Ɩ ı Ɩ ყ
      Ɩ ı Ɩ ყ 18 hours ago

      it didn't?

  • Jewel Delro
    Jewel Delro Day ago

    Im just 10 and i watch brooklyn nine nine its just noice

  • Matthew Croden
    Matthew Croden 2 days ago +1

    How come you missed the roof peanut scene?

  • Ben Ross
    Ben Ross 2 days ago

    4:27 back?????

  • Arland Smith
    Arland Smith 3 days ago

    Romantic styles 😂

  • I'm depressed yay!
    I'm depressed yay! 4 days ago

    Amy: I love you
    Jake: noice........smort.....

  • jazo jazo
    jazo jazo 5 days ago

    she said yes!

  • abhinaba sain
    abhinaba sain 6 days ago

    For once I would like to say something and have the audience ask "God??"..

  • Emy Anicetto
    Emy Anicetto 6 days ago +15

    That moment he realized and said "title of OUR sex tape" is my favorite

  • Hippity Hop
    Hippity Hop 6 days ago +2

    - I love you
    - Noiceee

  • The A Train
    The A Train 6 days ago

    Amy is ovulating as we speak, GOLD

    DANKMEMES 8 days ago +2

    The scene with the mattress reminds me alot of Ryan Reynolds

  • Ivy's Music Radio aka IMR

    He gonst to think about the turtles:-) They are perfect for each other

  • A Nash 2006
    A Nash 2006 9 days ago

    Does it mean that Amy and Jake are basically brother and sister because they both see holt as a father?🤔

    • Ishara Herath
      Ishara Herath 7 days ago

      A Nash 2006 I prefer to think that Jake is Captains son and Amy is Holts daughter in law

  • Mrs Who
    Mrs Who 10 days ago

    They are so cuteeee

  • Joseph Simeon Galanido

    Rosa is so cute at 0:59 to 1:07 lmao

  • master procrastinator
    master procrastinator 11 days ago

    Skipped over lots on season1

  • Joe Lunchbucket
    Joe Lunchbucket 12 days ago

    single camera setup works so perfectly on this show, like perfect perfect

  • Bodhi Perry
    Bodhi Perry 14 days ago

    Jake is annoying af

  • Riley Mcnally
    Riley Mcnally 23 days ago

    Best show

  • Vibrant Designs
    Vibrant Designs 23 days ago +5

    Now that I have seen final space I feel like Gary is Jake and Gwen is Amy.

  • Tapushe Mredula
    Tapushe Mredula 25 days ago

    Go i love this

  • Night Lock
    Night Lock 26 days ago

    Imagine having 2 people jump around your entire store just so you find out their detective-

  • Andre Gordon
    Andre Gordon 28 days ago +2

    I'm still 90% sure Amy knew what she was doing when she ordered 4 drinks

  • Lexie Foxx
    Lexie Foxx 28 days ago +4

    Peraltiago: Romantic stylez

  • Dylan Casey
    Dylan Casey Month ago +23

    Wait is no one seriously talking about how Rosa was clearly smiling when Jake was celebrateing when he won the bet

  • Reaper RoseGold
    Reaper RoseGold Month ago +3

    It's Brian.
    And I am OBSESSED with giving you a goodnight sleep!
    Coming on a little strong there Brian

  • ChatN0ir
    ChatN0ir Month ago

    Honestly, the German Voice-Over is way better than the english version, in german they are way funnier and the voices just fit better to the character

  • tsnoop19
    tsnoop19 Month ago

    But for real though.... Why are mattresses so expensive?!

  • Ben Ross
    Ben Ross Month ago +1

    1:10 was Charles actually expecting jake to propose

  • C0rrupt3d
    C0rrupt3d Month ago +3


  • nikopro 0205
    nikopro 0205 Month ago +1

    1:05 rosa smile's

  • shashwat malviya
    shashwat malviya Month ago


  • Sir Darken
    Sir Darken Month ago

    background song name? 4:55

  • Louise Voelkin
    Louise Voelkin Month ago

    I think jake should have sung I just had sex😂

  • Luuk van Krugten
    Luuk van Krugten Month ago +4

    6:30 is how my ex gf would react to anything I would say at one point xD

  • samikshya kafle
    samikshya kafle Month ago +4

    The way jake looks at Amy with so much love and admiration, I die with feels. I really need the compilation of Jake just looking at Amy like I look at my favourite food

  • tough shiz
    tough shiz Month ago +103

    “cmon terry, he’s gon’st to talk about the turtles!”
    “Quit being such a Malfoy, Terry.”
    us Harry Potter fans be like :3

    SUYOGYA MISHRA Month ago

    Better than romeo and Juliet

  • Enjela Flo
    Enjela Flo Month ago

    I’m still in season 1 but I looove spoiling shit for myself :))))

  • MCU Potterhead
    MCU Potterhead Month ago

    Me sees a jake and Amy moment vid: hell yea
    Video misses out all the good moments

    Me : you shitting me right now

    ZE_XXIV 2 months ago

    I can say it cause I'm black

  • __________
    __________ 2 months ago +1


  • General Germany
    General Germany 2 months ago

    I like Hotdogs

  • Malay Gaherwar
    Malay Gaherwar 2 months ago


  • Johnny Boy
    Johnny Boy 2 months ago

    it was a mistake watching this show

    but it was worth it

  • Pragyaa Munshi
    Pragyaa Munshi 2 months ago +1

    The 116 dislikes are from Teddy and his friends

  • kiznaive 28
    kiznaive 28 2 months ago +1

    Rosa dancing and smiling?

  • Dari Salmeen
    Dari Salmeen 2 months ago +1

    Domo Arigato
    You speak japanese?

  • Moonx Stxr
    Moonx Stxr 2 months ago +2

    Noice, smort

  • Moonx Stxr
    Moonx Stxr 2 months ago +1

    I ship Jake and Amy

  • john doe
    john doe 2 months ago +1

    3:23 Omg that is the Escape the Night Mansion S1

    EEVEE MASTER 2 months ago +2

    Rosa SMILES

  • Wonderful
    Wonderful 2 months ago +6


    • Wonderful
      Wonderful 2 months ago

      Also I like how Amy knows that Jake is gunts to think about the turtles

  • Alice C
    Alice C 2 months ago +2


  • Faith Akomolafe
    Faith Akomolafe 2 months ago

    quit been such a malfoy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Cian OSullivan
    Cian OSullivan 2 months ago

    TheXvid you gotta calm down with the ads. Video stopped 5 times for them

  • Linus Stürmer
    Linus Stürmer 2 months ago

    This is the perfect compliation for boyle